Here’s how much damage a stun gun does to your brain and body

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  • The effects that stun guns cause to your body are — literally — shocking. Following is a transcript of the video.

    Stun guns don't just affect your body.
    Your brain also takes a hit.
    Stun guns shock you with 50,000 volts of electricity.
    That's 5X stronger than the maximum voltage allowed for electric fences.

    When that much electricity enters your body...
    ... it hijacks your nervous system.

    Normally, nerve cells use electricity to send information from the brain to your body... and vice versa.
    If you stub your toe, for example, neurons fire electric signals to your brain which interprets them as pain.
    But the human body generates at most 100 millivolts.

    When you're shocked with 500,000X that amount...
    ... it's like a power surge to your nerves.

    The shock overwhelms your nervous system, causing your muscles to lock up.
    As a result, you can't move and will likely fall down.
    But mobility isn't the only thing you lose.
    Your brain's ability to process new information is also impaired.
    Plus, you have a harder time remembering that new information later.
    Don't worry, the damage is only temporary.
    Brain function returns to normal after about 1 hour.
    Luckily, your body bounces back much faster.

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  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray 7 hours ago

    Tasers are not stun guns. The two are different devices.

  • Tire Fire
    Tire Fire Day ago

    I love how this guy does the same face for stubbing his toe as the one when he gets electrocuted, so stubbing his toe hurts as much as getting electrocuted to him.

  • Q _ Q
    Q _ Q 3 days ago

    lmao look how the guy walks at 1:25

  • Peax Ful
    Peax Ful 3 days ago

    I'm not buying drugs again

  • Calvin Krueger
    Calvin Krueger 3 days ago

    Where are your sources? The probes of a taser or stungun will always take the easiest path to each other. Why would the brain be effected by this?

  • Calvin Krueger
    Calvin Krueger 3 days ago

    An electric fence is capable of far more current than a stun gun. Though a stun gun may have more arcing power, it does not neccessarily mean power.

  • Filip Maksimovic
    Filip Maksimovic 4 days ago

    the only thing i learned is that he cant draw a gun

  • VstaarProduction 15
    VstaarProduction 15 5 days ago

    Voltage doesn't fuck you up it's the current (amps) there is a low amperage going threw you when this happens

  • Thea Silton ILI
    Thea Silton ILI 5 days ago

    Stun guns is taser?

  • 5-BIT Videos
    5-BIT Videos 7 days ago

    If you have a metal plate in you body like me then you just die

  • Dave A.
    Dave A. 7 days ago

    Stun gun can lead heart attack if people with heart condition can be killed by stun gun.

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson 7 days ago

    still better than being shot. I'm looking at u police officers (unless in certain situations, I just think some cops use guns willy nilly and end up killing innocent people)

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    Logan Paul Vlogs 8 days ago

    Guys 50% of you,

    clicked read more

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    Logan Paul Vlogs 8 days ago

    whos watching while there getting shocked?

  • MysteryMeep1
    MysteryMeep1 8 days ago +1

    Thanks for the STUNning video!

  • Karan Preet
    Karan Preet 8 days ago

    A Stun Gun can Stun you, but a REGULAR GUN can **** YOU!!!!!!

  • Uriel Bautista
    Uriel Bautista 8 days ago

    Stun guns dont work on drug addicts lol

  • Desastrepenetrante 1

    between a concussion or a taser whats least harmful?

  • America U.S.A
    America U.S.A 9 days ago


  • Alex Loo
    Alex Loo 12 days ago

    By the time it passes through the wires which are usually 7 feet, it's only about 3000 volts

  • Dissonance Paradiddle
    Dissonance Paradiddle 14 days ago

    looks like a good lunch to me.

  • Expose Child
    Expose Child 14 days ago +1

    You forgot to explain how the muscles work inside that got locked up

  • Steven Rey Bargamento
    Steven Rey Bargamento 15 days ago

    stun guns and tasers are like real life Chidori

  • Rekt Z4
    Rekt Z4 18 days ago

    So you mean 1 hour been retarted could not be something serious? I saw some retarted kids riding bicycle and crash to some river in under 5 second....So imagine 1 hour of retardness......

