Sean Spicer Returns (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

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  • BadImprov
    BadImprov 1 day ago

    This is a long shot but check out our new improv channel . Subscribe if we don't make your eyes bleed :)

  • Regrets Galore
    Regrets Galore 5 days ago

    Couldn't be the whole administration though. Baldwin is shit.

  • johan hermanns
    johan hermanns 5 days ago

    if sean spicer see this i cant imagine him not laughing about this,this is so funny

  • Xianshuai Ren
    Xianshuai Ren 6 days ago

    what' s the music, man voice

  • Bana Nana
    Bana Nana 8 days ago

    The real Huckabee doesnt answer any questions and shows zero emotion in her face or voice

  • True Gamer191x1
    True Gamer191x1 8 days ago


  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 10 days ago

    Was SNL ever funny or was it always just fat women shouting?

  • Mcchris TakesShitsOnLeftists

    SNL is the mouth piece for leftist "jew" who aren't even American. They keep it up and there might actually be a Holocaust for real this time.

  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero 10 days ago

    Is this comedy? No shit

  • KekLordGrey
    KekLordGrey 10 days ago

    i do love these.... but i do have a question. where is "Pat"?
    Where is Pat? Where is Pat? Where is Pat?

  • Octavo Gamez
    Octavo Gamez 11 days ago


  • Cindy Ibarra
    Cindy Ibarra 12 days ago

    😂 "the only Russian thing is my little dollys"
    •pulls out Russian doll•
    "This dude..•show Puntin•
    I am dead
    **keeps laughing**

  • Franticproductions
    Franticproductions 13 days ago

    Hello SNL glad to see ya got your balls back

  • Dorothy Manns
    Dorothy Manns 13 days ago

    That Sarah Sanders is spot on!

  • Enshohma
    Enshohma 14 days ago

    Like 88,877 here: Really love this disturbingly faithful impression!

  • Anything Neal
    Anything Neal 15 days ago

    Just realized that Melissa basically has her own Segway. lol

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson 16 days ago

    she made him quit.

  • lark jd
    lark jd 16 days ago

    sanders articulate and charming? in what universe?

  • The Gaming Duck
    The Gaming Duck 16 days ago

    If Hillary got elected this wouldn't exist

  • Straw Hat Luffy
    Straw Hat Luffy 17 days ago

    I support Trump but I love these skits tho.

  • Ian Collins
    Ian Collins 17 days ago

    My father is Mike Huckabee and my mother is a big southern hamburger.

  • SirCraigius
    SirCraigius 17 days ago

    "No, I'm married!"

    Awkward!! XD

  • Kandy Kane
    Kandy Kane 17 days ago

    "Do I come to your job and slap the 7 or 8 hotdogs out of your mouth?"

  • Alexia Rebla
    Alexia Rebla 17 days ago

    I never thought I would ship two complete fucked up assholes but I think Trump and Spicer are my OTP now XD

  • DaveD1868
    DaveD1868 18 days ago

    You have to go back to the 1980s to find a time when SNL was still funny.

  • kabukiwookie
    kabukiwookie 18 days ago


  • Theresa Onie
    Theresa Onie 20 days ago

    McCarthy is tooooo much!

  • SancheNusS Stackhouse


  • iptik
    iptik 20 days ago

    SNL political skits have always been toothless shit. Will Ferrel's W. was really funny, but Lorne must be afraid of hard hitting satire and seems to favor anyone who can do an in-the-ballpark impression who can make lame ass jokes nobody gets offended by. They should grow a pair or fuck off with this shit. Easily the worst part of snl

  • Nino
    Nino 20 days ago

    was that suppose to be funny?

  • Chuck M
    Chuck M 21 day ago

    they need to get Rosie O'Donnell to play Sarah Huckabee that would absolutely Drive Trump nuts !

  • daegudiva
    daegudiva 21 day ago

    Now that it has been determined that the Russia probe is faulty this scene is even more humorous.

  • Starlight_Feather
    Starlight_Feather 21 day ago

    I like Glenn.

  • Julia Simmons
    Julia Simmons 22 days ago

    Huckabee Sanders is Crazy Mike's kid?

  • Sheep pez
    Sheep pez 22 days ago

    how *dare* you insult the dear leader😨

  • phantomfantom
    phantomfantom 22 days ago

    sadly unfunny... hysterical Libtards need to reinforce their paranoia once a week by tuning into this trash.. pathetic

  • sEan
    sEan 23 days ago

    ......the funny thing is, is there really ended up being no Russian thing. It makes all the smug self assured idiots even joking about it look even worse. Way to prove the fake news narrative right once again. fucktards.

    • Matt Stryker
      Matt Stryker 22 days ago

      sEan Yeah, way to go! Preach the truth! Even if it's on a comment stream for a months old SNL skit!

