I GOT A SKULL IN THE MAIL | Simplymailogical #5

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  • It's mail opening time friends!! Get your tea ready, and don't spill it, drink it (:

    HOLO THERE! Welcome to my second channel! Feel free to leave me some suggestions on what other shit I should upload on here!
    Menchie's fave holos: bit.ly/MenchiesFaves8

    P.O. Box to simply send mail to:

    Cristine / Simply Nailogical
    P.O. Box 64092 Holland Cross RO
    Ottawa, ON
    K1Y 4V1

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  • GambierGamingYT
    GambierGamingYT 2 hours ago

    My mom cut my nails in my sleep becuase she said they were to long and I am 10 so they toke like 1 year to grow :(

  • Yumi Nakamura
    Yumi Nakamura 4 hours ago

    I literally as soon as I saw the fan art of Canada I screamed ITS CANADA!!!! (It's like 12:30am where I am!!!)

  • Cherry Lovely
    Cherry Lovely 8 hours ago

    Your degree is in crime stats? damn had no clue

  • Cherry Lovely
    Cherry Lovely 8 hours ago

    Its unfortunate because living in the US means dealing with Trump haha

  • Jenna x Julia Vlogs
    Jenna x Julia Vlogs 12 hours ago +1


    I was going to San Fran and I'm on a freeway and there was a wall next to our car and I saw the words PEEL PORN.

  • Jacie Wright
    Jacie Wright 14 hours ago

    I'm from Texas ya'llllllllllllllll

  • Shylin Simmons
    Shylin Simmons 14 hours ago

    11:56 there's holo in her hair

  • SamuraiPocky
    SamuraiPocky 21 hour ago

    As a being from texas I can confirm that there isn't much of anything to do in texas save for watch your videos.

  • StarGlam MSP
    StarGlam MSP 22 hours ago

    I meant Holo* stupid auto correct

  • StarGlam MSP
    StarGlam MSP 22 hours ago

    Are new term for the Holy Bible is Bolo Bible :3

  • Annika Fredborg
    Annika Fredborg Day ago

    Threadbanger got the same mardi Gras purse

  • Amy Ruiz
    Amy Ruiz Day ago

    An ad came out when I was gonna watch this video it said do u approve Trump being President

  • Lunacoco000
    Lunacoco000 Day ago

    14:44 my name is Nina!

  • Amelia Morrison
    Amelia Morrison Day ago

    3:31 That's Canada from the anime Hetalia.. BEST ANIME EVER!!

  • Ariah Smith
    Ariah Smith Day ago

    Cristine gave me life speaking french

  • Natasha Simm
    Natasha Simm Day ago

    They sell HπŸ’ΏLπŸ’Ώ Stan smiths (adidas shoes) here in the U.K.!! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  • Living like Larry

    No, we don't have anything other to do in Texas than watch your videos πŸ˜‚

  • Isabelle Giddens

    Oh my god I live in Texas and you are my favorite YouTube or like every seriously I watch you every shift I want to send you Fanmail but I'm too busy so yeah

  • Austin Middleton

    At 0:09 says, I'm dead on the inside

  • Elvira Hrycaj
    Elvira Hrycaj Day ago

    mix all of your holo glitter

  • Wissal 33
    Wissal 33 Day ago

    I waited for a kiss at 9:25

  • Abbie Pearce
    Abbie Pearce Day ago

    I love her British accent

  • Femke Berghuis
    Femke Berghuis 2 days ago

    Give the holo underwear to Ben and film his reaction

  • Gymnast Pitbull543
    Gymnast Pitbull543 2 days ago +1


  • Vaneza Garcia
    Vaneza Garcia 2 days ago


  • Elsa Holland
    Elsa Holland 2 days ago

    HπŸ’ΏLπŸ’Ώ you know what rhymes with Christine whip cream .+*

  • Tazzie1312
    Tazzie1312 2 days ago

    Oh god the Holo Santa XD

  • Emilie Quesnel
    Emilie Quesnel 2 days ago

    Lol my english in laws also always say "bin la la" when they try speaking french πŸ˜‚
    Btw, you are so funny, great seeing canadian bitches πŸ€—

  • Animevibez emo-san
    Animevibez emo-san 2 days ago

    there is a small Holo shield on the $100 bill where I live

  • Edd the snake
    Edd the snake 2 days ago

    um.....exuse me have u seen my son his name is samuel

  • Rey Fire
    Rey Fire 2 days ago

    KENTUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUDGE YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuzzy cat
    fuzzy cat 2 days ago

    you need to get though everything because i sent something like one year ago and it hasn't been opened yet. Plus Iive In the northern part of Minnasota witch is very close to the border of Canda.

