My Thoughts on Sports

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  • "Meh" James says.
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  • Runtime: 9:1
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  • Johann Henrichs
    Johann Henrichs 17 minutes ago

    Fala um pouco devagar não dá para acompanhar na legenda

  • Superdjgamer Vlogs
    Superdjgamer Vlogs 34 minutes ago

    Why you hate England I'm your fan and I'm from England also no one expect me and friends say "well,blind me mate we got a cheeky bugger here we do we do pip pop cherio stiffywinks shnokers,GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!"

  • RedStar
    RedStar 37 minutes ago

    Remember to SMASH that video
    SMASH that subscribe button
    SMASH that comment bar
    and smash........
    ur girlfriend

  • Amy
    Amy 39 minutes ago

    If you think most sports are boring try synchronised swimming or water polo :) I think it's really fun

  • Cartoon Cats
    Cartoon Cats 50 minutes ago

    Black Butler

  • TheSamPlays
    TheSamPlays 1 hour ago

    What the British people don't say god save the queen after all sentences but it's a joke and btw not all People from Enland sound like that

  • Matthew Quaglia
    Matthew Quaglia 1 hour ago


  • Joshua Gibbs
    Joshua Gibbs 1 hour ago


  • Connor Vogt
    Connor Vogt 1 hour ago

    A stiffy wanks your knockers= A boner jerks off a pair of boobs. Ahh....

  • ThankfulCheese1
    ThankfulCheese1 2 hours ago

    you know it's not just England that calls it football and thinks your stupid for calling hand egg football the whole rest of the world calls it football not soccer

  • OMGitsnolan 01
    OMGitsnolan 01 2 hours ago

    Who's side am I on I play hockey baseball and soccer,But I have a gaming YouTube channel?😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐Pleas sub to OMGitsnolan01!

  • a sans fangirl
    a sans fangirl 3 hours ago

    hey >=T
    my country isnt lame

  • Luca Mayhem
    Luca Mayhem 4 hours ago

    "hey ammerca i am goning to call this sport football and this sport amercine football

  • Man Dzin
    Man Dzin 4 hours ago

    Odd i am ur biggest fan 10000m big

  • Hannaconda
    Hannaconda 4 hours ago

    Anyone else catch the Tracer cameo appearance?

  • Summer the Undertale skeleton

    England:we art lame cuz we watch u but I'm still afended

  • Mango Jelly
    Mango Jelly 5 hours ago

    He called a touchdown a home run

  • Braydon Corbett
    Braydon Corbett 5 hours ago

    Homerun in football

  • Aceey
    Aceey 6 hours ago

    england is my city

  • Melina Bender
    Melina Bender 7 hours ago

    Sports ARE boring

  • Awedome99
    Awedome99 8 hours ago

    Play minecraft... I dare u :)

  • Leo Powell
    Leo Powell 9 hours ago

    LOL I'm from England and that accent is terrible 0:07

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 10 hours ago

    I hope an erect penis masturbates your breasts as well!

  • welcome to the closet!!!

    now i understand why i didnt watch this whole video the first time...
    because it is probably the most countryist (yes thats a real word) video i have ever seen.
    and there are alot of those on the internet.
    why cant america just stop please cant we all just be humans...
    just kidding no one on earth is human anymore

  • Keunyoung Park
    Keunyoung Park 13 hours ago

    what did you say😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    My neighbors think I'm gay because I don't play basketball,Dumbasses.

  • Tyer Baker
    Tyer Baker 15 hours ago

    He called a touchdown a homerun😂😂

  • The failed blogger :P
    The failed blogger :P 15 hours ago

    7:32 tracer of overwatch XD

  • Tamila fanene
    Tamila fanene 16 hours ago

    I love sports...I played basketball

  • Jorja Plays
    Jorja Plays 16 hours ago

    OHH A MYSTERY BOX **opens it** MOON SHOES °^°

  • Kewler_Homie
    Kewler_Homie 19 hours ago

    I scored a "home run"

  • TheBloodyFox
    TheBloodyFox 20 hours ago

    Tracer xD

  • Michelle Walker
    Michelle Walker 20 hours ago

    I like sports but I don't LOVE them

  • FireHouseNinja57
    FireHouseNinja57 21 hour ago

    Idk why but Everytime I play sports I'm always picked last even if I'm the greatest in the sport... WHY DO PEPOLE NOT LIKE MEH! I'm good a utube but that's when my first impression is some 7 year old sliding down the stairs and screaming IT HURTZ all the way down I'm 11 now I have made BIG mistakes... OOPS

  • GamingwithKnife 25
    GamingwithKnife 25 22 hours ago

    I hate sports

  • Abdulrahman Mansouri
    Abdulrahman Mansouri 22 hours ago

    biginning: hahahaha!! racist.

