8 Most Dangerous Trends Ever

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  • People are constantly finding dangerous ways to push the boundaries and seek new highs. And thanks to social media many people now have an audience.
    Anyone is able to share an idea with the world with the possibility of it going viral and this is how many trends, challenges and games are born.
    Now most of the time these trends are exciting, harmless and just a bit of fun but sometimes they're incredibly dangerous and result in fatalities.
    Ranging from surfing on the roof of a moving car to people setting themselves on fire for entertainment, lets jump right in and take a look at 8 of the most dangerous trends ever.

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  • The Alien
    The Alien 4 days ago

    setting yourself on fire? In my country that's called selfharm depending on the part of the body

  • meme rufus
    meme rufus 6 days ago

    for the newer version of car surfing, the car wouldnt drive. it would slow down after a short while and stop.

  • t anderson
    t anderson 6 days ago

    stupid people need to stop making. dumd challenges

  • t anderson
    t anderson 6 days ago

    no more challenges

  • space cadet
    space cadet 10 days ago

    i feel dumber from watching this video

  • Harley
    Harley 12 days ago

    the only drug i use to get high on is called LIFE. its completely free

  • hot cocoa
    hot cocoa 13 days ago

    when you wish school is forever because people really need it now.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 14 days ago

    Anyone wanna i dos with me?

  • Isaac Reech
    Isaac Reech 17 days ago

    Hey everyone! I did a reaction video to this on my channel. Please check it out!!

  • K9Loverx Pawesome!
    K9Loverx Pawesome! 22 days ago

    humans are so dump

  • seal faggot
    seal faggot 22 days ago

    how have people devolved to the point that putting a was in your vagina is considered a fucking trend

  • David Stanley
    David Stanley 25 days ago

    These are great trends. We can only hope thousands die. It will certainly help our gene pool

  • Logan Howell That One Doggo

    No 1. Fidget Spinners

  • R Hayat
    R Hayat 25 days ago

    That last one. OMG! If you're going to do something risky, risk only yourself. Don't put everybody else on the road at risk. Idiots!

  • Nova Blud
    Nova Blud 25 days ago

    I ghost-ride my bike

  • The basketball LORD
    The basketball LORD 25 days ago

    The "Chubby Bunny" challenge is one I did at a school assembly for a competition, my school is INSANELY competitive. Anyway, I won the competition and I was promised a T-shirt but I'm still waiting for one.

  • Albana Gashi
    Albana Gashi 26 days ago

    You know what? I don't even think they actually think about how these trends will turn out after they do it. They are just like "oh, setting myself on fire is a great idea!","oh, putting a wasp in my vagina is so clever!" Like, what the fuck. They actually deserve to get hurt because it's like they are signing up to get hurt.

  • Q Skyshark
    Q Skyshark 26 days ago


  • Noctis Cae1um
    Noctis Cae1um 26 days ago

    Sooo... getting penetrated by a wasp basically?

  • Will Young
    Will Young 26 days ago

    Someone at my old school died because of the chubby bunny challenge

  • Greg Flowers
    Greg Flowers 26 days ago

    bunch of numb nutts

  • Raphaelx237
    Raphaelx237 26 days ago

    do you like how you didn't see any black people in the video

  • Marvin Cooper
    Marvin Cooper 26 days ago


  • Cerinaya
    Cerinaya 26 days ago

    Never underestimate the depths of stupidity that people can sink .

  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910 26 days ago

    who in their right frame of mind will put insects in their genitalia??? if you want it cleaned, WASH IT!

  • Ninas YT Channel
    Ninas YT Channel 26 days ago

    The trends are just full of stupidity and the people who try these things are just stupid

  • Jim Holter
    Jim Holter 26 days ago


  • Mike Rippey
    Mike Rippey 26 days ago

    The fact that some people survive is proof that Darwin is losing the battle of the fittest

  • Lydia Biehle
    Lydia Biehle 26 days ago

    NEVER play chubby bunny with grapes... it is painful to have grape juice in your nasal cavity.

  • AllyDawsLove Msp
    AllyDawsLove Msp 26 days ago

    Damn humanity is stupid asf

  • Trash Can Gaming
    Trash Can Gaming 26 days ago

    RIP Johny
    he died from choking on a condom

  • FriendshipStorm
    FriendshipStorm 26 days ago

    a friend of me and my twin sister died of that in 5th grade. The choking game.

  • Michael-Anthony Gillespie

    Any faith that existed for humanity is now disappeared..

