World In 1,000 Years From Now

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  • Ridddle
    Ridddle  3 months ago +5177

    Do you like this video? Do you want more?

    • Akshay Nath
      Akshay Nath 23 hours ago

      Yeah i want more videos

    • charles hamilton
      charles hamilton 2 days ago

      I want a different narrator, this one blows, its like listening to william shatner.

    • Jacob Hogan
      Jacob Hogan 3 days ago

      Ridddle yeah hello future people if they are

    • Steve Reeves
      Steve Reeves 4 days ago

      +Lyric Venom Born Since we're you are this age a young all greatest like same but we about in Future if now
      Nothing but be question I think do it you're he back any so 1000 years last to earth.

    • Lyric Venom
      Lyric Venom 5 days ago

      Ridddle I just wish we'd live a young great life. With all the great things the future had to offer us.

      But with how stubborn and ignorant we all our. We live just to suffer ourselves and the ones around us.

      Even if we have evolved and survived throughout the many things that threaten our very existence, there is still one more thing we will always have to deal with. Ourselves.

  • Avi Ven
    Avi Ven 3 hours ago

    0:07 "it is impossible to predict the future even 100 years from now" ... END OF THE VIDEO RIGHT THERE, no more to show, no more to discuss.

  • Marshall Senosin
    Marshall Senosin 6 hours ago

    2017:WOW YouTube is the BEST.
    3017:F*ck YouTube and YouTube is dead duh.

  • DJ Trevi
    DJ Trevi 9 hours ago

    Ok, I don't think Mars is better than earth! Why go to Mar's when we have Earth. The only reason to go to Mars is survival, but not to look for resources.

  • Conzpiracyzero88
    Conzpiracyzero88 9 hours ago

    Did you just make a Youtube time capsule?

  • Dragoon Z
    Dragoon Z 10 hours ago

    Mars is beyond depleted can only support a advanced efficient colony but not a full scale world like earth.

  • Dragoon Z
    Dragoon Z 10 hours ago


  • Notir072
    Notir072 13 hours ago

    No human will be alive in 3017.

    The androids we created, affter they got much smarter than us, and affter they killed us (arround the year 2080), will conquer the Univers... Poor aliens, they will all get assimilated do to our fault ...
    But i have fate ! An alien commander Shepard will save them befor it's to late !

  • extrasupermorgen
    extrasupermorgen 14 hours ago


  • DatTerribleProgrammer
    DatTerribleProgrammer 16 hours ago

    we all will die!

  • Kdream's Cosmos
    Kdream's Cosmos 16 hours ago

    now this is the real prediction.. made me to subscribe

  • Akshay Nath
    Akshay Nath 23 hours ago

    Yes i want more videos

  • Pr. Y.
    Pr. Y. Day ago

    I think there wont even be the year of 3017

  • Manju Doshi
    Manju Doshi Day ago

    It will not be available to all, only few. as most of the research are done to making money not for helping people. Many cures which are not expansive are hidden by these companies. So in future nothing will be change only few will be benefited.

  • Lil_Aura
    Lil_Aura Day ago

    in 1000 years i want it like futurama. Is that so hard??

  • ItzFoxz
    ItzFoxz Day ago

    That voice...

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore Day ago

    If Human race was Immortal there be no need of Reproduction or Eating I think.  But not sir If it would help or destroy the environment around us

  • altros
    altros Day ago

    Humans can barely learn to live with and tolerate other humans, I can't really imagine any intelligent alien lifeforms wanting to interact with us in any way lol

  • Perschell Maurice

    Immorality? Lmao the earth gonna run out of room

  • Mystical TaleGames

    If you are watching from years from now...Hello! :D

  • Niutek PL
    Niutek PL Day ago

    You have the best voice i've ever heard

  • EggHeadGamer
    EggHeadGamer Day ago

    Most people think immortality would be great, but I bet I'm one of the only people who actually know what would happen:

    First, the world would be overpopulated by humans, with would need more resources, food, and other stuff.
    Second, landfills and dumps would be full of trash.
    Third, I... I don't have a third..

  • Priscilla Haokip8119

    i thought we would look like aliens with very broad foreheads + little hair on our head and we would be extremely short....thats what my bio teacher told me...😂😂😂

  • Rumero
    Rumero 2 days ago

    i don't think earth will survive that long

  • infocentreYT
    infocentreYT 2 days ago

    I was scrolling down through the comments looking out if anyone also noticed the reading voice of this video is the man who read in crysis video games franchise :) Brilliant lector <3 But in this video he sort of isn't reading as good as he performed in crysis but still awesome :)

    GET_REKT_SON 2 days ago

    Greetings from my galaxy it is year 6969 over here.

