Milo Yiannopoulos DESTROYS SJW after being called a WHITE SUPREMACIST

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  • Runtime: 30:42
  • Donald Trump SJW Protesters Cringe Compilation 2016 HD  trump  cringe  instant karma  trump rnc  trump speech  anti  sjw  politics  msnbc  feminist  compilation  comp  funny  fail  fails  new  best  of  2016  feminism  owned  rekt  mlg  funniest  vine  viral  rnc  karma  funny videos  karma fails  police  road rage  thief  gets owned  leafy  leafyishere  triggered  hate  anarchism  anarchist  donald trump protesters get owned  Milo Yiannopoulos DESTROYS SJW after being called a WHITE SUPREMACIST  

Comments: 323

  • sophia ostritsky
    sophia ostritsky Month ago

    hahaha :) of course, Milo is a white supremasist: one just can't disagree that he is both White an Supreme :) lol

  • sophia ostritsky
    sophia ostritsky Month ago

    I'm in love with your mind, MILO! :)
    /*just wanted you to know it...

  • King Kong
    King Kong 2 months ago

    Can't wait till Milo is deported.

  • rockyboy220
    rockyboy220 3 months ago

    If he's so clear about how he would prefer to be heterosexual why doesn't he get Pence to stick some jump leads up his ass.. notice how he slithered over the question.. this guy is a condescending phoney... don't be fooled.

  • Light Beatbox
    Light Beatbox 4 months ago

    Ben Carson has no experience with housing... he's a surgeon. He's the token black guy and they made him responsible for section 8 housing.... just saying what it is here. And it's not like Trump shouldn't be in jail for his scams and shit, but he's out and about because he's rich. Bill Clinton himself isn't that bad as a person and he had a good economy during his time.. why hammer the whole family? And flag burning illegal? That's contradicting freedom of speech, borderline dictator language there. How can he making doing and saying whatever you want as a big part of his beliefs and come out with that one... burning a flag isn't hurting people.

  • hueykhalidX
    hueykhalidX 5 months ago

    Anti-"sjw" rhetoric is white supremacist doublespeak.

  • Hassan Osama
    Hassan Osama 5 months ago

    only If Milo was straight and had a southern accent .............he would be seen fucking mental

  • shatnerpants
    shatnerpants 6 months ago

    I voted for a winner! He won. Go cry more! Fuck your feelings!

  • Patty Kershaw
    Patty Kershaw 6 months ago

    Anyone know who the guy with the beard is, sitting in the audience, about 21/22 min. into the show? I'd like a date with him;)

  • Skull Grunt Ruffe
    Skull Grunt Ruffe 6 months ago

    Nice ad compilation! I especially liked the Milo transitions between the ads

  • Sinjin Smyth
    Sinjin Smyth 6 months ago

    IRONY.........................SJW'S are the ones who protected people like this Faggot Milo and allowed him to have a platform.........Give em an inch and they'll take a mile!!!!

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 5 months ago

      WTF....LOL - Social justice warriors gave this guy a platform to speak.....He is a faggot = you are a homophobe
      He is a Jew = you are an anti-semite
      Now not many people want to be called any of those things and that is mainly thanks to the SJW's (the ones he seems to hate) Hypocrite!!!

    • Kenny Forrister
      Kenny Forrister 5 months ago

      Your use of words is confusing, please restate what you said in a more clear way.

  • TheAdditionalPylons
    TheAdditionalPylons 6 months ago

    My issue with flag burning is that its basically illegal to start fires anywhere in public until whats burning is a Flag. The fuck is that about? Its a double standard to allow America hatred, which is totally wrong.

  • mhm mhm
    mhm mhm 6 months ago

    i agree with milo on a certain number of things, but the electro shock thing is crazy. like cmon. hes accepted being gay, but also being gay myself, dude, stop hating that part of yourself to be "normal". he only cares that much because he does, to an extent, care about what people think of him and if he didnt hed say fuck that im gay and im proud of that (not obnoxiously, just legitimately)

  • findme
    findme 6 months ago

    Fucking ads, there are so many

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  • Erik Wait
    Erik Wait 6 months ago

    At around 11 minutes Milo is asked about laws regarding burning the American flag. The problem is most people don't know the legal definition of what constitutes an actual American flag vs. a REPLICA of an American flag. A REAL American flag by definition is made from stitched cloth with stitched (sown) stars. If you examine a flag flown in front of any government building vs. the inexpensive ones you buy in a store (which may be made from one piece of cloth or plastic which is then colored red, white and blue with painted stars) you'll realize that you may be actually buying a REPLICA of an American flag which cannot legally be flown on any government property. Therefore, when you burn one of these "flags" you are burning a REPLICA of an American flag and not an actual REAL American flag. To prohibit burning these you would have to make it illegal to a REPLICA of an American flag.

