Entertainment Videos for Cats - Birds Chirping on The Garden Log : 8 HOURS

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  • prénom Nom
    prénom Nom 12 days ago

    I don't think I'm a cat but I really enjoy all your videos, also the ones about Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, thank you for helping me to dream, Paul

  • Sue Hepler
    Sue Hepler 20 days ago

    To Paul dinning. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful videos. My husband and I (and our cat) spend long sessions watching your birds. We would love to learn more about YOU and how/where you record.

  • Kailey V
    Kailey V 25 days ago

    kept my cats away when I was painting. they loved it

  • rizwan agha
    rizwan agha 26 days ago


  • Conquers
    Conquers 1 month ago +1

    My birds also enjoyed this video

    • Paul Dinning
      Paul Dinning 1 month ago

      Cool!! Thank you very much to you both for watching :-)

  • selena bryant
    selena bryant 1 month ago

    My cats loves this

  • dogegaming
    dogegaming 2 months ago

    My cat bit my iPad while watching.. RIP IPAD still got some good reactions out of him.

  • Plum Moon Bliss
    Plum Moon Bliss 2 months ago

    Thank you you made for one very content cat! :)

  • Banjara Saab Entertainer

    nice share nd suscribe me

  • Michele Beers
    Michele Beers 3 months ago

    hi Mike I couldn't go to ccba Kristan had to do some banking I have been walking by my self we got to take a short one yup I love to walk side by side your my teddy bear hugs Mike and I'm Mike's love the wind blows just right feel great like a special kiss from your hurkulize Mike love it you take his place but you better for Mimi and Mike better for Mimi yes ok love I meet with Ben tomorrow atb9am I meet your mom today ok yes cuddle here for us wish I could be in your arms now and around didn't get much last night without my baby Mike to kiss and cuddle sleep tonight?got some more coffee ok?regular our time together I'm going to just shut my eyes a little when you get here press apt 406you say bonjure Mike and Mimi recharge our energy rock me to sleep like your baby Mimi Mike want Mimi want too

  • Christina the boss
    Christina the boss 3 months ago

    I wish we could put pictures of are cats on here

  • Charlize Brignol
    Charlize Brignol 4 months ago

    my cats has ADHD

    • JustACat
      JustACat 2 months ago

      Oh, well, did this help your cat at all??

  • Phil Bourque
    Phil Bourque 4 months ago

    Wonderful variety, beutiful imaging, very relaxing. thank you for sharing. im telling my friends i enjoyed watching two hours then had an excellent nap.

  • m romeyn
    m romeyn 4 months ago

    My cat, Kizzy, absolutely loves your videos! Thank you so much :)

  • Jerk Parrotbill
    Jerk Parrotbill 4 months ago

    Meow! I like your video.

  • VxNx
    VxNx 4 months ago

    the quality of the camera is insane! almost 3d like!

  • David TURBO Dickerson ROSCOE MAGUE

    Love them birds ... I do not have any pets as We, my Honey-Bunny and I, live in a small apartment. Thank you ... Mrs. Turbo in Trenton, Ga

  • Tine de Jong
    Tine de Jong 5 months ago

    Nice video! 👍😊I leave my 'like' for this video :) 👍

  • E3Racer1
    E3Racer1 5 months ago

    Our cats are loving this on a 60" inch screen. Thanks.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 5 months ago

    does that makes us all cats? meow meow meow!

  • Abbi Orpilla
    Abbi Orpilla 5 months ago

    This video really helped me. My cat loved it soo much he'd be watching this for hours until he falls asleep. He was always making noise in the middle of the night so I had to put him in the kitchen at night because I was having difficulty sleeping. Since I found this video... i'd been playing this all night long in my bedroom with my cat next to me. Happy ending ☺☺☺

  • Terry Brooks
    Terry Brooks 5 months ago

    What would happen if I put food out like that is the Jackdaws and Pidgeons would scoff the lot in 10 minutes, end of video :)

  • Sarah Holmes
    Sarah Holmes 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for these brilliant films! Nahla Cat loves them for the wildlife, I admire the beautiful camerawork :) Here she is enjoying your work: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQkbHlkFzqrIipl2akvyBBlbPXciEscjCA0DsU0/

  • Jelly Penguin
    Jelly Penguin 5 months ago +4

    Me and my cat were just... Staring at it for an hour.

    • truthandbible
      truthandbible 2 months ago

      Hi! What type of bird seeds did you feed them? Because they look like they enjoy it. I buy the pennington bird seeds for them and they enjoy that. I would like to know what kind are those? Because I would like to see if my backyard birds would like them as well.