  • Target
    Target 23 hours ago

    I also hate watching sports.

  • Graciefunneh 14
    Graciefunneh 14 23 hours ago

    Did you every get your T-Shirt James????

  • Guava Juice
    Guava Juice 23 hours ago

    Y do u never show ur face

  • Rowan Murphy
    Rowan Murphy 1 day ago

    *murmurs under breath* god save the queen *cough cough*

  • Kennedy Smith
    Kennedy Smith 1 day ago

    I scored a home run!!!! 😂😂

  • ThatOneBurntDorito

     Smash that video???

    LAUREEN MAGNO 1 day ago


  • Fatterhorner
    Fatterhorner 1 day ago

    The only sport I ever cared about is called Netball. It's played a lot in Commonwealth countries, like England and Australia. It's a predominantly women's team sport that has 7 players on each side, with each player having a different role dictating what they do and where they can go in the court. The court is split into thirds, and each role can only go to a specific combination of the thirds.

    The Goal Keeper can only stay in their team's third and has to stop the other team's Goal Shooter from scoring. The Goal Defence is like the Goal Keeper, but they can go into the center third but can't shoot goals. Goal Shooters and Goal Attack are like Goal Keeper and Goal Defence respectively, but instead of going in their team's third, they're in the other team's thrid and are the only two positions that can try for goals. Wing Attack and Wing Defence are kinda like the same role, but the WD tries to keep the ball away to Goal Circle and WA tries to get the ball to the Goal Circle. They can go into center third and either defending or attacking circle, but not into the goal circle. Centers can go anywhere in the court except the goal circles, and are the main driving force for their team.

    Netball is often compared to Basketball, and while the two sports are similar, it's a relationship similar to Soccer and Rugby. In Netball, players aren't allowed to touch each other or the hoop/net, and there's no backboards on the goal posts. Players are only able to hold the ball for three seconds and take 1.5 steps while carrying it, and dribbling isn't allowed.

    Finally, go Adelaide Thunderbirds!

  • Josh Bartle
    Josh Bartle 1 day ago

    I don't think hulls in the west James

  • Giddy and Jaffa Cake Show

    :( I’m english......

  • E4kre
    E4kre 1 day ago

    Btw... James TNT by captainsparklez got taken down by copyright so he was forced to change it

  • Bunny Harris
    Bunny Harris 1 day ago

    I'm with you I don't want sports either I watch like gaming channels like Minecraft why shout outs pat and Jen

  • Sophia amazing
    Sophia amazing 1 day ago

    I love u and markiplier

  • Taco cat studios
    Taco cat studios 1 day ago

    I honestly don't find anything interesting about sports

  • Aphmoo 7372
    Aphmoo 7372 1 day ago

    BAM! u ded

  • Steffny and Friends Vlogger

    us English don't talk like that

    ALEC LOVER 1 day ago

    I'm so dead 'I SCORED A HOME RUN!!!'

  • Demon Gaming
    Demon Gaming 1 day ago

    yo I subscribed to you and I live in England thanks

  • Diego Robles
    Diego Robles 1 day ago

    You just made fun of Tracer

  • Living Life
    Living Life 1 day ago


  • Powerversity
    Powerversity 1 day ago

    7:30 James I feel your pain. that was every other week for me

  • mysterious murders and stuff

    James ,I used your argument against my cousin and he said ,and I quote that 'you watch sports to see who does certain things ".That makes no sense.NOTICE ME SENPAI

  • The Gaming Rainbow

    Thats when wwe comes in its the best

  • The Sparky
    The Sparky 1 day ago

    I was playing kickball once and there was a basketball hoop and I kicked it and it when in!!! I'M NOT KIDDING YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!! Ok fine don't believe me. And I will take chill pill.

  • Itz_Rubyy04 X
    Itz_Rubyy04 X 1 day ago

    Oi we have a cheeky stereotype we do we do

  • Nate Carter
    Nate Carter 1 day ago

    i don't really like to play / watch sports either but i do like to watch one sport and its called the puppy bowl.