  • Jesse Spencer
    Jesse Spencer 6 months ago

    The Asian guy at the end was just trying to end the stereotyping that people of Asian decent are intelligent.

  • greenviolets1
    greenviolets1 6 months ago


  • 0rcryst
    0rcryst 6 months ago +1

    >"We should be able to insult Islam."
    >"Burning the flag should be a criminal offense."


  • John D
    John D 6 months ago +5

    "I'm sorry you're so stupid." lol

  • husky19864
    husky19864 6 months ago

    Milo you have patience of a saint to keep up arguin with such high level of stupidity

  • Federick Egg
    Federick Egg 6 months ago


    MrSLASHERXXX 6 months ago

    Even though i might not like Milo as much as the other guy I love how he talks and how he speaks and how he does research if anythin he has taught me is that we need to learn to respect each other's opinion without labeling and to fact check everything thoroughly so you don't get embarassed by being a sjw who gets their facts solely from emotions and your definition of morals!

  • Just Your Everyday Pig
    Just Your Everyday Pig 6 months ago

    I wish there were more ads.

    CRAB JAB 6 months ago

    All I see is that kid at 25mins in will end up on death row.

    Just saying

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 6 months ago

    How many fucking ads do you need?

  • Lord Wolfenstein
    Lord Wolfenstein 6 months ago

    And he is Greek, the true white supremacists would not even qualify him as real white.

  • Toimi
    Toimi 6 months ago

    way too many ads, please tone it down.

  • marten baily
    marten baily 6 months ago +1

    just another sickeningly obnoxious gay guy

    • pelican Ass
      pelican Ass 3 months ago

      it was a fucking joke fag

    • Kenny Forrister
      Kenny Forrister 5 months ago

      First off, if you don't like him, don't watch his videos. Second, Donald Trump actually has never said anything bad about gays and even said same sex marriage is fine because it was already settled. So please fuck off now.

    • Donald Pump
      Donald Pump 6 months ago

      +marten baily you should die than

    • marten baily
      marten baily 6 months ago

      Donald Pump what did you say Donald all gay should die!😊

    • Donald Pump
      Donald Pump 6 months ago

      +marten baily GAYEST!

  • The Anti Atheist
    The Anti Atheist 6 months ago

    this dude only defends that white's experience racism but is supposedly not a white supremacist. I would have worked Milo over, what a racist.

    • Kenny Forrister
      Kenny Forrister 5 months ago

      You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Watch more of his actual speeches/debates and do more research before making an accusation like this.

  • Shepp E
    Shepp E 7 months ago

    Yusuf Khan4
    Since when was it legal? I'm gonna go burn some flags for no reason
    That's the same reason 90% of the ppl burning flags are doing it. Just copying others that are doing it! And have no REAL reason if you were to ask them...they'd regurgitate some FACIST, RACIST, BLANK-A-PHOBIC BLAH BLAH MSM BULLSHIT>>Hey LOOK AT ME, I CAN BURN A FLAG...I"M SO FUCKING COOL>>I"M AN ANTICHRIST....Umm, ANACHRONIST...Umm, ANARCHIST???!! I'm something like that. I hate authority and my Dad! BURN BABY BURN....OWWW, G-DAMMIT SET MESELF ON FIRE!! *I HATE FLAGS BURNING!!* STOOPID FLAG...

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 7 months ago

    Republicans Democrats feminist the Nation of Islam Black Panthers Aryan Brotherhood neo-Nazi skinheads mtgow etc are terrorist who doing Will of the devil I want people to kill each other hate each other. while they profit off of it want you to act on emotions not the think for yourself and they don't want you to serve Lord Jesus. they are miserable people that want you to be miserable

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 7 months ago

    milo is destroying himself he's gay man pushing the gay agenda he's a puppet of the devil to get to kill each and support Republicans and hate the Democrats. but Republicans and Democrats are the same rich people don't care about the poor. but they always use spokesperson to do their bidding for also for they can be a scapegoat . Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Stephen Collins Ben Sanders Richard Griff Mark Dice Alex Jones Sean Hannity Charlemagne DL Hughley Stephen A Smith Conor McGregor Ronda Rousey Ice Cube Van Diesel Samuel Jackson Dana White Joe Rogan etc Cynthia G O'Shay Duke Jackson tommy Sotomayor umar Johnson all worship the devil all of Con artist liars whether be on TV politicial and YouTube. do not listen to none they all are the doing the devil's work.