    SLIMECERATOPS 2 days ago

    I'm surprised Cristine doesn't have at least 8M subs like her videos are amazing, she's in my top 3 fave youtubers

  • Francesca Salt
    Francesca Salt 3 days ago

    Cristine I got a kitten and I called it cristine because I love your videos and I am a true holosexual ❀️

  • Loo Dee
    Loo Dee 3 days ago

    Does anyone know the size of her shoes? I wanted to send a gift maybe

  • Maryah Taylor
    Maryah Taylor 3 days ago

    when are you going to visit Ottawa please let me know when you get here...

  • Andrea Vazquez
    Andrea Vazquez 3 days ago

    i screamed when u said hugh moungus what?? lmao you sound exactly likeher im dead and i also watch h3h3, VN

  • kyla jingga
    kyla jingga 3 days ago


  • Simplybrilliant Stuff

    You know how you got that notebook that says simplybrilliantstuff well that is my youtube name my vids are bad

  • Rowan Tree
    Rowan Tree 3 days ago +1

    Yeeees she actually knows what anime is point for team Otaku!!!!!!!

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 3 days ago

    The closest thing to Cristine knowing of my existance is her saying my name

  • Saralee Emile
    Saralee Emile 3 days ago

    How do you send fan mail

  • i Dqvil
    i Dqvil 3 days ago

    Omg she actually used the holo hair

  • x.emo. pear.x
    x.emo. pear.x 3 days ago

    You should have a channel called "simply fail logically" with bloopers and stuff

  • Jessica Shina
    Jessica Shina 4 days ago

    Ha! Ive got you all beat. I'm 32 and a huge fan! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

  • Marta MihokoviΔ‡
    Marta MihokoviΔ‡ 4 days ago +1

    When you see Dorina chocolate you know it's someone from CROATIA!

  • Dari Tube
    Dari Tube 4 days ago

    The letter that she got from Romania that one with the santa !! Yeah I'm romanian and my name is Dariana but not Daria in fact I'm in Romania right now !!

  • jlh475231
    jlh475231 4 days ago

    When she said You guys do nothing in Texas well I live in Texas so yea ist wird it was sunny and hot I was swatting and know it just raind WHAT how does that happen

    P.s. I'm 10 going on 11........2 months or less

  • lizzy loo
    lizzy loo 4 days ago

    im from texas and yes we have alot to do but sometimes you run out of logan paul and shane dawson vidoes to watch so we watch yours. haha!

  • SuperStarGamer Sara
    SuperStarGamer Sara 4 days ago

    I'm from Texas and ,yes you r right we have nothing to do here!!! we just sit here watching youtube.

  • ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara

    Is this the real Christine or this not real

    • ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara
      ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara 4 days ago

      Potato JR. so Are you fucking stupid?

    • ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara
      ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara 4 days ago

      Potato JR. Also check out many sub scribes you have and then how many subscribers I have maybe start talking when you catch up to me πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ–•

    • ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara
      ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara 4 days ago

      Potato JR. Btw why u so angry jeez ✌️

    • ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara
      ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara 4 days ago

      Potato JR. TRIGGERED πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ

    • Potato JR.
      Potato JR. 4 days ago

      ThePuppetGirl2005 Sara are you fucking stupid? This is her second channel

  • monica solis
    monica solis 4 days ago

    It depends where in Texas you live hahah

  • Lucky Liars
    Lucky Liars 4 days ago

    My school won't let us wear nail polish so I have to hide my hands all day πŸ˜‚

  • Liliana Estrada
    Liliana Estrada 4 days ago

    yes all of us from texas gather around and watch your videos.

  • Katie0519
    Katie0519 4 days ago

    The girl Named Abby who gave her the Mardi Gras purse gave Corinne and Rob from Threadbanger the same thing lol

  • Jasmine art
    Jasmine art 4 days ago

    Ben don't know that some nails don't grow (like mine......)

  • Ruso Modebadze
    Ruso Modebadze 4 days ago

    You watch h3h3 I love you even more now

  • United Unicorns!
    United Unicorns! 5 days ago

    you're the best youtuber ever

  • James Showers
    James Showers 5 days ago

    Ben's so funny cause he always looks like what the f am I doing here lol.
    I have no idea how I found this channel but you're funny so I have been watching your videos.
    It's a bit weird once I realize your base is teen girls, what the f is a 36 yo man doing here? I'm here for the laughs. Not a hola sexual but fully support the lifestyle lol

  • Molly Ray
    Molly Ray 5 days ago

    Other than shooting our guns and eating tex-mex and talking about how big Texas is and eating bbq and going to rodeos and any other stereotype lol no we don't have much to do lol everything is too far!!