  • A Consumer
    A Consumer 23 days ago

    Love the song that was played when "Sean" was leaving for NY on a moving podium. Anyone knows the song's title?

  • ThatOnePerson01
    ThatOnePerson01 23 days ago

    Spicer and Trump: still a better love story than twilight.

  • Alice Morel
    Alice Morel 24 days ago

    bill This one actually looks heavil~#coolsenior 8‑D

  • Radical Rat Gaming
    Radical Rat Gaming 25 days ago

    This shit is gay

  • Snoopy 101
    Snoopy 101 25 days ago

    That's insulting to Pikachu!

  • Martin Marty
    Martin Marty 25 days ago

    slightly language amazing wyzalf invite rocket prohibit throughout.

  • Carla Marlene
    Carla Marlene 25 days ago

    holy shit melissa is the bomb!

  • Grizzly claw
    Grizzly claw 25 days ago

    couldn't stand to watch it because of what that dumbfucking mcharty has done trying to figure out how to be funny what a dumbass who needs to be in Korea and see what they say about her what a Fucking retard

  • Sovann Chang
    Sovann Chang 26 days ago

    4:00 - "If you did this, Glenn...I swear to God I'll rip you to shreds."
    *Glenn raises eyebrows deviously*
    An underrated part of the skit, for sure.

  • Mart Charman
    Mart Charman 27 days ago


  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself 27 days ago

    I want that podium so bad.

  • Desmond Castro
    Desmond Castro 1 month ago

    I can't go back to the Navy !!!!

  • Robert Treacy
    Robert Treacy 1 month ago

    IMO, Mellisa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is the best SNL casting since Larry David as Bernie Sanders.

  • T Weston
    T Weston 1 month ago

    Priceless. And a true reflection of what's going on in Washington under the current administration. Russia saw an imbecile in the presidential campaign and saw to it that he won. And our country will not advance at all because of the idiots who have absolutely no idea what they are doing in the White House. How could anyone have voted for such a deplorable, despicable , chauvinistic moron, I'll never know.

  • MidnightMoon 123
    MidnightMoon 123 1 month ago

    So here's the cast of the Russian Dolls Spicey had in his toy box:

    Donald Trump as Himself
    Jake from Adventure Time as James Comey
    Maleficent as Hillary Clinton
    Jabba The Hut as Steve Bannon
    and Pokemon as Jeff Sessions

  • Elizabeth George
    Elizabeth George 1 month ago

    If Sean spicer can have my dream job, than I should be able to accomplish me

  • Jerry the Giraffe
    Jerry the Giraffe 1 month ago

    Poor Glen!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sheriff Burford T. Justice

    It tickles a little.

  • Sheriff Burford T. Justice

    You stink Glen. You stink bad!

  • Mizera Mykel
    Mizera Mykel 1 month ago

    Thank God for all of SNL and especially Melissa for keeping us sane with a bit of fun insanity.

  • Jim Armbrester
    Jim Armbrester 1 month ago

    I remember when SNL was funny, the good old days of Norm, Adam, Will, etc. Now it's just a platform for pushing the liberal agenda, much too political. Every once in a while there's a laugh or two to be had, but pretty lame most often. 😞

  • reinaldo torres
    reinaldo torres 1 month ago

    I am going to miss this character...

    GREAT BRAIN 1 month ago

    SNL is the only thing "The Donald " is making great again.

    GREAT BRAIN 1 month ago

    The joke really is "Do I come to your job and knock the dick out of your mouth"

  • John 1973
    John 1973 1 month ago

    Off topic here but what happened to the Joe and Mika skit?

  • Bill White
    Bill White 1 month ago

    I see Russians....I see Russians...oh wait, wrong party.

  • Natalie Everett
    Natalie Everett 1 month ago

    Ahhh hahahaha!

  • dakotamax2
    dakotamax2 1 month ago

    Love Melissa's Spicer, not that impressed by Alec's Trump.

  • Leanne Stewart
    Leanne Stewart 1 month ago

    lol i love this one

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 1 month ago

    This version of Spicey looks more beaten down and more aged with dark eyes and more wrinkles. She looks kind of creepy, I wouldn't want to bump into her dressed like that in a dark alley.

  • Carlos Dangler
    Carlos Dangler 1 month ago

    Melissa McCarthy is the love child of Rosie odonnell and Orson Welles

  • Carlos Dangler
    Carlos Dangler 1 month ago

    Who remembers when SNL had talented writing and comedians?

  • lisa pettaway
    lisa pettaway 1 month ago

    is glen a real person?!

  • Molly Burchette
    Molly Burchette 1 month ago


  • Demeitric Lymon
    Demeitric Lymon 1 month ago

    SNL so funny.

  • The Warrior Song Project

    and still we are waiting for an iota of tangible evidence, yet there is none....

