World In 1,000 Years From Now

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  • Ridddle
    Ridddle 2 months ago +4901

    Do you like this video? Do you want more?

    • Icicleman04
      Icicleman04 6 hours ago

      I recently discovered this channel and it is practically an internet version of me. Thank you!

    • SmokeyTube
      SmokeyTube 12 hours ago

      Ridddle no i didnt. I especially didnt like the clickbait title.

    • David Dmitrovsky
      David Dmitrovsky 4 days ago


  • clash royale boss 2017

    Hi guys l'm from the future

  • Adrian Vlogs
    Adrian Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Dead will be plentiful.

  • RuralBreakfast
    RuralBreakfast 5 hours ago

    Won't humans be extinct by then?

  • camera man
    camera man 15 hours ago

    Why do you sound so inspiring

  • NicoDaGamer
    NicoDaGamer 15 hours ago

    In 1,000 years we'll be running from zombies

  • Fabian Romero
    Fabian Romero 1 day ago

    I ain't scared of dying who else?

  • PlumpRook 62
    PlumpRook 62 1 day ago


  • Duckgon
    Duckgon 1 day ago

    Or me might be dead in 4 years because of trump.

  • Marisa Neves
    Marisa Neves 1 day ago

    That outro is lit!!!

  • Jacob Hatley
    Jacob Hatley 1 day ago

    My great grandmother past away today she lived till shewas 89. And unfortunately she died awake after she threw up blood

  • oS treboR
    oS treboR 1 day ago

    The future of the people in this world (10 generations away) depends on the latter generations, how they are raised, what atmosphere, how they are educated, how they are associating with another how hard they’ll work for it and how far to the extent of these. There is an organization raising future leaders in America I saw on commercial. The future does not automatically become futuristic. It’s amongst who of the latter generations are willing to work hard to advance the lifestyles of humanity.

    The life style is structured as I see it based on my opinion, the pyramid: the leaders (rich and knowledgeable), the lucky (actors, lottery winners, etc), the workers (laborers), the beggars (refusing to work) and inherited richly spoiled who are equal to beggars as lacking education and what not while refusing to work at all and refusing to benefit the societal nations but only to enjoy at life as see fit from inherited resources ultimately ending at their own demise.

    Main question: Who will create this future based on this video? (Set aside war and destruction of nation(s))

  • Jungkook's future wife

    In 1000 years ill be dead

  • Haydene Luces
    Haydene Luces 1 day ago

    Good thing we'll all be dead by this time.

  • anonymkille anonymsson


  • Axyl Hartley
    Axyl Hartley 1 day ago

    what would happen to the worl in 1,000 years
    there would be world war 3
    and also the yellowstone volcano might erupt at any second

  • Dominik Domański
    Dominik Domański 1 day ago

    Wow. At The beginning. A lot of video's of Palace od science in Warsaw-Poland. That clock tower

  • KJmusic97
    KJmusic97 1 day ago

    Extending life expectancy is a terrible idea. Work would become virtually inaccesible to the younger generations since 90 year olds would still be physically and mentally fit for a job. Society would simply collapse.

  • RichGamer21746
    RichGamer21746 2 days ago

    99% Talking about 2017 vs 3017
    1% Talking about this comment

  • Jose Guytan
    Jose Guytan 2 days ago

    Why do people think that when the century is over it's gonna be 3000 it's gonna be 2100 because when it's 2099 it's gonna change to 2100.

  • Jahdiel Freeland
    Jahdiel Freeland 2 days ago +1

    If they have pictures then don't we already know.🤔🤔

  • Brian 38
    Brian 38 2 days ago

    At 9999 years.
    We will experence flying cars, hoverboards, future sunglasses, automatic farms, money etc, and much more.

  • Mike Mercado
    Mike Mercado 3 days ago

    my suggests is we must have a state of art Time Machine to travel 1,000 years then what will happen to us then;-(

  • becool gaming
    becool gaming 3 days ago +1

    hey. guys in 3017 hello from 2017 plz come back from time machine and take me to future

  • Gautham Suthakar
    Gautham Suthakar 3 days ago

    Do you think youtube will last for another 1000 years? Haha maybe no lmao

  • Gautham Suthakar
    Gautham Suthakar 3 days ago

    Damn this video made me to think twice of my existence. Made me to believe in god

  • Harley Galindes
    Harley Galindes 3 days ago


  • Darrius Johnson
    Darrius Johnson 3 days ago

    Greetings stupid humans😀 , I'm watching from 3017

  • Zac Efron
    Zac Efron 3 days ago

    Is it robot reading the text?

