Gisele Bündchen Shows Jimmy Planking Exercises

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  • Lucas
    Lucas 19 hours ago

    Que decadencia da Gisele, de maior top model do mundo pra garota propaganda da Sky :'(

  • Jose C ferro
    Jose C ferro 15 days ago

    Um apresentador muito versátil conteúdo Gisele deu um show há parte

  • Isabella Dias
    Isabella Dias 17 days ago

    Brazil honey honey

  • Roseli Burgaris
    Roseli Burgaris 22 days ago

    sabe muito bem o inglês👏

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 22 days ago

    Emmanuel and Saduni are assholes, the two of you are pos

  • Crowley
    Crowley 24 days ago

    fucking asian accent kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • inc2000glw
    inc2000glw 27 days ago

    hot walking sticks she have

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony Month ago


  • Daniel  Turczinski
    Daniel Turczinski Month ago

    Que fama

  • Re Kt
    Re Kt 2 months ago

    They were in a movie together called taxi lmaoo

    MR EXTINCT 69 2 months ago

    she's soo good and simple. "greatness lies in simplicity"

  • tebjosh13
    tebjosh13 2 months ago

    she is training him to go beyond... plus ultra

  • Roadfart
    Roadfart 2 months ago

    Lmao Jimmy is so funny

  • Nawal Ansari
    Nawal Ansari 3 months ago

    She's stunning!

  • Eisha Hannan
    Eisha Hannan 3 months ago

    This is so wrong. Like women need to be shorter than men otherwise its unfair and they don't feel masculine.

  • EsEs A
    EsEs A 3 months ago

    3:35 What a view that must be

  • Elsa Lerigou
    Elsa Lerigou 3 months ago

    Brazil Queen <3

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family
    Kung-Fu Kenny Family 3 months ago

    Gisele Bündchen is so gorgeous👌❤.Never thought I'd say this...but I think Jimmy looks so thirsty asf lol😂😂😂

  • shari_ H
    shari_ H 3 months ago

    she,adriana,and doutzen are super stunning. with such sweet and funny personalities.

  • Raj Srivastav
    Raj Srivastav 3 months ago +1

    "i looked a little" 😂😂😂

  • Maitê Nascimento
    Maitê Nascimento 3 months ago

    Gisele is a sunshine full of life and joy

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 3 months ago

    That is not proper plank.

  • Marnosh Mikaeel
    Marnosh Mikaeel 3 months ago

    she is so fucking boring

  • Polly & Kewin
    Polly & Kewin 3 months ago

    maravilhosa, amo !

  • Jonathan Cazarez
    Jonathan Cazarez 3 months ago

    Latinas are the most beautiful species on planet earth.

  • MatsSvensson62
    MatsSvensson62 3 months ago

    I will never forget when she smack Jennifer Esposito's butt in the movie TAXI..

  • soposopi
    soposopi 3 months ago

    she's just perfect <3

  • Nika Bobnar
    Nika Bobnar 3 months ago

    did he just call himself daddy 😂

  • ucf1999
    ucf1999 3 months ago

    Great!  Now tell this Brazilian Nazi to keep her mouth shut about Trump and worry about her own country which could become poorer in the coming years.  Brazil's 40% black population lives like shit compared to the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silene Costa
      Silene Costa 3 months ago

      she don't live in Brazil since she was a very young, her husband and kids don't live in Brazil and i'm sure that all her money are in american banks not in Brazil. Her only connection with Brazil now it's her parents and sisters who choice keep living in Brazil and i think she help her family, so they don't have a poor life. Unlike other people conception no one in her country is expecting for her help or her money, cause everybody take care about theirs own lifes , if someone have to do something, this person is the president of Brazil, it's his job, but like many mans with power he will just care about himself. I live in Brazil, not in the same city where she was born, my looks and social class is nothing like her, but i don't compare my life with anybody to make me look better or sad. Brazil is a country with many problems, the people who live here don't pretend this problems are not real. The country is not perfect, but try to use the other country problems to make your country look better and great is just a bad excuse. USA have good things, but they also have racism, crimes, drugs and homeless people, i could say more but i don't need, cause i don't have to say bad things about a country who don't belong to me, this things will not make me feel better or smart , just will make me look small and i don't need be this person, i don't live my life this way and i believe some people in USA don't deserve to be ofended because they have more respect for the others home.