  • Anna P
    Anna P 1 month ago


  • jamesd
    jamesd 1 month ago

    great loud mouth dumb as a post trailer trash impression.... hilarious

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago 1 month ago


  • Tom Akers
    Tom Akers 1 month ago

    Comedy gold!

  • XeroKoala
    XeroKoala 1 month ago


  • Richard R
    Richard R 1 month ago

    Would love to see them make fun of Hillary's blaming DNC or Comey or herself for her loss

  • Vasili melnyk
    Vasili melnyk 1 month ago

    I like political humor, but I wish they would've poked as much fun at obama or his admin.

  • Matt S
    Matt S 1 month ago

    Lol SNL is keeping Melissa McCarthy's career going, God only knows it's not her awful feminist movies that are doing it.

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown 1 month ago

    "I honestly hope to God it killed her" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Crowe
    Justin Crowe 1 month ago

    Utterly stupid.

  • Kevin Conners
    Kevin Conners 1 month ago

    I loved the old SNL parodies of Reagan, Clinton and Bush, but this is just plain moronic. Does anyone think this is funny?

  • Myron Jones
    Myron Jones 1 month ago

    you mother f8ckersare PURE S8hit! Sean is a GREAT MAN! mm is PURE SCUM!

  • Sager
    Sager 1 month ago

    SNL just isn't funny anymore. It makes me sads

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 1 month ago

    McCarthy should get an Emmy!

  • Shai Crockett
    Shai Crockett 1 month ago

    Wait, what?! Is Kathy Griffin seriously trying to make herself out to be victim here? She posed for a photo holding a mock bloody and severed head of Donald Trump, the American people were disgusted with her tacky attention seeking stunt, it backfired on her, and now Trump "broke her?" Good God, this is what's wrong with people nowadays. Take responsibility for your actions and move on. No one cared who Kathy Griffin was before this and now one is going to care who she is now.

  • Lorenzo Brunet
    Lorenzo Brunet 1 month ago

    Virtual spiritual consideration dhgdn bitter literally collector value.

  • bruhhh mane
    bruhhh mane 1 month ago

    this isn't funny tbh

  • Edwyn Starr
    Edwyn Starr 1 month ago

    She even ugly as a man. No talent fat ass..

  • родион газманов


  • Bruce Shepard
    Bruce Shepard 1 month ago

    Do you know why people view Hillary as an evil witch? Because she is. She is currently receiving millions in donations from a Swiss bank called Deutsche AG. They are donating to The Clinton Foundation's CPC Green Initiative. Both HSBC and Deutsche bank have been caught buying and reselling bundles of mortgage loans mixed with real loans in stock trades. People are fighting back by filing a Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) to investigate the paper trail of a loan. Back in 95, Bill Clinton suggested that banks give low income communities mortgage loans to renovate the homes. He knew most would fail repaying the loans and would result in losing their properties and homes. Now, the game has gotten thicker. Being so that banks like Deutsche AG, Ocwen, Mers, and HSBC have been trading bundles of fraud loans mixed with real loans, they're trying to cover the paper trail. Many people are seeing loan numbers changed which is fraud. So basically the Clintons set up a mortgage scam. Give poor people loans they can't pay back and take their property. Make it so difficult to pay back by juggling banks and ownership that the person eventually gives up and lets go of the property. And have a foreign bank (A Swiss bank) file for foreclosure on the homes, then donate a chunk of that to the CPC green initiative. Tell me with a straight face why an ex president and his wife need a Swiss bank to do business. They're criminals. They don't give a God damned about you or your idiot appeals to emotion and that perverse mental disorder transgender trend. They don't give a shit about your life or your freedom. If they can line their pockets, fuck you. That's who the Clintons really are. Someone who will take money from foreign countries in exchange for political favors. Like destroying the Constitution and changing our culture by flowing in refugees (or supposed refugees, might be a Trojan horse and everyone is too stupid to see it because they got that leftist socialist hippie shit crammed up their asses), and enslaving people with drugs, propaganda and delusion. Everything said about Trump in the negative sense is a lie or is hypocritical. Here's the truth. Fuck your feelings and your appeal to your personal incredulity. Your opinion is not the supreme opinion of the universe. You're a pile of flesh, water and bone on a rock hurling through space. Survival is the only instinct you have betrayed yourself of. You want a hand out for doing nothing and a trophy for just being. You are a pawn in the political game. Politicians use you to make more money. They play on your emotions, turn you against each other and walk away with more money. Elizabeth Warren is an ignorant liar and doesn't know the law. She lied to protesters telling them Trump's Muslim ban was illegal. LOL Uh no it's not. 8 U.S. Code § 1182 - Inadmissible aliens. Google it.
    The leftists target liberal college students the most because they are without a shadow of a doubt the most gullible of all college students to fall for this sham of a protest. All SNL is doing is feeding the fires of chaos. SNL should be banned from TV.
    It's implications of hate speech are very loud and obtuse. These are the same people who preach love and tolerance yet spew mockery and slander like the hypocrites they really are. I don't believe any news media anymore. All lies. Even FOX. Yes FOX. They have this con where they make a report and say "Officials say..." but give no actual sources. Like this whole Russia collusion delusion. It's all lies made up to cause social chaos. The persons responsible for this whole mess should be locked in an institution for the criminally insane. SNL writers are some who should join the rest since they're part of the nut fest. We have racial division again thanks to democrats who were racists to begin with. That confederate flag they're calling racist, yea, they made it. Southern Democrats were the confederacy. There was no racist shift from democrats to republicans either since republicans were known as the party for the blacks for 150 years. Yet since the civil war ended, democrats have lied consistently about the republican party. Democrats pandered to low income black communities with promises of welfare for votes to get them to turn against the republican party. It worked. But what also worked was that it left them in poverty. So the democrats killed two birds with one stone. Turned the republicans into racists like the democrats are, and turn favoritism from as well. Yet not many liberals know any of this. Instead, they have porn, weed, socialism, and their commie god Bernie Sanders. Anything else is racist, homophobic and evil. -_- God damn it all.

