Tim Allen on Going to Donald Trump's Inauguration

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  • Tim shares about his experience at Trump's inauguration and reveals why we should all be paranoid about our privacy being compromised by the government and other major companies.

    Matthew Perry Beat Up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tvclip.org/video/vWZsF3bUNhs/

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    Tim Allen on Going to Donald Trump's Inauguration
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  • John David Jones

    Speaks the truth and loses his show.

  • Mordane IronFist
    Mordane IronFist 2 days ago

    Tim Allen is awesome!

  • Dave Hirons
    Dave Hirons 3 days ago

    The whole what I might like thing, I remember my coworker saying "your music is bipolar as you." Could not disagree

  • Mike Fleet
    Mike Fleet 12 days ago

    I love Tim and his standup and his sitcoms. I respect him and his opinion as much as I disagree with his politics

  • Isaac Park
    Isaac Park 23 days ago

    He voices buzz lightyear

  • Ivan Olvera
    Ivan Olvera Month ago

    What About Tim Allen Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story

  • lucas salazar
    lucas salazar Month ago

    If you close your eyes you can hear Alex Jones.

  • Amunago 0
    Amunago 0 Month ago

    1930s Germany= hollywood

  • kaylaboo7100
    kaylaboo7100 Month ago

    Tim Allen is A tough person at heart, to go through this. I salute my hat to anyOne that voted Trump , including myself- a US Air Force Veteran, and a California resident. as celebrities, they must get the most heat from social Media. The bottom line is: No matter what we Trump Supporters - Say, or Do; the secular world will not understand. EVERYthing happening in history now is BIBLICAL .. period. we are supposed to be hated. Nothing 'they' say or Do, will surprise me. Stay strong, Trump supporters!

  • wolf2966
    wolf2966 Month ago

    Kimmel you completely cut Tim Allen off from talking about some interesting knowledge and turned it into a joke granted it was funny but i wanted to hear what Tim had to say it was very interesting

  • Natashia Sprinkle
    Natashia Sprinkle Month ago

    You trained me well, Tim. I was a regular, growing up, "H.I.". Right on man, right on:)

  • Thunder Garcia
    Thunder Garcia Month ago

    Funny how conservatives always call liberals snowflakes. and for whatever reason conservatives are the one always doing all the crying. Ohh the irony, can't escape it, even if you try.

  • Jonathan Derneborg
    Jonathan Derneborg 2 months ago +1

    Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for Being neutral. Hate all these talk show hosts acting like assholes against conservatives.

  • Negan A7X
    Negan A7X 2 months ago

    My favourite childhood tv show. home improvement

  • jack offerson
    jack offerson 2 months ago

    sucks he lost the show

  • Jugey Bean
    Jugey Bean 2 months ago

    *"I wish people would shop for the news as much as we shop for a new pair of glasses-- You gotta LOOK for stuff"*

  • Arthur Duda
    Arthur Duda 2 months ago

    ROCK ON Tim !!!

  • Mr. ElvisDude
    Mr. ElvisDude 2 months ago +1

    Is it me but has anyone heard of a republican switching to a democrat, it never happens... really says something

  • Yojimbo
    Yojimbo 2 months ago

    LOL Tim Allen is such a wack job now lol. What happened to him?

  • anonymusopina1
    anonymusopina1 2 months ago

    Liberals funded by the elites to call fascists anyone who oposes them, except themselves.

  • Alexis sarmiento
    Alexis sarmiento 2 months ago

    We should of listened to my man George Washington

  • Tom22
    Tom22 2 months ago

    Wow he was right. That is too bad and sad that he is out of a job.

  • Sydney O'Bier
    Sydney O'Bier 2 months ago

    Why can we all be like him. Last Man Standing used to make me think that there was a more diverse political spectrum in Hollywood (celebrities were openly conservative) but after this election, I learned that this couldn't be further from the truth. And that if you are conservative you're head is chopped clean off. I hate this world the liberals have created why can't we get along.

