Major Problems With Australian Education

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  • CharlotteDickson
    CharlotteDickson 7 days ago

    omg all so true

  • Yeah nah
    Yeah nah 16 days ago

    you mustve gone to the most gay poofter fag school on earth

  • The Owatronic
    The Owatronic 24 days ago

    So you literally want to change how the world works man set down and eat a waffle idk why just eat it

  • Bobzeda
    Bobzeda 25 days ago

    No uniforms? What? Do you want to look like American High School kids??

  • Slam Berry
    Slam Berry Month ago

    Uniforms are great at my school you allowed to dye hair where what ever socks girls and boys can where dresses and pants,shorts ect. And they update the education system new textbooks ect we also do learn about sex STD abortion in year 8 nothing censored. In team things we all get a choice on what we get to do. It's not the teachers it the petty FUCKING parents. And also we have SEAL program. So yeah (but that's my school, and yes I go to a state school)

  • Fallen night
    Fallen night Month ago

    I hate group work.

  • Beth Ankers
    Beth Ankers Month ago

    Just saying every school (even in America) teaches dumb crap like that!

  • Jazz_ Hands
    Jazz_ Hands 2 months ago

    Excuse me but I'm Australian and the school uniforms aren't shit everyone accepts everyone.The education is great ok where did u get this info?The staff don't care how long their hair is and group work is to get use to working with people who u don't really work with.Teachers don't teach 5 different grades in the same classroom the grades or years are in sepret classroom and there is no beanbags or Fluor desks in a classrooms

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago +1

    God damn right bro

  • Exilty
    Exilty 2 months ago

    lol I showed this to my teacher and she said she called u a cunt

  • Ness The PSI Kid
    Ness The PSI Kid 2 months ago

    Your Channel Is A Joke

  • Catherine Shaw
    Catherine Shaw 2 months ago

    He needs a disclaimer at the beginning to say that this is not just in Australia, otherwise he sounds like HE lives under a rock. I don't agree with him but no hate, everyone to their own opinions 😊

  • MrTron
    MrTron 3 months ago

    I think when you get older and see more of the Real World, you'll realize how incorrect you were about almost everything you said here.

  • Quill Dang
    Quill Dang 3 months ago

    The Australian education is getting even worse with this NAPLAN bs

  • christokennedy
    christokennedy 3 months ago

    I agree with the majority of the video. I do, however, think the school curriculum needs to change to be more centred on critical thinking and logical thought. Changing subjects to be oriented around the three schools of thought. Mathematics, Philosophy and Logic.

  • Dream Drawer
    Dream Drawer 3 months ago

    I agree

  • Dream Drawer
    Dream Drawer 3 months ago

    IS YOUR LAST NAME SUN???? (if it too :3)

  • mohammad mehdi
    mohammad mehdi 4 months ago

    shut upidiot....

  • mary alterator
    mary alterator 4 months ago +1

    I am currently training to be at teacher Andy . Many schools want teachers to wear uniforms and answer only what the department heads want to hear when they have been deemed proficient It is Orwellian and frightening. I have been trained badly and  think I am in a cave with a piece of chalk rather than the 21st century.

  • Faith Pitchen
    Faith Pitchen 4 months ago

    mate back off

  • Kleyton Renato
    Kleyton Renato 4 months ago

    Man, if you complain about this (school uniforms and etc) you should try 1 day learning in a public brazilian school. I bet you would never complain about these "problems" again in your life lol

  • Jesse Cowled
    Jesse Cowled 5 months ago +1

    I agree with 99% of what you said

  • Erick Mendez
    Erick Mendez 5 months ago

    f u, quadratoc formula is very important. uniforms teach student to learn rules. group work is a realistic appraoch to the res5 of your work in which some pull more of the work and some just ride it out.

  • Little Sweetie Girl
    Little Sweetie Girl 6 months ago +1



    I find this bs, bs

    • katie oneill
      katie oneill 2 months ago

      Little Sweetie Girl yep.. not allowed to wear pants except on sports day..... i honestly hate it

  • Lily M
    Lily M 6 months ago +1

    Soooo true !!! Thanks bro

  • Kueny Gamer Diu
    Kueny Gamer Diu 6 months ago

    No in my school the uniform is good plus we can wear earrings but not big ones.

  • mAnimations
    mAnimations 6 months ago +1

    I kill kids

  • Tamara Hall
    Tamara Hall 6 months ago +1

    It's not just Australia.... btw disagree with #2

  • ERM Beauty101
    ERM Beauty101 6 months ago +1

    I'm in American and I wish we had uniforms because I wouldn't have to worry about being judged or making sure I have a different outfit plan for the next day, but all those other problems that was named off happen here in American as well.

