The Mummy - Movie Review

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  • A retelling of The Mummy and a start to Universal's cinematic Monster universe dubbed "Dark Universe". Here's my review of "The Mummy"!

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  • Caleb Cruel
    Caleb Cruel 8 hours ago

    Why does the mummy have to be sexy/ pretty instead of creepy and disturbing?

  • LegoWarFilms
    LegoWarFilms 3 days ago

    To me this movie was good

  • Mr. Bear Bear
    Mr. Bear Bear 3 days ago

    Why are there zombies in a mummy movie???

  • John Gore
    John Gore 6 days ago

    It didn't feel like a mummy movie. So much just felt off. I would have preferred The Mummy taking place elsewhere other than London. Mummies in London... doesn't sound right. Doesn't feel right.

  • Masterofthechickens
    Masterofthechickens 8 days ago

    Anyone else notice the book of Amun-Ra from the mummy returns in the scene where Dr.Jekyll turns into Mr.Hyde. Jenny grabs the book to knock out Dr jekylls henchman.

  • dolphintattoogirl
    dolphintattoogirl 8 days ago

    I think that this version of The Mummy was a cheap, CGI rip-off of the masterpiece created in 1999. They should be sued for stealing the title. As well, I DON'T support Tom Cruise's career anymore since he is so intimately involved in Scientology. Scientology is a disgusting cult run by thieves and sadists.

  • Nathan Havlicek
    Nathan Havlicek 9 days ago +1

    lmfao the thriller Voice 😂

  • Parker Butter
    Parker Butter 9 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the wolfman and Jekyl and Hyde movies to relaunch

  • TheZman64
    TheZman64 9 days ago

    I never had an interest in seeing the film after that poorly made first trailer ended up online.
    I couldn't take it seriously so I'm sorta glad it bombed.

  • #35 Rossy's Reef
    #35 Rossy's Reef 10 days ago

    I love your videos. I'd like to suck your dick if I ever meet you in real life.

  • rickonami
    rickonami 10 days ago

    Dunno about you guys? But i liked this movie.

  • Sid Pend
    Sid Pend 11 days ago

    the movie is not that bad. it was ok . but brendan fraser movies are better than this

  • Cancerous Gaming Inc.
    Cancerous Gaming Inc. 11 days ago

    I kinda just wanted to bang the mummy

  • joker Darker
    joker Darker 11 days ago

    tom cruise is the top spokesman for scientology n thats why i NEVER pay,buy or whatever with his movies,i hate him n everything about his boyfriend,,david "miscarriage" miscavige ,,fuck them !

  • mike fury
    mike fury 11 days ago

    This was a good movie!! better then the other mummy films i think, hope they do more!! dark universe is looking pretty good.

  • Andrew Ho
    Andrew Ho 12 days ago

    why is everything a cinematic universe now

  • Ocean Water
    Ocean Water 12 days ago

    TBH this movie was cool, it was good. Not bad. All of y'all people complaining about Brendan not being casted as the main role need to research a little more. The last mummy movie was set in like 1950s or even earlier. Brendan would be over 100 or 90 years old if he was to play in the modern day time period. So unless he lives forever or he time travels, then there was no way of bringing him back. Plus he has to pay alimony to his wife every year which is like 1 mill every year to her if he makes over like 5 mill a year. So I think he'd rather not make that much bc that's just awful.

  • syfycomicbookvhsman
    syfycomicbookvhsman 12 days ago


  • Dieter Goelen
    Dieter Goelen 13 days ago

    Didn't really have all that high expectations going in, given the reviews and all. But I really liked it. The only things that bothered me were the bits of comedy, like you said, and then there was the whole Set God of death thing. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but Set isn't a God of death. Evil sure, but not death. It was also a rather nice set-up for the 'Dark Universe'. They teased a bit, but didn't try to shove to much in 1 movie like some others *cough* DC *cough*. Overall I'm really looking forward to the rest of the Dark Universe.

