Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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  • Remy is an especially-clean-looking rat that's been given the gift of Gusteau's gastronomy. Let's see if his signature dish is worth staking an entire restaurant's reputation upon for the sake of a pun.

    Special thanks to my nephew Christopher for portraying young Babish!

    Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven

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  • Goorah Demi
    Goorah Demi 6 hours ago

    So what happened to the hamster? Not ham I presume.

  • Amrit Shergill
    Amrit Shergill 6 hours ago

    where can i find the recipe?

  • Djan Tecson
    Djan Tecson 9 hours ago

    Now I don't wanna eat it. At first, and up until before seeing this vid, I seriously thought it was meat, meat, meat and no vegetables.😑

  • Felicity Close
    Felicity Close 10 hours ago

    Ratatouille: Soup that Garbage boy ruined and remy fixed.

  • FoxLiox
    FoxLiox 20 hours ago

    He sounds like the "you suck at cooking" channel 😂😂

  • Anonymous Unicorn

    For some reason I thought Ratatouille tasted really sweet with pancake syrup....

    I realized its evil like veggies

  • Luis0J
    Luis0J 1 day ago

    Do the Mondo Burger XD

  • Red Red
    Red Red 1 day ago

    it has no meat

  • 1000 jews
    1000 jews 1 day ago

    you gotta get Gordon Ramsey to try your best dish

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 1 day ago

    OK i just watched 3 videos of my Favorite tv/movies and i SUBBED!! THIS GUY IS GREAT! THX MAN

  • allyxasalyssa
    allyxasalyssa 1 day ago

    Second time commenting but I thought the comment section of this video was a more appropriate place to do it. The sweetbread a'la Gusteau, please, if you could! <3

  • BlackCat 3041
    BlackCat 3041 2 days ago

    I want to try some too

  • Ishida Shouya
    Ishida Shouya 2 days ago

    your voice sound like Fitz from csgo 😂

  • Unknown Vapor
    Unknown Vapor 2 days ago

    That literally looks just like it

  • T-man S-man
    T-man S-man 2 days ago

    Well wtf was it good or not?

  • SabyThe Shumpy
    SabyThe Shumpy 2 days ago

    The ice cream in the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. the slughorn scene

  • JewTube
    JewTube 2 days ago

    Bruh i thought they were pepperonis

  • Aj Megale
    Aj Megale 2 days ago

    is that El Ten Eleven i hear in the background? love this channel

  • Jimmy Nihckol
    Jimmy Nihckol 2 days ago

    Who else thought the peppers was a heart at the beginning of the video

  • Harrison Fraser
    Harrison Fraser 2 days ago

    How sharp is very

  • Will Tannery
    Will Tannery 2 days ago

    This guy is... really really charismatic

  • D3pli0s
    D3pli0s 3 days ago

    Where's the recipe at?

  • Soapy Llama
    Soapy Llama 3 days ago

    "See if I can remember what happened to my hamster" *fades to black and then a screen of a steaming oven tray*


  • Isaiah DeWitz
    Isaiah DeWitz 3 days ago

    As a kid, I always thought the ratatouille looked like multicolored pepperoni, so that's how I always imagined it tasted.

    I like pepperoni

  • Basic Loser
    Basic Loser 3 days ago

    I remember when I was younger I wanted to also recreate this. At the time I was like 6 and I wasn't too smart so I thought the "red stuff" were pepperoni and I thought the "yellow stuff" was mustard. I mixed it together and almost threw up 😂

  • Clifford Hawley
    Clifford Hawley 3 days ago

    That looks amazing.