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner 2 months ago +2

    The sodomites are ruining this country. Islam will come and destroy them all, sadly. But it's the truth. They cannot be stopped. God Almighty allows it to happen. I'm a Christian, and i don't wish ill will on anyone, but the fact is, God unleashes our enemies against us, when we accept sexual immorality. Especially sodomy.

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner 2 months ago

    There's nobody more intolerant and hateful than leftists/liberals. They demand everyone accept THEIR worldview, or they're attacked. They're often tar and feathered with labels such as; Homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, and so on. Funny thing is, those same losers on the left are nothing new. It's been done in every communist/socialist society in history. They're called the, "Useful Idiots." They're the FIRST people to be executed by their own dictators that they called for to attain power. Cause they served their purpose, and are then eradicated. Happens every single time, in every communist and socialist country. Just look right now at Venezuela. Those protesters are mostly all pro socialist/communist, and yet look at them. They're rioting and being killed. Same thing will happen here in the US. Same useful idiots. They're the morons that cannot stand freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. They can't have anyone be different from them.

  • Richard Lovato
    Richard Lovato 2 months ago

    Jimmy, no doubt ur pussy. and I hope more and more people stop watching u.

  • You To
    You To 2 months ago

    Bring Last Man Standing back. It should not have been cancelled. It is the 2nd highest rated show. Was up for the peoples choice award and yet cancelled by ABC.

  • Gabriel Schlaf, ESQ.
    Gabriel Schlaf, ESQ. 2 months ago +1

    Long Live Tim Allen!

  • GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats 2 months ago

    Thanks Jimmy. You accomplished your assignment. Tim now has no job

  • Him Again
    Him Again 2 months ago

    I always enjoyed Tim's work, good all American guy!

  • Johnny Hazard
    Johnny Hazard 2 months ago

    What happened to his voice He sounds like he's been smoking a pack day since Home Improvement

  • Aero Nomer
    Aero Nomer 2 months ago

    You hear Kimmel's fake, nervous laughter when Tim was speaking the truth about how fascist Hollywood is? He sounds like a lackey whose afraid his fascist overlords will associate him with the bad man he's interviewing.

  • Joseph Perdue
    Joseph Perdue 2 months ago


  • Axiomaticness
    Axiomaticness 2 months ago

    Love Tim Allen

  • Kwa Jake
    Kwa Jake 3 months ago +1

    Last Man standing 2nd highest rated show. Was up for the peoples choice award and yet cancelled by ABC.

  • Kwa Jake
    Kwa Jake 3 months ago

    I hope another network takes over Last Man Standing. Love the show. The only one I watch. Have watched it over a few times on Netflix because there is not much else out there to watch.

  • La Chien
    La Chien 3 months ago

    Tim's my favourite actor in US

  • tucker smoak
    tucker smoak 3 months ago +2

    Too bad he got canceled for his viewpoints.

  • Erica Almaraz
    Erica Almaraz 3 months ago

    He sounds a little like a paranoid old man...

  • Kristopher Lisowski
    Kristopher Lisowski 3 months ago

    Love the "Tool Man"!!

    SERVO DESTROYER 3 months ago +1

    The network did not approve of Tim Allen's comments so he got canceled.
    I guess he was right.

  • Leifur Thor
    Leifur Thor 3 months ago

    Never give up, never surrender! Tim Allen, say it as it is ~hero~

  • dadaduece
    dadaduece 3 months ago

    Jimmy changed the subject whenever Tim said something serious or worth a damn. Only morons would watch this idiot and agree with what he stands for. The dumbing down of america.

  • nathenism
    nathenism 3 months ago

    "i wish people would shop for the news the way they shop for a new pair of glasses"

  • Teagan the Atheist
    Teagan the Atheist 3 months ago +1

    The right leaning ppl are the 1930's jews and the left are the Naziis, oh how spot on Tim is.
    I like how right Tim was on the gov't spying on ppl too lol
    The have gone full retard but its nice cuz everyday ppl leave the left spectrum in droves.
    The right spectrum is the new side of liberalism cuz its the only side that excepts liberal ideals & values!!
    The democrat party and left spectrum is eating itself alive with their hypocrisy on literally every topic, belief and value they had & have!!
    The left has gone full retard and im done supporting them!! Go Trump!!

