5 Cancelled SPIDER-MAN Projects

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    Spider-man Homecoming is on the way, but in the meantime here's five Spider-man movies or video games or whatever that were cancelled before we saw them. Thanks for watching!

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  • Andrew Ackley
    Andrew Ackley Day ago

    6:35 hulk dabs

  • ThatRandom NerdGuy
    ThatRandom NerdGuy 3 days ago

    My stopping a train face.

  • Quaz Al Ghul
    Quaz Al Ghul 3 days ago

    The thing about cancelled comic book movies that I never understood is that why either Marvel or DC didn't try to release their projects in other media: with animation, video games, comics, or even as novelizations, these movies could have been moneymakers for the Big Two. Or least that is just my opinion.

  • Gaming Hunter
    Gaming Hunter 4 days ago

    It would be cool to see a spider verse film with all of the spidermen fighting or teaming up.

  • Puzzle Projector
    Puzzle Projector 4 days ago

    Why is Toby Maguire smiling when he supposed to be sad?

    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 7 days ago

    you know what if we get a marvel cinematic verse spidy 2 we immediatly need a three with a spiderverse story involving all spider mans making them all cannon just not in the same universe

    just a neat idea

  • FreeBird0964
    FreeBird0964 10 days ago

    Fuck Sony and Amy they didn't help Sam to finish his Spider-Man 4.

  • Oisin Finnan
    Oisin Finnan 13 days ago

    Why the fuck isn't hawkeye the highest earning comic book character

  • Nivision
    Nivision 15 days ago

    Any comment below

  • Spidey209
    Spidey209 17 days ago

    What if Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D showed a flash back with Peter's parents

  • Arnold Mendez
    Arnold Mendez 17 days ago

    I also remember Jim Carrey being Carnage, so much hype about it just to find out that it was canceled what could have been...

  • Rake187
    Rake187 17 days ago

    Hey buddy

  • Numair Nayeem
    Numair Nayeem 20 days ago

    I'm not saying any comments below ohh wait I did 😂

  • Peace X Love
    Peace X Love 22 days ago

    There should be a Married with Children movie.

  • Limp
    Limp 23 days ago

    Uh oh Venom solo movies is going to happen.

  • Abhishek Tarafdar
    Abhishek Tarafdar 24 days ago

    6:33 this Hulk looks...just fucking awful

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 28 days ago

    any comment

    BRANDY WRIGHT 28 days ago

    fart fart butt butt butt poop poop poop poop pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop spiderman

  • Shooper Dooper
    Shooper Dooper 29 days ago

    Agent Parker is my favorite show

  • Zak Abboud
    Zak Abboud Month ago

    Some of these cancelled projects look kinda cool.

  • rainfire19
    rainfire19 Month ago

    Seriously? No mention of James Cameron's attempt to make a Spider-Man film?

  • No Sense Nuisance
    No Sense Nuisance Month ago

    Did I just see...Italian Spider-Man?

  • EPM 101
    EPM 101 Month ago

    Venom's still happening.

  • Ashley V
    Ashley V Month ago

    Amazing content keep it up im surprised you havent reached 1mil subs yet but continue the work!

  • Bricks For Change
    Bricks For Change Month ago

    I bet you won't pick me to win the lootcrate

  • logan x
    logan x Month ago

    quake me chloe

  • MR Revenant
    MR Revenant Month ago

    Funny faces < good acting

  • Nifty Kiwi
    Nifty Kiwi Month ago

    I mean, if you want to give me a free loot crate then, uh, sure... I'm good with that

  • dale keogh
    dale keogh Month ago

    for a comment to get my mitts on a loot crate I'd like to plug my youtube channel, where i draw shit, time lapsed. I do listen to the weekly planet when i work.

