Immortal Cells Turn 96

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  • The world has a lot to thank Henrietta Lacks for, and yet many do not know what she has contributed. From helping to create the polio vaccine to the study of radiation, Henrietta and her HeLa cells have changed the world.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • supersmex
    supersmex 3 days ago

    Dividing itself for a HeLa long time. *Badum, tiss!

  • Mashed potatus
    Mashed potatus 19 days ago

    Are there others?

  • Trish Brock
    Trish Brock 24 days ago

    Wow...very interesting! I still learn something new every time I watch the SciShow! HeLa cells...who knew? Well, besides scientists?

  • Jan Denbert Dayot
    Jan Denbert Dayot Month ago

    Millions of years into the future and we literally have walking immortals... assuming they evolve to be human-like..... scary

    • England is my city
      England is my city 13 days ago

      Jan Denbert Dayot telomeres are a part of every cell. after each division, they get shorter and shorter, eventually a cell can't divide anymore and it dies.

    • Jan Denbert Dayot
      Jan Denbert Dayot Month ago

      Also, why aren't we studying what triggers the production of Telomeres? I mean, if we can't produce, we'll instruct those who know how to produce them.... right?

  • Rufus Doofus
    Rufus Doofus Month ago


  • Evan Rhodes
    Evan Rhodes Month ago +1

    do the telomeres never shorten? do they shorten at a slower rate? are they resistant to oxidation/ free radicals or are they not exposed to these? how could you make this video without giving even a small hint as to why we think they can live so long and keep duplicating other than saying they 'mutated' ...awesome video which taught me stuff I didn't know, but missing the important how/ why that most people clicking the video were curious to know

  • MegaSweetness
    MegaSweetness 2 months ago

    hela dope

  • The Religious Atheist Bakchodi Corner

    Did he just thank Lacks for watching?

  • don prelewicz
    don prelewicz 3 months ago

    I recently read Doug Ellison's book Health Recovery Secrets. He talks about what Hela cells really are. He says they aren't actually human cells, they are fungal cells. That's why they are immortal. He gives all the same info for free on his blog. Doctors that treat their cancer patients as if they have a fungal infection, have great success.

  • Archeryte
    Archeryte 3 months ago

    This creeps me out so much! I find it very interesting and have a love for biology and other sciences and nothing ever really creeps me out but this is FREAKY to me, billions of cells living from a dead person being distributed and used by thousands of people

  • the official sandidge02

    sooo... infinite p**sy

  • Poi Uu
    Poi Uu 3 months ago +1

    evil thieving white trash males

    • England is my city
      England is my city 13 days ago

      if he didn't take that sample back then or he asked and she refused, a lot of people wouldn't live now. think before you write, you racist and sexist scum.

  • mrotola28
    mrotola28 3 months ago

    with that many cells I wonder if you could make a person

  • Tony Droid
    Tony Droid 3 months ago

    Anything to keep evil people alive

  • Rachel Dunwoodie
    Rachel Dunwoodie 3 months ago

    that movie is amazing!

  • Rachel Dunwoodie
    Rachel Dunwoodie 3 months ago

    so many hela cells

  • Amy White
    Amy White 3 months ago

    why the hell would you make this video do more research on how they kill her 😨👎

  • daeho2
    daeho2 4 months ago

    HPV, Syphilis and cancer oh my, poor Henrietta!

  • Gordon Woodroffe
    Gordon Woodroffe 4 months ago

    So black people carry immortal cell lines in many forms 😮😲😲😲😲

  • MysteriusBhoice
    MysteriusBhoice 4 months ago

    1 life gone but a billion saved

  • Averie Gates
    Averie Gates 5 months ago

    we just read this book in my english class, 10/10

  • marthacvd
    marthacvd 5 months ago

    can you believe if she or her family had been compensated for her cells every time a study wanted to use the cells?! they'd probably be the richest black family in history.