  • music is good
    music is good 7 months ago

    I had my dick in my hand every time I saw that girls leg

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 7 months ago

    so let America use their great minds to try and find cleaner and more sustainable ways of producing energy to further the progress of the nation without worrying about running out of our sources of energy.

  • morbius109
    morbius109 7 months ago

    26:21 - And this is why I fucking love Milo. He does not varnish or sugar coat his opinions, most especially when pushed to truly hit back like he did with this SJW fucktard.

  • L Garou
    L Garou 7 months ago +1

    Now now. No need to call names. Milo can't help it if he's smarter and better looking..
    (he was born that way)

  • Magic Motherboard Productions

    I laughed so hard when I heard that gullible libtard say, "Rachel Maddow"... Everyone knows she's an extreme socialist/straight-up communist... That'll keep me chuckling for the next few days though.

  • Arroz2703
    Arroz2703 7 months ago

    That girl sitting next to Milo though... damn

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz 7 months ago

    I like this guy, Milo. I may not agree with everything he says, but, I like him.

  • DiscipleOf TheWatch
    DiscipleOf TheWatch 7 months ago

    Fracking and Nuclear are a problem. Yes the left are hypocrites when it comes down to it, and the man made climate change argument is complete garbage to bankrupt us...But that doesn't make fracking and nuclear power good.

  • Finlay Balfour
    Finlay Balfour 7 months ago



  • Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward 7 months ago +1

    I think if i hated gays i would still like Milo and watch Milo's shows.

  • YouGotNulled
    YouGotNulled 7 months ago

    The pence electroshock shit isn't real.. milo should of known this.

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams 7 months ago

    "I'm sorry you're so stupid."  Perfect!

    STEVE CARELESS 7 months ago

    to many ads

  • Lisa Spaulding
    Lisa Spaulding 7 months ago

    Yes, so many on the left were "nannied" and continue to be.

  • lyte werk productions
    lyte werk productions 7 months ago

    try typing hitler on lowercase lol computer says no

  • lyte werk productions
    lyte werk productions 7 months ago

    oh i quite like this guy he has valid arguments but when he throws his arms about like hitler ok HITLER WAS A STRAW MAN fuck opps caps ok right do it this way..Hitler your all tied up and bagged ..oh and try stitch me up for any tag i'm clean as a whistle these days you can't touch this dis ..

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed 7 months ago

    i couldnt hear the dude talking about milo being a white supremist so i have no idea if he actually made valid points or not but seeing how the crowd acted id guess he came up with nothing

  • SouthernChick #MAGA
    SouthernChick #MAGA 7 months ago

    Trump will have anything to do with an opening of the case of Hill Clinton. I think it's understood by his attorney general and DOJ to take caresponsibility of business! IF Trump had come [UT saying to Lock Her Up, Obamacare could have pardoned her. Waiting until transafer is the smartest move.

  • Grover Asylum
    Grover Asylum 7 months ago +1

    he is getting old and run down the fastest

  • hal900x
    hal900x 7 months ago

    I couldn't hear the guy's last pathetic attempt to justify his allegation. What did he say?

  • caterpilla joe
    caterpilla joe 7 months ago


  • Joseph Hunhoff
    Joseph Hunhoff 7 months ago

    Just want to throw out there that electro shock therapy does work, it's just that the people who do it don't know what they are doing and the actual way to do it is EXTREMELY intrusive, probe has to go straight into the brain. Only has been done a few times I think when ethics weren't a thing and fairly frequently on rats, which is used to unjustly reinforce a portion of it that can be considered psuedo science

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela 7 months ago

    All lives matter

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela 7 months ago

    it's wrong what you say about building the best schools this start throwing more money you think that's the solution throwing more money

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela 7 months ago

    let's invent something when men can get pregnant and we won't need women at all, except for sex lol

    • Botar Akutabi
      Botar Akutabi 7 months ago

      Women can now get pregnant by another woman, using a process to turn stem cells into a zygote.

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      They tried. Doesn't work. They called it *PRISON*!

  • Arbitrary Shark Fairy 4.0

    hm yes, claiming that "all lives matter" is a bigoted sentiment is proof that our system is normalizing sociopathy better n better

  • Arbitrary Shark Fairy 4.0

    Yea, shock the people, they get to pass laws that REQUIRE some of us to adhere to their "pronouns" and allow bathroom swap ups.

  • StudSupreme
    StudSupreme 7 months ago +1

    Kudos to milo for still doing his UC Davis lecture. Hope he still gets to lecture at Berkeley.

  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz 7 months ago +4

    America was founded as a white Christian country, though obviously not a theocracy.