  • Disha Gupta
    Disha Gupta 3 days ago +1

    Things we will see in 3017 -
    1. Nail polish that can never be removed from your nails and whatever color you will say it will itself change into that color.
    2. Justin Bieber with tattoos on his feet.
    3. Superwoman and Pewdepie will start making Reaction Videos.
    4. A flying Fidgid Spinner.
    5. Jimmy Fallon will become a rapper.
    6. Despacito will become world's national anthem.
    7. Gangam Style will have 98364865.68 Billion Views.
    8. Ellen DeGeneres will become a Dancer.
    9. Water will not need a container/vessel to store them.
    10. You will have 23 fingers on each hand and you will have 14 arms.
    11. And last one is, People will still remain shameless as in 2017 and will ask for likes on their comments for no reason....

    Now were are my likes...
    Well if anyone from 3017 is watching this, I just wanted to say Hi to you and just ignore the upper statements....

  • Isaac Wale
    Isaac Wale 3 days ago +1

    What will future humans think of this?

  • Titanium Dragon
    Titanium Dragon 3 days ago

    Average life expectancy is misleading, as a lot of it had to do with childhood mortality. While older people are living longer, the absolute maximum human lifespan has actually been pretty consistent - we've had people living a bit past 110 years old has been the case for ages, but extending it beyond that seems very difficult.

  • exionem
    exionem 3 days ago

    What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets...

  • Ayaan Afzal
    Ayaan Afzal 4 days ago +1

    Humans won't exist anymore in a 1000 years

  • that1guy
    that1guy 4 days ago

    like dis comment of you from year 2121 or above

  • Lorenzo Metolda
    Lorenzo Metolda 4 days ago

    who is watching this in 3017?

  • Damn Son
    Damn Son 4 days ago

    world will end in 2012

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart 5 days ago

    You forgot something youtuber . If humans can make it to 1000 years .

  • Mobi vos
    Mobi vos 5 days ago

    Immortality??? Thats an illusion.

    "Everyone soul will taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)"

  • NaikJoy Miao
    NaikJoy Miao 5 days ago

    I thought the future is Islam.

    IRON ANT 5 days ago

    What if aliens look just like humans and animals

  • Joanna Bogdanska
    Joanna Bogdanska 5 days ago

    I prefer the ootion us on Earth. Its un perfect distance from Sun.

  • TurtleWorld
    TurtleWorld 5 days ago +1

    Your voice is incredible

  • mathias boysen
    mathias boysen 5 days ago

    Jesus new kingdom will be on Earth just like the bible says.. Repent from your sins and trust Jesus Christ for your salvation if you want to be a part of Earths future.. he's coming soon.

  • seerathh
    seerathh 5 days ago

    Your not an ilen

  • Karolis Mackevicius
    Karolis Mackevicius 5 days ago


  • DrumRamzi
    DrumRamzi 6 days ago

    whos watching in 3017?

  • Mobile Gamer LOL
    Mobile Gamer LOL 6 days ago

    my opinoin is not people theree some another speacies will come cooler than people

  • vkorchnoifan
    vkorchnoifan 7 days ago

    Your talking about Western Civilization. There are 6 applications that WC has. Competition, science, property rights, medicine, consumerism, and the work ethic. China will take over consumerism and the work ethic. What we have left we could still improve on. With medicine we could live long without diseases. With science we could have a renewable energy like fuel cells. Property rights and competition could still improve ourselves provided capitalism and renewed property rights are still with us.

  • Gage Groff
    Gage Groff 7 days ago

    The change will be even more drastic than life was in 1017 at the rate of technology’s advancement by the year 3000 would be as if 20000 years has passed. that is if we don’t kill our selves in the process, which at the current rate is about 45%.

  • Joti Awesome
    Joti Awesome 7 days ago

    0:14 lil yatchy?

  • Definitely A Kremlin Paid Troll

    That thumbnail makes no sense. A 1093 year old in 3017 would've been born in 1924. But the 93 year old woman in 2017 looked like a regular 93 year old? I'm sorry, but how does that thumbnail make ANY sense? For a channel with 800k subscribers that's a pretty half assed logical example.

  • Theatrical Melody
    Theatrical Melody 7 days ago

    This video made me hyperventilate

    MIRACLEBORNE Music 7 days ago

    Hell no. No robot in me sir

  • I like bananas
    I like bananas 7 days ago

    When you already know this whole video is a clickbait but you still click anyway

  • Krom1hell
    Krom1hell 7 days ago

    Given the current run of events.....500 years untill the "post apocalyptic" scenario takes place..... :D...

  • vinnie kov
    vinnie kov 8 days ago

    In the future if we'd want to improve our technology and make it way more advanced we will need alien help

  • king of night 25 25
    king of night 25 25 8 days ago +1

    in 1000 years or less ill be dead 😂

  • Rosa Asriel's wife and girlfriend

    2:20 turn on the captions xD

  • Lawfy
    Lawfy 8 days ago

    1000 years from now people will see this video and find it cringey because of the technology people is using nowadays it's not cool or anything instead it's pure cringe and there is a chance they wouldn't be able to watch this video too so..

  • monkeypawn
    monkeypawn 8 days ago

    Can you imagine living till 1000 years working at the same job....OMG. NO!

