10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

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  • Neymar JR
    Neymar JR 2 hours ago

    I was impressed by the last one

  • Huma Lone
    Huma Lone 7 hours ago

    At 0:25 did anybody fart lol 😂

  • DonaldTrump
    DonaldTrump 17 hours ago

    7:55 WHAT THE FUCK

  • minecraft pe gamer

    Is it paiful burning in your hand

  • Sandra Ross
    Sandra Ross Day ago

    Does any of the Fire ones hurt???

  • Danpranks peps
    Danpranks peps 2 days ago

    5:12 longest demon shit.😂

  • Erca Yasan
    Erca Yasan 2 days ago

    dose it burn ?

  • Frank Ellis
    Frank Ellis 2 days ago

    It's Frank Ellis

  • Frank Ellis
    Frank Ellis 2 days ago

    Yo guys subscribe to my channel I'll have videos coming soon it's. Frank Ellis

  • Layla Belisle
    Layla Belisle 2 days ago

    That's really cool😀

  • Marimuthu Raju
    Marimuthu Raju 2 days ago


  • Zack Ammar
    Zack Ammar 3 days ago

    Mak kodeng

  • mahshima sabra prasetyo

    I try the last 10 its not work can you explaind what heapend

  • Kirtito Okumura
    Kirtito Okumura 3 days ago

    #7 how to summon a demon

  • Sajal Mishra
    Sajal Mishra 3 days ago

    are they safe to try at home

  • Josiah Plays Roblox
    Josiah Plays Roblox 4 days ago +2

    we all knew what that looked like... 3:49

    DUH coca cola and pool chlorine coming out a tube

  • Abhishek Tirunagri
    Abhishek Tirunagri 4 days ago

    Dosent those flames burn you

  • Enter Name Here
    Enter Name Here 5 days ago

    #6 works with salt but it's less volitile

  • Mr. Doppler
    Mr. Doppler 5 days ago

    4:50 It's Rising!

  • Ami Nilsen
    Ami Nilsen 5 days ago

    He has 666k subs he's the devil of YouTube

  • Удивительная химия

    First experiment called - "Farting jar"

  • ;-; Bleh
    ;-; Bleh 6 days ago

    Will it hurt if I try?

    And if I do 10?
    What hand sanitizer are you using?

    DOCTOR PARTY 6 days ago

    4:24 it looks more like a creature coming out of hell

  • Kek Baba
    Kek Baba 6 days ago

    Türkçe yazın loo😠😠😠

  • syalun pukdee
    syalun pukdee 6 days ago

    why do not try this a home😮

  • Hunter Luke
    Hunter Luke 6 days ago

    1:35 did that hurt/burn? I need to know so that I can perform this safely

  • Dipes Magar
    Dipes Magar 7 days ago


  • Dipes Magar
    Dipes Magar 7 days ago

    What the funny

  • Madhavi Viradia
    Madhavi Viradia 7 days ago

    Hand fire trice is reaply pelase

  • greenbamboo2928
    greenbamboo2928 7 days ago

    He spelled balloon wrong XD

  • Adriana Silva
    Adriana Silva 7 days ago

    O do fogo na mão foi mais fodw

  • Lps Star bucks
    Lps Star bucks 7 days ago


  • Juan Carlos Ruiz
    Juan Carlos Ruiz 7 days ago

    Esta clooo gracias

  • Best EDM
    Best EDM 7 days ago

    m gonna try with sanitizer for sure😂

  • Harivansh Saini
    Harivansh Saini 7 days ago


  • VS Mastah
    VS Mastah 8 days ago

    I used hand sanitizer and put it all over my hand and burned it

  • Dovahkin4321
    Dovahkin4321 8 days ago

    Is number 10 dangerous???

  • Blake  O'Neal
    Blake O'Neal 8 days ago

    I like the sugar and suffer aside one it looks like a viruse broke out and a living plauge

  • Cheetahlover Al
    Cheetahlover Al 8 days ago

    The last one was so dangerous

  • Ramadhan Syamsi
    Ramadhan Syamsi 8 days ago

    hot is cool

  • sangeeta vashisth
    sangeeta vashisth 9 days ago

    that amazing man

  • Shanaya Shanaya
    Shanaya Shanaya 9 days ago

    buuurr burrr burrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....oh 😵the jar broke💥

    ALISA IFI 10 days ago

    cococola and pool chlorine. !!!!

  • Thoughts From Eugene
    Thoughts From Eugene 10 days ago +1


  • Bui Duyen
    Bui Duyen 11 days ago

    The third and the last does it hot ?:(

    CRAZY SCIENCE 11 days ago

    I tried the sanityzer trick but i failed

  • PenguinGamez
    PenguinGamez 11 days ago

    PLEASE NOTE!!!! Any of these tricks that use chlorine and produce smoke, the smoke will be harmful if inhaled!

  • özgür kamalı
    özgür kamalı 11 days ago

    can i use beer in first expriment?

  • Sophia Kosanke
    Sophia Kosanke 12 days ago

    the fire snake looked like it was pooping

  • Sophia Kosanke
    Sophia Kosanke 12 days ago

    the jet engine in a jar just sounded like a bunch of farts

  • ms katie
    ms katie 12 days ago

    I wonder if the smoke and or gas from these experiments are deadly or toxin 🤔🤔

  • Magma Crystal
    Magma Crystal 12 days ago

    6:11 It looks like the Venom Symbiote.

