What's inside a Giant Wasp Nest?

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  • Mckenzie Vermillion
    Mckenzie Vermillion 16 minutes ago

    I am afraid of them

  • Molly McAuley
    Molly McAuley 30 minutes ago

    dear Lincoln, you aren't alone. I am also very, very afraid of wasps, bees ,yellow jackets and anything else that flies and stings.

  • Ninjapotato
    Ninjapotato 1 hour ago +1

    does anyone think that the nest looks like a facehugger egg

  • The Gaming Batman
    The Gaming Batman 4 hours ago

    How about you do, whats inside your hairline. Its to big to explore

  • 고영웅
    고영웅 4 hours ago


  • Kit sune
    Kit sune 8 hours ago +1

    just for jokes
    whats inside the internet?:)

  • Dwak Playz
    Dwak Playz 13 hours ago

    i faint every time i see a bee, let alone a wasp

  • Alex the Railfanning Redneck™

    Next do, "Whats inside a dying youtube channel?"

  • sean henebry
    sean henebry 18 hours ago

    Plot twist everyone dies

  • KhanDarbar
    KhanDarbar 20 hours ago

    U guys have 4M subs good job

  • Carson23OG Everything

    I've gotten stung by a wasp

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson 1 day ago +1

    You are weird

  • 이성ᄏ
    이성ᄏ 1 day ago

    thanks for korean!

  • Nyssa Fontenot
    Nyssa Fontenot 1 day ago

    ive gotten stung 20 times litterly and still get stung till this day.lincoln is such a baby

  • Germanator
    Germanator 1 day ago


  • Addison Grommesh
    Addison Grommesh 1 day ago

    Post here what's your favorite video that they've made

  • jolie hof
    jolie hof 1 day ago

    I once stepped on a wasp nest, apparently they also make nests in dead logs and stuff. I was out in the woods, and I climbed over a big dead log, and a few seconds later I felt a sting on my arm. I had to run home, the entire swarm came after me, I was stung about 50 times. :-(

  • samuel lee
    samuel lee 1 day ago

    whats inside a chromebook

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming 1 day ago

    You should do 100 degree knife

  • Hassan GV
    Hassan GV 1 day ago

    Ive been stung 7 timee but still not afraid

  • Vote For Pedro Bro
    Vote For Pedro Bro 1 day ago

    I really hate the sound of him cutting it.

  • Malik Dabaleh
    Malik Dabaleh 1 day ago

    Also the holes remind me of hypopfhobia some humans have it serch it and oure done whith it

  • Malik Dabaleh
    Malik Dabaleh 1 day ago

    My body keeps shivering

  • Jose Sevilla
    Jose Sevilla 1 day ago

    It's actually a bald-faced hornets nest.

  • Mr.Beastmode
    Mr.Beastmode 1 day ago

    llike and comment if they should eat it!!!!!!!!

  • Talon TP
    Talon TP 1 day ago

    That's dangerous

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez 1 day ago

    Are you from utah?

  • Miche McKenna
    Miche McKenna 1 day ago

    I'm surprised you didn't check out one of those chambers

  • Brutal assasin Slash

    My friend is terrified of wasps I made him jump 10 feet high because I said there was a wasp behind hi

  • kimberly huston
    kimberly huston 2 days ago

    Once my brother stepped on the biggest wasp nest I've ever seen and he got stung 11-14 times

  • Potterpotato 88
    Potterpotato 88 2 days ago

    (lincoln) that is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (ten thousand years later) uuuuuuuuuuuuge

  • Shabrina Mani
    Shabrina Mani 2 days ago

    Where are the ded bee

  • Mya Hoil
    Mya Hoil 2 days ago

    My sister is

  • Matt Apostol
    Matt Apostol 2 days ago

    Who came from instagram

  • Yuko Star
    Yuko Star 2 days ago +1

    This is literally the first video I ever watched from you guys, but I originally found out about you from one of stacyplays videos. Ah, the memories

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 2 days ago

    i really wish they would change the intro sound that was so years ago

  • Connie Wakefield
    Connie Wakefield 2 days ago

    I got stung 15 times

  • Ïlkãy Çhrîs dë pîë

    can you show us the picture of spongebob Patrick had inside the box?

  • alana gearhart
    alana gearhart 2 days ago

    I'm more scared of wasp then him :-)

  • Lukas gaming
    Lukas gaming 2 days ago

    HEY!!! The owl pellets was more disgusting you said!

  • Shanna Wieneke
    Shanna Wieneke 3 days ago


  • George Irons
    George Irons 3 days ago

    i am scard of wasps :I

  • 하나아메
    하나아메 3 days ago

    뭐가나올지 몰라서 댓글보면서 보는데 영어밖에 없어서 제목을 다시봤는데 분명히 한글이어서 다시 내려서 댓글을봤는데 한국어가 조금있었다...

  • jasmine fortune
    jasmine fortune 3 days ago

    Y on the table

  • FYR Acacialover
    FYR Acacialover 3 days ago


  • FYR Acacialover
    FYR Acacialover 3 days ago

    I hadn't a wasp nest that size and I live in Wisconsin. Cue the illuminati music

  • Douglas Brinker
    Douglas Brinker 3 days ago

    I 2 old blew it up with a mossburg 500

  • Zarell Blacksmith
    Zarell Blacksmith 3 days ago

    sounds like card bourd

  • Salty But Moist
    Salty But Moist 3 days ago


    wasps ø.ø

  • Rogue Gaming
    Rogue Gaming 3 days ago +1

    He's been stung four times!! I haven't been stung at all

  • metallic Metal
    metallic Metal 3 days ago

    You want to know what is in a wasp nest? Bees not wasps no it's bees or honey

  • The Flipper
    The Flipper 3 days ago

    Giant wasps?

