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Comments: 489

  • DDS TV 2
    DDS TV 2  4 months ago +38

    Woo guys!! Compilation #75!! Thank you to everyone who sent in clips and for everyone's continual support. <3

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    • nifepartie
      nifepartie 26 days ago

      Love hearing Lars Larson on clip 20! YOU DA MAN, LARS!

    • TCav1000
      TCav1000 4 months ago

      Stamped Octagon Productions I was just making the point that, while the Jeep probably shouldn't have done it, he wasn't legally wrong for doing so. The bottom line is that the cammer swung the turn too wide, when he should have turned into the closest legal lane, ultimately leaving the cammer at fault in the situation.

    • Stamped Octagon Productions
      Stamped Octagon Productions 4 months ago

      Jeep driver is still an idiot for driving with his left leg on the dash though... Even if he was in a high-speed wreck that wasn't his fault with his leg propped up like that, he'd still be the loser...

    • TCav1000
      TCav1000 4 months ago

      DDS TV 2 just wanted to point out a correction for you! The clip where the jeep cut off the cammer with the bit of road rage following after. The cammer was actually in the wrong. It was a 2 lane road, so the cammer is legally required to turn into the closest legal lane, which would be the left lane in this instance. The jeep had every right to turn into the right lane. The cammer was at fault because he swung the turn too wide.

    • Stephen Kluthe
      Stephen Kluthe 4 months ago

      Sending you a video now :/

  • ValDrin Mehmeti
    ValDrin Mehmeti 8 days ago

    2.25 song please

  • GamingChannel 25
    GamingChannel 25 8 days ago

    Lol some of these go with the songs the drivers are playing

  • mrbigtian
    mrbigtian 8 days ago

    oh DDS TV 2, u should stop writing these little shitty comments for each clip. Stop showing off ur grade 01 English and save ur fucking self from embarrassing urself.

  • mrbigtian
    mrbigtian 8 days ago

    Here r some fucking asshole cammer of urs:

    1. 2:50, following too close and that Audi was not brake check, he was slowing down cause the road is getting narrow and twisty.

    2. 7:40, fucking idiot cammer turned into the curb lane when he suppose turn to the left lane when turning left.

    3. 8:40, again, cammer failed to yield the silver van and fucking crushed into him.

    None of them are "unfortunately"

  • Triangle_Pants
    Triangle_Pants 10 days ago

    5:35 even the license plate says OWW

  • 100nni
    100nni 11 days ago

    I have a question, why does barely anyone stop in these clips? Where I come from, you are obligated to at least stop and call emergency services when you witness an accident.

  • Adrian Florentino
    Adrian Florentino 18 days ago +1

    Those songs were fire tho😂

  • Keri Whitmire
    Keri Whitmire 23 days ago

    Poor camero at the end it's a nice car.

  • CarlMaster C
    CarlMaster C Month ago

    I dont get how its legal for the people who are found at fault, not to pay anything. If you're legally found at fault for an accident, dont you HAVE to pay for it? How does that work? You can just "refuse" to pay anything....right?

  • Austin Follmer
    Austin Follmer Month ago

    The noise the guy makes at 6 minutes hahahahah he was so scared lol

  • DefaultReaper52
    DefaultReaper52 Month ago

    yo DDS TV 2 i love your videos and the little description at the end of each clip keep it up man

  • Travis Alison
    Travis Alison Month ago

    4:11 honestly the semi was a bit of an asshole like the jeep had to merge and then instead of stopping after he got hit he rammed the jeep into the ditch

  • Steve Tici
    Steve Tici Month ago

    Haha. Chucking on CC - miss me blind on 1:31. Love that song!

  • Trainer Red
    Trainer Red Month ago

    Song at 6:42 though

  • owenbrau63
    owenbrau63 Month ago

    #19, of course the cammer was found at fault, HE was the one who turned left into oncoming traffic!