  • Haile Alicante
    Haile Alicante 2 days ago

    plot twist it's markiplier

  • Alias adhana
    Alias adhana 2 days ago

    Non of u stupid ads niggas know how the world is going to be in50 years latalon in 1000 fucking years, I am not even sure if god knows that

  • The Ethical Hacker
    The Ethical Hacker 2 days ago


  • DrewK26
    DrewK26 2 days ago

    In 1,000 years, we'll be watching HypnoToad

  • DarkShadow94
    DarkShadow94 2 days ago

    This mans voice is 100/10.

  • Guy Man
    Guy Man 2 days ago

    When my gf and I have sex, she request a thumb in her bum and your voice in the backround.

  • samustwatch
    samustwatch 2 days ago

    Hello Riddle! I have subscribed. I enjoy your videos. I am fasciated by space and time and all that fun stuff. So I come to you for an answer to a question. What astrophysical requirements would need to exist in order for a place to have 1 day be a thousand years here? This from the little I do know would be intense gravitational forces and unusual relationships to other bodies in space. I would doubt a star could suffice such requirements but I don't know. Just thought I would ask. Good luck if you have any idea of how to answer such a question.

  • Alejandro Gutierrez
    Alejandro Gutierrez 2 days ago

    2736 - There's a new world order and new religions, also there are many floating cities that can be moved across the planet, people are already contacting alien beings, we humans can't do interstellar travels unless we make a deal with aliens to share technology because our planet doesn't have the resources to built interstellar ships, all religions existing in 2017 no longer exist in 2736.

  • DinoRexGamingHD
    DinoRexGamingHD 2 days ago

    there is no 1000 years this is bullshit the satanic elites want a NWO by 2030 and for that to happen they have to kill 95% of the population which there doing they already killed the pacific ocean

  • Chef Pee Pee
    Chef Pee Pee 2 days ago +1

    We will be extinct in like 50 years XD

  • nomer apayyo
    nomer apayyo 2 days ago

    human evolution re-started multiple times, almost everybody here thinking just progress.... ancient structures like hundreds pyramids we can't even make one...

  • Wu Yu Hong
    Wu Yu Hong 2 days ago

    but think again if we live forever maybe reproducing will be restricted/fking. unless the person chooses to die for the creation of his child maybe allow him to live another 50years b4 he will automatically die.

  • Roozbeh Saraei
    Roozbeh Saraei 2 days ago

    Until then we spread to every galaxy in universe with the slipstream drive which enables unlimited speed.

  • YouTube Girl33
    YouTube Girl33 2 days ago

    Mmmmmm that Asmr

  • Ghost of Coprolite
    Ghost of Coprolite 3 days ago

    im betting immortality will be through genetics, and soon. same with cancer and genetic diseases. we will not filter food from air, do to air lacking many of the elements we need in viable amounts.

  • Julightx
    Julightx 3 days ago


  • Carlos Colón
    Carlos Colón 3 days ago

    Can you imagine floating around on YouTube 1000 years from now and you just stumble upon a prehistoric video that's says:

    Posted 1000 years ago

  • ZadZadrack
    ZadZadrack 3 days ago

    The world, our world that is, and the Universe have always existed in different shapes and forms, and will always do. Humans are of no consequence to this reality. Hence, the question of what humans will be like in a thousand years from 2017 becomes a rather frivolous argument because whatever humans do or create or develop or build, etc. will succumb to the Murphy's Law that says "IF IT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE UNIVERSE TO EXPLODE OR IMPLODE THUS TURNING BACK INTO GAS AND DUST, THEN IT WILL WITHOUT ASKING FOR PERMISSION FROM HUMANKIND TO DO SO. Hence, Humankind will disappear into dust in a matter of NANO seconds. So, let's stop MEASURING ALL THAT IS AROUND US by our 'limited' imagination and capacity. I think, Humankind have always UNDERESTIMATED the ferocious power of NATURE.

  • Zachory Leiper
    Zachory Leiper 3 days ago

    We might not even be human in the future. But, I don't think that's so bad.

