The story of Erik Karlsson: From Vetlanda, Sweden to NHL superstar

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • This story takes us to the small Swedish town of Vetlanda where Erik Karlsson grew up and has become a great ambassador for his hometown and the game of Hockey.

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Comments: 112

  • Detector1977
    Detector1977 Month ago

    Criminal that he ONLY has 2 Norris....

    • King Joffrey
      King Joffrey Month ago

      He probably doesn't care about Norris trophies anymore, he wants the cup.

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die 2 months ago

    He deserves to win the Norris

  • Chris Aarvig
    Chris Aarvig 2 months ago

    and the flow...

  • fluntimes
    fluntimes 2 months ago

    Wow. What a guy. One of the best on and off the ice.

  • bob B
    bob B 2 months ago

    if erik doesnt get it this year........ its not all about the goals or points for that matter...

    it is also about team effort.. goes hand in hand....

    guess they feel sorry for burns and he gets it

    sweden- what a country (sportswise

  • creaminthebank
    creaminthebank 3 months ago

    Not a Sens fan but mos def my favourite player in the NHL.

  • Banana Republic
    Banana Republic 3 months ago

    I play in boro in Vetlanda

  • ItsMinarmy
    ItsMinarmy 3 months ago

    Is there a two-time Norris winner not in the Hall of Fame?

  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner
    Benjamin Blake Mitchner 3 months ago +1

    He's really amazing and very humble when he could be exactly the opposite. That is what I love about hockey and that is why I do not like other sports. Football is a lot of fun, but it doesn't have the snap. I have seen Alfredsson play during the glorious days of yesteryear (in every way) and I see Karlsson as the next huge player for this team. I am hoping for the Sens to win the cup and go all the way this year. One thing I'd really like to stress here is that Vetlanda looks like a very beautiful place to be from and to grow up in and as I watched this I wondered why I'd never heard of it as I thought I knew Swedish geography really well. I was into Sweden before I was even into hockey and it was for the music. It's funny how a country can lead in more ways than one. The first Scandinavian band to score a worldwide hit was a Swedish band called Blond. After that the rest is history. I got into hockey 21 years ago and I admired the countries the players came from in Europe and especially got into hockey because of a long time love for Canada (and Canadian music). Now I want it to come full circle- a Swedish player and a whole Canadian team I would love to see them win. Let's go!

  • paco gaucho
    paco gaucho 3 months ago

    my mancrush

  • Ahmad Shah
    Ahmad Shah 3 months ago +3

    Best defenseman in the league, without question

  • 420Kasper420
    420Kasper420 3 months ago

    Why do people still discuss Norris qualifications?
    It's almost like they think that Karlsson's status as "best defenseman in the league" could change from one year to the next. You guys are either blind, or just plain crazy...

  • ljummingen
    ljummingen 3 months ago

    He needs to win the Norris

  • Sens4Lyfe6
    Sens4Lyfe6 3 months ago +1

    ... I'm.. I'm not crying ';(

  • Juho Kankare
    Juho Kankare 3 months ago

    karlsson moved jokerit (khl) to senators...

  • Tyson Hall
    Tyson Hall 3 months ago

    I love him😁😁

  • Anek Pabbies
    Anek Pabbies 3 months ago +1

    Go sens

  • Henrik Nilsson
    Henrik Nilsson 3 months ago

    Norris for Karlsson

  • Jerich0
    Jerich0 3 months ago +2

    Should have been nominated for the hart tbh

  • Barbariangamer Star
    Barbariangamer Star 3 months ago

    I mean he's a great player but LETS GO FRIKIN RANGERS who's with me?

  • terrybell49
    terrybell49 3 months ago

    best Karlsson in the world

  • Sneaky Scaper
    Sneaky Scaper 3 months ago

    I love me some Karlsson

  • Connor McJesus
    Connor McJesus 3 months ago


  • Star Wars Underground
    Star Wars Underground 3 months ago

    Swedes are born to be Defensemen.