  • Scarlett Rose
    Scarlett Rose 6 months ago

    subbed pal i agree

  • Ellie Sykes
    Ellie Sykes 6 months ago

    1 uniform. All it is, is clothes its not like they are telling you to have the same hair cuts and it creates equality with everyone plus studys show that schools without uniform are higher chance of bullying and what happens when you get a job that needs a uniform free dress is teaching you to look not be in uniform and less distractions around you
    2 out of date stuff. Guess what we do learn tax believe it or not its your way and algebra is helpful just because your job is youtube we want jobs that gives us a life... reading thats want every other grad does thats why they have these things plus we read modern books not out of date crap plase don't tell me you didnt read Shakespear because we dont we havnt for years

    Plase dont tell me your teacher never had a complaint and teacher teach parents parent teachers are told what to teach by the education system
    And the class are split into "5 groups" thats why they split classes
    And they do have Surveys for teachers
    And it all happens for a reason

  • paigexmojo
    paigexmojo 6 months ago

    He's funny

  • paigexmojo
    paigexmojo 6 months ago

    I got 2 questions is he Australian and is he gay?

  • Amex Tube
    Amex Tube 6 months ago

    im australian , we were uniforms so if we get lost someone knows where we are from

  • teagan moore
    teagan moore 6 months ago

    i get detintions all the time because we can't afford a school bag

    • Ciao Ciao
      Ciao Ciao 6 months ago

      teagan moore yeah they make them like $100, it's insane.

  • Crazy Smiles
    Crazy Smiles 7 months ago

    I agree with everything you say

    Except that uniforms are used for stopping bullying.
    With a monotonic view it alleviates a persons incentive to attack someone who looks the same as them (because it would be hypocritical)

  • Controversy isCool
    Controversy isCool 8 months ago

    The main problem is that for the first 8 years the only history and "English" we learn is Australian colonialism and the only science and geography we learn is about the environment. That's the fucking problem

    • Eleanor Weston
      Eleanor Weston 7 months ago

      Controversy isCool not really, i learnt basically 90 percent aboriginal history over colonial ones

  • Zoe Cook
    Zoe Cook 8 months ago +1

    That's not how every school, nor is it only the Australian curriculum. I think you need to do some research before you talk about these types of things.

  • Forcefulbat 1234
    Forcefulbat 1234 9 months ago

    are you serious in my school girls can wear skirts just because you looked in one area in australia try every fucking school in australia

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck 9 months ago

    Cough cough going to city you get lost and your teacher can't find you

    • Starman
      Starman 8 months ago

      +Whooodini 145 also my school you don't need grey socks

    • Starman
      Starman 8 months ago

      +Whooodini 145 exactly

    • Rubber Duck
      Rubber Duck 9 months ago

      So we need uniforms

  • WillD.
    WillD. 9 months ago

    Thank you!!!! :)

  • Touiki Aliya
    Touiki Aliya 9 months ago

    i wached this video for knowing a bit more about australian education (baccalaureate and GCSes) but i liked it :)

  • Fiona Poh
    Fiona Poh 10 months ago +2

    Totally agree with groupwork.

  • Jet Cooper
    Jet Cooper 10 months ago +1

    I really agreed with everything you have said, and I have shared it on facebook I really think this video can make a difference, like I use to hate teachers for teaching me pointless things and uniform but I realized that they have no choice. Thank you for taking the time to speak your opinion and I hope one day they will change Australian education.

  • RaƵeWolf
    RaƵeWolf Year ago +1

    A dream in a video ...

  • PrBS Studios
    PrBS Studios Year ago +1

    there's people that say that school prepares them for life because 'you learn how to deal with stress' which i agree to an extent but it really throws learning the subjects out of the window, and there can be other ways to teach students this without having to clash it into the curriculum i.e work experience.
    also i think school should more of introduce the subjects as opportunities rather than some mandatory bs we have to go through. also we can GOOGLE that stuff up if we wanted to.
    they should focus on inspiring one to live in the world and learn about it.
    school should teach students how to learn not how to memorize because as albert einstien said "do not memorize something you can look up" because think about it

    when do you ever have to memorize stuff from a book and write it by memory?
    that sounds more like a bragging right than an actual skill

  • Larry Rudedude
    Larry Rudedude Year ago

    Current Year. You SJWs are part of the problem. Go back to Communist China and go do some maths.

  • pianocrisante90 Crisante

    You make a very good point with regards to uniform. I am an Australian, and when I did my high school in Italy we didn't wear any uniform.