  • Anonymous Anon
    Anonymous Anon 13 days ago

    6:56 is strait out of a horror movie lol

  • Anonymous Anon
    Anonymous Anon 13 days ago

    i did the fire hand thing with 2 leather gloves on for safety so fucking cool-I am a 14 year old pyromaniac lol

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 13 days ago

    How neat

  • erwin manoj
    erwin manoj 13 days ago +1


  • Claudia Fernandez
    Claudia Fernandez 14 days ago


    girl died one night cause she was stupid to light her hand on fire 😂

  • Mark Leo
    Mark Leo 14 days ago

    The fifht is tossic??

  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 14 days ago

    Did number 10 but you? The last one when you out flame on the hand sanitizer?

  • Dave TheRave
    Dave TheRave 14 days ago

    Whoa trippy shit😮

  • Rafif Zubaid
    Rafif Zubaid 14 days ago


    PUJA PRIYADARSHI 15 days ago

    Loved it

  • 민우임
    민우임 15 days ago +1


  • Tapatio Productions
    Tapatio Productions 15 days ago

    Some say the fire never stopped queefing

  • Byron Atkinson
    Byron Atkinson 15 days ago

    you cool

    ALBERTO JORGE 15 days ago

    Bom demais

  • Da Drumma
    Da Drumma 15 days ago

    There's something pulsating on the inside of the sugar at 7:32. Are you sure you didn't just create a new species?

  • Hüseyin Sönmez
    Hüseyin Sönmez 15 days ago

    Merhaba hoca ile ilgili bir gelişme var mı acaba. Bu arada, bu kadar. Toplam yatak, . , . , . , . Bu arada, bu kadar. Toplam

  • Lemon Lemon_Icy_Pole_
    Lemon Lemon_Icy_Pole_ 16 days ago

    The fire one (about bubble)will you burn your hand

  • Jekie Kim
    Jekie Kim 16 days ago

    *sees number 1* maybe I can use it for a prank to annoy someone :o *finishes watching number 1* OH GOD NEVER MIND

  • Gloria Lara
    Gloria Lara 16 days ago +1

    fet. erd. mea. jotuvy. alon. eyou. mo. el h dk. temi. fopa. yuke. mirtey. añpi. youtanjio

  • tufail thailje
    tufail thailje 16 days ago


  • GuardianReaper
    GuardianReaper 17 days ago

    doesnt the sanitizer hurt though

  • WorstNght Mare1234
    WorstNght Mare1234 17 days ago

    I tried the flammable hand sanitizer trick and it was to hot to touch

  • E Mar
    E Mar 17 days ago

    omg so cool

  • gavin gamer3D
    gavin gamer3D 18 days ago

    I like hand sanitizer one

  • Charmander cool
    Charmander cool 18 days ago

    Does expirement number ten burns your hand badly?

  • Shelbi Marie
    Shelbi Marie 19 days ago

    i did three of these in my physics class
    *i chose physics out of chemistry and biology*
    i did this to show how everything is different and how everything works
    i did the hand sanatizer and the flame on the hand, they loved it thanks for the vid mate Xx

  • Abhishek Nishad
    Abhishek Nishad 19 days ago

    the last one is dangerouse

  • Abhishek Nishad
    Abhishek Nishad 19 days ago

    which sanitizer you are use plz tell me

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 19 days ago


    I saw something good here ...finally

  • Mice e
    Mice e 19 days ago +1

    wow horor films

  • LudVic
    LudVic 19 days ago

    Mr muscolo? Schiuma Bi-attiva?... Ma sei italiano???!!?😨

  • Tristin Moss
    Tristin Moss 20 days ago

    0:30. Longest farts ever

  • Baby Apple
    Baby Apple 20 days ago

    my mom says no to everything so i not goin to be doin dis

  • Hammad S
    Hammad S 20 days ago

    In the last one, don't the flames hurt??

  • Berserker
    Berserker 20 days ago

    Who came just to learn how to wield fire in their hand

  • Uros Velickovic
    Uros Velickovic 20 days ago


  • 99hari55
    99hari55 20 days ago

    Experiment with sulphuric,nitric and hydrochloric acid is very dangerous ....

  • Moses Moses
    Moses Moses 20 days ago +1

    Superb experiment

  • Blaze Kurt/Justin Case


  • No name zx
    No name zx 21 day ago

    I did the fire on the hand at my friends house and it was with a window cleaner

  • moll13moo1
    moll13moo1 21 day ago

    The only way

  • moll13moo1
    moll13moo1 21 day ago


  • Uttam Suryavanshi
    Uttam Suryavanshi 21 day ago


  • Mark Lotsu
    Mark Lotsu 21 day ago

    ha ha great experiments. I can just picture a lot of parents asking kids what they are doing and the response being....nothing..

  • Golden Refrigerador :v


  • Dadasheb Devkate
    Dadasheb Devkate 22 days ago


  • XxDelGamesxX
    XxDelGamesxX 22 days ago

    The Fire snake was really cool

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