  • LinkTheSink
    LinkTheSink 13 days ago

    An American Werewolf in London. You know what I mean

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 14 days ago

    The movie was good, I want to see more. I did wonder where the floodlights magically appeared from though. lol. Holy shit I thought the same about it being uncharted like. It was like watching Nate and Elena in a darker horror lite adventure.

  • Spartaximus
    Spartaximus 14 days ago

    I saw it.
    It sucked ass.

  • AthrinZala08
    AthrinZala08 15 days ago


    So why was it that Ahmanet made Cruise's character immortal to survive a plane crash, but her lover in ancient Egypt was taken out like nothing?

    second how did 2-3 guys with a blow dart stop her and contain her in ancient Persia but a elite squadron with so many high tech weapons and stuff could not contain her for long?

    3rd why didn't Ahmanet use her powers in ancient Persia if she was so damn powerful to cause so much havoc in a modern day city

    4th hard to root for a character who forces his friend on an adventure he didn't want to go on. and then kill him without any fricken remorse.

  • Derek Furst
    Derek Furst 17 days ago

    "ehk-set-ruh" "ehk-set-ruh" "ehk-set-ruh"

  • Tiffany Miller
    Tiffany Miller 20 days ago

    Can somebody tell me why an almost 60 year old seasoned star, who probably didn't even have to audition for the part, is the star of movie when so many other up and coming actors could have taken the lead so easily. And this is going to be a saga too?! I'm kinda gettin tired of Tom Cruise!!!!!!!

  • child step
    child step 21 day ago

    i will remember this movie,not as a mind blower, but it wasn't terrible

  • jah blaques
    jah blaques 21 day ago

    bro the foreinger

  • EpicSheepGamer
    EpicSheepGamer 21 day ago +3

    So they made a mummy movie, but when are they going to make a daddy movie?

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri 21 day ago

    at te beggining of this movie I was totally feeling that 'Uncharted' vibe, glad Jeremy felt it too

  • 1ranjeeves21
    1ranjeeves21 22 days ago

    Dark Universe aka running out of ideas....

  • Caius
    Caius 23 days ago

    Peter Cushing & Brendan Frasier ones are classics.

  • Luciano Arebalo
    Luciano Arebalo 24 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who wanted to see the mummy and tom cruise come together instead of him killing her

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 24 days ago

    Bang bang

  • soulofhandball
    soulofhandball 24 days ago

    I liked the movie

  • Joe Snider
    Joe Snider 25 days ago

    it was dogshit for me

  • Reaping21
    Reaping21 26 days ago

    i had the exact same thought! was really hoping for them to dance thriller or at least play it in the background. and yeah, they tried way too hard to push the Dark Universe

  • TheManOfIdeas
    TheManOfIdeas 26 days ago

    I actually really enjoyed this movie and liked the mummy lady. And so did everyone i watched it with

  • gbdeck200
    gbdeck200 26 days ago

    saw it


    I'd say sub par
    I barely remember the Brendan Fraser ones smaller details so I can't say how faithful that would be to the original ones
    movie immediately let's u know it's in the dark universe, I suppose it kinda has to but it's not as iconic as marvel chapter flipping logo


    *main MC*
    he's alright, suppose to be adventurous (literally one of the earliest things he says, sense of adventure) thief with some pride in it and clever if u let him think
    but he's cruise, he runs, he runs

    *love interest*
    she's less so important even as a expositions go, barely does so, archeologist, knows old history and as such helps cause most of the plot by being stubborn, in hindsight also cause she works for the monster group, had to know

    still she mostly there to give humanity to the main mc, even though they don't seem to really know each other long enough for her to be the end all on his judgment, just a one night stand

    *guy who dies in first act*
    he's the worst part of it, that's it, though u do feel bad for his Fate, dragged in by the above two


    fairly formulaic each Arc of the story bringing us to the climax, expositions, nothing really standing out making it great is the problem
    - expositions of characters
    - plot advance
    - act 2
    - exposition
    - plot moves little harder
    act 3
    - plot revealed
    - main villain final form
    - sequel hook(Dark Universe!!!! right!?...right?...)