  • Ebadullah Muazam
    Ebadullah Muazam 20 days ago

    50 000 VOLTS


    0:55 Colossal Titan

  • QaZxReDx_YT
    QaZxReDx_YT 23 days ago

    If we have water in our body and we get shocked why don't we die then but if we go in a pool with electricity why do we die no I'm not a idiot just wondering

  • NBS Stuffies & plush
    NBS Stuffies & plush 23 days ago +1

    Actually called a taser not a stun gun, I still like your videos they're really good

  • Amol Joshi
    Amol Joshi 28 days ago

    so I guess someone shoots Donald trump 24 times a day

  • Scrub Cowthon
    Scrub Cowthon 29 days ago

    I do that all the time in GTA 5.

  • Don't read my profile Picture

    You can drink a drink but can't food a food

  • MKA Murad
    MKA Murad Month ago

    Anyone have a stun gun in the UK? Holla at me (I'm not a cop)

  • Mark Bloomfield
    Mark Bloomfield Month ago

    50,000 V? Well, yes and no. The gun puts out the 50,000 volts in the arc phase, while the wires are flying through the air, but as soon as they make electrical contact through your body the gun drops the voltage down to 5,000 volts so it doesn't kill you.

  • mustachio
    mustachio Month ago

    How many amps do the stun guns shock you with?

  • Noushair Khalid
    Noushair Khalid Month ago


  • Kevin vs. Gamingz
    Kevin vs. Gamingz Month ago

    stun gun =\= fun gun

  • Legendary MuRAMasa1337

    Don't taze me bro!

  • alexstar smurf
    alexstar smurf Month ago

    So, this is what I will feel when doing police academy? Yikes.

  • Devins channel
    Devins channel Month ago

    I didn't know my brain wasn't attached to my body.

  • Arztotskin border guard Guy

    And that's only explained by a kid

  • Arztotskin border guard Guy

    For instants when your brain feels the signal that you hurt it send neron and another signal to the hit body part with h make yuh feel pain

    CRITICAL YT Month ago

    when u gey stun wont you get seizure because seizure occurs when the electrical signal in the brain gets like bad.. correct me when im wrong

  • BurnedPancakes64
    BurnedPancakes64 Month ago

    The main question: will you die?

  • Broforced GT
    Broforced GT Month ago


    Of the alphabet is b

  • Flygergirl
    Flygergirl Month ago

    Good, now maybe I can be a police woman and not worry about them getting hurt while tazing people.

  • Flygergirl
    Flygergirl Month ago

    Good, now maybe I can be a police woman and not worry about tazing people.


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  • Anonymouse
    Anonymouse Month ago

    I once accidentally fell asleep on an electric fence.

    The memories

  • krish Sharma
    krish Sharma Month ago

    It's better to get a Stunner from Stone Cold then getting hit by stun gun

  • Thai Lang
    Thai Lang Month ago

    Test it to know that (stun gun vs human)

  • RJeditor s
    RJeditor s Month ago

    its not the voltage its the amperes

  • Casual Phenomena
    Casual Phenomena Month ago

    stun guns should be banned

  • Ahmad Belhoul
    Ahmad Belhoul Month ago

    So in school am I getting tased by someone with an invisible taser?

  • James Hardin
    James Hardin Month ago

    just bought 3

    L**P_ECHO_RED _ONE Month ago

    I never got tasered.

  • Pawsome Jamma
    Pawsome Jamma Month ago

    Is it strange that i can make tazer noises?

  • Yohanes Evan
    Yohanes Evan Month ago +1

    Getting tased 2 times , that feeling when the cops force to move your hands to set you a cuff which is probably hurt alot. I don't think the cops themself know what are they doing.

  • kevin stanley
    kevin stanley Month ago

    wow i just learned somethin lol not for me thanks lol

  • That green dude
    That green dude Month ago


  • Mcpekid Cena
    Mcpekid Cena Month ago


  • Osman Rivas
    Osman Rivas Month ago

    How to degrees the volts jump in water when your getting stuned

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account Month ago

    Can it cure autism?