  • Garvid lök
    Garvid lök 3 months ago

    he is from landsbro lol not vetlanda

  • Andrew Cote
    Andrew Cote 3 months ago +2

    Ryan for hedman

  • Teemo
    Teemo 3 months ago +2

    Erik <3

  • Des Panjab
    Des Panjab 3 months ago

    L.A had Doughty in his draft and they had another pick but the y picked a fricken stupid hockey player instead of Karlsson ,so L.A could have Karlsson and Doughty lol

  • BloggerMusicMan
    BloggerMusicMan 3 months ago +7

    As a Sens fan since childhood, I could not be more grateful that he's Ottawa's captain. He was a great player when he was drafted and he's only continued to improve. He's had the ability for the last few years to completely take over games.

    I really think a Hart Trophy is in his future if he keeps this up, particularly considering his value to the Sens. He's the only true superstar on the team and I think he's a big part of why they're doing as well as it is right now.

    I can only imagine how dangerous the Sens would be if they had a true star or superstar centre.

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus 3 months ago

    ok...we can all admit he has to be the best defence men in the league rn, he basically carried his team in the playoffs

  • Ed Stevens
    Ed Stevens 3 months ago +2

    Totally over rated player...if I were Ottowa, I'd package him in a trade to the Bruins...please!

      MILES LANE 3 months ago

      u have MacAvoy, he'll be lit. You saw the respect Karlsson gave to him

  • Filip Larsson
    Filip Larsson 3 months ago +1

    The actual star of vetlanda says: "Hockeyns Zlatan" which translates into "The Zlatan of Hockey" :P

  • Al Capwned
    Al Capwned 3 months ago +1

    Baby face little fella. Can't hate Karlsson. Such a nice guy, brilliant talent. Just a joy to watch.

  • NathanOnepiece
    NathanOnepiece 3 months ago

    Oilers vs sens in final

  • Scirollo
    Scirollo 3 months ago +6

    I love the positive comments here, keep it coming guys. I've seen first hand how hard he goes in the offseason to get better and he literally walks up on stage at our music festivals to give speeches to the city. He never says no and always gives back to his city. So much respect for him and Im proud to say he's the King of the Sens army.

  • CanadianJock
    CanadianJock 3 months ago

    He reminds me of watching Niklas Lidstrom BACK IN THEY DAY.

  • it0422
    it0422 3 months ago +15

    you canadiens can really make great tv! everything sounds so cool in our swedish ears :)

    • Ontario Guy
      Ontario Guy 2 months ago

      Erik is a class act just an all around good guy!

    • it0422
      it0422 2 months ago

      Ontario Guy Great to hear! :) Amazing to see here in little Sweden how big of a star they can be over there in Canada and Usa!

    • Ontario Guy
      Ontario Guy 2 months ago

      We love our Swedes over here!

  • classified classified
    classified classified 3 months ago +1

    he's so good i just cant understand it...

  • Kornelius Parker
    Kornelius Parker 3 months ago +4

    I feel like this years Norris should go to Karlsson or Hedman. Of all the elite defensemen in the league, Hedman is often underrated.. I would argue Hedman is the 3rd best in the league over the past few years.

  • TheTetsuHai
    TheTetsuHai 3 months ago

    Best 15th pick of all time, I knew when they picked him he was gonna be good but I never expected him to be this good.

  • Kajsa Claesson
    Kajsa Claesson 3 months ago +10

    Vetlanda is lit

  • Masentaja
    Masentaja 3 months ago

    doughty where you at???

  • Paul Womack
    Paul Womack 3 months ago +10

    Brent Burns is basically a forward playing defense (mediocre defense) so he shouldn't have even been a finalist.

    • Paul Womack
      Paul Womack 3 months ago

      Yeah, I'm jealous of the Senators (as a Flyers fan) that Karlsson only slid to 15 when the Flyers could have drafted him (instead of Luca Sibisa) had Karlsson slid a few spots more.