  • Glitter Lovers
    Glitter Lovers 5 days ago

    I love ur mail πŸ’Œ videos πŸŽ€πŸ’–

  • Lily Bland
    Lily Bland 5 days ago

    you are sooooooo right there is nothing to do in texas when you have already done it once or twice

    • Lily Bland
      Lily Bland 20 hours ago


    • Lily Bland
      Lily Bland 5 days ago

      it was like 105 degrees today

    • Panda Cat Gaming
      Panda Cat Gaming 5 days ago

      Lily Bland yep Texas is so boring that's why it is also so flipping hot in Texas we have nothing to do that's why we sacrifice our skin to send fan mail we set on fire and burn to death just to send fan mail

  • Trashy Bonbon poisson


  • Elegxnt
    Elegxnt 5 days ago

    I put on captions and when Cristine said Menchies the caption said Men cheese XD

  • Madison67 Morgan
    Madison67 Morgan 5 days ago

    Even though I have 2 dogs I want a cat and name him zyler because Menchie gets ALL! The fame 😒😒

  • Sylva daiyoub
    Sylva daiyoub 5 days ago

    i want jen

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 6 days ago

    There is a Holo backpack at the store i work at!

  • Katia Seabrook
    Katia Seabrook 6 days ago

    I am obsesed with shopkins but there are limetied edition holo shopkins and I don't have any of them

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose 6 days ago


  • Blanca Zamarripa
    Blanca Zamarripa 6 days ago

    Ahh shit I live in Texas I need to live in Mexico now

  • Christina Cruz
    Christina Cruz 6 days ago

    In Texas we have nothin to do than watch your videos sorry πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  • Lily Price
    Lily Price 6 days ago


  • SimplyThatsUs
    SimplyThatsUs 6 days ago +1

    It's my 11 birthday can I get 11 likes!?!?

  • Emily Ryan
    Emily Ryan 6 days ago +1

    Don't know if u noticed that she said... that warms my hollow ❀️

  • Natasha Stankovic
    Natasha Stankovic 6 days ago


  • Briley Favre
    Briley Favre 7 days ago

    It's hot in Taxes

  • Sury Gutierrez
    Sury Gutierrez 7 days ago

    I live in Texas too

  • the angry potato
    the angry potato 7 days ago

    at 3:34 I wanted to die

  • ciara forbes
    ciara forbes 7 days ago

    I want my back to school supplies to be Holo so I'm going to look for some most likely not going to find any my country is not a Holo sexual 😭😭😭😭

  • Paula doglover
    Paula doglover 7 days ago

    I live in croatia and that holo chocolate is made in croatia and it is best

  • Bonnie Friesen
    Bonnie Friesen 7 days ago

    Where in Canada are u

  • Keisha Sutherland
    Keisha Sutherland 7 days ago

    I sneezed at the exact same time Ben did πŸ˜‚ and you said "bless you"

  • Pam Maddox
    Pam Maddox 7 days ago

    i love bens facecial expressas

  • Ryan Jade
    Ryan Jade 7 days ago

    She blinded me with science, weee

  • Gamer Gurl437
    Gamer Gurl437 7 days ago

    I hate tea. But ill gladly drink my hot coca with you β˜•

  • Lactose Potato
    Lactose Potato 7 days ago +1


  • nanao-hime
    nanao-hime 7 days ago

    HAHAHAH Cristine!!!! "BEN LA LA" made me CRACK UP SO LOUD!!!!!!!

  • M'Lady Chat
    M'Lady Chat 8 days ago

    I knew you after polish mountain but it wasn't because of polish mountain

  • panda lover life
    panda lover life 8 days ago

    Can you do this again

  • Jaz James
    Jaz James 8 days ago

    I feel offened because I am Australian

  • mixie bunny
    mixie bunny 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed thread banger got a purse just like her ?

  • jawa ahmed
    jawa ahmed 9 days ago

    6:13 WHATS ORBIT !!!! where i live we have a type of gum called extra instead of ORBIT

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 9 days ago

    I am 9 years old

  • Faizah Khan
    Faizah Khan 9 days ago

    lol i do not have anything to do in the state i live so i watch you videos

  • Maxime SΓ©vigny
    Maxime SΓ©vigny 9 days ago

    When she talk French I am like: Fail for people don't talk French!

  • Mary Pena
    Mary Pena 9 days ago

    I live in Texas it is fun

  • Victor Machado
    Victor Machado 9 days ago

    Ben look so handsome in this video

  • suzanne launer
    suzanne launer 9 days ago

    Video crack....πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†!!! Love it!

  • ellie X equine
    ellie X equine 9 days ago

    Does anyone know good stores to get holo polish? I know Hot Topic has holo flake polish but I'm talking like holo taco. Or also holo powder

  • Its me people
    Its me people 9 days ago

    HuMuNgUs WoT?!?!?!?!

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