  • Emine Mamuti
    Emine Mamuti 8 days ago +1

    it will be Apocalypse. We can't see this

  • kitty is gamming
    kitty is gamming 8 days ago

    hello future welcome to youtube from 2017

  • TheCubicGuy
    TheCubicGuy 8 days ago

    If we become immortal, and we reproduce more, the Earth will become more populated and cramped

  • Dean Gullberry
    Dean Gullberry 9 days ago

    I want to die eventually

  • xXUltra_ KillerXx
    xXUltra_ KillerXx 9 days ago

    The world one thousand years from now

    No More Passwords

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle 9 days ago

    1000 years from now and half life 3 still hasn't come out. 2:24

  • Limpopo Hunting Channel

    So stupid

  • Srabon Hasan
    Srabon Hasan 9 days ago

    Most probably ! But

  • John 117
    John 117 10 days ago

    In 1000 years England would no longer be a city,it would be an ocean

  • TheWorldShow
    TheWorldShow 10 days ago

    I'm starting to make videos just like these type of videos and anything very interesting, it would mean a lot if you guys took the time to go on my channel and start supporting my videos.

  • meme rufus
    meme rufus 10 days ago

    hi ppl from the future. did pornhub take over the world and youtube by any chance?

  • Sophia Swag up
    Sophia Swag up 10 days ago +1

    Nah in the future there will be more Global Warming bc of us making too much pollution

  • athena nikas
    athena nikas 11 days ago

    Car wifi should happen 👍👍

  • Rigel 197
    Rigel 197 11 days ago

    Don't don't think the human race will not make to 3017. Look at how much we polluted the planet already. Contaminated large areas with du rounds, nuclear power plants that blown up. Look at Chernobyl, parts of Iraq, Pitcher Oklahoma, parts of New Mexico, bikini inland in the pacific. Those are just a few place that we can never live in again for thousands, if not millions of years.

  • William Macnamara
    William Macnamara 11 days ago

    your voice gives me orgasms

  • Gina The Savage
    Gina The Savage 11 days ago

    If you can't predict the future then explain the Simpsons

  • apolicum
    apolicum 11 days ago

    4:10 Lille - France

  • RACHA 999
    RACHA 999 11 days ago

    really 8888milion year alredy ? i think only 5700 year mean thus is the last chance for this world

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 12 days ago

    I dibs on having a super cool robot first

  • Messi ABBASI
    Messi ABBASI 12 days ago

    we don't live forever sad but true one day universa destroy

  • Wow Tv
    Wow Tv 12 days ago

    whos watching in the 3000's, 4000's, 5000's, or 6000's

  • Zerg Rush
    Zerg Rush 12 days ago

    Hi Mom!

  • PvP_IceBear YT
    PvP_IceBear YT 12 days ago +1

    In 1000 people will be dumb because of technology.

  • simon zdolsek
    simon zdolsek 12 days ago

    immortality is not meant to be , just think how much people there wwould
    be , if noone would die and many would born

  • Mike Jansen
    Mike Jansen 12 days ago


  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 13 days ago

    Lets get immortal by typing commets here

  • Eduardo Jáquez Lorenzo

    I really doubt that humanity will be able to travel around space. The actual fuelling forms are not even remotely close to consider interplanetarian travelling, not to even mention interstellar or intergalactic transportation. It short words, that kind of trip is UNIMAGINABLE.

  • hamad alhosain
    hamad alhosain 13 days ago

    damn idk why but the ending is giving me feels 😂😂😂

  • Lucazepie L
    Lucazepie L 13 days ago +1

    Yo guys I am from 3017 if u want to see what it is in 3017 click read more...

    Flying fidget spinners

  • God
    God 13 days ago


  • Glass Heart
    Glass Heart 13 days ago

    In 3017, their will no longer be pure air

  • Ry's Channel
    Ry's Channel 13 days ago


  • pokemon master
    pokemon master 14 days ago +1

    In 1000 years, everyone will be walking around naked😋(from toddlers to 90 year old grannies) and they will be eating sh#t😒.

  • OMG A banana
    OMG A banana 14 days ago

    Bender will be found lol

  • Idc
    Idc 14 days ago

    I'm not looking forward to the future..I mean this generation is very uneducated and ungrateful I wish it was early 1900s but no slavery when rich people stayed with their people and got along and when the poor became family
    EDIT:Along with when everybody was traditional so they couldn't really judge each other

  • 「 Arno 」
    「 Arno 」 14 days ago

    I dont like the way we're going into the future, i seriously want old times back.. 1600/1700's :(

  • LagIsReal
    LagIsReal 14 days ago

    The thumbnail makes no sense unless we have the technology and ability to elongate human life to at least 1093 as of now.

  • Gerard Cainen
    Gerard Cainen 14 days ago

    Trumps president... We're not making it another 10 years:( so this topic is pointless

    FATAL Z 14 days ago

    hello 3017 u know me I'm world famous by then 😂😂😂

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