Part 1, Labrador Town Hall Meeting at LCSC - May 5, 2017

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  • Ian McNeely
    Ian McNeely 3 months ago

    @1:28 what a joke. This is a huge tax cut for the wealthiest Americans and a huge cut in benefits for the most vulnerable. We need to vote this guy out of office.

  • Jason Carlson
    Jason Carlson 3 months ago

    Raul is a piece of human excrement..

  • afernplayz
    afernplayz 3 months ago

    i don't support him or trump care but the question at 11:09 about why ceos of companies make so much money is so stupid. These people started a businesses, and made a solution, as a result they make money. 40 Million is nothing in the healthcare world. I kind of understand why you would be angry about insurance companies making money but pharmaceutical companies can charge any amount they want because they invented the product. The point of a company is to make money, not to give to the people. And to prevent them from doing so is not fair.

  • André Müller
    André Müller 3 months ago +5

    If you are looking the quote of him saying nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare, that would be Part 6, 14:20

  • jeremy simons
    jeremy simons 3 months ago

    Wake up Idaho let's vote him out!!! He is a joke.....this is my home town I had to work that day!!! Labrador the lap dog for Trump!

  • N H
    N H 3 months ago

    "The little guys." So fucking condescending.

  • Its all over for Trump and his supporters

    shoot the face!

  • carolki13
    carolki13 3 months ago +1

    anyone know who this guy's opponent is in the next election??

  • D. Luzzi
    D. Luzzi 3 months ago +4

    This is nothing new. Politicians don't represent their constituents; they represent themselves.

  • Marianne Flambert
    Marianne Flambert 3 months ago +2

    how is the government going to make the health industry transparent when they are promoting deregulation?

  • Carl Sylvester
    Carl Sylvester 3 months ago +2

    God, this guy's a that they have their heads inserted in their asses, EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN needs to jump up and down until they diasppear

  • Chicken Strangler
    Chicken Strangler 3 months ago

    I agree with him.

  • Fabricio Larios
    Fabricio Larios 3 months ago

    Did you guys not notice the R after his name? That makes him immune to anything, duh.

  • richard ordonez
    richard ordonez 3 months ago

    I. smell a rat. this is no grass roots town hall. my medical premium is 185 a week. I take home 650-900 a week. To me that's better than the government in my business.

  • Pia Rossi
    Pia Rossi 3 months ago +4

    He's such a liar.

  • ShaunieBNaturalista
    ShaunieBNaturalista 3 months ago +2

    You will pay for your arrogance and greed, Congressman. You're losing that job.

  • Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton 3 months ago +4

    I'm a disabled 25 year old with Lupus, Autoimmune chronic pancreatitis, liver tumors and other autoimmune diseases. Because of ObamaCare, I got the healthcare I needed without bankrupting my parents, and its allowed me to move out, hold a 3.8 GPA in Cyber Security, and live life. My mother is on Medicare, and she is doing so much better because of the pre-existing conditions regulations imposed under the ACA. Both parties are so fucking corrupt, I voted independent, but this takes it to a whole new level. I'm terrified. Trump is just as crooked as Hillary, she's just better at hiding it. This country is descending into chaos, and the rich are the only ones protected. This is AMERICA, NOT some 3rd world country.

  • What About Dat?
    What About Dat? 3 months ago +11

    This guy is such a fart monger. Vote his tea party ass out. One small group of tight arses are pushing 20+ mil people off healthcare.

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 3 months ago +2

    Why even be polite to this lying Republican vermin.

  • colorazul1970
    colorazul1970 3 months ago +7

    He supports the bill because He was told to. We all can have Health Insurance the problem We can not afford it!!!!!

    • Chicken Strangler
      Chicken Strangler 3 months ago

      Because of government, that's why you can't afford it.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 months ago +8


  • Megan Pry
    Megan Pry 3 months ago +5

    How bout an obligation to the American people?

  • Chuck Fu
    Chuck Fu 3 months ago +1

    Die soon

  • Rod Wingfield
    Rod Wingfield 3 months ago +7

    NEVER!!! a guy in a plaid jacket. Go back to selling used cars.