    The Mummy herself was somewhat interesting, the ways she can get into your head is neat but I miss the cooler life drain this is just kissing/suck u dry, unless you're into necrophilic tendencies, not hot

    Mc, I give credit to not being so destiny one, if he never was so selfish. plot would still move on fairly easily
    they leave, the terrorist come back, get into the place, screw up get infected like the third guy, she goes more unfettered becoming whole quicker

    at worst the girl would still be apart of the story but that's about it

    do like the Jekyll and Hyde surprise, they were arguably one of the nicer pieces to the story and a good leader to connect the dark universe together, not too important but fills his Nick fury role well

    the Werewolf in London seeing dead friend was done better there than here, missed being funny then tries to be serious, like mood whiplash

    the ending I give credit for not a typical beat big bad, and cursing the hero for being non heroic most of the time and trying to gain god powers without thinking of the risk, not entirely ok with him being a superhero though if they try it, which they shouldn't

    the main roster barring a very few amount we're good on screen, had half a good end and surprisingly tame level of destruction on the world (two areas I believe)

    sub par

  • OneToughCookie
    OneToughCookie 27 days ago +2

    Damn, I can't believe Tom Cruise won't play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie :(

    In retrospect, I think it'll be good that they're making the Uncharted movie a prequel with Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. But if they ever do have an Uncharted series, I really hope Tom Cruise will do it

  • deigning
    deigning 27 days ago

    you got that movie its called tomb raider

  • TheDovaKing
    TheDovaKing 28 days ago

    My question about this Dark Universe is this. What will the movies lead up to? With the Marvel Cinematic Universe its leading to a battle between all the heroes we know and love and Thanos. So what is the Dark Universe leading up to? Also I assume a lot of these monster movies take place in a different time period so does that mean that there are going to be some monsters who are dead or is it going to be like Captain Marvel where the original one dies and is replaced by a new person or monster. Now I haven't seen this movie because frankly I think it looks awful. But I'm just curious what this is going to lead to.

  • attaphol auethanawat
    attaphol auethanawat 29 days ago

    Correct me if i wrong, I thought Nick (Tom Cruise) is become Lucifer. In the middle of movie, Nick and Dr.Henry had talked and explained about "Seth" was define in different name and then they're mention "Lucifer" the powerful of all evils.
    Tom Cruise has the best role after all. 😁😁😁

  • Isabelle Lightwood
    Isabelle Lightwood 1 month ago

    This movie is the Uncharted movie we never got, unlike the Uncharted movie we're actually getting

  • Asthton Hayes
    Asthton Hayes 1 month ago

    like the Injustice 2 shirt Jeremy

  • fireflame62
    fireflame62 1 month ago

    I would still get the mummy chick pregnant.

  • Fromthefuture
    Fromthefuture 1 month ago

    It was... "Uncharted" 😎

  • SupremeChickenx
    SupremeChickenx 1 month ago

    hey! perhaps an unpopular opinion here, but i really enjoyed this movie. i am a huge fan of the original series too, but i thought tom cruise did well in this role.

  • noah greed
    noah greed 1 month ago

    That's basically the most annoying thing I identified with the movie; the inconsistent atmosphere all through out. It's as if the movie doesn't know what kind of genre it wants to be. And add that to Tom Cruise's odd performance, I just gave up trying to relate to the plot.

  • Autobot1991
    Autobot1991 1 month ago

    I'm hoping people go see this movie and through their money at it instead of going to see transforms and wasting your money for the 5th time

  • Mr Bamason
    Mr Bamason 1 month ago +1

    I think the mummy was just made for the sake of making a cinematic universe. We've got the MCU, DCEU, and the Kaiju cinematic universe. Universal just wants to be like the 'cool kids' and jump on that bandwagon.

  • tom fegan
    tom fegan 1 month ago

    Wasn't Dracula Untold supposed to be the revival of the Universal Monsters?