  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 3 months ago

    Tim Allen's brain is fried from his drug days.

  • Ted Fundy
    Ted Fundy 3 months ago

    Tim Allen: They're taking photos of your house! They know your preferences!

    Jimmy Kimmel: I don't think so Tim

  • Trump Swagginz
    Trump Swagginz 3 months ago

    Tim Allen 2024

  • bcT0xic
    bcT0xic 3 months ago

    jimmys so nervous letting him talk

  • Lee Kent
    Lee Kent 3 months ago

    Jimmy was stumped and clueless

  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis 3 months ago +1

    Don't piss fake liberals off, they might cancel your show.

  • guirguisd
    guirguisd 3 months ago +2

    The interview that got him fired...............

  • DrSourPurp
    DrSourPurp 3 months ago

    This video will not load for me while almost every other video on youtube is. I have noticed this happening recently. Interesting.

  • blackwood shark
    blackwood shark 3 months ago +1

    boycott ABC

  • blackwood shark
    blackwood shark 3 months ago +1

    hes saying wake up!

  • Internet Saltmine
    Internet Saltmine 3 months ago

    The religion of 'tolerance' strikes again.

  • Jennifer Wasko
    Jennifer Wasko 3 months ago +1

    we love you so much Tim. I can't believe what these pigs are doing to you because if you're correct conservative views which are normal and the right way to conduct your life. you are an inspiration to us and I'm still in shock that these fools are this ignorant. They probably did this to you not because of your views but because you are a white man. Remember white men are the devil to these weirdo pieces of s***

  • Kole Clark
    Kole Clark 3 months ago

    Haha sorry Kimmel not Trumps fault your baby's heart problems it was passed from you not having any moral values or a heart for we the people we see through the bullshit stop spreading fake news

  • Makoeyes Onme
    Makoeyes Onme 3 months ago +4

    and now the ABC nazis have cancelled his show despite amazing ratings. Entirely spiteful attempt to character assassinate and punish.

  • gladifly
    gladifly 3 months ago +2

    Just look at how uncomfortable Jimmy Kimmel looks, this liberal fascist pig is totally on edge having an honourable free thinking person on his failing show.

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte 3 months ago +1

    ABC have cancelled Tim Allen's show despite it being their second most watched comedy with 8.1 million viewers. at 0:09 Tim makes it clear how intolerant and non-inclusive liberal freaks are.

  • XperiencE
    XperiencE 3 months ago

    Don't drink the left's Kool-Aid Tim! ITS NOT KOOL AID!!

  • Angel George
    Angel George 3 months ago +30

    ....aaannnd, he got cancelled

    go figure

  • DH TeachMusic
    DH TeachMusic 3 months ago

    I think Tim Allen is for real!!!!! Thank you for maybe being one of the last men standing!!!

  • Diana Ayala
    Diana Ayala 3 months ago

    "it's true I am an idiot"

  • Ike mr
    Ike mr 3 months ago

    people have every right to boycott the show based on tim allen if they feel like. just like conservatives can boycott any liberals shows but considering most of them are watching hunting and fishing shows noc's.

  • Antonio Gallo
    Antonio Gallo 3 months ago +1

    this is why his show got cancelled

  • NekoBoyOfficial
    NekoBoyOfficial 3 months ago

    Tim Allen hasn't lost his vibe. :)

  • kevin baker
    kevin baker 3 months ago +3

    FOX would be extremely smart to pick up this show and more conservative programming.

  • Generalissimo Reply
    Generalissimo Reply 3 months ago +1

    now ABC silent another person with conservative's views

  • AgentsFires_05 IronAgent05

    He is awesome

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 3 months ago

    When did Jimmy Kimmel stop doing comedy?

  • Cyrus Slapatich
    Cyrus Slapatich 3 months ago +3

    It is like 30's Germany and Kimmel is part of the group. Tim Allen's show Last man standing was cancelled after his accurate description of Hollywood.

  • akbigdaddy100
    akbigdaddy100 3 months ago +1

    I sure do love Tim, he is so great and funny!