    • tarstarkusz
      tarstarkusz 6 months ago

      I just said it wasn't a theocracy. However, state churches were permitted and existed for decades (IIRC, MA had a state sanctioned church). Clearly America was founded by Christians and large numbers of the people who were here came here specifically for religious freedom. It was that history that forbid Congress (federal) from passing any laws recognizing a religion, which did NOT apply to the states.

    • WraithFFXI
      WraithFFXI 6 months ago

      No, America was founded as a secular country where there was freedom of religion, thus the important separation of church and state. All the lines about God and religion to things like the currency and the pledge were added much later.

  • CNN is Fake News
    CNN is Fake News 7 months ago +4

    To the leftists everything is about race, therefore if you are white you are a 'white supremacist' unless you spend all your time virtue-signalling your rejection of your 'white privilege', one of which is your 'white culture'. Hence all cultures, no matter how primitive, must be respected - even if those cultures throw gays off buildings, endorse maiming, crucifixion, mutilation, castration of house slaves, women being forbidden to show their faces, slave markets, child marriage and so on.

  • jffryh
    jffryh 7 months ago +1

    Milo is wrong about global warming

  • Shepp E
    Shepp E 7 months ago +4

    Quote of the Day: *There's this idea that you can't be racist against white people, so ALL Lives Matter is an intrinsically racist statement. These people are insane, they're nuts! This is the sort of bonkers, far left lunacy that only holds up on campuses and the media- the only places where people believe this shit! -MILO*

  • Shepp E
    Shepp E 7 months ago +1

    Environmentalism isn't just politics, Milo. Though I agree with the rest of what you said! It's actually become a RELIGION, just like Scientism is now.

  • Shepp E
    Shepp E 7 months ago

    Damn I love Milo!! My FAVORITE FAG!!!

    ZERO COOL 7 months ago

    i'll be hostile if Milo wants lol. fruity lovable bastard.

  • WD Zonated
    WD Zonated 7 months ago

    13 mid-rolls, trouble paying bills?

  • amante pensanta
    amante pensanta 7 months ago +2

    It's kinda irritating that the Asian at the end didn't get a mic. I can't hear a thing he's saying.

    • WraithFFXI
      WraithFFXI 6 months ago

      He probably just did it because he was there with a girl who was a SJW and he thought he'd get laid if he played the part of SJW hero.

    • Botar Akutabi
      Botar Akutabi 7 months ago

      Despite disagreeing with his opinions, you must commend him for voicing them whilst surrounded with people of the opposite opinion.

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      You didn't miss've heard it all before! Typical SJW script/tactics.

  • Madman
    Madman 7 months ago

    You put so many mid roll ads in this video I could watch an entire movie in the amount of time it'd take me to get through this.

  • Runewell
    Runewell 7 months ago +10

    They guy should have been honest and just said: "I think you are a white supremacist, because it's what everyone around me says so".

    Then everyone could have given the guy a hug and have a beer together.

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris 7 months ago

    Why so many adds?

  • Hala Peenyo
    Hala Peenyo 7 months ago +2

    That's right! YOU CAN'T MAKE A CHILD. Why do you think that is??????? BECAUSE homosexuality is unnatural and wrong.

    • WraithFFXI
      WraithFFXI 6 months ago

      Unnatural? I suggest you do some research, my friend. The word "unnatural" means something that doesn't exist in nature. Are you even aware of how common homosexuality is throughout the animal kingdom? It's very natural. Go read up about giraffes, that should get you started.

    • Alt Knight
      Alt Knight 7 months ago

      LK Home fucking kill yourself dude does it even really matter what two dudes in they're bedroom do to each other or feel about each other

  • Love From Above
    Love From Above 7 months ago

    Milo is so awesome!!! These stupid liberals always call us racist and never can back it up with a legit response as to how we are racist...they always talk in circles! Go Milo!!!👏

  • Will C
    Will C 7 months ago +4

    electro shock therapy is very effective for some mental disorders and really not a big deal.

    • sedriensmorgasbord
      sedriensmorgasbord 2 months ago

      It's not a mental disorder, but it also isn't normal. It is some kind of divergence somewhere in a person's being. Something, somewhere, causes this difference. Science just hasn't found that thing yet. Does that mean they are diseased, disabled, or affected by a mental disorder? No. They're just different. I also believe it can manifest for a number of different reasons, at varying times in a person's life. Perhaps, for some, it is psychological trauma. Perhaps in that sense, for a few people, it could be considered a mental disorder, or a cousin of sorts. For others, perhaps it's a chemical imbalance in their brain. For others, maybe it's hardwired into their DNA. If you ask a dozen different gay people when and how they realized they were gay, you'd get a dozen different answers. For some, they've always known they liked the same gender, even before they knew "gay" was a thing. For others, they don't find out until after several failed straight relationships, then upon branching out into same-sex relationships realize that's what they were missing all along.