  • nathy balthazar
    nathy balthazar Year ago

    Are you australian? I'm from Brasil and i don't know speak english very well so... I need do a work about autralian's problems and i don't have ideia cause all that i see when i search are good things... I need the real vision about what's happening

  • vijoalfa
    vijoalfa Year ago +1

    Is it true that in Australia you may get a high school diploma even if you have failed some subjects at the final exam?

  • Novakira Sato
    Novakira Sato Year ago

    All of you Antipodeans need to get things right and move to the great land of North America. The United States and its troops bring freedom to the world, so the least you could do is pay your respects via assimilation. Also, since when is the quadratic formula useless? Video mate, are you insane? Uniforms are only useful if they look good. I think the Japanese and some British institutions have the right idea. I'd take formal over the polo hobo look anyday.

  • Michael Vo
    Michael Vo Year ago

    A life wear all girl wear skirts is a nice life

  • jenjenfish
    jenjenfish Year ago

    Firstly I'm from Asia, I've seen and experienced far worse and f'ed up education systems, so I'm glad I came to Australia where schools give you freedom to choose subjects of your interest rather than forcing you to study 7,8 subjects every year throughout high school.

    What I realise years after high school is that schools are for those who love studying. Yes, such people exist, they are actually just normal people like you and me, who happen to find studying fun just like how one might find gaming fun.

    And let's be real, collaboration doesn't work even when you start working. I work as a receptionist and people expect you to do everything. People are so good at pushing over responsibility just like one of those lazy people who was in your group assignment, who, interestingly, score high marks and make more money than you do

  • Kat WCT
    Kat WCT Year ago +1

    actually not just australian, same as asia and some of the problem cover US and UK too

  • 劍曉
    劍曉 Year ago +1

    Hey Andy.
    I love your comments, but in Hong Kong and Singapore, the education system is totally the same as you mentioned, but the government thinks that the system is F**KING perfect. Well, the most important is that the people don't even care. You know what the Hongkongers call the students now? Idiots with high scores!
    No one cares about the feelings of students in Hong Kong and Singapore. Check out the news of Hong Kong, and you'll see there's 22 students committing suicide since last September.
    And also to mention that I'm the smaller group of students that can speak English like a native. F**K the systems.

  • W.S
    W.S Year ago

    The education system in Malaysia is way even worse. Malaysians will know.

  • Trav the Lord
    Trav the Lord Year ago +1

    Its the same in the UK, and I totally agree, couldn't of been said better I just hope this video gets out their!

  • Fat Fuck
    Fat Fuck Year ago

    I live in murica so no uniforms

  • Sushi Sanchez
    Sushi Sanchez Year ago +1

    andysunstory u are awsome

  • Sushi Sanchez
    Sushi Sanchez Year ago +1


  • thomas griffithas
    thomas griffithas Year ago +1

    This is my life story!!!! Keep up the great videos your bloody lad!!

  • Grace Cambiri
    Grace Cambiri Year ago

    This reminds me of 'Don't Stay In School' by BoyInABand

  • kiwibadboy
    kiwibadboy Year ago +1

    I agree with some things you said, but I disagree highly when it comes to uniforms lol There are very good reasons for them, one of which is that some students will treat school like a fashion show and a competition to see who can wear the least clothing while still wearing something or who can get the most attention from the opposite sex. So yeah, uniforms are a good thing ^^

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott Year ago

    White shirt and white background doesn't really work

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee Year ago

    Hey man, big fan here. Not sure if it was intentional, but the colour correction looks a lil off in this video (too warm) as compared your most recent video. Much love!

  • timx10
    timx10 Year ago +2

    1. Ironically your point about why uniforms are good with sports teams and police also applies to why they are used in schools. It helps make legitimate students identifiable so, unlike America, if a stranger came into the school wanting to kill everyone they would easily stand out even if they were a teenager. It also makes it a whole lot easier keeping track of the students on field trips.
    2. You do realise that when you progress through your education you get to choose what level of mathematics you study? So if you want to learn about tax, how to calculate interest repayments etc. you can. However the people who want to become engineers, scientists etc. need to learn things like calculus because it's extremely relevant.
    3. I'd say in primary school the goal is to teach everyone basic life skills, however in high school it's definitely more focused around teaching students skills relevant to a career. So while it would be nice if we could sit around and teach students about how to have safe sex and use social media all day, we would be setting them up for a life of unemployment.
    4. The problem with putting the teachers in charge is that they're good at teaching, not managing. The reason the "executives" are in charge is because they are qualified and experienced at working with adults, departments and budgets, not students.

