SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING "You're The Spider-Man" Trailer (2017) Tom Holland Marvel Movie HD

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  • JoBlo Movie Trailers
    JoBlo Movie Trailers  3 months ago +37

    WATCH: Peter Parker gets discovered as Spider-Man by his best friend in the first official clip/trailer. #SpiderManHomecoming

    • Rachel Spanik
      Rachel Spanik 2 months ago

      I think this movie has already opened and closed....trailer was out last month. Now, no theaters have it. Did I miss it?

    • davonna Johnson
      davonna Johnson 3 months ago

      JoBlo Movie Trailers we kl please contact

  • Vanessa Abigail
    Vanessa Abigail 5 days ago

    Can Tobey Maguire just be the only spider man for once?

  • Olivia .
    Olivia . 17 days ago

    A lot of the scenes in this trailer weren't even showed in the movie

  • rock ruffy
    rock ruffy Month ago

    Wait Is Spiderman nothing without his suit
    ... though umm he did hang by the bed and use his web in civil war
    without his suit

  • Diana Medrano
    Diana Medrano Month ago

    Cuando Mary Jane es negra

  • Nico Bechara
    Nico Bechara Month ago


  • xElectricBlazex
    xElectricBlazex Month ago


    -Coming From a Hardcore DC Fan

  • Technical zone
    Technical zone Month ago

    if l am not wrong then u must be crazy!!

  • Cristian Idme
    Cristian Idme Month ago

    ton holland = 1.73 cm uhmmm fake

  • salkizar
    salkizar Month ago

    cannot wait to see this..spidey was my fav superhero as a kid!!!!!!!!! looks amazing!

  • enrico tubig
    enrico tubig 2 months ago

    tom holland

  • Savfk - Music
    Savfk - Music 2 months ago

    So after Hans Zimmer beautiful soundtrack to the amazing spider man 2, let's hear what Mr Giacchino has in store for this one..!

  • TheCreeperGuy777
    TheCreeperGuy777 2 months ago +2

    3:10 look who's talking

  • The Mythical Fox
    The Mythical Fox 2 months ago

    I don't like the new vulture suit to extra

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David 2 months ago

    I hated this kid in Civil War, but damn I love him now. This movies looks awesome.

  • Vicky Prm
    Vicky Prm 3 months ago

    Honestly, this looks sooooo good!!

  • SuperGoku 117
    SuperGoku 117 3 months ago +1

    Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming "in Peters voice" I'm so fucking ready.

  • binaquh
    binaquh 3 months ago +1

    he's so cute lmao

  • kitkatt24
    kitkatt24 3 months ago

    Oh fuck Zendaya!!!! Completely miscast. Go do Step-up 124 and leave Marvel alone.

  • redraven24
    redraven24 3 months ago

    So excited to see Zendaya play Mary Jane, however I am sad that we don't get to see her rock some red locks, cause she would rock them fabulously!

    • kitkatt24
      kitkatt24 Month ago

      She isn't Mary-Jane. Watch the movie. Her name is Michelle.

    • Alexis Phidd
      Alexis Phidd Month ago

      kitkatt24 YES THE HELL SHE IS!!

    • kitkatt24
      kitkatt24 3 months ago

      She's not Mary-Jane.

  • Ahmed Aljunaibi
    Ahmed Aljunaibi 3 months ago

    This won't be good , i feel sad

  • Robert Swinda
    Robert Swinda 3 months ago

    So fucking good!

  • Anodonum 50
    Anodonum 50 3 months ago

    This looks so good!!Super excited!

  • Cognissonance
    Cognissonance 3 months ago

    too many spics and niggers

  • Zack Mae-Deek
    Zack Mae-Deek 3 months ago +1

    Birdman vs Spiderman

  • jabu-lani Boynes
    jabu-lani Boynes 3 months ago

    THE DEATH STAR!!!!!!!! what a waste, I bet the guy who made was like "damn I hate this Job" throws coffee away..........