  • Rashidat Agu
    Rashidat Agu 1 month ago

    disappointing movie

  • canadavatar
    canadavatar 1 month ago

    And that's why the only reboot franchise that never disapoints us is Planet of the Apes!!!!!

  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool 1 month ago

    The mymmy actress was SMOKING hot in the movie and a badass, i dont know why tom cruise chose the generic blond over her, she was a real beauty

  • Sir Iron Duke
    Sir Iron Duke 1 month ago

    The ones with Brendan Fraiser where better...except for that 3rd one.

  • Aidan Gilliatt
    Aidan Gilliatt 1 month ago

    I kid you not, to add to the jarring stuff that's already in the movie, the projector shut off near the end scenes and just stayed like that for like 7 minutes. It took 10 minutes to get the audio back on and 15 to get the visuals to show. Pretty sure I wasn't missing that much though.

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn 1 month ago

    i wish they kept her in monster figure, rather than building up to go back to her old self appearance. to stick with being a monster...

  • Peanut butter Waltz
    Peanut butter Waltz 1 month ago

    Weak = Universals attempt to mimic Disney in any arena. Be yourself Universal, also don't forget to submit weekly blood sacrifices to the comcast gods

  • Adarsh Raikwar
    Adarsh Raikwar 1 month ago

    This movie is (DOGSHIT)

  • Butter Ras
    Butter Ras 1 month ago

    where's the review for it comes at night!?

  • David Smith
    David Smith 1 month ago

    i liked it

  • LeonOrenValentine
    LeonOrenValentine 1 month ago +2

    I bet she moans like a mummy in bed.

  • Jordan Wagner
    Jordan Wagner 1 month ago

    I enjoyed it. it was a fun movie

  • 8th Sun
    8th Sun 1 month ago

    movie sucked

  • Dragan Franc Srdoč
    Dragan Franc Srdoč 1 month ago

    When Universal and Tom Cruise pays you to make an review you get this review. Well it is your opinion but when movie makes me go to sleep in the middle of an action scene and cringe in scene between oscar winner an true thespian Russle Crowe and Tom Cruise doing himself, then you know it's bad, but hey your opinion that's payed for, use to be my go to guy to decide what to watch during movie rush hours, well not anymore man. Still keep up the work, most of your content is sopt on.

  • Richard Corrales
    Richard Corrales 1 month ago

    finally someone thinks tom cruise is like Nathan drake

  • Henata Sheahan
    Henata Sheahan 1 month ago +2

    11:13 Watch Full The Mummy Online HD >>

  • Blue Twin
    Blue Twin 1 month ago

    I must have horrible taste because I loved this movie.

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh 1 month ago

    this movie is paying tribute to the 1930s mummy movies not 90s mummy movies

  • Ryder LS
    Ryder LS 1 month ago

    I liked this movie a lot

  • Мартин Николов

    injusice 2 t-shirt

  • Ben Garbutt
    Ben Garbutt 1 month ago

    I thought it was messy

  • Paul Kaumba
    Paul Kaumba 1 month ago

    This movie was not sure what it wanted to be. At first, started as a horror comedy with the horrible jump scares. Then tries to be serious by telling the story of something that actually happened a long time ago.

    Secondly, I don't know if the acting was terrible at first or the sound tracks did not match the characters, but it seemed like the actors were trying to hard to be serious in a comedy and that made the entire thing seem like a stage play. You could see right through the fake "Oh my god" emotional blackmails.

    Tom Cruise is a great actor but this movie let him down. My opinion.

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 1 month ago

    This movie may not be perfect.

    But I'm eager to see the other movies on this cinematic universe

  • Soda_84
    Soda_84 1 month ago +1

    this movie is terrible! avoid it at all costs or download a torrent

  • Glori Castillo
    Glori Castillo 1 month ago

    Should had it set in the early 20th century and have a more creepy thing like the older movies.

  • virgen fj
    virgen fj 1 month ago

    Nobody likes Tom Cruise because he abandoned his baby Suri becsuse of scientology!!!!