    • Paul Dinning
      Paul Dinning 5 months ago

      Thank you both for watching ~ Paul

  • Janette McCain
    Janette McCain 6 months ago

    Forget the cats. I love watching this!

  • WisconsinMom
    WisconsinMom 6 months ago

    For cats? I love birds and I could leave this up on my computer all day!

  • Carlys
    Carlys 6 months ago

    Hey what are those at 5:33:53 ?

  • Carlys
    Carlys 6 months ago

    wow youre so lucky! All I got in my garden are crows, sparrows and herring gulls

  • clara sparks
    clara sparks 6 months ago

    love it

  • Eric Burris
    Eric Burris 6 months ago

    my cats are too busy trying to find the birds in the speakers. I'm afraid they'll knock everything down trying to climb up to the speakers. and also worried they scratch the screen.

  • Mark Steadman
    Mark Steadman 6 months ago

    This is fantastic, and has been keeping Roscoe, my five month old kitten amused while I work.

  • Yody the Cat
    Yody the Cat 7 months ago

    I love it!

  • Megan Davis
    Megan Davis 7 months ago

    My cat donnie tried crawling into my laptop screen. So he approves haha. He says 10/10 ^-^

  • Tacy Gregory
    Tacy Gregory 8 months ago

    My cats really enjoyed this..I plan to play it again tomorrow.

    DRICATHE FABIEN 8 months ago

    les oiseaux c'est la nature et le bonheur! mon president hollande lui siffle des bouteilles et vomis sur le peuple chit !!

  • jmccuen
    jmccuen 9 months ago +2

    I find it really interesting how these birds will, for the most part, wait their turn to eat. You don't see any of them fighting

  • rkomonkey
    rkomonkey 9 months ago +27

    It's my cats final days he's 14 and I'll vets said he would die and this was amazing for him he watched for 2 hours and really enjoyed it I will play it tonight let him relax and be entertained in his final moments

    • jay bee
      jay bee 3 months ago

      im so sorry for your loss.. it breaks my heart when my cat or someone else's cat dies

    • E3Racer1
      E3Racer1 5 months ago

      I'm reading this 4 months later, and it just broke my heart. So sorry for your loss...

    • Abe Kampman
      Abe Kampman 5 months ago


    • blondago56
      blondago56 7 months ago


    • Abe Kampman
      Abe Kampman 7 months ago

      aww. sorry

  • Pete Wells
    Pete Wells 9 months ago +4

    When MJ saw the magpie he batted the iPad

  • Edie Freedman
    Edie Freedman 10 months ago +3


  • akapunishment
    akapunishment 10 months ago +4

    I often have trouble sleeping.
    Thank you for this video. It's great in the background when I'm having trouble.

  • Mandy Clarke
    Mandy Clarke 10 months ago +14

    3 of 4 of my cats love your videos. One wants to know where her Fancy Feast is. Lol.

    • Mary Lamont
      Mary Lamont 15 days ago

      Mandy Clarke D.C.DsS a zè

    • Shannon Davis
      Shannon Davis 9 months ago

      Mandy Clarke even phtfmtttghhjk. CFL dccdrrdcfcfddv cvr dead sqwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaqq. My cat wrote that... Really likes this video. Don't know who Mandy Clarke is though.

    • Paul Dinning
      Paul Dinning 10 months ago

      Thank you for watching Mandy...and thank you to your cat too :-)

  • BooterSpruce
    BooterSpruce 11 months ago +7

    I so enjoy having this as a background sound and visual for myself, as well as my cats. It brings the outdoors inside for me which I greatly appreciate. Thank-you Mr Dinning!

  • beanybobs
    beanybobs 11 months ago +6

    My cat nearly killed my laptop watching this!!!

  • Лыма Гра
    Лыма Гра 11 months ago +1

    Это они рисовую кашу так кушают?

  • A Bird
    A Bird 11 months ago +2


  • Nathalie B
    Nathalie B 11 months ago +2

    Une vraie merveille votre vidéo ! Merci.

  • laela1
    laela1 11 months ago +4

    I am putting this on the tv for the cats when I am at work. !!!! Thanks!!

    • laela1
      laela1 10 months ago

      +Philip Croft
      HAHA keeps 'em busy.....and out of trouble

    • Philip Croft
      Philip Croft 10 months ago

      Cruel--I can see their chops chattering all day.

  • Tom Bell Nature
    Tom Bell Nature 11 months ago

    Amazing video Paul
    This was a joy to watch

    SUPERGENKI JAPAN 11 months ago +5

    Great video Paul, excellent work. :-)
    Thumbs up and a great day to you.....

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