  • Ethan Ton
    Ethan Ton 3 days ago

    I don't know what's in side

  • jesusdidake
    jesusdidake 4 days ago


  • Girl Who Has A Cat Moose


  • Russell Stambaugh
    Russell Stambaugh 4 days ago

    I catch a wasp with my hand!!!

  • Nospmohtt
    Nospmohtt 4 days ago

    What's inside a wasp nest

  • Pro Gamerz
    Pro Gamerz 4 days ago

    Do what's inside whats inside

  • Raine The Frozen Wolf

    When he cuts it its so satisfying XD

  • Cynthia A
    Cynthia A 4 days ago

    The mother is not home...

  • Amy Perreault
    Amy Perreault 4 days ago


  • NatBornKilla
    NatBornKilla 4 days ago

    I was expecting for them to find my ex-wife......

  • Jill Kaiser
    Jill Kaiser 4 days ago

    "Oh, I hope bees don't come out"

    - gosh darn, I hope bees don't come out of a wasps nest too -

  • Gareth Davies
    Gareth Davies 4 days ago

    please do what's inside a moon ball

  • Milad Hashimi
    Milad Hashimi 4 days ago

    like a giant almond

  • Gyspy Rose
    Gyspy Rose 4 days ago


  • school documents
    school documents 4 days ago

    that is hyuuge .......thats waht she said🤑🤑🤑

  • David's Channel
    David's Channel 4 days ago

    Lincon is a crybaby

  • Ghostbusters Gaming
    Ghostbusters Gaming 4 days ago

    i'm afraid of dead or alive wasp nests they creep me tf out

  • Justin Ramirez
    Justin Ramirez 4 days ago

    i stepped in a wasp nest it did not hurt im 10

  • Josh Valerio
    Josh Valerio 4 days ago

    thoes holes not for adult wasps there fore eggs larva and pupa the covered holes have wasp pupa inside them

  • Gamer Princess333
    Gamer Princess333 4 days ago

    *Throws up*

    *Throws up again*

    I need a bathroom..

  • Tyler Chouchrun
    Tyler Chouchrun 4 days ago

    whiter than Casper the ghost I used to hit on kids like these moms when I was 12 lmao.

  • Tyler Chouchrun
    Tyler Chouchrun 4 days ago

    they are whiter than a gangsters t-shirt before he gets shot.

  • LittlePlayerCookie /
    LittlePlayerCookie / 5 days ago +1

    wer kann deutsch?

  • ania kahn
    ania kahn 5 days ago

    I had one in my house

  • Beenz 75
    Beenz 75 5 days ago

    On the dining table and cut with the kitchen bread knife, really?

  • keep love mlp indonesia muslim

    it looks like a coconut

  • 大輝
    大輝 5 days ago

    Four times!? That's so many ...

  • Nikudango Kyushu
    Nikudango Kyushu 5 days ago

    This entire video is soooooooo white.

  • iLunazgt
    iLunazgt 5 days ago

    How to attend party without gifts? Wrap paper around wasps hive,bring it to the party and pretend is a pinata and see what happen next

  • eza zarumi
    eza zarumi 5 days ago

    Bees inside wasp nesses? *Nature logic of course*

  • Jax Brown
    Jax Brown 5 days ago

    the fact that someone paid 30 dollars for it is crazy

  • AwesomeTye 50
    AwesomeTye 50 6 days ago

    They are rich

  • Sound like tube
    Sound like tube 6 days ago +1

    I'm not afraid of anything

  • Bitchface
    Bitchface 6 days ago

    I haven't watched yet, but I'm guessing this video is just going to be the word "Terror."

  • Salina Suggs
    Salina Suggs 6 days ago

    some of these go to far

  • Myron Regalado
    Myron Regalado 6 days ago +1

    no, yeah. thank you. ...IT IS DISGUSTING. JESUS!!! WHY?

  • Fluffnose339
    Fluffnose339 6 days ago +1

    Did anyone else find it satisfying to watch him cut it open?

  • EAS Buddy
    EAS Buddy 6 days ago +1

    ive seen larger

  • Soldiers of Praise
    Soldiers of Praise 6 days ago +1


  • J Gordon
    J Gordon 6 days ago +1

    Idk maybe wasp would come out?

  • luis p
    luis p 6 days ago +5

    this is the most crackerest whitest thing ive seen

  • Ashlynn Brose
    Ashlynn Brose 6 days ago +1

    I'm scared like him I hate wasp

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner 6 days ago +1

    Attack on Wasp! Where is the survey corps?

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner 6 days ago +1

    what cant you buy on ebay?

  • L Chaudion
    L Chaudion 6 days ago +1

    it is a Hornets nest

  • StiffTrader
    StiffTrader 6 days ago +1

    Did anybody else hear the eaven eara music

    SUPER TEMMIE 6 days ago +1

    dat faint doe

  • Orangaturtle Buddy
    Orangaturtle Buddy 6 days ago +1

    looks like cabbage

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