      A lot of times I hear, "How can you know until you've tried?" Asking that question is the same thing as asking a straight person, "How can you know you're straight until you've tried gay sex?" Or saying straight people only know they like the opposite sex after they've had sex with one. No... You just know. And this whole thing, "Well, just try it once." Well, straight man, how about you just try being gay once? Okay, straight lady, how about you just try being sexually attracted to women, just once? No? Can't do it? Same thing. It's not just some switch that you flip "straight or gay". A gay person can't magically choose to be attracted to the opposite sex anymore than a straight person can randomly choose to be attracted to their own gender.

      To call homosexuality a mental disorder would mean heterosexuality is a mental disorder as well. They function the exact same way. They can manifest at the same periods in a person's life, and in similar ways. There's simply something in a person that determines which gender(s) they are attracted to. Just because science hasn't found the associated determinant (as I said, it could be several or different ones for each individual), it doesn't make one orientation a mental disorder any more than the other.

    • Luke B
      Luke B 2 months ago

      Boomdroneftw Boom its not a mental disorder, schizophrenia is a mental disorder, depression is one. being gay isnt. from a scientific viewpoint its assumed to be genetical. but, homosexuality is natural. happens in animal kingdom too. in my opinion its a genetic defence mechanism to prevent wrong genes to be spread and/or smth you grow into as a teenager. when your personality and brain connections develop.

    • Boomdroneftw Boom
      Boomdroneftw Boom 3 months ago

      it is a mental disorder, but you cant say that anymore due to society now

    • Corey Proctor
      Corey Proctor 6 months ago

      Will Cunningham is being gay a mental disorder? shock the gay out of

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      LOL We gunna shock da queer right outchoo boy!!

  • dominoeffect
    dominoeffect 7 months ago +9

    10 fucking ads? 10? in a 30 minute vid? fuck dude

    • Ernie Lynge
      Ernie Lynge 6 months ago

      Pokemontas watching on iPhone doe.

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

    • Pokemontas
      Pokemontas 7 months ago

      get ad block...

  • Mike D
    Mike D 7 months ago

    Wait, I thought Milo made the airhorn sounds himself somehow. Where are they?

  • jjcs1381
    jjcs1381 7 months ago

    Liberals throw out these allegations without any facts to support their stance at times, just as seen toward the end of this segment.

  • Tyson Stites
    Tyson Stites 7 months ago

    isnt simply wearing the American flag illegal? how the hell is burning it legal? speaking of 'wearing', i guess milo's going for the peg bundy look these days with his jacket.

  • Change InTheAir
    Change InTheAir 7 months ago +6

    Thank you Milo for being who you are - you rock and so intelligent! I am so thankful you never gave you up your faith in Jesus although molested by priests. Very brilliant that you can separate God from being attacked by pedophiles.

  • Sate Anne
    Sate Anne 7 months ago +18

    "I wish it worked" - In response to the electroshock therapy to cure homosexuality. 15 seconds in and I'm laughing already.

    • Sate Anne
      Sate Anne 5 months ago

      +naightz1 It was a bad joke. I'm not even gay.

    • naightz1
      naightz1 5 months ago

      45 minutes a day...

    • Sate Anne
      Sate Anne 7 months ago

      +Botar Akutabi I dedicate 45 minutes per day to study the male underwear section of my catalogue. I only focus on the bulge.

      I have had 3 flinches in 7 years. I just slap it when it twitches.

    • Botar Akutabi
      Botar Akutabi 7 months ago

      Rumor has it that he regularly practices straight sex to make sure he's still gay.

  • Val G
    Val G 7 months ago

    wtf is a Milo? and since when is hate an opinion, and why does other ppl existing bother you? and since when does a "comedian" appear in lecture halls giving lectures on how people should be? who the fuck are you people listening to? has the world gone that backward? and i heard his bull shit speeches, this man Milo is not gay (or had an extremely privileged life), it is very clear he has an agenda to portray groups of ppl in a dark light by setting him self as an example. He is not an example, he is a fraud and anyone with a modacom of common sense can see this from his speeches and the way he behaves. This agenda (wherever its coming from) is feeding your hate. And that's shit for the progress we made. Basically this is not an issue of free speech, this is a problem of giving relevance to hate speech... its no joke when people actually get attacked and hurt cuz a person like this laughs about it and we give him a platform to do so. There is no excuse for allowing this to be normal, let ppl live their fucking lives and leave them alone. You wanna laugh at someones funny anecdotes go to a comedy club where we know its a joke. This is no fucking joke.