  • Lorena Ribeiro
    Lorena Ribeiro 4 months ago

    Gisele sempre tão plena ❤

  • Candace Middleton
    Candace Middleton 4 months ago +1

    I dont know if this is weird but I was really proud of Jimmy when he did that push up lol

  • kae587
    kae587 4 months ago

    "not listening to the outside noise" sounds like some tom influence lol

  • Sylvia Styles
    Sylvia Styles 4 months ago

    her legs are longer than my future!

    THATGUY-DINAN 4 months ago

    Roses are red, violet are blue, Gisele Bündchen why is your Ass as flat as your chest

  • Diana Jimenez
    Diana Jimenez 4 months ago +1

    brings back "taxi" vibes hahaha

  • RYTA ferreira
    RYTA ferreira 4 months ago


  • CarmemSouzaUSA2011
    CarmemSouzaUSA2011 4 months ago

    Making fun of her accent ???? well at least we can speak another language 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Walter Butler
    Walter Butler 4 months ago

    Wow couldn't BRady get a chick with tits??? She's flat as a board.

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira 4 months ago

    He was a little nervous, why?!

  • Alexus
    Alexus 4 months ago

    Sempre que um brasileiro fala inglês da pra vc perceber um pouco de Joel Santana no seu sotaque kkkk

  • New Talent
    New Talent 4 months ago

    More than a Super Model, she is a Super Role Model. Thank You Life!

  • chellymrdillon
    chellymrdillon 4 months ago

    It's interesting...he doesn't interrupt gisele like he does the other guest

  • TakaS013
    TakaS013 4 months ago +1

    She's boring, so much talking.

  • Alexandra Anita
    Alexandra Anita 5 months ago

    I miss Gisele in Vs show. I mean then rosie gone. candice gone. amanda kerr. hmmm :(

  • Luz Oliveira
    Luz Oliveira 5 months ago

    Povo chato falando do sotaque dela. Ela foi pros EUA na adolescência, sozinha, sem saber uma palavra em inglês. Diferente da maioria de vocês que teve aulas, ela aprendeu o idioma sozinha... É assim que ela aprendeu a falar e é assim que ela fala até hoje. Fim. Deixem de ser chatos, meu deus!

  • Northern lights
    Northern lights 5 months ago

    All this time i was looking at her legs . God it's soo long

  • Nicolle Ferreira
    Nicolle Ferreira 5 months ago

    I just love these two together 😍😍

  • Mariana Higa
    Mariana Higa 5 months ago

    I just love her so much

  • Ray Oliveira
    Ray Oliveira 5 months ago

    brasil nesse caralho

  • andrewscottiehottie
    andrewscottiehottie 5 months ago

    mama first

  • Devon Archer
    Devon Archer 5 months ago

    He's intimidated by her 100%, he's attracted to her lol

  • Tatiana G
    Tatiana G 5 months ago

    O inglês dela é gostoso demais

  • Pamela Soria
    Pamela Soria 5 months ago

    Tão simpática, linda e patriota!

  • videokkrazy
    videokkrazy 5 months ago

    legs omg

  • Alvs Notes
    Alvs Notes 5 months ago

    depois de tantos anos ela ainda tem todo esse sotaque haha

  • Doug&Cacau a Paris
    Doug&Cacau a Paris 5 months ago

    Gisele was never just a beatiful face, she catwaks like no one else. ♡♡
    #viva #Brasil <3

  • Bia
    Bia 5 months ago

    Chocada que depois de todos esses anos morando nos EUA ela ainda tem sotaque

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 5 months ago

    Taxi was an amazing movie

  • A lemon tree, my dear Watson

    Jimmy totally checked out her butt when she put her shoes down..haha you're gonna need a longer jacket, dude... ;)

  • Alba Sáez
    Alba Sáez 5 months ago

    those legs are kilometrics

  • Nanda Mello
    Nanda Mello 5 months ago

    Gisele te amo

  • lauren jauregay
    lauren jauregay 5 months ago

    If i was wearing this clothes I wouldn't even sit right

  • Jih Oliveira
    Jih Oliveira 5 months ago

    Gisele é muito lindaaaaa 😍😍

  • Melike Türkyılmaz
    Melike Türkyılmaz 5 months ago

    bu kadın amerikan değil mi ya nası konuşuyo öyle

  • Carla A
    Carla A 5 months ago

    she's sooo fit !!