    • AshouldntbutIdid
      AshouldntbutIdid 3 months ago

      I don't know if I'm correct but I think I remember hearing in an interview that Jacob and Tom (Ned and Peter) actually built the death star.

  • miraz sajad
    miraz sajad 3 months ago

    who is the girl at 3:17??????

  • Raphael Salvadore
    Raphael Salvadore 3 months ago

    i am a fan of the "old spiderman" (toby).... watching this i am not even mad

  • Paula Szczepanski
    Paula Szczepanski 3 months ago

    LOL I love the Asian kid

  • Saida Aweis
    Saida Aweis 3 months ago

    "Your the spider man from youtube" if their was every a time to get moist this would be it

  • Torab Abdullah
    Torab Abdullah 3 months ago

    Spider-Man movies have always done justice and been fun to watch. Hulk(2003) and the incredible hulk(2008) also were a great joy to watch. even the Iron Man movies were great.

    but since The Avengers IDK what happened .....Movies are sh**tier now a days. They(the writers and the Directors) have made Superman, Hulk look like a joke. The stories are SH*T, the fight scenes are SH*T, plots are SH*T. man of steel was SH*T, Batman v Superman was SH*T.

    And looking at the new Flash in the new justice league movie trailer, i can already tell that movie is going to be a BIG PILE OF SH*T. the Flash suit in JL movie looks like BULLSH*T. Seriously who came up with that suit and how did that make it to the movie!!!!!! It's beyond me. the suit makes Azra Miller look like a skinny h**ker.

    I would rather pay again and watch again the incredible Hulk (2008) movie.. They knew how to make a SUPERHERO movie. They knew how to properly use CGI.
    but if you give state of the arch technology to some idiots SH*T is gonna come out as a product. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.


  • GamingPerson BOOM
    GamingPerson BOOM 3 months ago +1

    I am a true spiderman fan,and Spiderman Homecoming comes out on my birthday:)

  • LordAaronus
    LordAaronus 3 months ago +1

    "you're the Spider-Man" no he's Rihanna

  • Tree Bear
    Tree Bear 3 months ago

    Yeah that closing the window with the foot was great.

  • Agamdeep Singh
    Agamdeep Singh 3 months ago

    When Tony Stark is in your movie, it's not your movie anymore!

  • FeelsGood Man
    FeelsGood Man 3 months ago

    This will be better than the first spider man to ever exist, Tobbey Maguire. Like!~ if you agree! Shakin your dam head if you don't xD

  • palash parpani
    palash parpani 3 months ago

    Is this the prequel to birdman ???

  • Blacksplayer
    Blacksplayer 3 months ago

    Did we just get the WHOLE movie?

  • malcom gordon
    malcom gordon 3 months ago

    welp... thats the whole movie

  • JarJarStinks
    JarJarStinks 3 months ago

    When you read stupid ass spider sense comments... These idiots really don't know shit about Spider-Man smh

    FROSTBITE 3 months ago

    Your not gonna get a better Spider-Man than this guy

  • morpheos111
    morpheos111 3 months ago +1

    The cgi looks so fake.

  • Stefen Eflop
    Stefen Eflop 3 months ago

    Lip Sync guy

  • أبو هبل الأصمعي

    Spider-man from 2002 is better

  • Abid Noushad
    Abid Noushad 3 months ago

    have you noticed that the clip of ned dropping the lego deathstar is differnt in thr trailer and the clip...

  • 00 00
    00 00 3 months ago

    primitive spongebob in 0:31

  • Chaya Sangma
    Chaya Sangma 3 months ago

    i can't wait anymore😂😂😂

  • Cameron Mataka
    Cameron Mataka 3 months ago

    Face it Tiger......they're will be a post,credit scene.

  • Shiva rides Cthulhu
    Shiva rides Cthulhu 3 months ago

    actually looks a lot better than i thought it would.

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 3 months ago +2

    Spiderman is always be the best superhero ever period.

    • Sub Zero
      Sub Zero 3 months ago

      I can't fucking wait!