  • Timstuff
    Timstuff 1 month ago

    Jeremy Jahns for Nathan Drake 2018

  • wolf7elite7
    wolf7elite7 1 month ago

    please review "It Comes At Night"

  • Chuck Sinatra
    Chuck Sinatra 1 month ago +1

    review all eyes on me ...get some color on this channel

  • MakeupBySharon
    MakeupBySharon 1 month ago

    I saw it last weekend and it sucked so bad! the movie had no direction at all it actually made me so confused and I just had a wtf look on my face the whole time... the romantic scenes at the end where just cringe worthy and so badly made. I really wanted my money back for the waste of time...
    ow and let's not forget the funny best friend that just wasn't funny and seemed like the friend you did't invite to a party but they show up anyway and it makes the whole thing awkward...

  • Angelus
    Angelus 1 month ago


  • Victorian Oddity
    Victorian Oddity 1 month ago

    Team Ahmanet. Everything else was subpar. If I can just get Tom and Sofia back, I'll be good.

  • Tristan Turiano
    Tristan Turiano 1 month ago

    Two things:
    1) This Mummy movie made me giggle a few times. Wasn't so bad; wasn't so good.

    2)I like Jeremy's original "yeah now it's a party" picture (when he gives the "Better when Drunk" rating.)

  • Torsten Nasenberg
    Torsten Nasenberg 1 month ago

    I got some heavy Uncharted vibe, too. Sad to remember that we will only get Uncharted Babies with Tom Holland...

  • Davidier
    Davidier 1 month ago

    It's not going to win an Oscar, but it's a fun movie and it does its job!

  • Rena Kennedy
    Rena Kennedy 1 month ago +5

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  • userbosco
    userbosco 1 month ago

    Cruise is NOT on cruise control. The last MI was very mediocre and predictable, the last Jack Reacher just sucked, and now this? He's on shit patrol, not cruise control.

  • sunsignhealer
    sunsignhealer 1 month ago

    I really don't like Tom cruise, he's weird, and watching him on the big screen is like watching my dad try to be cool. I'm not saying he shouldn't act anymore, I'm just saying he shouldn't do action movies. Either way I did go see wonder woman instead!

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    So, are there other characters in this movie beside The Mummy and Tom Cruise? Doesn't sound like it.

  • God Of Light
    God Of Light 1 month ago

    Logan = Last of Us Movie
    The Mummy = Uncharted Movie
    Now we need Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter movies

  • M Drew
    M Drew 1 month ago


  • JediNiyte
    JediNiyte 1 month ago +1

    I LOVE a lot of explanation behind a story. I couldn't find a thing wrong with The Mummy. Two thumbs up!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 1 month ago +1

    This Dark Universe should have never happened or exist

  • Shane
    Shane 1 month ago +5


    I didn't really buy into the movie. if this girl came to me and said you can be an eternal living God and I'll be your queen I'd be like, "Fuck yeah, stab me with your dagger!"

    • UnchainTheNight1
      UnchainTheNight1 7 days ago

      Man that's what I was saying. But I still liked the movie

  • sasuke270 13
    sasuke270 13 1 month ago

    basically go see the 1933 version

  • Øath Betrayer
    Øath Betrayer 1 month ago

    Nothing will come close to the old black and white movies.

  • Jose Delgado
    Jose Delgado 1 month ago

    Is that Captain Morgan?

  • masterpassword2
    masterpassword2 1 month ago

    I always find it irritating when people try to use latin phrases and then fail miserably. It isn 'et xetera'. It is ET CETERA!

  • Ankit Das
    Ankit Das 1 month ago +5

    Just came here to read the comment section... where people are complaining that they should have watched wonder woman instead of the mummy. guess what bitches your money has already been taken. should hve thought of that before dumbfucks.

    and there are other people who are constantly reminding everyone they are going to rewatch wonder woman for the 15th time instead of the mummy. FINE ALRIGHT WE GET IT. you have chosen to watch one movie over and over again for the rest of your lives. dont have to advertise it and pull another completely unrelated movie down.

    its has become public opinion that decides the movies in the box office these days.

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