  • CrudestTriptico
    CrudestTriptico Month ago

    Could you link some pics of the storyboard for cancelled spiderman movies? That would be amazing to study as future reference

  • Jonathan Amparo
    Jonathan Amparo Month ago +3

    I wish Spider-Man 4 was made because I hate Andrew Garfield one and Tom holland Toby Maguire is the best Spider-Man

    • 「King」Panda
      「King」Panda 28 days ago

      Jonathan Amparo I think tom's spidey is the best,he was more accurate and better,Tom is talkative,Tom doesnt want to kill people,Peter in Spiderman 1 is fast enough to push Norman instead of making him die,Tom is better because if he was in a same situation as Spider-man 1 in the final battle,he would push Norman and trap Norman with his webs,leaving him to the police

    • Jonathan Amparo
      Jonathan Amparo 29 days ago

      L Ll because I didn't like the battle I didn't get the story line and the Spider-Man scene was not good and that Spider-Man is so stupid and too talkative

    • L Ll
      L Ll 29 days ago

      Jonathan Amparo How on earth is Civil War behind Emo Parker: The Movie

  • CyberZilla
    CyberZilla Month ago

    I think the venom movie is still happening actually

  • Friday Night's Out
    Friday Night's Out Month ago

    I want a game like Lego Marvel Super Heroes but with more realistic graphics and not legos

  • Anissa Mathiasz
    Anissa Mathiasz Month ago

    i lik chikin and speshal stuph

  • Gamer Growl
    Gamer Growl Month ago

    the art with venom and carnages's heads is porn

  • Xbox 360 BabyKingZalyn

    I would love to see The Amazing Spiderman 3 probably would of been great

  • Terri Kinney
    Terri Kinney Month ago

    what the heck mr sunday movies spiderman unlimited isn't crap!

  • gtgamerforlife
    gtgamerforlife Month ago

    ha ha

    L33ROY J3NKINS Month ago +5

    I would've loved to see spider-man 4. That idea about Bruce Campbell's cameo as Mysterio would have been awesome. 👍

  • DurtySprite
    DurtySprite Month ago +2

    I wish we could've seen what Spider-Man 4 would've been like :( Sony ruins everything.

  • thiago lopes
    thiago lopes Month ago

    5:26 spider man just let that dude die without giving a single fuck

  • Tyler Worsham
    Tyler Worsham Month ago +1

    well, the Venom movie is coming out next fall so that's still happening. Tom Hardy is Venom though so that's cool. It's still kinda muddy whether or not it will exist within the MCU though. It's a toss up between not at all or in the MCU but it's own thing for now, akin to how the MCU Netflix series are being handled. I guess Carnage is the villain.

  • Donnie dufrene
    Donnie dufrene Month ago

    A venom solo movie is happening

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed Month ago

    I'm one of the few people that actually like the amazing Spider-Man and did want to see asm 3 and a sinister six movie, that said I'm very happy with the new Spider-Man movie can't wait to see more MCU spidey

  • Dalton Lippincott
    Dalton Lippincott Month ago

    right about the main viliian of vulture

  • Hunter m
    Hunter m Month ago

    "This video is sponsored by asteroids one will get us eventually" I was dying😂

  • Nick Toth
    Nick Toth Month ago

    I honestly really like the mysterio idea

  • MbmYT
    MbmYT Month ago

    There's still a venom spinoff movie that's coming out

    • hioeo
      hioeo Month ago

      This was made back in February, it wasn't confirmed whether or not the Venom movie was being made, that was rumored until recently then confirmed by Sony, who later revealed Tom Hardy as Venom.

  • Frederick Core
    Frederick Core Month ago


  • Dino Hunter
    Dino Hunter Month ago

    I would love to see the number one spot

  • chad Raven
    chad Raven Month ago

    idk tasm 2 was good

  • Byron Story
    Byron Story Month ago

    meme want free stuff.

  • Caged Birds
    Caged Birds Month ago

    That solo venom movie is actually happening

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ Month ago

    i do... man i liked the mystery in the amazing spiderman.. mannn...

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ Month ago

    i hate this kid riding a tricycle in black paint next to a nissan car commercial... it says to kids its ok to be stupid and wreckless and that its cool and its just a dumb annoying comercial...

  • LevinJeez
    LevinJeez Month ago

    3:02 oh wait

  • Miha Zelenik
    Miha Zelenik Month ago


  • JacPod
    JacPod Month ago

    So, about that Venom movie...

  • Saiyan Sleek Media
    Saiyan Sleek Media Month ago

    Information was good in this video, they should have made part 4

  • Jack Gray
    Jack Gray Month ago

    Hey, Spiderman 3 was awesome!