    • aDepressedRobot
      aDepressedRobot 7 months ago

      Is this what they teach in college these days? No wonder the country was going to shit.

    • Reasonable Fact
      Reasonable Fact 7 months ago

      Val G You have actually not written anything of substance. False sense of decency.

    • Mari
      Mari 7 months ago

      +Ringling Road Exactly. That's fine if you don't like him. But at least know what you're fighting for and defend your case.

    • Val G
      Val G 7 months ago

      you are the best comedian

  • Scott Pedroley
    Scott Pedroley 7 months ago +4

    I see these SJWs and feminist and Leftist that are determined to turn this country into a socialist form of Rule (Obama did for eight yrs. and almost did) BUT when I see people like Milo...Ben Shapiro...Tomi Lahren and Lauren Southern...but most of all the young audience that goes and listens to them. Then I still have hope. It makes me proud to see these young college Conservatives or Libertarians that feel this way....because the Truth of the matter is they are our only hope. :-)

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 7 months ago +5

    Build world class CHARTER schools, government schools haven't and won't work.

  • Drfeelgood02
    Drfeelgood02 7 months ago +2


  • Chesty Leroux
    Chesty Leroux 7 months ago +10

    No matter what, I really respect that Asian kid at the end for standing his ground, even in the face of overwhelming odds, I gotta respect that, no matter the opinion.

    • Chesty Leroux
      Chesty Leroux 6 months ago

      Aren't we all though?

    • TheClown FromYouTube
      TheClown FromYouTube 6 months ago

      I'm proud of him, but he's still a fucking idiot.

    • Chesty Leroux
      Chesty Leroux 7 months ago

      +Shepp E lol I don't know, but that's definitely a good question to ask. Anyone fighting "for my rights" is definitely suspect in my view...

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      Change InTheAir "Left only pathway to equality, but wrong" No, not wrong. They will deliver equality if allowed...they just don't mention that they want us all to become equally POOR and DUMBED DOWN!

    • Chesty Leroux
      Chesty Leroux 7 months ago

      +Change InTheAir yes but a lot of the right is brainwashed the same way also don't you think ? I was a leftist for a long time and my beliefs were absolutely genuine and honest. It's not easy to escape one's conditioning ; )

  • Hybrid Namek
    Hybrid Namek 7 months ago

    12 Ads really?

  • James W
    James W 7 months ago +60

    I am a Trump supporter and Milo fan, and I strongly disagree that flag burning should be criminalized. Flag burning is harmless and falls within the definition of freedom of expression, our primary freedom that is currently under attack by the left. Once you criminalize flag burning you can begin criminalizing all peaceful protesting and even criticism of the government. I love Milo but he's way off on this issue.

    • Chi Acolyte
      Chi Acolyte 2 months ago

      Thought I was the only one that wasn't offended.

    • KMF
      KMF 3 months ago

      Kenny Forrister hatred isn't illegal. Human emotions aren't illegal and I wouldn't want to live in a country where it is

    • billybbob18
      billybbob18 5 months ago

      You need a fire permit for the property in question. I'm not into creating safety hazards in public. Personally, I think that burning the flag is one of the most vile, ungrateful insults against those who died in our world wars to let those cowards have the freedom to do such a thing. Our ABILITY to burn our flag is beautiful, the ACT of burning it is not.

    • Kenny Forrister
      Kenny Forrister 5 months ago

      Flag burning is the highest level of disrespect to a country. A countries flag is the symbol of the country, burning the flag is basically showing hate towards that country; therefore, should be illegal.

    • BanQsterz- GB
      BanQsterz- GB 5 months ago

      I agree with you, free speech includes kind of speeches. As long as it is your own flag that you bought, you can do whatever you want with it, the beauties of Capitalism

  • Nooo oooN
    Nooo oooN 7 months ago +20

    I feel like america is a joke when I see on the actual fucking news "Russia rigged election" or something about a recount. I wanna kill myself.

    • Elf Monster
      Elf Monster 6 months ago

      No one believes it anyway. Less than 1/3 of Americans trust the MSM.

    • Arbitrary Shark Fairy 4.0
      Arbitrary Shark Fairy 4.0 7 months ago

      let them disrupt! The more they do, the less mercy need be exercised upon them.

    • Jas Marine
      Jas Marine 7 months ago

      Yeah the BBC keeps covering those allegations, it's fucking stupid ain't it? The left just doesn't want to admit it was wrong.