  • Nereus
    Nereus 6 months ago

    you don't make vaccines from epithelial cells.. that's the most dumb thing ever heard... at least state things properly or do not mention them at all.. jesus

  • Danish Khan
    Danish Khan 6 months ago

    Deadpool might not just be a comic character in the future !! if you know what I mean....

  • Meowy mcMeowface
    Meowy mcMeowface 6 months ago

    hell yes! thank god (or whose ever tree you're barking up at)for Henrietta Lacks.

  • Golf3819656
    Golf3819656 6 months ago +1

    just heard it the first time. where have i been all these years

  • Robbert Nyhan
    Robbert Nyhan 7 months ago +1

    I wish they'd use those Hela Cells to discover immortality soon! I don't care what some people think, I DO want to live forever, regardless of seeing my loved-ones die. it means I can have multiple lovers, multiple children, have a different life each century, and most of all; I'd get to witness going to different galaxies and the death of our Solar System! also, possibly the invention of time-travel, if it ever gets created and I'd get to go back in time to do it all over, and over, and over again!

  • David Mace
    David Mace 7 months ago +1

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lachs is a MUST read!!!!!!!!!

  • Jada Bostic
    Jada Bostic 7 months ago +1

    Does this non-stop-cell dividing run in the family and how did it only happen to her?

    • Aspectrum
      Aspectrum 3 months ago

      Jada Bostic it was only found in a tumor she had ,

  • Pianoman Plays Stuff
    Pianoman Plays Stuff 7 months ago

    That's HeLa cool lol

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam 8 months ago

    Can hela cells create a new person??!?

    • LulitaInPita
      LulitaInPita 8 months ago

      Tim Tam no. They are cancerous cells.

  • Philip Murray
    Philip Murray 9 months ago +3

    Don't DNA stands become a tiny bit shorter after replication? Do HeLa cell's DNA not get shorter?

    • Zandandido
      Zandandido Month ago

      Philip Murray That's the thing about her cells. They divide but don't decay.

  • David Stott
    David Stott 10 months ago

    There are a HeLa lot of cancerous puns on this thread!

    I'll take my lanthanide series elements and float out of here in a helium balloon.

  • jeff brownell
    jeff brownell 10 months ago

    hank is henrietta the most important human being to have ever lived?

  • Eddy Phoenix
    Eddy Phoenix 10 months ago

    Morbid and inspiring.
    He immortal cells were cancerous.
    Which means she would've died no matter what she did.
    It grew too much too fast.
    Read the book on it. Its quite interesting.

  • Garett Mcafee
    Garett Mcafee 10 months ago

    I just saw this how did I not see this I love this guy why didn't I see this

  • Artavius Simpson
    Artavius Simpson 10 months ago

    so is Deadpool Henrietta?

  • DoctorKolo
    DoctorKolo 10 months ago

    I work in a lab, watching scishow at work, and I'm working with some HeLa cell extract right now.

  • Mai Mayer
    Mai Mayer 11 months ago +1

    whats really fucked up is that the people made so much money out of HeLa cells while her family didn't see any of that money

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 11 months ago

    black don't crack lmao

  • Toad
    Toad 11 months ago

    I guess her cell _lacks_ death

  • Alo
    Alo 11 months ago

    Is she hot?

  • Blockman Zan
    Blockman Zan Year ago

    This video is cancerous. (°\ /°)

  • Rybec Arethdar
    Rybec Arethdar Year ago

    Except that this is not the first immortal cell line. You should do a video on germ lines. These are essentially reproductive cells, and if you think about, you should realize that any human that has children has passed on his or her germ line to them. Extended to a much larger time scale, you will see that humans (and pretty much every other cellular living entity) have the potential to live forever through their cell lines. Otherwise stated, all humans today are just the extension of some ancient human, as well as all pre-human species, through some original primordial, cellular creature's germ line (or course, with mutations along the way to make us what we are now). We are all the product of some immortal cell line, and most of us have the capability of continuing our cell line, allowing us to live forever through our progeny (in a certain sense).