    Don't talk about opening your mind to the education system, because as an amateur youtuber I'm guessing the only experience you've had with it was as a student. And sure, maybe your brother is a teacher, however that still involves minimal experience with the administration side of the system. If you did have an open mind about it you would realise that the system is a lot less flawed than what it could potentially be if your suggestions were ever put in place.

  • Video Music
    Video Music Year ago

    So are you Asian-Australian or just Australian?

    • Symone Reid
      Symone Reid Year ago

      +Will Nachand I believe he's Asian-Australian

  • CrazyFlynPandaz
    CrazyFlynPandaz Year ago

    We were broke when I was a kid and couldn't afford the nice cloths like the other families. Having a school uniform even if it was a hand me down was a life saver. I use the quadratic formula sometimes at work.... >_<

  • Inferno Dan
    Inferno Dan Year ago

    Welcome to every where else...

  • davros0007
    davros0007 Year ago

    Honestly. Yeah. Adults don't wear uniforms haha. I saw adults in day-glow orange baggy gear today. Bank workers and clerical staff in odd costumes. Business men in suits that were too hot. And it was good to know that I could identify their roles and they mine. And I saw the odd 'look at me I'm a loser' person with the purple hair etc. that doesn't mean they are nasty! But those that do not comply are immediately suspected by society of non-conformism. Not great for kids we need to train to get jobs and fit in, and also to be able to identify as CHILDREN who are not adults and belong to a school.

  • Jack Hartford
    Jack Hartford Year ago

    I will always love you man, I've been watching you for years, and I remember you'd always keep me entertained as a child, you even messaged me on Facebook in March 2014. anyway, I'd check your page every couple weeks in hope that you'd upload, and damn it paid off,with you coming back, man, the fact that you said 'thanks for sticking around' really helps, just cause I know you appreciate it, I've been rambling, long story short, I'm so glad you're back, you're awesome bro...

  • ekl489
    ekl489 Year ago

    this is why i hate aurstralians

  • Xtremzer0
    Xtremzer0 Year ago

    now im in uni i actually appreciate uniform a lot. I mean im a guy so maybe this doesnt affect me as much, but girls apparently cannot wear the same thing twice in a week etc. lol

  • Mole Downunder
    Mole Downunder Year ago +1

    School is obsolete and evil. It's no different than a prison. The dysfunction comes from a lack of competition since the government has a monopoly on education. Abolish schools, allow free market education.

  • Sparkeagle
    Sparkeagle Year ago

    You missed a lot of important points.

  • Katie Fleming
    Katie Fleming Year ago

    Sounds a lot like secondary school in the UK.

  • TheFredstar146
    TheFredstar146 Year ago +1

    I'm in a school in the UK, currently doing my GCSEs. Its an academy school, so the government and council don't have the same level of control. All of the points you've made are completely true. My school is slightly more relaxed on uniform policy, although the design is horrible (teal and grey). The worst thing is that the teachers aren't able to do anything. I remember asking my old maths teacher the relevance of the topic (quadratic equations) and she said: "There is no point. We have to teach for exams, not for life." Good on you, Andy, for speaking out.

  • Mohan
    Mohan Year ago

    hahaha try Chinese education system, and you may realize that Australian one is HEAVEN

  • BeinDraug
    BeinDraug Year ago +1

    Have a talk with Dan Brown a music youtuber who has been pushing a very similar agenda

  • SapphireShield
    SapphireShield Year ago +2

    Love the intro! Uniforms at my school were awful. And every year we were promised pants but it never happened. I'm sure it would've been yellow and green plaid like the heavy, ill-fitting kilts we were forced to wear anyway. They also made us wear stiff blazers outside the school no matter what the weather. Oh, and white, uncomfortable socks. That's why my mum hated the uniform.

  • Skyler B
    Skyler B Year ago +1

    its schools all over! i noticed ever since grade three, they wanted to medicate the class =/ wtf. this is whats preventing so many people to have the lives we could have if we werent limited as human beings

  • psycho puss
    psycho puss Year ago

    same thing happen with every school in my country indonesia.. what make it more worse is the teacher only care about money and reputation rather than helping the kids study.

  • rin ・ω・
    rin ・ω・ Year ago

    Honestly, as a recent graduate, I did not find most of the things you listed to be a bother.

    The uniform was comforting, it helped everyone in my school be realised for their strengths in academics and not how wealthy they were by what they wore. The curriculum is always changing so it can be more helpful to students as they continue studies or if they decide to enter the workforce (imo, quadratic formula is almost crucial if you decide to further your studies in maths...). Group work helps you work as a team, ofc it can be stressful if the work is not divided equally but they're trying to help you improve your teamwork skills needed for the workforce.