  • roga roga
    roga roga 1 month ago

    covfefe spicer

  • Nathaniel H
    Nathaniel H 1 month ago

    Melissa, you so nailed him. There doesn't seem much more to do.  but I do need to address his concerns. Oh, and tell Kate "HI" for me. Love you both.  Spicer girl said something to the effect of "unnamed sources" and "saying things that don't happen" and that "this is troubling." And I felt compelled to instruct the Press Secretary on Politics. We can only interpret the world from our own perspective, and apparently Sean thinks that Politics is just about bending over, sucking things, lying and money. And climbing the Capitalistic Ladder to attain greatness. Indeed there is more going on in the politics of the world than just that Sean, now that there's a new King of Earth in town. Went from ultimate Evil to ultimate Good, and hardly an eyelash was batted, 14 years ago. Course ultimate Evil did what he could to damn the Good and Innocent in the world, thus blinding the populace and turning Democracies into Pirate Forts. And the Battle between Good and Evil rages on. We can clearly see that Good is winning, because the greatest Evil Power in the World, is Trump. A comedian and journalist's dream come true. Satan Incarnate, going to fight God to the End. Going to fight his Creator. Which is pretty stupid, don't you think? And take everyone in his country down with him. He did such a good job of blinding the nation, that they allow him to steal from the people to finance his war machine right in front of their eyes. He made people think that the Creator God was the enemy, when indeed, they call this evil, twisted, spoiled, stupid, heartless, monster, their Commander in Chief and let him and his pirate gang do whatever they want to the country. Look at Spicer, selling the soul for the gold. Look how stupid and spineless, such soulless creatures are. And how everyone knows he's a liar, knows Trump is a liar, sees them using the country for their own gain and egotistical war games, and yet it goes on. Sitting on a ticking time bomb, people were warned, and it goes on. National Defense and Security and Intelligence and Congress and our President knows the warning, yet continue to delude themselves and the public that they should fight it to the destruction of the world. Hey Spicer, if you've read this far, you might want to tell Trump that it doesn't look so good for Trump Camp. God WILL prevail. Duh. He has greater technology, not to mention, Brains. And he gets what he wants. He was one of the guys that put this solar system together to make this planet paradise in order to create all this abundant Life. There's bound to be mistakes. Like you Enki. But you were used, to test the rest. And now you're used as a public display of God's power and sense of humor, and to make it easy for people to tell the difference between Good and Evil. Especially since Judgement Day appears to be looming.  Hey Enki Trump, I hear you united your religious armies, and united your greatest government and military power in the world, and are attacking the media, and setting up your fortress to fight God and Good, are busy in the Spirit World going after Souls still alive and kicking and yet, and even got lawyers, so why so tense? What have you got to worry about, eh?  Some little old peasant lady? or God? Yeah, you will lose.

    • Nathaniel H
      Nathaniel H 1 month ago

      The point I meant to make to anyone troubled by what Sean said, was, in real politics, when dealing with Enki for the past 3,500 years, one picks up a few tricks on how to beat him and his destruction and harm to the innocent. I am one of those people. God is another. That things didn't happen that were said by "unnamed sources" supposed to occur, we have to wonder, don't we, if they would have occurred if nothing had been said? Think how many innocent lives were saved that some of those things didn't happen? We have our priorities Sean. Yours is money no matter what you have to do. Mine is, taking care of people no matter what it costs me.

  • Katie Shotwell
    Katie Shotwell 1 month ago


  • Ryan Playz Gamez
    Ryan Playz Gamez 1 month ago

    I only know who Spicer is from SNL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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