  • Shane Plyler
    Shane Plyler 2 months ago

    why are cammers always "unfortunately" at fault? like having a dashcam makes them somehow more righteous and empathetic? if the cammer fucked up, in my mind it's fortunate they had a cam. justice is served.

  • Michael Ferrell
    Michael Ferrell 2 months ago

    cammer 13 made some messed up noises

  • arupian666
    arupian666 2 months ago

    Are the driving tips really necessary ?

  • Elrod Jenkins
    Elrod Jenkins 2 months ago

    At 7:43, that driver was correct to make that right turn and stay in his lane. Just as the person making the left turn should have stayed in the left lane. So he didn't need to beep his horn at anyone. Learn how to drive proper.

  • Gadamlu
    Gadamlu 2 months ago

    ive never really subbed to a compilation channel before, but I enjoy how you add your own commentary in the vid. keep it up.

  • Camden Johnson
    Camden Johnson 3 months ago

    What does Cammy mean?

  • brad busby
    brad busby 3 months ago

    Really nice job with the explanations and fault results! Yours will be the first channel that I subscribe.

  • Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson 3 months ago

    2:40 BRAD'S WIFE!!!

  • Amber Jewkes
    Amber Jewkes 3 months ago

    Quit deciding who is at fault. I like your videos but your narratives are annoying. Do you stop and stay at accident scenes so you can find out from the police who's fault it is? Or do you just decide.

  • Zakarycringe
    Zakarycringe 3 months ago

    Ai dell taco free shavaca do

  • ROCKaholic
    ROCKaholic 3 months ago

    Hey 8:52 is right outside SeaTac airport!! I love it when I recognize a place in these videos.

  • Erin Stone
    Erin Stone 3 months ago

    Am I the only person that feels like the cammer in #13 (around 6:00-6:30) completely brake checked the other driver? Idk about y'all but I could've sworn when he was slowing down he was like "dare ya" and when he got hit he literally shouts "YESS"

  • Lalokera0629
    Lalokera0629 4 months ago

    @1:55. this dumb f*** coukd have stopped or slowed enough to acoid this accident. seemed to be one of those doush bags that basically made no effort to stop to proove some kind of point.

  • Dylan Ngar
    Dylan Ngar 4 months ago

    7:19 the tesla braked when the crash didn't even happened

    WINSTON LI 4 months ago

    These aren't even bad compared to the Russian crashes

  • The Resa
    The Resa 4 months ago

    #20 - the blue car has their signal on and has more than enough room to change lanes if the cammer would slow down a touch and let them in.

  • dachickenman
    dachickenman 4 months ago

    Regarding clip 19, why do you say the cammer was "unfortunately" found at fault? It shouldn't matter one bit that the van driver was on the phone; he wasn't driving dangerously.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger 4 months ago

    fuck jbole fuckin joto

    • j bloe
      j bloe 4 months ago

      You mad bro?!?! lol nice spelling btw. XD

  • Stamped Octagon Productions

    At about 7:24, is that A/C refrigerant from the condenser or just steam the radiator coming from the front of that white Ford?

  • Aryana Jacoby-shomaker
    Aryana Jacoby-shomaker 4 months ago

    @8:09 i recognize this and this is about 35th and doge street heading west on dodge in omaha nebraska

  • Southern Mechanics
    Southern Mechanics 4 months ago

    5:30 If Ford had still been using steel instead of aluminum for their trucks, the damage wouldn't have been this major.

  • DougE
    DougE 4 months ago

    Another great video. One of the channels I look forward to seeing new releases!! 3:20 my god does the same shit haha. But he was pretty close to the Audi but brake checking is extremely dangerous

  • Horse From Hell
    Horse From Hell 4 months ago

    you are an idiot @7:40. each vehicle is supposed to stay to the closest lane when turning. left hand turning vehicle needs to stay left during the turn and the jeep stays to the right as he should and makes the turn safely. The left turning car came over to the right which he can only do once he has safely made the left turn staying in the left most lane, than signalling and turning right. your video credibility just took a fucking dive. are you from Africa?