  • Liam Rowe
    Liam Rowe 3 months ago +1

    ok so this is a fan made trailer right because the CGI looks awful.

  • MitsurugiYuuhi
    MitsurugiYuuhi 3 months ago

    what i have a question. What happen if someone punch him in the chest??

  • mpeterfin
    mpeterfin 3 months ago

    Would if all the trailers are just full of teaser for the second Spiderman movie and this one is just him going to his high school homecoming.

  • Snoopy 101
    Snoopy 101 3 months ago

    It's weird to see Batman playing a villain now!

  • Kaloo
    Kaloo 3 months ago

    Finally, the Birdman film we actually wanted to see

  • Arturo Benavides
    Arturo Benavides 3 months ago

    every tie I see that kid drop the lego death star I die a little bit inside

  • Alexandre Isabel
    Alexandre Isabel 3 months ago +1

    Sad. I'm afraid this will be the worst spiderman movie ever...

    • Luong Dung
      Luong Dung Month ago

      Sad. You are wrong. It's already been considered by many as the best spiderman movie ever...

  • سبايدرمان بطل المجمدة إلسا

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  • contenau22
    contenau22 3 months ago +3

    Glad to see Michael Keaton got to play Birdman again.

  • Mom's Spaghetti
    Mom's Spaghetti 3 months ago +1

    WARNING: I'm not hating it because I like DC!

    This looks like shit imo. It's like every other MCU movie. it has a bad villain, jokes, it has the typical Marvel-look and i'ts too colorful.
    The story: Peter is a normal man with a cliché best friend which finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. A bad villain wants revenge and that's why he wants to destroy lifes and cities. Peter falls and then he rises. You won't feel for Peter because he is a standard stundent and you know that nothing will happen to him. He wins and everybody is happy.

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 3 months ago

      Batman go away Batman nobody loves Batman any more Spiderman would kick his ass

    • Loan House Production
      Loan House Production 3 months ago

      It's because Marvel's audience targeting

  • Xavier Productions
    Xavier Productions 3 months ago

    Why must the best of videos get the worst of comment sections?

  • Wheeler67
    Wheeler67 3 months ago +1


  • S K
    S K 3 months ago

    Michael Keaton 😍

  • Alejandro Guerrero Gonzalez

    Please be good
    Please be average
    Please be bad and bougee

  • Ad N
    Ad N 3 months ago +1

    "Are you in avengers?" "Well, for 2 movies, then im slave for sony again"

  • Kiki
    Kiki 3 months ago

    please be good
    please be good
    please be good

  • Sanjay Singh
    Sanjay Singh 3 months ago

    You don't mess with batman!

    • Akash A
      Akash A 3 months ago

      Sanjay Singh ,

  • NostalgiNorden
    NostalgiNorden 3 months ago

    After watching this i really miss Andrew Garfield.

  • Lawrence Tider
    Lawrence Tider 3 months ago


  • Yosh_eMoto
    Yosh_eMoto 3 months ago +8

    When Peter says "I want to be like you" then tony says "I want you to be better". Give me goosebumps everytime. 😱

  • quintin jones
    quintin jones 3 months ago

    Oh look the movie came out early

  • Quadrant
    Quadrant 3 months ago

    Haha loved this little trailer

  • TheSpaceJockey91
    TheSpaceJockey91 3 months ago

    Who's the ugly paranoid chick? Oh, wait, it's one of Disney's spoiled brats.

  • E viking1117
    E viking1117 3 months ago

    Idk y people r hating on this Spider-Man is supposed to be funny and serious imo this is gonna be an awesome Spider-Man movie SONY DONT FUCK THIS UP

  • AleLakd
    AleLakd 3 months ago

    Mary Jane black , really?

  • Jayem
    Jayem 3 months ago

    He sucks at hiding his secret dentity

  • inthezoneeeechief
    inthezoneeeechief 3 months ago

    So sick of these spider man movies always changing the Main actor, shove these movies up your ass Hollywood your wash up crack whore.