    • EastCoast Podcast
      EastCoast Podcast 7 months ago

      I know right? Like our major news network and people actually believe it. You go out and people are like oh did you hear trump cheated and Russia helped him. It's like you're a fucking brainwashed sheep. The liberals just won't let it go. Look it up the fucking communists are staging something called rejectj20 which is to protest Donald trumps inauguration. Their goal is to cause so much disruption as to possible shut shit down. These pieces of shit should be lined up and shot one by one. I'm sorry but we are not a socialist and or communist country and never will be. And those trying to stop a diplomatic fair election should be considered fucking traitorous domestic terrorists. No one did this shit when obama won.

  • BrooklynAngler
    BrooklynAngler 7 months ago

    8:06 holy shit this is so TRUE

  • Twilight Princess
    Twilight Princess 7 months ago +2

    I can't take my eyes off of here. She is so beautiful.

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen 7 months ago +56

    Milo:"defend your allegation that I am a white supremacist"
    retard students:"..."
    Other student: " he likes black guys"

    • The Anti Atheist
      The Anti Atheist 6 months ago

      I would need to know more about the criteria of/for the study and its scope (references(if you want). Most people find a confirmation and not information with regard to any topic they desire. Nonetheless my first post addressed most of what you raised. And stand by what I wrote particularly that I will not be consider any attempt to discourage, criticize or ban miscegenation honorable, nor do I see it as an expression of love for your race, I am convinced that it is racism that motivates this desire to protect a group, or someone misguided. People choose who look like themselves most of the time anyway.

       People should be free to criticize whatever they want (white nationalist or whatever). This standard does not only apply to white people or the white ethnicity, in case you would bring that up. You have a right to your opinion but I think we may disagree on this subject. However at least you are honest about the immigration thing.

    • MØ extras
      MØ extras 6 months ago

      +The Anti Atheist *you lost me after "you have no right to decide who procreates with who", as if I ever suggested we should ban it. You don't have the right not to be criticised for the way you reproduce, any more than people with serious inheritable diseases shouldn't be criticized. Criticism is not equal to a ban. We are supposed to care about the survival of the snail darter and the spotted owl. If you have endangered salamanders living on your property, the feds may not even let you build a house. I care a whole lot more about the survival of my people than I do about snail darters, and by 2050 we are expected to be no more than 4 or 5 percent of the world population. When it comes down to it, the only policies I would propose are these: allow only white immigration into the US, end affirmative action, allow complete freedom of association. Instead of arguing over details, how about you argue against the policies themselves?*

      Anyway, here's some data about miscegenation if you're interested.

      Lynn Barkley Burnett and Jonathan Adler, the authors of a 2005 study on domestic violence in the United States, found that “the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages.” The chances of being killed by your spouse are small, to be sure, but an older study found that white men who married black women were 21.4 times more likely to be killed by their spouses than white men who married white women. A white woman increased her risk of being killed 12.4 times by marrying a black man (Fatal Violence Among Spouses in the United States, 1976-85, by James A. Mercy and Linda Saltzman, American Journal of Public Health, May, 1989). It is fashionable to claim that the “tragic mulatto” is a racist myth, but science has tracked him down. Dr. J. Richard Udry’s 2003 study of 90,000 middle- and high-school students found that black/white and white/Asian children were more likely to be depressed, sleep badly, skip school, smoke, drink, consider suicide, and have sex than children of just one race. (Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity, American Journal of Public Health, November 2003) The authors of a 2008 study reached the same conclusion: When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior . . . mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites. . . . Mixed race adolescents—not having a natural peer group—need to engage in more risky behaviors to be accepted. (“The Plight of Mixed Race Adolescents,” NBER Working Paper No. 14192, July, 2008). Other research on white/Asian children found that they were twice as likely as mono-racial children—34 percent vs. 17 percent—to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression or drug abuse (Bi-Racial Asian Americans More Likely to Suffer Psychological Disorder, UCDavis, August 18, 2008). If you have children with someone who is genetically very distant, you may be genetically closer to strangers of your own ethnic group than to your own children.

    • The Anti Atheist
      The Anti Atheist 6 months ago

      Babbisp you have no right to decide who procreates with who, this is the problem with white supremacists/white nationalists. It is seriously problematic that you would try to decide what people should do in their personal lives, moreover you would condemn people as morally wrong for "miscegenation."

      Even if you believed there was a culture indoctrinating/promoting miscegenation in your mind (white supremacist/white nationalist) people still have choices and no one is forcing and should force others to do what they want those people to do. Those who campaign against those who choose to inter-racially procreate outside the scope of their family are frankly racist. (it's not love or pride for one's race or a love for diversity)

       It does not mean such people should not have/or be allowed to have an opinion, but that such people would not imo be seen as virtuous, nor would I agree that such people recognize all ethnic groups in humanity as being of equal worth. I have never and will never believe that and will strongly campaign against such opinions that try to enforce anti miscegenation under the racist guise of it being "natural" and somehow virtuous.