  • Firebird77
    Firebird77 4 months ago

    All these mustang memes but look at the Camaro at 10:08 pulling a mustang move

  • DaKoTA KiD 104
    DaKoTA KiD 104 4 months ago

    May I ask what flicking people off is? is it like flipping people off

  • Teddy Bunny
    Teddy Bunny 4 months ago

    DDS TV 2 i hope your reading this! You sir are excellent. I notice on a comment someone said, to keep the video going instead of pausing it when the words come on the video to read. You listened and it makes the videos 100% better! We may not always be right with stuff, but just the idea of you listening to our input makes me really appreciate the channel even more!

  • Chris Go
    Chris Go 4 months ago

    What is with these assholes not stopping to offer help and a statement?

  • Greg Webb
    Greg Webb 4 months ago

    Still waiting for my random ice barrage sound clip...

  • Steven B2
    Steven B2 4 months ago

    4:01" It was at this moment he realized his dad is gonna beat the crap outta him for the damage.

  • Julianna Devereux
    Julianna Devereux 4 months ago

    Does anyone else like curl their toes when a cammer almost/does hit a car. Makes me what to slam on an invisible brake

  • Pancake
    Pancake 4 months ago


  • Tj Cogmon
    Tj Cogmon 4 months ago

    Song at 1:02?

  • Mark Legg
    Mark Legg 4 months ago

    comment for #12 that tiny impact totaled out the cammers car.

  • Irfan Jamaluddin
    Irfan Jamaluddin 4 months ago

    7:15 the tesla must've predicted the crash

  • aintnunbutapenut
    aintnunbutapenut 4 months ago

    It's cars and coffee you fuckwit

  • antoniac1234
    antoniac1234 4 months ago

    Number 7 was not"multiple" brake checks. He did it at the end, but the others are just the guy slowing down to navigate the ramp. The person following was an asshole and gets no sympathy from me.

  • tom11zz884
    tom11zz884 4 months ago

    @ 9:13 is the reason why I hate to park my car on the streets...just for that reason.

  • Adam Harrington
    Adam Harrington 4 months ago

    No one's going to mention how the idiot biker was at fault in #18, 8:08, because he was riding in the turn lane? Who the fuck drives in a turn lane? Car pulling out wasn't look for vehicles going straight in the turn lane because it's illegal and I've never seen an idiot turn it into his own personal lane like that before.

  • FaytheReyn
    FaytheReyn 4 months ago

    Just wanted to stop in and say my (almost) 5 year old LOVES to watch your videos! He loves the crashes and I get to teach him about the rules of the road. :-)

    • SwaggyFruitable YT
      SwaggyFruitable YT 4 months ago

      FaytheReyn 5 year old?! Learning about rules of the road at this age now?! He will most likely be a good driver when he is grown up :D

  • RioRed Cobra
    RioRed Cobra 4 months ago

    "always make sure its clear and safe before turning/merging." Also, how about, "STOP MAKING ILLEGAL U-TURNS!!!" i see this daily right outside my bedroom window, and on my commute and its almost as bad as all the fuckhead pedestrians that run right out in front of you from between cars (generally with their face buried into their phones).

  • SuperSabre182
    SuperSabre182 4 months ago

    #19 is CLEARLY the cammers fault. How is it unfortunate?

  • wiiplayer9revisited
    wiiplayer9revisited 4 months ago

    no deer lately?

  • Kenneth Busler
    Kenneth Busler 4 months ago

    99 out of a hundred times when there is a rear end collision, the back car is held at fault. It's called allowing assured clear distance ahead. The only time that they wouldn't be held at fault is if the other car Switch Lanes in front of them really quickly. even if you slam on your brakes for an animal or a pedestrian or because you see a shiny quarter in the road the cars behind you have to assure that they have enough room to stop

  • Bad Drivers of Maricopa County

    #15 Is in Phoenix. Emily was turning in the dorms for Grand Canyon University

  • Bad Drivers of Maricopa County

    #14 Didn't even stop to help, yet she knew the drivers were injured? Good job bitch

  • Jacob Hewitt
    Jacob Hewitt 4 months ago

    Not everyone can be distracted. So chill with "they were distracted" in the commentary.