  • Little Peanut
    Little Peanut 3 days ago

    My life's a lie, I thought the tomatoes was like salami or something. My 4 year old self, so stupid.
    But it still looks good though🤤

  • Michelle Nieto
    Michelle Nieto 3 days ago

    make something from food wars the anime

  • Tr. Da.
    Tr. Da. 3 days ago

    3:26 rofl 🤣

    JERRY DAVILA 3 days ago

    e et cw0,1.5.0 tftvsapa

    JERRY DAVILA 3 days ago

    e et cw0,1.5.0 tftvsapa

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 3 days ago

    😣I wish he was my dad so that he could make me food😢

  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith 3 days ago

    Can you do the French dinner and lavender ice cream from its complicated

  • RainbowPuke MSP
    RainbowPuke MSP 3 days ago

    This made me hungry

  • kaya
    kaya 4 days ago

    My dreams have came true

  • Deadpool's Bacon2022

    who came here from buzzfeed

  • Violet Blak
    Violet Blak 4 days ago

    I love you for the Frasier outro

  • Mshare AL-khuraiji
    Mshare AL-khuraiji 5 days ago

    Him or Gordon Ramsay

  • Tyren Mountain
    Tyren Mountain 5 days ago

    meh I can't eat only vegtibles I need some meat

  • Soy-un-dorito kpop
    Soy-un-dorito kpop 5 days ago

    I always liked to imagine there was pepperoni in there

  • archer coerver
    archer coerver 5 days ago

    when I was little I through that it was pepperoni

  • RetroDeath
    RetroDeath 5 days ago

    This is my favourite episode yet, the dedication to the movie with the taste test is superbe!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 days ago

    Mixture looks like curry

  • Yeruel Villegas
    Yeruel Villegas 6 days ago

    what happened to his hamster?

  • RagingBubuli
    RagingBubuli 6 days ago

    I actually cried at this scene.

  • aslsmm
    aslsmm 6 days ago

    gold. My new YouTube addiction.

  • Mr Brownstone
    Mr Brownstone 6 days ago


  • funny smile 123
    funny smile 123 6 days ago

    "A little bit of vegetable stock"


  • Aldo Rizkiawan
    Aldo Rizkiawan 6 days ago

    those jokes tho XD

  • mislemash
    mislemash 7 days ago

    squash and hazelnut soup from Tangled!

  • Angelo Cipollaro
    Angelo Cipollaro 7 days ago

    El ten eleven for the music was a great choice for the video!!!!

  • Duru Oktay
    Duru Oktay 7 days ago

    the flashback when you tast testing lmaooo

  • Michael Steinheiser

    ahahahaha THE FLASHBACK!!!!

  • k n personal
    k n personal 7 days ago

    do you have a rat in your hat?

  • anonysalt
    anonysalt 8 days ago

    What was evil about the reviewer?

  • Danny Wical
    Danny Wical 8 days ago

    My mom flushed my hamster down the toilet.

  • The Fiendish Fangirl

    Spaghetti tacos from iCarly!

  • raman oto
    raman oto 8 days ago

    Omg the flashback made me laugh so hard! That was an amazing touch LOL!!!

  • my Instagram is__learn_to_live__

    mmm all vegan too I know what I'm making tonighttt

  • Pinkus Dean
    Pinkus Dean 8 days ago

    when watching this, Pixar's greatest moments turned on my TV. also it looks so yummy! though I can't stand most cooked vegetables T^T

  • Majin Sean
    Majin Sean 8 days ago

    Yo The Rat from Ratatouille is Hot.

    • Majin Sean
      Majin Sean 8 days ago

      Have You ever regretted a comment

  • Molly C
    Molly C 9 days ago

    Please tell me that that was an actual video of you when you were younger. Or maybe it's your son?

  • Francisco Ceja
    Francisco Ceja 9 days ago

    American ratatouille: replace the sliced veggies w/ with a variety of sliced sausages, then top off w/ a pile of shredded cheese, then served with a side of dipping sauce

  • AbbiCat's Channel
    AbbiCat's Channel 10 days ago

    Omg that flashback

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai 10 days ago

    When I was a kid I thought ratatouille was made of real rats... lol

  • Luka Trikha
    Luka Trikha 10 days ago

    Y'all impressed with the ratatouille while I'm impressed that it's in 1440p

  • Exocutioner13
    Exocutioner13 10 days ago

    Your dry sense of humor cracks me up man. Earned the subscribe for sure! Keep it up!