  • StormRage MC
    StormRage MC 2 months ago

    Imma shock myself with 10000000000000000000000000000000 volt electricity
    Correct me guys:
    0.00000000000005 % chance of death.
    lemme group up the electricity!
    i want cables from the whole world zapped to my skin..Tasers aimed right through my Cerebrum, and also all power plan zappinig my i want real electricity cutting my hair XP!
    Give how much percent chance i might explode in any way :D

  • Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe

    but when people use stun guns on me in roblox it can glitch me into floor and enters void, or flying out of nowhere

  • Bono1470
    Bono1470 2 months ago

    When you get shocked by a stun gun not all 50,000 volts enter your body, a lot less do

  • Dark Genie
    Dark Genie 2 months ago

    Now I kinda want to be shot by it

  • Neekolai Blackhawk
    Neekolai Blackhawk 2 months ago +3

    The bodies AMAZING!!! especially how it regenerates its self back to normal

  • Cayson Hardy
    Cayson Hardy 2 months ago

    would you weather get shot or get taxed have permanent damage or temporary damage just think through that for a moment

  • shortfuse87 •
    shortfuse87 • 2 months ago

    What about 2 STUN GUNS?

  • Ben The Bean
    Ben The Bean 2 months ago

    better than being shot

  • Zigy Ben
    Zigy Ben 2 months ago

    can somene

  • Zigy Ben
    Zigy Ben 2 months ago

    david needs to watch this

  • Andrew De Jesus
    Andrew De Jesus 2 months ago

    The narrator sounds like MacGyver.

  • Peacy Pisces
    Peacy Pisces 2 months ago

    Great video! I like tue fact that I learn things thru ur vids!

  • matthew robinson
    matthew robinson 2 months ago

    I saw some bitch cop yell at a black guy she was tazing to put his hands up while he was being tazed, I already knew this shit, but how could the cops not know?

  • Bah gawd it's The Undertaker

    Stunning Steve Austin?

  • rod balos
    rod balos 2 months ago

    I'm selling my taser pulse almost new for $300

  • ArkanianRush f
    ArkanianRush f 2 months ago

    wait my brain isnt part of my body? nice so that shit can get out

  • Sharar Muir
    Sharar Muir 2 months ago

    sounds a lot like I feel after a seizure

  • Lars
    Lars 2 months ago

    wonderful, some information that will never matter to me

  • Th3FirstOrd3rGRVP
    Th3FirstOrd3rGRVP 2 months ago

    Me after watching the video:
    Goes on amazon
    Orders tazer
    Waits for it to arrive
    Opens it
    Tries to get into a fight with someone
    Tazes them
    Smacks chest like king kong
    Gets tazed by myself
    Wakes up feeling savage because it is was worth it

  • billytheripper4
    billytheripper4 2 months ago

    So the answer is no damage

  • joule400
    joule400 2 months ago

    yeah that scary 50000 volts, unless you are aware that its amps that kill not the volts, a static electricity spark (like what happens when you during winter touch something metallic and see a quick flash and feel short sting at finger tips) can release upwards of 25000 volts, half as much as the scary stungun.

  • Sarge
    Sarge 2 months ago

    see kids, this is why you don't run from cops

  • Cool BOY Gamer 3
    Cool BOY Gamer 3 2 months ago

    DOES it change our DNA and change us in mutain

  • Cypher XY
    Cypher XY 2 months ago

    Can it defeat Thelegend27?

  • whaleblue
    whaleblue 2 months ago

    this video is false! i able to kill my enemies in CS:GO using Zeus_x27 everytimes..

  • datCoolCiu
    datCoolCiu 2 months ago

    Well then dont run from the damn cops. Its simple.

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    it is alot more different when you have analgesia

  • thermobollocks
    thermobollocks 2 months ago

    Source: slate

  • Justowner
    Justowner 2 months ago

    If a stun gun can ruin your ability to think clearly for up to an hour then why are law enforcement still allowed to question you or even use what you say against you at all? The legal case could be made that by tazing a suspect and then getting information out of them that person was coerced by force to speak against themselves.

  • benjamin berry
    benjamin berry 2 months ago


  • Ultima Nexus
    Ultima Nexus 2 months ago

    amps, talk about amps

  • Velx
    Velx 2 months ago +1

    Yeah this is why I just prefer to shoot black people running from cops.

  • kevin000909
    kevin000909 2 months ago

    starting off.. 50k volts isn't a real measurement for power, that's just the current speed

  • joyeux rouge
    joyeux rouge 2 months ago

    so, none?

  • GSpotter63
    GSpotter63 2 months ago

    Ever see what a 45Mag will do to your brain? I would choses the stun gun any day.

    Better yet... Just don't do anything that would ever get you tazed. Problem solved.

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