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago

    I'd love to see marvel destruction!

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber Month ago

    I thought the amazing 2 video game was better than the movie.

  • Fauzan Jabbar
    Fauzan Jabbar Month ago

    comment bellow

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson Month ago +1

    4:23 bottom right hand corner, apparently one of mysterios illusions is an Internet meme god

  • c christy
    c christy Month ago

    You showed Italian Spiderman. I live in the U.S. most have never heard of of him. Have his theme song on my I Tunes.

  • swattdoggg
    swattdoggg Month ago

    Is spiderman: homecoming any good?

    ASAP BIDOOF Month ago

    Web of Shadows wasn't bad, but Spider-Man's voice was god awful

  • ᖴᗩᗪIᑎG EᑕᕼOEᔕ

    About 8 Spiderman games.

  • Mewtwo99 Game
    Mewtwo99 Game Month ago

    great video

  • Joey Vasquez
    Joey Vasquez Month ago


  • Luca Pucci
    Luca Pucci Month ago

    Still waiting Spider-Man 4

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Month ago

    You liers

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Month ago

    Venom film in 2018

  • Paco Santana
    Paco Santana Month ago

    TAS was good as hell. 2nd was good but had to many good plot points they didn't follow.

  • bat man
    bat man Month ago

    i thought the venom movie was still happeing

  • NateTheFrenchBulldog

    TASM 3 didn't ever happen because andrew got fired....

    • Robert Kelly
      Robert Kelly Month ago

      NateTheFrenchBulldog And TASM 2 did not make enough money to justify a cinematic Universe.

  • Cesar, Fuentes
    Cesar, Fuentes Month ago

    Why did you Photoshop Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire to have there hair styles switch

  • Darth Baldi
    Darth Baldi Month ago

    Too bad we didn't get to see Felicity Jones as black cat. Sony ruins everything

  • Rolls Roy
    Rolls Roy Month ago

    I'd really love a Spider-verse movie...I miss Tobey "weird face" Maguire

  • Foysol Amin
    Foysol Amin Month ago


  • Arctic spider
    Arctic spider Month ago

    I would love spider man 4

  • Nightwing
    Nightwing Month ago

    Seega? It's Sega you idiot. Se-Ga, seriously you need to learn how to pronounce certain words

  • Goofy LinkMC
    Goofy LinkMC Month ago

    The art for that last movie was really well done. I would've liked to see it as an animated film

  • SLC Productions
    SLC Productions Month ago

    the dr doom design is bad but still better than fox

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Month ago

    any comment below

  • skank hunt 43
    skank hunt 43 Month ago

    anyone here for spectacular spiderman

  • Edwin diaz
    Edwin diaz Month ago

    he he....about the Venom film......

  • HA Entertainment
    HA Entertainment Month ago

    Plays calm music at the vulture and Spider-man scene, then plays epic music at McGuire's faces scene.

  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer Month ago

    gr8 m8

  • Seth Welsh
    Seth Welsh Month ago

    You said classique with a good french accent

  • Dankthony Memetano
    Dankthony Memetano Month ago

    Where are the fucking Kraven projects?? Does no company hold a sliver of faith for mah boi??

  • Ash Munro
    Ash Munro Month ago

    Oh yes. So keen for some version of the Spider-verse team up movie. Especially if that means we get Miles.

  • Ian Scott Castillo
    Ian Scott Castillo Month ago

    Ur funny dude

  • Zachary Wesley
    Zachary Wesley Month ago

    Thank you! Somebody finally gives Web Of Shadows some good credit!

  • Das Walker
    Das Walker Month ago

    Isn't the Venom solo movie still alive?

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 2 months ago

    One of pjs will get us eventually 😂😂

  • ThatRetr0Psycho 2017
    ThatRetr0Psycho 2017 2 months ago

    if the sam ramey movies continued it would out class andrew garfield and tom holland and considering that would have been peter working as an science teacher at the university like in the comics

  • cesar avitia
    cesar avitia 2 months ago


  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood 2 months ago

    I want to hear that music play during his fight with vulture in Homecoming XD

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