  • Kathie Dart
    Kathie Dart Year ago

    That's what I thought cancer was... for instance that UV destroyed the "kill" function.

  • Kira Y.
    Kira Y. Year ago

    where's her picture

  • FlashMeterRed
    FlashMeterRed Year ago

    scientists: genotype your cell lines. hela cells are incredibly invasive.

  • HatredofSins
    HatredofSins Year ago

    Henrietta Lacks? And here I figured she had it all.

  • Benjamin Kelley
    Benjamin Kelley Year ago

    I read this book, and the writing itself was terrible. The story was interesting, but the author bored me to death.

  • Kerbalnaught
    Kerbalnaught Year ago

    They should regrow her from the cells.

  • fireguysith
    fireguysith Year ago

    So you're saying, if I can create these Hela cells in my body and figure out a way to turn off the reproduction when I want to, I can be immortal?

  • rzeka
    rzeka Year ago


  • Moonster
    Moonster Year ago +1

    Oh the irony, cancer did something really good for society.

  • Xavier Mojica
    Xavier Mojica Year ago

    Her cells are HeLa important to science

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Year ago +1

    This is hilarious that I found this video. For my summer reading I had to read the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and it's all about the HeLa cells and what Henrietta went through. About what her family went through. It's basically a biography about Henrietta. It's pretty interesting, I think you guys would like it.

  • J M
    J M Year ago +1

    Thank you Rebecca Skloot, for your wonderful depiction of the life of Henrietta, her family and of course her immortal cells.

  • David Edwards 12661
    David Edwards 12661 Year ago +1

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRIETTA LACKS !!!!!!! HURAY !!!!! HURAY !!!!!!!!!! , it was astounding to me that she was african american and how some people are a****les to the ones who cured them out of polio and uncountable quagmires , i say in there place , THANK YOU HENRIETTA LACKS !!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTH DAY !!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

  • Sharpness Sword
    Sharpness Sword Year ago

    Wow the lighting in this one looked different

  • premier69
    premier69 Year ago

    why thank her? she didn't do anything. thank her parents instead

  • Sergeant Doomkin
    Sergeant Doomkin Year ago

    so, it is possible to live forever

  • Alex Do I Really Need A Last Name?

    What if we cloned humans using those HeLa cells?

  • Iam Anonymous
    Iam Anonymous Year ago

    So, you either beat cancer or cancer beats you and lives on for generations.

  • sagely Demonologist

    Wow. That's some old cancer.

  • Pat Black
    Pat Black Year ago

    You should have an instructional video on how to effectively instruct... A lot of college professors could benefit it 😁

  • elapplzsl
    elapplzsl Year ago +1

    What's up with these stupid comments?
    Getting a random mutated cells through HPV is not an achievement, it's an accident. If anything the tissue specialist(whos name wasn't even mentioned) that understood the gravity and usefulness of this cell is the real hero in this.
    That's not to say that Henrietta was not a hero, it's just she is an unintentional one.

  • Bobby
    Bobby Year ago

    thats hela lot of cells

  • Ikhwan Yusuf
    Ikhwan Yusuf Year ago

    Happy birthday Henrietta Lacks. May you rest in piece. Thank you for everything. :)

  • neverAskMeWhy07
    neverAskMeWhy07 Year ago +2

    She is similar to Alice from Resident Evil :D

  • Tejas Kadale
    Tejas Kadale Year ago

    She is the Real Dead Pool

  • Dupy, Dziary, Muscle Cary.

    That is amazing, I never heard of this - thank you so much!

  • Nerd Knowledge
    Nerd Knowledge Year ago

    Happy birthday Henrietta Lacks!

  • Nerd Knowledge
    Nerd Knowledge Year ago

    Henrietta Lacks, we thank you for your contribution.