  • vidal colon
    vidal colon 3 months ago +3

    freedom caucus are cancer to the nation. In the pockets of big money

    • vidal colon
      vidal colon 3 months ago

      Sam Tenuto within the Republican party there are different sects which represent different donors. The Freedom caucus , the Tea party . All bankrolled by big money to act immoral like you see.

    • Sam Tenuto
      Sam Tenuto 3 months ago

      vidal colon who is this freedom caucus? I want names pictures so we can obstruct this is called caucus.

    • ShaunieBNaturalista
      ShaunieBNaturalista 3 months ago

      vidal colon the Freedom Caucus IS the big $$.

  • Pat Brady
    Pat Brady 3 months ago +2

    Healthcare increases SLOWED down after Obamacare so this congressman knows he's lying. Please tell me how reducing taxes on the wealthy helps insure more people. They're cutting Medicaid and giving the money to the wealthy. Is that what Drumpf ran on? Is that what got those coal and factory workers so excited?

  • wrdv49
    wrdv49 3 months ago +9

    Shame on you Labrador your are a disgrace to all Puertorricans!!

  • Barbara Rupert
    Barbara Rupert 3 months ago +2

    1:40 Does Congressman Labrador fact-check the emails from constituents? Under the ACA (Obamacare) for 2017, the maximum total allowable OUT OF POCKET (including deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance but not premiums) for covered services is $7150 for individuals and $14,300 for a family plan. After that the plan must pay 100% for the rest of the year, with NO annual cap and NO lifetime cap. Furthermore, under the ACA many preventive preventive and screening services must be included at no charge.

  • Alberto Torres
    Alberto Torres 3 months ago +5

    He needs to loos his job.

  • Slobodanka Kobs
    Slobodanka Kobs 3 months ago +1

    Why does he put his head down and chuckle when he gets booed?

  • Animated Tigress
    Animated Tigress 3 months ago +16

    wow these politicians are delusional. there all losing there jobs in. 2018

  • Danish Native
    Danish Native 3 months ago +6

    This is what you get for placing your trust in a Republican Mormon BYU grad with his head firmly embedded in the LDS INC pyramid. Serious, what do you expect?

  • Jo Gossett
    Jo Gossett 3 months ago +35

    vote him out!

  • Larry Fulmer
    Larry Fulmer 3 months ago +2

    I told you not to be stupid, you moron!

  • Linda Powell
    Linda Powell 3 months ago +21

    wow, this guy has his head firmly lodged up big Pharma and Insurance companies bums..

  • Elaine Powell
    Elaine Powell 3 months ago +8

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi warned Republicans in a last-minute plea from the House floor. “You will glow in the dark on this one.” ..... ♫ na na na na...♫ na na na na - ♫ hey hey hey good bye ♫

    BTW: the house just passed a bill that says they keep Obamacare.....You and I get the POS trumpcare...are you mad yet?

  • Mary Rodger
    Mary Rodger 3 months ago +34

    The woman at about 8:50 calling the congressional Dems "obstructionist", the people laughed at her simply because the repuks became known as the Party of NO. I mean really? Where the f**k was she the past 8 years?

  • Mary Rodger
    Mary Rodger 3 months ago +14

    The people didn't chose him the Electoral College did.

  • dudeitskory
    dudeitskory 3 months ago +4


    • Larry Fulmer
      Larry Fulmer 3 months ago

      Sure, did you really read the "plan" before you voted for it? It's good that you had the decency to lease show up at a town hall meeting and address your constituents.
      But think again and recall your Repubicants not working collaboratively with President Obama to help fund ACA. He asked to have taxes increased on only the top 1% of wage earners to pay their fare share. Eliminate loopholes- and the bullshit about job killing taxes are fake. When bush tax cuts occurred - it didn't help me. I never got hired. Warren Buffett wanted his taxes increased - to level the playing field.
      It would have been an actual ACA- but imbeciles like McConnell was bent on obama being a 1 term president. No other president had the courage make healthcare affordable and available for everyone.
      Your party bastardized it, now you want to blame him, and vote on a plan that's going to wreck us for those of us with Pre-existing conditions?

    • Larry Fulmer
      Larry Fulmer 3 months ago

      They better, even the naive who.voted for TrumPutin are regretting what they did. Didn't learn did you?

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 3 months ago

      So do I dudeitskory. I just wonder if these constituents will really pay attention to this and begin looking for others to represent them.

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