    Once you're in year 12, if you decide to choose subjects which require a major, you can explore some of the topics that you actually want to learn.

  • kzire
    kzire Year ago

    my school's financial decisions are bullshit.
    if they put that wasted money towards more and better school resources the school would actually be good.

  • Nando N
    Nando N Year ago

    I used to think uniforms were bad too, but if you look at wealthy self-made entrepreneurs, they always wear generally the same clothing to eliminate the daily need to think about what they have to wear, this frees up time and mental real-estate for more important decisions. Also if you let students wear what they want, this could create discrimination and a sense of separateness between the wealthier kids with nice and variant wardrobes and the kids with less; uniforms remove some superficial judgement and establishes a soft-equality which I think is important for teens.

  • TmHype
    TmHype Year ago +1

    Minus the uniform thing it's the same way in American schools

  • ohernandez13
    ohernandez13 Year ago +1

    You sir are amazingly Awesome

  • Yana Speep
    Yana Speep Year ago

    please with this new comen core stuff, its just all going down hill./

  • Pangur Bán
    Pangur Bán Year ago +1

    Not everything you're saying applies to what I grew up with in Canada, yet some of it is eerily familiar, especially the outdated material. Basic life skills like taxes and investments, the workings of the government or how to navigate the job market how glaringly absent. But the pythagorean theorem, that shit I know. Aside from that, the biggest problem here is that teachers are stretched too thin. There are too many kids in each class, and they often mix in students with comportment troubles or learning difficulties. The result is that teachers can't give help to every student who needs it. If they're focusing all their energy on working with the kids who severely need it, the average students don't have a chance to get the help they need to improve and the exceptional students are left to their own devices and soon get bored of school.

  • Fumi Tooru [Clarivy]

    We've go the same problem in Poland (except for uniforms). We learn things that wll never be useful. But the worst thing is we need to write some important exams. Kids finish elementary school, they write exams. Students finish middle school they write exams, just like before, in order to get to some "better" school. But actually it gives you nothing since you can (almost) always get where you want to study. It is just stressful for students. In my opinion it is only useful when you finish your education. What's more it would be great if subject will make student more creative, and not force them to study other persons' ideas. Teachers should help students to find they passions or encourage them to try new things, explore, and show that the world is open for them. I bet most of them would love to, however, they must follow the syllabus so they dont have that much time...

  • Yexel Orio
    Yexel Orio Year ago

    Why can't schools have cool uniforms as seen in anime.

    • Dino Goodley
      Dino Goodley Year ago

      I agree! The world needs more anime

    • shanliyaa aa
      shanliyaa aa Year ago


    • shanliyaa aa
      shanliyaa aa Year ago

      I actually saw a school here, in my country that their uniform looks like the uniforms we see in anime and they look so good I saw 2 school ugh I'm jealous

  • Abigail Potts
    Abigail Potts Year ago

    Is he wearing glasses without lenses? 😂 but i do agree with most of the stuff hes said, especially about the curriculum but not the uniform

  • ReDesign
    ReDesign Year ago

    There are still so many jobs that require an education in which things like the quadratic formula are the basics needed

  • Trung Vo
    Trung Vo Year ago

    Good to see u back man

  • Dragomfirez
    Dragomfirez Year ago +1

    I completely agree with the uniform. It's gotten to a point where our Principle cares more about the uniform than the education of the school by cutting the budget for getting new textbooks and placing that budget cut into producing more uniforms.

    Ironically, I don't even wear uniform and can walk up to the Principle and have a conversation without him telling me off for not wearing correct uniform. So then what is the fucking point of announcing it to the school about "Correct dress etiquette" when you don't reinforce it?

    Greed. They just want to make money.

  • RedSquadMike
    RedSquadMike Year ago +1

    This is a global issue and it's intentional to try dumb down society.

  • Mela the great
    Mela the great Year ago +1


  • Psychopathic Yordle

    The idea of students deciding which teachers stay and go sounds like a recipe for disaster... This is coming from a student btw. I personally know tons of students who would vote for teachers for no other reason than their class is easy and they don't give a lot of work.

  • Rosie Aley
    Rosie Aley Year ago

    in Britain we have to do this stupid thing called PEA paragraphs, basicly we have a text and have to pick out an intersting quote, lets say 'tom went to the loo' we have to write sum crap about what effect that has, "maybe tom likes toilets" "maybe he was toi scared" OR MAYBE TOM WENT TO THE FREAKIN BATHROOM TO GO POOP why cant schools allow people to enjoy litrature, no force them to tear it apart

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