  • Exploding Fish
    Exploding Fish Year ago

    This is AWESOME. Most interesting vid I've seen in a while

  • WR CJ
    WR CJ Year ago


  • Tumor Boy
    Tumor Boy Year ago +1

    this vidio is bias aganst trump. boring guy hillary!

  • #Civil Disturbia
    #Civil Disturbia Year ago

    HELL cells 666. Made from cancer tumors that have teeth, hair and organs.

  • Mark Smyth
    Mark Smyth Year ago

    HeLa - Hella *Get over it commenters!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago +1

    So humans are defeating cancer now eh? Well... Let me think of a new disease.

    • Stale Meme
      Stale Meme 3 months ago

      leeofthevoid or around our anus.... Oh wait.

    • leeofthevoid
      leeofthevoid Year ago

      something that causes us to grow hair on our nose and tongue?

  • Dan Simpson
    Dan Simpson Year ago

    Where's the Ethan cells?

  • Utra Ninja
    Utra Ninja Year ago

    I know this is a sci show but right now im am thinking about Deadpool while watcging this.

  • Asian Taco Stand
    Asian Taco Stand Year ago

    HeLa cells be makin HeLla cells

  • TheFacebiters
    TheFacebiters Year ago

    Amazing how such a small piece of tissue can go on to save so many lives.

  • Riley L
    Riley L Year ago

    This is HeLa cool

  • Noxshus
    Noxshus Year ago

    Holy fuckin shit!

  • shadowravenxcl
    shadowravenxcl Year ago

    lets clone her! ;D

    • Pata Fea
      Pata Fea Year ago

      Not all her DNA is intact in the HeLa cell, and the genome is completely different.

  • Jayy Grimm
    Jayy Grimm Year ago

    the HeLa cells are hella old

  • Nicollette Burrows

    Holy Cow! SciShow cited my article as a source! Feeling so accomplished :D

  • niel nielsen
    niel nielsen Year ago

    And in space to.

  • tgg1217
    tgg1217 Year ago +2

    waiit so what does she lack?

  • pafnucek
    pafnucek Year ago

    In normal cells the shortening of tellomers in their chromosomes stops them from multiplying infinitely. I wonder If HeLa cells are different in this regard, and if yes, could we eliminate the cancerous growth keeping long lasting chromosomes.

    • Quinn Higginbotham
      Quinn Higginbotham Year ago

      +Pata Fea I thought it was due to cancerous cells producing telomerase, and thus always having a sufficient amount of telomeres during DNA replication.

    • Pata Fea
      Pata Fea Year ago

      the chromosomes don't last particularly long, they are called immortal because they never stop making copies. So as soon as they stopped being cancerous they would stop being immortal.

  • acrutix
    acrutix Year ago

    That video gave me cancer

  • Axel Thieffry
    Axel Thieffry Year ago

    Was the activated oncogene a telomerase?

  • Michael Smart
    Michael Smart Year ago

    Makes me wonder? Is Henrietta's Actual DNA contained in those cells? Maybe they could make a copy of her somehow?

    • Pata Fea
      Pata Fea Year ago

      the genome is almost completely different from hers. She had 46 chromosomes (of course) HeLa cells have up to twice that number.

    • Laura Farr
      Laura Farr Year ago

      Her genome is within her cells; that's why the group in 2013 had to ask before publishing the cells' sequenced genome.

  • Alexandria School of Science

    Thats sweet, the thank you note.

  • tommy chan
    tommy chan Year ago

    tho non-stop mutating cells are cancer right????
    is the difference that the cell lines are doing in a renewable and behave normally makes it different?
    (Half way the video)XD

  • Reragi
    Reragi Year ago

    Those cells are HeLa helpful

  • FiNiTe
    FiNiTe Year ago

    And she didn't even know how much she helped :(

  • Seanisawesome000
    Seanisawesome000 Year ago

    My grandma is 98!

  • robbie j
    robbie j Year ago

    Kinda awkward thanking someone for getting cancer....

  • maram alkhmees
    maram alkhmees Year ago

    I love this channel so much

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