  • darin reese
    darin reese 4 months ago

    your brakes suck red truck

  • NoFakesHere
    NoFakesHere 4 months ago

    the guy at 3:03 is a fucking stupid idiot for driving so close to the person that is obviously scared of the off ramp...

  • Chester Dennis
    Chester Dennis 4 months ago

    That Camaro was about to become the new mustang

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 4 months ago

    #8 - Should have ran that dick Jeep all the way off the road. Little pr*ck! Hope there wasn't much damage to the cammer's rig.

  • jpike1984
    jpike1984 4 months ago

    In #17 the camera pulled into the wrong lane. The car turning right had the right of way.

  • Kyle Sanchez
    Kyle Sanchez 4 months ago

    Just bought a KDlinks DX2 today!

    • Kyle Sanchez
      Kyle Sanchez 4 months ago

      If i had one last year, you'd have quite a few clips of shit happening TO me. It was awful. 5 accidents, one year, none of them our fault... Sucks. but now I definitely think it'll pay off!

    • DDS TV 2
      DDS TV 2  4 months ago

      +Kyle Sanchez absolutely. Owning a dashcam will save you so many headaches, one incident, and it'll pay itself off, trust me! :)

      Hope I get some clips from you (hopefully not OF you, just of others ;) )

    • Kyle Sanchez
      Kyle Sanchez 4 months ago

      Yeah! Just bought my first car, and I definitely know a dashcam is a must! I hear so many great things about this one, glad to hear it was a good investment!

    • DDS TV 2
      DDS TV 2  4 months ago

      +Kyle Sanchez my man Kyle!! Great purchase man! KDLINKS are really popular in the dashcam community and have amazing picture quality IMHO

  • Jay W
    Jay W 4 months ago

    #7 that's off the garden state parkway! close to home

  • Adam B
    Adam B 4 months ago

    lol that guy at 6:02 "Darruhh oooeeeyaaah!"

  • bigdukem69
    bigdukem69 4 months ago +1

    4:40 At least the dashcam driver stopped to see if everyone was OK.

  • peteogrande
    peteogrande 4 months ago

    Your descriptions of the clips are trainwrecks

  • OneTallOrder
    OneTallOrder 4 months ago

    Dear lord that Saturn got smoked in that first clip. 2:20 I guess Young Metro didn't trust him.

  • Tassy Devil
    Tassy Devil 4 months ago +1

    I don't know how this guy thinks, but he is full of shit with his captions and down right guessing. The cammer didn't chase any1 down @1:33. U should keep your stupid comments to yourself

  • Frank Santariga
    Frank Santariga 4 months ago

    Appreciate you notes about the accidents..Thanks

  • Zipp085
    Zipp085 4 months ago

    1:55 the red driver just took his chance to get money. He even did not try to break but acelerated instead.... nice one......

  • MrMJmusicLover
    MrMJmusicLover 4 months ago

    I get honked, but the first clip is the reason why I wait for the last car to drive by.

  • Mikaela
    Mikaela 4 months ago

    best channel!

  • Curtis Noble
    Curtis Noble 4 months ago

    At 8:03 the Cammer turned into the wrong lane. When turning left you into the left lane not the right lane. Cammer was at fault

  • Flammeneis :D [AUT]
    Flammeneis :D [AUT] 4 months ago

    3:33 Actually, the cammer got way to close to the other drivers carm

  • Agamemnon Ra
    Agamemnon Ra 4 months ago

    8:43 shouldnt it say "fortunately" because it was clearly the cammers fault?