  • Roman Martinez
    Roman Martinez 10 days ago

    no thank you i have watched all your oldest videos and making my way up, and right now this is my favorite because the movie ratatouille inspired me to chase my dreams of becoming a chef and now to see this in one of my favorite youtube channels i really love it hope you continue to make more videos and keep up the work will definitly be watching the rest and looking for more

  • Anthony Sengsouvanh
    Anthony Sengsouvanh 10 days ago

    You deserve a show on Munchies

  • Ha C
    Ha C 10 days ago

    I love people who are monotone/semi-monotone/deep voice make jokes they are so funny

  • Youtubaholic
    Youtubaholic 11 days ago

    burger from HIMYM pleeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Jóhann Mar Kristjánsson

    I think if you added some pepperoni or and some salamy then it would be great aswell

  • Phuc Phan
    Phuc Phan 11 days ago

    please a shark from runescape

  • randall kiely
    randall kiely 11 days ago

    when I was little I always thought ratatoullie was colored salami in the movie lol.

  • Brendan Aparicio
    Brendan Aparicio 11 days ago

    does the music sound like stardew valley to anyone else?

  • The Red Recon
    The Red Recon 11 days ago

    What is that music at the start?

  • JazzoommT 53662189
    JazzoommT 53662189 12 days ago

    he is boiling water on a separate burner then using the stove behind him

  • Davion Smith
    Davion Smith 12 days ago

    I love that you have EL TEN ELEVEN playing in the background 👍🏾

  • Petekachu
    Petekachu 13 days ago

    people makin' stuff like this while I'm over here only being able to make hot pockets..... :(

  • Sissy ASMR
    Sissy ASMR 13 days ago

    Oooh Frasier!

  • Cassie Moyles
    Cassie Moyles 13 days ago

    "let's see if I can remember what happened to my hamster when I was five" lololol

  • Da AnzzMeister
    Da AnzzMeister 13 days ago

    You should totally do something from Tampopo

  • TheSmackerlacker
    TheSmackerlacker 14 days ago

    What if I have an electric range(like most people)? What then?

  • Heyitzj0sh
    Heyitzj0sh 14 days ago

    This is one of the few channels where I just insta-subscribed without watching a video

  • Fernanda Iniguez-Rivera


  • Xenobork
    Xenobork 15 days ago

    Now I understand this is from a game, but can you do Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry from Breath of the Wild?

  • R
    R 15 days ago

    What happened to the hamster? xd

  • Tristan Robertson
    Tristan Robertson 15 days ago


  • Clarice Taylor
    Clarice Taylor 16 days ago

    You should do the soup from Ratatouille!

  • Ymbert Bonaventure Dickens

    One of the most creative cooking channels right now.

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 16 days ago

    Oh my god that little flashback was lowkey touching as fuck

  • Helen Hollis
    Helen Hollis 16 days ago

    good burger from good burger

  • Antonnacio Clarke
    Antonnacio Clarke 16 days ago

    Spaghetti tacos

  • MisterBiscuits
    MisterBiscuits 17 days ago

    I always thought the parchment paper they put ontop of the ratatouille was some sort of this tortilla XD

  • Kobe Guevarra
    Kobe Guevarra 17 days ago

    fuck this is a awesome channel

  • Alexandria Sasuman
    Alexandria Sasuman 17 days ago

    i just found you and holyyyyyy i love you!!!

  • *•MysticWolf• •BTS&KARD•*

    I love how he shows the actual show part before making the realistic dish it's GR8!

  • Kuroda Cursus
    Kuroda Cursus 17 days ago

    My mouth is watering. Never watch food videos on an empty stomach.

  • redwolf6261
    redwolf6261 17 days ago

    Cherry pie from twin peaks!!

  • Iby Helmy
    Iby Helmy 17 days ago

    Oh my god, yes. Just yes.

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