  • Natalia Cookies
    Natalia Cookies 26 days ago

    these people are dumbasses :O

  • Mike Foley
    Mike Foley 27 days ago

    They games are designed the cull out the stupidest humans from the rest of the flock.

  • The one friend Who has no life

    I remember when someone I knew accidentally did the fire challenge

  • Alexa KT
    Alexa KT 27 days ago

    I cringed the worst when you said that it would be bad if the wasp eggs hached, ugh, god.

  • bezoticallyyours83
    bezoticallyyours83 27 days ago

    Seriously? Didn't these morons playing the condom challenge ever hear about how dangerous plastic bags can be?

  • bezoticallyyours83
    bezoticallyyours83 27 days ago

    people are crazy

  • Zero001 LP
    Zero001 LP 27 days ago

    ... *tries the first trend*
    I feel nothing... Why?... I do not have a good enough brain for that...

  • Charles Dickson
    Charles Dickson 27 days ago

    A newspaper in London recently (sometime in the last month) published an article advising women NOT to put wasp nests in their vagina. And that shows how stupid that newspaper must think the people of London are. and obviously some of them are really that stupid. lmao.

  • Baller006
    Baller006 27 days ago

    Nothing like dying because of oral sex eh?

  • austin irby
    austin irby 27 days ago

    ive played but 1 fell and choke the chubby bunny challenge

  • TheBFDIminecart 123
    TheBFDIminecart 123 27 days ago

    My friend did the chubby bunny challenge

  • Pa7em Vocaloid fan
    Pa7em Vocaloid fan 27 days ago

    This is why people need to think before they invent a new trend.

  • Christine Vogt-Klimshuk

    Next to these "trends", I am sooooo dull and judging by this stuff, I'm good with that!

  • Diego Otter
    Diego Otter 27 days ago

    This music makes me deaf

  • Darkgod 55
    Darkgod 55 27 days ago

    But yfbgyn

  • American Toast
    American Toast 27 days ago

    Am I one of the 1% of the Internet that has common sense?

    • Jarrak Dor
      Jarrak Dor 13 days ago

      American Toast Don't worry, I'm Here as well.

  • The Great Papyrus and Mettaton!

    *sighs*WHAT....THE FUCK!?

  • Fugglestick theugly
    Fugglestick theugly 27 days ago

    You know its the Asians that are shoving wasp nests in there...

  • L Beltz
    L Beltz 27 days ago

    Who the f*** does this stupid s***???

  • Sriracha Soda
    Sriracha Soda 27 days ago

    Fire challenge was lit AF, and the choking challenge? LMAO BRUH IM DEAD! *string of laughing emoji's followed by one skull emoji*. Good job retards.

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose 27 days ago


  • Ginger's World
    Ginger's World 27 days ago

    Well I just learned some stuff

  • Mystic Unknown
    Mystic Unknown 27 days ago

    People...why? Are we that bored? Go outside you guys...it's a whole world out there. Well, okay I don't go outside. But that's for legitimate reasons lol.

  • The_kawaii_cat_ •-•

    Someone at my cousins high school died from playing the chocking game

  • Mcprogal
    Mcprogal 27 days ago

    the wasp-in-the-crotch thing is so idiotic that i'm baffled how it even became popular, and whoever shared it with the freaking WORLD needs to see a doctor!

  • The animal Lover
    The animal Lover 27 days ago

    Excuse me while i take my happy pills * chug chug*

  • Wildcea Waters
    Wildcea Waters 27 days ago

    Tickle your pickle is the most stupid phrase I have ever heard

  • xxpyroxx75
    xxpyroxx75 27 days ago

    there's a strip club called the tickle pickle?

  • Golden Baby
    Golden Baby 28 days ago

    ive done the chubby bunny game....

  • lps animash Aj
    lps animash Aj 28 days ago

    fuck i hate wasps and bees i would never go near one

  • Poptart The Dinosaur

    Why do people do these trends?!? Seriously why? Do they want to die? These are questions no one will ever answer

    • Dimondslayer 98
      Dimondslayer 98 27 days ago

      Poptart The Dinosaur thay are retards and thay want to die

  • Lin Joy
    Lin Joy 28 days ago

    For anyone considering putting alcohol into their eye's to get dunk, PLEASE note that the corneal layer of the eye doesn't have blood supply!!! the cornea gets it's oxygen supply directly from the air around us. Plus you only get one set of eye's why risk your sight?

  • TheGamingGuy
    TheGamingGuy 28 days ago

    the only thing i can say about these is: those stupid fucking idiots.....