  • Rafaela mfa
    Rafaela mfa 5 months ago

    entendi tudo sqn

  • Luciano Lima
    Luciano Lima 5 months ago

    Gisele, apesar de ser milionária, seja no exterior ou no Brasil, tem humildade, sabe chegar e sabe sair dos lugares.
    Apesar de não acompanhar a carreira dela, quando a vejo, me sinto feliz e tranquilo em ser representado - como brasileiro, por ela.
    Valeu, Gi

  • Manasa Prasad
    Manasa Prasad 5 months ago

    right at 2:08 tho

  • marcia vilela oliveira
    marcia vilela oliveira 5 months ago

    Sotaque chato dela,a mania de falar ANNNNNN ANNNNNNNNNN ANNNNNN

  • Laura Fragoso
    Laura Fragoso 5 months ago


  • kirikou306
    kirikou306 5 months ago

    I despise that girl. She always plays cool and natural and nice in the media but in fact she is a fake hypocrite liar. What has disgusted me more about her was that she pretends she is natural and doesn't do plastic surgery but has been caught several times going to a Parisian plastic surgeon in France with her sis using the black Muslim burka to hide and go there incognito. This is a lack of honesty but mostly, a huge mockery of all the women in the Middle East who are forced to wear that outfit and are deprived from most of occidental women rights. And she used that terrible symbol of women oppression to do her plastic surgery! What a shame.

  • Gaby Lisboa
    Gaby Lisboa 5 months ago


  • Gaby Lisboa
    Gaby Lisboa 5 months ago

    Jimmy sou eu tentando ser fitness

  • Gaby Lisboa
    Gaby Lisboa 5 months ago

    JSJSKSKSK melhores pessoas

  • Laura D'Avila
    Laura D'Avila 5 months ago


  • Keline Romao
    Keline Romao 5 months ago

    Vamos falar português nesse trem aí né filho

  • CarpaRosa
    CarpaRosa 5 months ago

    Ela é tão gente boa! Tinha uma imagem diferente dela.

  • Direitolatra TM
    Direitolatra TM 5 months ago +1

    She's awesome

  • Emma Bram
    Emma Bram 5 months ago

    Get Danielle ( catch me outside how bout dah girl ) on the show man

  • schamire
    schamire 5 months ago

    her legs are longer than my lifespan

  • Géssica Rocha
    Géssica Rocha 5 months ago

    Achei o inglês dela bom até, mas eu não entendo nada..

  • Vanessa Maria
    Vanessa Maria 5 months ago


  • Upside Girls
    Upside Girls 5 months ago

    Americanos,tem mais da onde veio essa beleza ta

  • FlowerChild FlowerChild

    She is so skinny

  • Marrs Bee
    Marrs Bee 5 months ago


  • DėAd WröñG
    DėAd WröñG 6 months ago

    wow, she is gorgeous!

  • Melissa Herrera
    Melissa Herrera 6 months ago

    Oi Braaaseeeeeeeeel 😂😂😂💙

  • Zoella D
    Zoella D 6 months ago +1

    Shes so strong!😮😍 I cant even do 1 half push up 😂

  • T Lee
    T Lee 6 months ago

    just realize how strong she is

  • Erica Heap
    Erica Heap 6 months ago

    the audience is so interactive in this, I love it!

  • Lucas Fernández
    Lucas Fernández 6 months ago

    Jimmy you are perfect I like you so much.

  • Ana Sillig
    Ana Sillig 6 months ago

    Amo essa mulher

  • Aulia A
    Aulia A 6 months ago

    Omg she's so pretty and sexy and humble at the same time 😍

  • 비터
    비터 6 months ago

    I'm proud to have this amazing woman to represent my country.

  • Andressa Dias
    Andressa Dias 6 months ago +3

    Gisele e Adriana as melhores modelos do mundo. BR 💚💛

  • Luma Costa
    Luma Costa 6 months ago

    Gisele is so beautiful! A BR

  • balofinha triste
    balofinha triste 6 months ago


  • J. A
    J. A 6 months ago

    ela tem sotaque no inglês

  • J. A
    J. A 6 months ago

    she's a queen, a legend

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