  • Don Fritz
    Don Fritz 3 days ago

    I love the way you talk

  • Ichigo A Panchal
    Ichigo A Panchal 3 days ago

    okey this video was hard to find coz in 3017 i rule over this planet with my monkey army

  • Cardinale Dolan
    Cardinale Dolan 3 days ago

    your voice makes me wet even i am a man :D

  • fariba parvaneh
    fariba parvaneh 4 days ago

    Love it. Thanks

  • Mersad Cehajic
    Mersad Cehajic 4 days ago

    in 1000 years, people will still consider despacito a bad song :D

  • Kray Z
    Kray Z 4 days ago

    Say if humans got special power just like in bku no Academyia n there was a robot/zombie attack they will destroy them

  • Claws of Death
    Claws of Death 4 days ago

    Haha nicely finished

  • Tabassum
    Tabassum 4 days ago

    I'm sure our society won't even last 100 years from now..

  • Tabassum
    Tabassum 4 days ago

    Nuclear war?

    The 100

  • ThePrehistoricMaster
    ThePrehistoricMaster 4 days ago +1

    If someone is reading this comment in 3017..

    have a nice day!

  • Raquel Hernandez
    Raquel Hernandez 4 days ago

    3:13 "we are increasingly using entertainment gadgets"
    Me:lol for the ones who cant find a chick to have "fun" with 😂

  • emilio alarcon
    emilio alarcon 4 days ago

    Maybe if the Indians and chinese stop making baby's planet earth will last longer. less pollution .

  • The Rationalist
    The Rationalist 4 days ago

    World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo 4 days ago

    yes, you have to live forever.

  • Jen Galvan
    Jen Galvan 4 days ago

    Robots willl take over the world I'm telling you. 3040 no one outside technology take over

  • Avengers 24
    Avengers 24 4 days ago

    Hopefully as more and more racial barriers are broken down and there more people born with coffee coloured skin, racism will at least be a thing of the past.

  • Orange Apple
    Orange Apple 5 days ago

    The greatest problem is the overpopulation and its huge increase in short time. I think the future of humanity will be darker than showed in the video, with survival wars for limited resources, changed climate, acumulation of waste... There are lots of problems to solve just to make a decent future in time.

  • Sss TheBeast
    Sss TheBeast 5 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got clickbaited
    And so did you.

  • dani dufour
    dani dufour 5 days ago

    the ending made me smile

  • TheKeithvidz
    TheKeithvidz 5 days ago

    anyone know the music in this vid?

  • Anthony Bernat
    Anthony Bernat 5 days ago

    The year is 30XX... And everyone is living at TAS levels of perfection.

  • TheBlock Heads980
    TheBlock Heads980 5 days ago

    2017: we will have safer and more nature in 3017 3017:whats nature

  • xPeRk Customs
    xPeRk Customs 5 days ago

    Anyone else thinks that ridddle and vanoss logos are a lil similar?

  • reconrascal
    reconrascal 5 days ago

    We can't modify nature even if we could it's not right to we need to let nature develop us and everything else around us

  • TechAGamer
    TechAGamer 5 days ago

    hi, im from 3017, humans are enslaved by sloths and illuminati is sloths

  • SALitis
    SALitis 5 days ago

    Hi from 2117

  • Scumbot404
    Scumbot404 5 days ago

    In 1000 years life will turn into hell. It will be dystopian chaos. It's a matter of time when the hell is breaking loose when ordinary people, gangs, criminals and other crooks take over. The few who are reaching to rule the world don't understand or don't care that their greedy globalism, legalized criminality, oppression, will lead to the point when people say enough is enough. And then it starts. A chaos. Governments will fall, authorities will fall, armed forces will fall. This all will happen because a human is always just a human.

  • Ali Aziz
    Ali Aziz 5 days ago

    Great report

  • TheDennys21
    TheDennys21 5 days ago

    There will be no humans in a 1000 years...

  • Mr Sheep
    Mr Sheep 6 days ago

    1017 : In 1000 years we will have global peace and fire sword
    2017 : In 1000 years we will be the most advanced civilization and united into one single country
    3017 : In 1000 years we will get flying car! :D
    4017 : In 1000 years we will have a new planet
    5017 : Teh end

  • Taniford
    Taniford 6 days ago

    Show watching in 3015?

  • michael reyes
    michael reyes 6 days ago

    I don't see any point to this....every species has an expiration date.

