Rush Limbaugh: By enabling the investigations of Trump, Republicans put themselves in 2018 peril

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  • Mitchell Davis
    Mitchell Davis 2 months ago

    They know it, and all that pay attention know it..................The "Shadow" controls all. If they get him, it's over. There will no going back. The Establishment will destroy/Give Away everything WE gained them to protect the machine.

  • Lord Draconia
    Lord Draconia 2 months ago +4

    God damn the cuckservative rino traitors. Voting is a scam. The "Republicans " are just the jv team of the Democrats.

    • Jim M
      Jim M 2 months ago

      Lord D, it makes me sad that I have to agree with you 100%. As for your second comment, I guess I'm going to have to join your platoon as well.

    • Lord Draconia
      Lord Draconia 2 months ago

      there is 0 reason to vote for cuckservative better to get the revolution on now

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