    • ljummingen
      ljummingen 3 months ago

      Somebody is jealous

    • Star Wars Underground
      Star Wars Underground 3 months ago

      They need to make the Bobby Orr Trophy.Defensemen box out Wingers entering their zone.Breaking up plays and clogging the nuetral zone and blocking shots with whatever they can put in front of the puck.Not camping the Blueline(Burns)like Ovi in the slot on the power play:)

    • adosjdaj
      adosjdaj 3 months ago

      "horrible" go ahead and do that

    • Star Wars Underground
      Star Wars Underground 3 months ago

      No and +19 with 76 points is horrible. Hes doing his job 25% Of the time

  • Paul Womack
    Paul Womack 3 months ago +74

    Karlsson should win the Norris.

  • One 7 Decimal 2 Eight
    One 7 Decimal 2 Eight 3 months ago +9

    Senators vs. Penguins. if they meet next, this will be a great series to watch. I'm a fan of neither team. but will watch this series for sure.

  • Mr500248
    Mr500248 3 months ago +140

    I swear if he gets snubbed of the Norris for 2 years in a row.......

  • g davies
    g davies 3 months ago +35

    Karlson is one of the defenseman I respect the most in the league. I'd have him or Hedman over Burns no doubt. And I'm a leafs fan.

  • Svenska Soldaten
    Svenska Soldaten 3 months ago

    Franzen is from Vetlanda too.

  • Nyq
    Nyq 3 months ago +42

    I would kill to have a Karlsson on my team

    • Nyq
      Nyq 3 months ago

      jake redhead Detroit

  • HypR Brute
    HypR Brute 3 months ago +57

    Who tf disliked this

    • Quarterback144
      Quarterback144 26 days ago

      Leafs fans too

    • xCivo
      xCivo 2 months ago

      he has anger issues

    • xCivo
      xCivo 2 months ago

      HypR Brute I Did

    • Mark Raven
      Mark Raven 2 months ago

      HypR Brute Matt Cooke is one of them

    • Deplorable Snowcloud
      Deplorable Snowcloud 2 months ago

      I'm a Ranger fan and I love Erik Karlsson and on the Sens bandwagon after they beat us.

  • Tomalo21
    Tomalo21 3 months ago +57

    I wish I lived in an area where I could just go to a rink and play whenever I want..

    • J Gripen
      J Gripen Month ago

      Yea, but that means that we Swedes have to pay quite high taxes... there's both pro's and con's to it. I'm thankfull for the high standard in road quality though xD

    • Kermit Here
      Kermit Here 3 months ago

      Tomalo21 same here

    • Dirty Bombzzz
      Dirty Bombzzz 3 months ago

      Tomalo21 yeah i agree with you absolutely there is only one rink in our little town and i'm only able to Play with my team at the rink or alone at The lake but there is no Chance to play alone at The rink or for example with your friends whenever you want but i also Wish i lived in an area where i could just go and Play whenever i want Erik karlsson was very lucky

  • Dylan Rodgers
    Dylan Rodgers 3 months ago +65

    Go Sens and Go Oilers

    • OtakuEdits
      OtakuEdits 2 months ago

      That was posted 1 month ago. Yes, he really was supporting them at the time.

    • xCivo
      xCivo 2 months ago

      Dylan Rodgers Really?

  • iTz IntegritY
    iTz IntegritY 3 months ago +14

    Go Sens and go Erik!!!

  • MrJasminL
    MrJasminL 3 months ago +200

    You just can't hate this guy!

    • Ville The 225
      Ville The 225 3 months ago

      MrJasminL. you are wrong

    • Kermit Here
      Kermit Here 3 months ago

      SensFan2002 funny

    • Kermit Here
      Kermit Here 3 months ago

      MrJasminL only if he injures someone you can hate him. Kinda like crosby. Oh wait.🤔

    • Jonathan Robert
      Jonathan Robert 3 months ago

      TheJuiceMan Maybe you guys .... Oh wait, nevermind. You guys won't for sure, i wonder why ;) Nothing worst then a trash talking eliminated fan.

    • SensFan2002
      SensFan2002 3 months ago

      One can only dream. haha

  • toshi t
    toshi t 3 months ago +9

    is it just me or he looks like zlatan ibrahimovic?

  • TheWillStrike
    TheWillStrike 3 months ago +13


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