  • Lennin Altunay
    Lennin Altunay 3 months ago

    marvel, fucked him up

  • clique bait
    clique bait 3 months ago

    where's DONALD GLOVER i thought he was supposed to be in this

  • Роман -_-
    Роман -_- 3 months ago

    Я человек простой. BadCo говорит зайти посмотреть - я захожу и смотрю

  • Pascale Niyo
    Pascale Niyo 3 months ago


  • Sourcepowa
    Sourcepowa 3 months ago +1

    Gay !!

  • Epic Movie Compilations
    Epic Movie Compilations 3 months ago +11

    0:36 He sounds like Marty McFly! Love it!

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez 3 months ago

    Same old crap. Too Cliche and I'm tired of Ironman and Highschool Parker. I want to love Spiderman but I don't like the actor. I think I have MCU fatigue. Too predictable and kid safe. Nobody ever dies and it just feels the same. Thor 3 looks awesome and has excitement. No on new Spiderman . Skipping it.

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 3 months ago

      Richard Perez cliche. clique is a group. and marvel makes the movies right it's the other companies who fuck em up, btw and I'm tired of everyone being lazy and using acronyms all jaded like they are so in the know but I'm all like gtfo of here while you lol at your geniusness while I PhD in some books learning actual shit that makes actual sense...

    • Ded Lee
      Ded Lee 3 months ago

      lol chill m8

  • Carl Harrison
    Carl Harrison 3 months ago

    They just might have got it right this time...

  • 豪宅玩具
    豪宅玩具 3 months ago


  • Nidham
    Nidham 3 months ago

    why with newer spider movies tge give him more devices than his actual super power ?

    • Nidham
      Nidham 3 months ago

      +Eddie Adams is this why the named it homecoming ?

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 3 months ago

      Nidham so technically the newer movie uses older storylines, and I can't wait to see the cartoon Spidey for real hit the screen, looks good

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 3 months ago

      Nidham the original cartoon he was over intelligent to a flaw and developed his webbing, cartridges and wrist mounted shooters to spin webs, had a utility belt like Batman for spares and sometimes used them as (sticky) bombs for various purposes. long fights left his supplies empty and he had to get creative, conserve and come up with interesting ways to win the fights

    • Habibi Bloxberg
      Habibi Bloxberg 3 months ago

      the suit gives him more abilitys beacause its from tony fucking stark

  • PsychoBoyJack
    PsychoBoyJack 3 months ago

    Finally, you quit adding scenes from other movies at the end. much better now. Thanks for actually listening to your audience

  • wratched
    wratched 3 months ago

    Well, your left hand's free...And your right's in a grip...With another left hand...Watch his right hand slip...

  • theking
    theking 3 months ago

    looks okay,nothing more.

  • TheZzZzZzZzZzA
    TheZzZzZzZzZzA 3 months ago +6

    Why do you always have to attach an old trailer to every new spot / clip?

    • bobiyeye
      bobiyeye 3 months ago

      TheZzZzZzZzZzA to fool everyone for more views

  • ComicLounge
    ComicLounge 3 months ago

    Can't wait for the movie! My spidey-senses are tingling.

  • nemesis3587
    nemesis3587 3 months ago

    Oh, he took the suit. Dick move Stark!

  • barry 234
    barry 234 3 months ago

    already watched the whole movie

  • Dam Bisares
    Dam Bisares 3 months ago

    this is miles morales, not peter parker

  • Equos
    Equos 3 months ago

    I like this Asian dude :)

  • SeriousYelder
    SeriousYelder 3 months ago +1

    I still have no desire to see this film. Over-exposure dude. Spiderman needs to go away for like a decade.

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 3 months ago

      SeriousYelder what's a wjat

    • SeriousYelder
      SeriousYelder 3 months ago

      Nothing's been shown here? No idea wjat you're saying.

    • Daneion Blake
      Daneion Blake 3 months ago

      SeriousYelder Then don't see it u not buying a ticket won't effect marvel in the slightest nothing's been shown here

  • Jesús Luna
    Jesús Luna 3 months ago

    Spiderman vs birdman

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