  • A Trumptarded Republican
    A Trumptarded Republican 3 months ago +1

    Tim was right. He was just recently fired from his job.

  • Quantumwolf45
    Quantumwolf45 3 months ago

    I know it sucks because Tim Allen is a very popular and loved American, but he is - sadly - a sellout to the one percenters. To the corporate elite who want to keep the rich rich and keep the majority of the poor, aka the American people, poor. Truth be told, Allen himself is a one percenter. A rich Hollywood prick who doesn't care about Americans, just the amount of digits in his bank account. That doesn't mean he isn't funny though. Unfortunately, having a legendary sense of humor doesn't make one a good person.

  • BigErn_Mccraken
    BigErn_Mccraken 3 months ago

    Oh look, another Trumptard.

    • Phil Deep
      Phil Deep 3 months ago

      TheNightster07 wow you seem very fair and respectful of people with different views

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones 3 months ago +1

    leftist are truly insane if they think they will take out middle america...bring it snowflakes ..

  • Molasar
    Molasar 3 months ago +1

    And now "Last Man Standing" has been cancelled with an average Nielsen rating of 6.407 (many shows get renewed with HALF that rating). Leftist Hollywood will do whatever it takes to silence any Conservative views. Tim Allen is 100% correct, you tow the party line or face the consequences. This should concern Democrats who believe in freedom of speech as well. Millions of Americans have died to protect free speech, and different opinions will never be silenced in the USA, no matter how hard they try.

  • Dander Spat
    Dander Spat 3 months ago +3

    Tim Allen for President

  • Ozzi Ramsay
    Ozzi Ramsay 3 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a leftist, Tim Allen isn't in friendly company here

  • Aryanne Hoofler
    Aryanne Hoofler 3 months ago +1

    4:06 Yes Jimmy, you are an idiot.

  • David Rinden
    David Rinden 3 months ago

    The Toolman got bit in the butt.

  • Monster Universe
    Monster Universe 3 months ago

    Tim, yes, your are ignorant, unfortunately 😀

  • drummersammy
    drummersammy 3 months ago

    Kimmel. Why would you even have Tim on the show if you were just going to feel uncomfortable

  • David B
    David B 3 months ago +28

    two months after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel show his show gets canceled even though is television show had high ratings they canceled his show and I wonder why

  • SkankHunt 42
    SkankHunt 42 3 months ago +4

    And now his show is cancelled, shocking. Don't dare speak out against the liberal propaganda machine

  • dutch971
    dutch971 3 months ago +1

    Jeez Jimmy is an idiot. Looks cringe too. Brain dead.

  • Myrdoc
    Myrdoc 3 months ago +1

    Liberals hate differing opinions, they're the new Puritans.

  • Camara Rhodes
    Camara Rhodes 3 months ago +1


  • Sheppy99
    Sheppy99 3 months ago +1

    Sorry the liberals censored you Tim and shut down your show. It was actually the only enjoyable piece of entertainment on cable TV. Now it's back to nothing.

  • Brad Wesley
    Brad Wesley 3 months ago +2

    Homosexuals run most of these companies. That's why Tim Allen is as fired.

  • Maria k
    Maria k 3 months ago +2

    Brave guy too bad liberals take another strike of freedom of speech by cancelling his high rated show

  • Gary Pittel
    Gary Pittel 3 months ago

    So he got fired for this? I'm lost

  • Forty1Second
    Forty1Second 3 months ago

    I wonder why his show just got cancelled??

  • blujay1524
    blujay1524 3 months ago

    Bring Back Last Man Standing

  • Vendrix
    Vendrix 3 months ago +1

    funny how jimmy abruptly cut the interview after it was getting a little too real

  • JonsenMT
    JonsenMT 3 months ago

    Tim Allen is badass!!

  • Sam Perd
    Sam Perd 3 months ago

    I'm very Anti-Trump, but I can't hate Tim Allen just because he supports Trump. He seems like a really cool guy and I enjoy his work. He's not a bigot like SOME(NOT ALL) Trump Supporters.

  • Mahhay Beyo
    Mahhay Beyo 3 months ago


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