  • B
    B 6 days ago

    It will be so polluted and all animals extinct because of us, nothing will be alive! People have rouined everything! 😡

    DORIYAAA 6 days ago

    3:23-3:24 what is that clip from?

  • First Last
    First Last 6 days ago

    Humans are dieing younger TODAY

  • zakaria600
    zakaria600 6 days ago

    I'm afraid that it will be no drugs!!!

  • Encyclopedia Reader
    Encyclopedia Reader 6 days ago

    one thousand years from now, I hope that there is a lot less hatred in the world.

    I also hope that cults become less capable of being started. No more corrupt priests, no more "follow me" type of people who promise everyone the world of freedom, only to have them in shackles and in emotional distress, because they are being held in captivity and have been forcibly integrated into a sex trafficking ring.

  • Tristia the 1andOnly

    its 4017 and 3017 was nothing like that.

  • Virus-Jona •
    Virus-Jona • 6 days ago

    hello. i live in 3017. the tech is AWESOME, but i am the only one to say this couse every one else is dead in nuclear the world is SHIT right now. I CANT BELIEVE THAT JUSTIN BIEBER IS STILL A HIT. but he is dead so its fine

  • Redhawk
    Redhawk 6 days ago

    Who else wath this in 3017?

  • Stalker the deer
    Stalker the deer 6 days ago

    If anybody from 1000 years from now reads this i want to say that team ten is shitty and England is my city

  • Crow Blade
    Crow Blade 7 days ago

    The only way I can see us achieving immortality if is we built machines that could completely replace the nervous system and all the organs in a human's body with freshly made, fully organic cloned versions on a per person basis. And this kind of technology would be eons away; we probably wouldn't get it at all in our specie's lifetime unless aliens came and shared their shit. Cloning the brain alone raises some serious concerns. When I took Philosophy in college, we were hit with a good question: You can clone your brain, but how would you clone the mind and knowledge stored in it? Having a fresh, new brain put into your head might leave you with a blank slate newborn baby mind. And you might ask "Well why would you need to refresh your brain?" Just because you can live forever doesn't mean your organs can last forever. Even if your brain never dies, you have to take into account the brain is like a computer hard drive in that it has a limited amount of space. You can't just keep stuffing it with infinite information. Eventually every new thing you learn will force out something you learned in the past. So at the very least, when all the kinks are worked out, we'll need to find a way to increase the brain's storage space lmfao.

    • Thomas Rathbun
      Thomas Rathbun 2 days ago

      There`s a thing called genetic engineering and when we achieve immortality the nervous system won`t break down as long a it gets a flow of nutrients, same goes for some of the organs, there`s also a thing called super regenerative abilities!!

  • Sr muffin Fat
    Sr muffin Fat 7 days ago

    Thumbnail doesnt work cos both women were born in the same year

  • snowcatt
    snowcatt 7 days ago

    I'm 16 😜

  • Phaire Couchpotato
    Phaire Couchpotato 7 days ago

    I like apple pie, it tastes good...

  • Skip Tindle
    Skip Tindle 7 days ago

    Humans will have all died out by then

  • Miguel Nogueira
    Miguel Nogueira 7 days ago

    Whats the movie at 0:52 ?

  • jean aimarre
    jean aimarre 7 days ago

    Hey, are you from Lambersart (northern France) ?
    0:35 => Lambersart
    4:10 =>,3.0423654,627m/data=!3m1!1e3

    Pas mal du tout cette vidéo :-)

  • chefgiovanni
    chefgiovanni 7 days ago +1

    2017- Waiting for the next big event.

  • Trumpet-01 Rocket
    Trumpet-01 Rocket 7 days ago

    It is doubtful, if we make it that long, to live a 1000 years. No doubt there we be autonomous machines and mentally controlled machines. The five things I hope are eliminated are money, greed, oppression, thirst for power, and lying. Do that and mankind could have a good chance for survival.

  • La vraie vie est ailleurs

    shit what is this production quality i think I'm blind

  • Fríszájlons
    Fríszájlons 7 days ago

    Gaming intro xdd

  • Tholgar
    Tholgar 7 days ago

    Who is the narrator? Morgan Freeman?

  • Quintin Lourens
    Quintin Lourens 8 days ago

    And i said you will never get a cellphone with colour screen

  • Ko nori? Ko nori?
    Ko nori? Ko nori? 8 days ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that This channel's name In Ridddle has 3 d ??

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