  • HookerWithAPenis
    HookerWithAPenis 4 months ago

    This is 10x worse than russians... Sorry but avarage human in america is SO BRAINWASHED, that i have no words for it, half of these people dont even know how behave when accident occurs

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper 4 months ago

      and the other half think "punch it"

  • JoeSloppyJoe
    JoeSloppyJoe 4 months ago

    8:52 ey! thats seatac airport! right on 99

  • snakeisekans
    snakeisekans 4 months ago

    How stop signs work in America; dab your breaks a little then speed up

  • Genoa Kay
    Genoa Kay 4 months ago +1

    Number 17...the right turner shouldn't have gone, but the left turner should have turned into the left lane, not the right. I don't really see the point in ragging for this situation. If something that minor gets you going, you need to learn some coping skills.

  • Xpninjadan
    Xpninjadan 4 months ago

    I know where number 21 took place.

  • Mojo Reanimated
    Mojo Reanimated 4 months ago

    That first video looked damn painful for the sedan. Damn painful.

  • VQ3713
    VQ3713 4 months ago

    #2 Both morons can't come to a complete stop. You both got the stupid prize.
    #7 Cammer should NOT be that close to them in the first place. Back the fuck off of them. 1- tight drive path 2- construction zone 3- night driving ... really. I am not defending the Audi driver, just stating that it was too close for comfort.
    #8 What a freaking moron, who tries to force them self in front of a tractor trailer... an idiot. WOW.

  • Butter Bear
    Butter Bear 4 months ago

    The guy that got rear ended by the Hyundai sounded like he just pooped his pants.

  • rob hec
    rob hec 4 months ago

    @6:57 that is in Phoenix at grand canyon university going down N 35th ave, the people always try and make dumb u turns like that in that area because traffic exiting the university parking lot dose not like to wait to make a L-hand turn...

  • YouTube Comment
    YouTube Comment 4 months ago

    0:40 cammer's fault. barely makes any effort to stop. there's more stopping in a rolling stop than what the cammer tried to pass off as a stop. the other driver isn't in view for very long either so it's hard to say how much effort they put in but they still had the right of way.
    2:08 actually cammer's fault. brakes, use em.
    2:37 ah, typical assumption of distraction. actually the cammer was the distracted one and caused the accident by stopping too late and too abruptly. it really isn't fair to just blame the other driver. that cammer waited until he was just about up that toyota's ass before killing his brakes.
    8:37 *slows video to 0.25 speed and watches frame by frame* NOPE. other driver NOT on phone. Sure, it's in his left hand but that doesn't mean he was using it or even that it being their in any way caused the accident. the cammer did not have time to make the turn and should have waited.

  • Marc Wright
    Marc Wright 4 months ago

    the driver @ 2.00 could have easily stopped..

  • Brianna B
    Brianna B 4 months ago +1

    That was a very nicely balanced motorcycle. LOL

  • Josh Brobud
    Josh Brobud 4 months ago

    #11 - that's what you get for being a looky loo

  • Sonny Moore
    Sonny Moore 4 months ago


    When the cammer is in the wrong: unfortunately... bla bla

    You're a terribly opinionated asshole, leave your commentary out of the video if it's going to be dumb shit like that.

  • Fnckmatie
    Fnckmatie 4 months ago

    1:36 culture club

  • luzo0o0
    luzo0o0 4 months ago

    why on earth would we want to see a mirror get clipped off a car in slow mo..?

  • Matt Zoeter
    Matt Zoeter 4 months ago

    9:55 My Good ole post office right by my house haha nice to see a familiar place

  • Tom Clooney
    Tom Clooney 4 months ago

    Is there a reason the audio keeps cutting in and out?

  • Skinny Buddha
    Skinny Buddha 4 months ago

    number 8 with the big rig was totally avoidable. you can speed up to try and force them behind you but if you see them not slowing down just give them the space. You'd think a big rig driver would try and avoid all accidents

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