  • Dorothy Miller
    Dorothy Miller 1 day ago

    i cracked up when he said homerun instead of touchdown

  • Woof The dog
    Woof The dog 1 day ago


  • Spitfire 21
    Spitfire 21 1 day ago

    2:24 Hands on the wheel James.

  • JacktheWolf Anoi
    JacktheWolf Anoi 1 day ago

    Hey my birthday is in November 18

  • KateTheGamer
    KateTheGamer 1 day ago

    England looks nothing like England...

  • RealWeirdness
    RealWeirdness 1 day ago

    This is what pranking looks like

    Read more

  • The Jefferey Show

    "Notice me senpai" THIS GUY ID FRICKEN HILARIOUS "i might die alone" ok now he's me.

  • Dank Reflex
    Dank Reflex 1 day ago

    I fucking love this guyyyy

  • joshua christiansen

    this is literally my life

  • joshua christiansen

    that's what happened to me

  • Izzy Chan
    Izzy Chan 1 day ago

    James. I freaking love you. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT SPORTS. ITS BORING TO PRACTICE THEM AND WATCH THEM. But to play a different team doe. TaHTs FUn. I also HATE being goalie. HATE IT. All I do is sit there and wait for the ball to come to me. I used to pick at the grass when I was little. Also eat it :p

  • Luke_Emia
    Luke_Emia 1 day ago

    Why was tracer in your class when you were 15?

  • seth gifford
    seth gifford 1 day ago

    wow you played with tracer

  • AuraGamingFTW
    AuraGamingFTW 1 day ago

    James should invent Blernsball

  • Captin Taco
    Captin Taco 1 day ago

    I love kick ball

  • Hunter _1204_
    Hunter _1204_ 1 day ago

    we don't speak like that

  • Call me Zelda ONE more time

    Holy shit when u said item boxes I was playing MK8 FREAKING CANERA FUTURE MIND READER THINGIE

  • DavidT V
    DavidT V 1 day ago

    I was on the green team!😂

  • Stevan's Place
    Stevan's Place 1 day ago

    James: I scored a home run

    Me: it's called a down touch

  • Fifa King13
    Fifa King13 2 days ago


  • Fifa King13
    Fifa King13 2 days ago

    james you are super mean to my country but I still like you but you are still mean

  • car hol
    car hol 2 days ago

    ENGLISH PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK LIJE THAT but ok it better be a joke!

  • H Millanium
    H Millanium 2 days ago

    ITS CALLED FOOTBALL!!!! Oh btw my 3rd opinion is the only the sport I love is basketball and rounders

  • superlazer4 gaming/vloging

    Who seen the tracer lol

  • Meme 12342 Almarri
    Meme 12342 Almarri 2 days ago

    I hate sport

  • Widow Maker
    Widow Maker 2 days ago

    AN ENGLAND STEREOTYPE TOWARDS AN ENGLISHMAN GOOD SIR I AM delighted that you would make me laugh so much! Hahahahahaha🎩🎩🎩☕️☕️

  • ZinZinDoesStuff
    ZinZinDoesStuff 2 days ago

    James scored a home run in football

  • Turtle Guy15
    Turtle Guy15 2 days ago


  • Alec Ravenclaw
    Alec Ravenclaw 2 days ago


  • The_Puppet_200 LOL
    The_Puppet_200 LOL 2 days ago

    Omg odd1sout were aren't that posh

  • XD LunaBeBae
    XD LunaBeBae 2 days ago


  • TheFrostyStar
    TheFrostyStar 2 days ago

    wtf isnt soccrr soccrr every where

  • WittyEnderGirl
    WittyEnderGirl 2 days ago

    James: HEY ENGLAND
    Me: heyy...

  • Crystal Russell
    Crystal Russell 2 days ago

    My mom is 32. I'm taller...

  • justpisces
    justpisces 2 days ago

    7:40 wow you got my pan 1 time I Wos seten on the gras nas to the wen I look down fome I look up BOOM THE SOCKETBOLE HET ME AT THE SETER OF THE FAS THE F***** FAS I I omos die but I sumwesen I detet I Los coshesesh fore 5.00 den I dented go to school fore 3 days 😔

  • fox wolf rule
    fox wolf rule 2 days ago

    my school ppl act like sports are rlly important to win when we are just having pe :/

  • Samuel Kepley
    Samuel Kepley 2 days ago

    7:13 lucky I am always last

  • Tash Carter
    Tash Carter 2 days ago

    I quit soccer when a kid kicked my shin

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