    • MØ extras
      MØ extras 6 months ago

      +WraithFFXI I'm a white nationalist and wouldn't mind dating a non-white person. White nationalism simply means race quotas in immigration. By opposing "race mixing", we specifically mean miscegenation, as in, interracial PROCREATION. I hate miscegenation because it destroys diversity and is as depressing as me becoming colorblind in the medical textbook definition where everything is just white and black. But aside from procreation, all is on the table. At least for some white nationalists.

    • WraithFFXI
      WraithFFXI 6 months ago

      A real white supremacist would NEVER date a black person. They don't believe in race mixing, it's one of their primary points.

  • deletethischannel
    deletethischannel 7 months ago

    GOD YAS ABOUT THE WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maja Boskovic
    Maja Boskovic 7 months ago +85

    Today you're either feminist SJW non-binary...whatever pain in the ass. Or an alt-right white supremacist. There is no middle ground, not to these fuckwits.

    • Dan The Watcher
      Dan The Watcher 6 months ago

      +iga27 it's not Ignoramuses, it's ignorANUSes :)

    • iga27
      iga27 6 months ago

      just ignore them; or piss on them; ignoring the ignoramuses is often the best resort;

    • MrAussiedigger
      MrAussiedigger 6 months ago

      Or.... you can just tell them to build a bridge and get over it. a politically correct designed one of course, which means half way over it will collapse.

    • Jamie H.
      Jamie H. 6 months ago

      Maja Boskovic agreed. and if your a white male like me your AUTOMATICALLY a RACIEST or privliged. LOL. so stupid. ✌✌

    • Dan The Watcher
      Dan The Watcher 6 months ago

      +Грицко 2511 but they promised me a diamond mine in Africa if I combat him and win :) that's a lot of money :)

  • Utracia1
    Utracia1 7 months ago +1

    Clearly protesters should burn the American flag in front of Milo, seems to be a way to trigger him.

    I mean really, jail for burning the flag? You don't have to be a libertarian for not caring about burning piece of cloth. Can talk all the shit you want about America that is cool, free speech and all but break out Old Glory and you be RESPECTFUL damn it!

    • Kenny Forrister
      Kenny Forrister 5 months ago

      Burning a countries flag is the highest form of disrespect. If you don't respect the country you live in you need to get the fuck out.

    • Utracia1
      Utracia1 7 months ago

      You can be contemptuous towards those who do burn the flag, doesn't mean it should be illegal. That is the point of freedom of expression, just because some don't like what you are expressing you still have every right to do it.

      +Shepp E I have to question the statmenent that "everyone" knows you can't legislate morality, there are many Christians you think you can and some in the incoming Trump administration who think you can. It won't work and is against freedom but it doesn't mean they won't try.

      I do think that consequences (non-legal ones) certainly would be the way to curtail anti-social behavior, they think that they can act like children because they are being protected by parents and universities that there are no negative results to their tantrums. Will be generational work though to address this as it would require a complete change in how children are brought up and taught.

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      Milo et al are just using a bit of rhetoric and hyperbole to make the points that others have made here. Everybody knows you can't legislate morality, decency, character, integrity etc. We live in a free system that allows for people to be boneheads, morons, or straight up assholes w/out concern for their fellow man! The best way to deal with those types is to shun them, publicly and privately, and eventually their behavior will come in line with acceptable societal standards- or they'll become hermits. A big part of the breakdown is that the media and Hollywood have tried to obliterate what it means(or used to mean) to be an American. We have to try to bridge the gap between what our parents and grandparents(many of whom fought and died) taught and instilled in us, into the next, younger generations who seem so lost and empty. They have been completely demoralized by evil design and I think this whole paradigm of Trump/Brexit etc is our last, best chance to turn this thing around before we lose our country and our way of life forever...with no hope of regaining it. IMHO

    • Shepp E
      Shepp E 7 months ago

      agustin bacar ZACKLY! Well stated! That song 'Proud to be an American' is on loop in my head now! LOL

    • Jyushi
      Jyushi 7 months ago

      I actually respect the flag.. I just think it seems petty to burn a flag at all.

  • Neil Doerdan
    Neil Doerdan 7 months ago +1

    Is the gentleman at the end a setup to prove a point or are people really like that? It really proves the point of the word Libtard

    • TheRubberDuck01
      TheRubberDuck01 7 months ago

      I watched this live... definitely not a setup sadly

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