  • jeen-clawd Gahd Damn

    Extinct those idiots now! Imagine if they procreate... straight to subhuman espécimen.

  • PioneerMoss 1377
    PioneerMoss 1377 28 days ago

    Kids are idiots

  • Tiana Mcmaster
    Tiana Mcmaster 28 days ago

    why would someone put a wasp nest in there ###########

  • George Head
    George Head 28 days ago

    the wasp tho ewwwwww😣

  • Hillaree Harper
    Hillaree Harper 28 days ago

    you all know what ou came for

  • Dhahir Tamam
    Dhahir Tamam 28 days ago

    i ever do the number 3 yet

    • Dhahir Tamam
      Dhahir Tamam 28 days ago

      but not really, i just using plastic bottle

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 28 days ago

    Fucking humans.

  • DaisyTheDino
    DaisyTheDino 28 days ago

    And this is why I don't have real life friends :)

  • Dale Bergeron
    Dale Bergeron 28 days ago

    These trends are helping out society to get fools out of the gene pool before they make other fools.

  • Advertise Play
    Advertise Play 28 days ago

    Fuck you! Really! Fuck-You!!!

  • blake bever
    blake bever 28 days ago

    imagine a grave stone R.I.P Billy death by chocking on a condom 2000-2017

  • SuperSwaggyGamer456
    SuperSwaggyGamer456 28 days ago

    why did u say tickle ur pickle cuz thats kinda gay if u do that to me

  • factenter
    factenter 28 days ago

    ฯฯฯToo much time on our handsฯฯฯ

    ROCKETSTAME 28 days ago

    I think it was train surphing

  • GothGalaxy202
    GothGalaxy202 28 days ago

    a was to entertain yourself is set marshmallows on fire

  • Team Aqua
    Team Aqua 28 days ago

    Don't forget the blue whale challenge

    Hackers force you to buy an app and the final "challenge" is to kill yourself

    Be careful guys

  • Hypothermia
    Hypothermia 28 days ago

    Uhh... Women

  • SirMegaManNeoX
    SirMegaManNeoX 28 days ago

    Natural Selection Is Taking To Long, We're Helping It Along.

  • Jazy 07
    Jazy 07 28 days ago

    JUST WHY?!

  • Honato TheCatDemon
    Honato TheCatDemon 28 days ago

    C H U B B Y B U N N Y

  • Tealtherobot
    Tealtherobot 28 days ago

    I think we should all just join the best trend, overwatch

  • Derek Baehni
    Derek Baehni 28 days ago

    my brother used to do the condom thing with balloons when he was a kid

  • psycho kitteh
    psycho kitteh 28 days ago

    Wtf would you play with fire !!!

    • katey cat
      katey cat 28 days ago

      psycho kitteh cute profiel pic!

  • ipKonfig.com
    ipKonfig.com 28 days ago

    Amen to Social Media filtering out the morons in the gene pool. Imagine if these people had kids? Imagine how many more kids those morons had? and so on, so on.... Social Media - the biggest government human idiocracy filter system ever built.

  • Minecraft Universe
    Minecraft Universe 28 days ago

    I remember when I was younger, we would surf IN a moving bus (we weren't stupid enough to surf on top 😝) and we would fall all the time with the slightest bump or turn or tap on the brakes. It was (not as crazy as surfing on top of a car) fun but not terribly smart. I did get a minor concussion from just doing that!

  • Ahuitzotl Acoyotl
    Ahuitzotl Acoyotl 28 days ago

    Actually, they're doling the world a favor, by weeding the stupidity out of the human gene pool. Anyone stupid enough to do them should be encouraged!

  • Hayley Moo
    Hayley Moo 28 days ago

    number one- OH HELL NAW

  • SuperPlush BrosStudio

    Okaearly women has more problems than men do

  • KittyLove4Days422 // Kitty

    The choking game makes me feel faint just thinking about it. Am I the only one? O.o

    • Nathan Poggemeyer
      Nathan Poggemeyer 27 days ago

      If I played that game the person trying to choke me would probably end up either on the ground in pain or in a headlock from my survival/self-defense sense kick in.

  • Erock Games
    Erock Games 29 days ago

    knife game song?

  • Evil Bastard
    Evil Bastard 29 days ago

    You didnt list the knock-out-game

  • PKhydro
    PKhydro 29 days ago

    There's a reason trends are known as viral... *they're viruses.*

  • Saki Reverse
    Saki Reverse 29 days ago

    O-O I'm good

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