Box Office for The Mummy vs Wonder Woman, 2nd Weekend Drop 43%

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  • Michael kent
    Michael kent 18 days ago

    Late Qing reform...

  • giantmonkey101
    giantmonkey101 Month ago +1

    Wonder Woman is going to beat Deadpool at the box office in a week or two from now unbelievable!

  • Bent Overgaard
    Bent Overgaard Month ago

    The sound is not good.

  • briane596able
    briane596able Month ago

    With the simple to follow scripts and low standard of nuance to film making, Hollywood to have already been marketing to/for international audiences for the last 10, 15 years.

  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong Month ago

    If a movie does well, they show American sales but when they start using global sales, big tell about the quality of the movie! lol

  • Saurabh Bahuguna
    Saurabh Bahuguna Month ago

    are male heroes like tom cruise hurt because of seccess of WONDER WOMAN

  • jskrabac
    jskrabac Month ago

    Damn. You're so candid and direct when you venture into political discussions. No beating around the bush or fear to speak realistically. Much respect. That's very refreshing to see on a movie channel.

  • Rishav Choudhary
    Rishav Choudhary 2 months ago

    do baahubali review. .

    i m waiting ; )

  • mirka narika
    mirka narika 2 months ago

    i have gone to the states theater and it was too much. i mean $12 or $13 for a ticket? plus you have to decide whether you will buy a ticket or eat nachos. where i come from its a slight balance the tickets are $6.50 and one nearby its selling it at $5 plus $3.50 for womens days. plus nachos tend to be $5.99

  • Dason Greaves
    Dason Greaves 2 months ago

    Thanks for not pissing me off Grace 😊

  • JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs 2 months ago

    Why the hate on Kate Mara and Rooney Mara???

  • Merwanor
    Merwanor 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman was a pretty good movie, but I don't really see how people like it so much compared to Man of Steel and BvS. They are fairly similar when it comes to pacing, but Wonder Woman has more levity and humor in it, even though I found it did not really fit in with such a dark setting as WW1.

    And one thing that was very off putting to me was the fact that all the Germans was speaking English, but they specifically made a huge fuss over the fact that Diana is a master linguist, and she talks to people in many different languages. So why on earth did not the Germans speak German?

    The main villain had barely any character to him, pretty much just Doomsday that can talk. And frankly, they should have saved him for later.

    But the good things about the movie was Wonder Woman herself, her journey from a very naive but very strong willed warrior to a fully fledged Hero. Gal Gadot exudes regalness in her role and it is a blast to watch her on screen. The whole Trench sequence alone is worth the price of watching the movie. The chemistry between her and Trevor was great and Chris Pine did an excellent job too. A good showing for the first real female superhero movie. But it could have been better too imo.

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    Hey grace love your channels..question..Are movie franchise the new stars replacing actors?...meaning people are going to see a particular movie franchise story and not the actor in the movie.

  • Nathan MSC
    Nathan MSC 2 months ago

    they werent able to sell the movie outside of tom cruise fans because people are so damn picky. "no im not gonna watch it because i like the brendan fraser ones" like shut up and watch it.

  • CalebDelRey
    CalebDelRey 2 months ago

    Grace this was such a good episode of movie math. You should be proud 😍

  • Manoj Varughese
    Manoj Varughese 2 months ago

    Monday to Thursday frame for week 3 is impressive so far(courtesy Forbes, BO mojo)...Legs assured for this one. I guess there's a shot at surpassing GOTG. vol.2 third weekend cume.

  • AwardedAqua
    AwardedAqua 2 months ago

    I'm going on a plane soon and I hope they are playing ww

  • David H Braun
    David H Braun 2 months ago +1

    Batman vs Superman was so bad, I left the theater wishing I could unsee it, except for its one bright element, the underdeveloped Wonder Woman subplot. The new Wonder Woman movie is a *great* movie, not just an action movie, but with depth to it. I plan on seeing it at least two more times in the theater, I and I've never before seen a movie even twice in a single release at the theater.

  • Carolina Wanheda
    Carolina Wanheda 2 months ago

    I have been looking forward to the Wonder woman movie since it was announced and I was really hyped for it and I was really disappointed with their ad campaign in my country, because I didn't see a single poster for the movie anywhere, and not just in my city, I think in the whole country of Bulgaria, all the billboards had Pirates, the Mummy and even Cars. I even saw a Guardians of the galaxy 2 trailer on TV after the release of Wonder woman in Bulgaria. And there weren't any action figures with the popcorn like they had for BvS. I just think if they had spent some more money on advertising this movie would have had even more amazing box office, considering the cinema was packed both times I went to see it...

  • mrhitisnumberone
    mrhitisnumberone 2 months ago

    Megan Leavey my answer to that is I haven't heard about you till you arrived this past weekend.

  • Cameron Glass
    Cameron Glass 2 months ago

    11 million for La La Land.... ummm NAH

  • Synthia Bouda
    Synthia Bouda 2 months ago

    Grace !!!! I need answers !!!
    1. Why wasn't Gal Gadot given blue contacts like Brandon Roth did in Superman Returns?!!
    2. During the beach fight, WHY didn't the amazons use their gauntlets to deflect the bullets? Only ONE Amazon used a shield to deflect the bullets.
    3. Why did they not explain why the shield and sword are different from BVS?

    Other than that, I'm happy.

  • Crescendyr
    Crescendyr 2 months ago

    Sarah Conner was the star. There were multiple main characters, but she definitely was THE star of T1 and a star of T2.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 2 months ago just lost me at 17;40.....kangs and queens...f''k panther was made just because of the character color...fact.

  • Yvonne Rogers
    Yvonne Rogers 2 months ago

    Oddly enough, although I watch incredible amounts of YouTube with my partner, the first time either of us discovered marketing for 47 Meters Down was when we went to our city's downtown theatre for "Wonder Woman" and saw an enormous cardboard cut-out for "47" in the lobby. What's this? I thought. Grace hasn't mentioned this one. (No worries. I figure with all the work you've been doing on WW, this had to get skipped just like the trailer for Tom Cruise's "American Made." I don't expect you to cover everything.) I wonder if YouTube's assessment of my viewing preferences concluded that I wouldn't be interested in a shark picture. They'd be right, but then I've gotten trailers for "American Made" and "It Comes at Night" in front of videos, and neither of those were on my radar, either. "Night" I might try because of the interesting chatter, but "Made" just looks annoying to me. Might be a good film, but it looks like the kind that would give me a headache. Thanks for your fabulous, thoughtful analysis of "WW" and "The Mummy." I enjoy Movie Math oh-so-much. Best.

  • Captain Elina
    Captain Elina 2 months ago

    Grace, you talk about feminism potentially hurting the Wonder Woman movie but the discourse around Gal Gadot being a Jewish Israeli also hurts to the movie to the point of it being banned in some countries. Why aren't you willing to touch on that? Because it is certainly not helping the movie in Europe.

  • Ramy
    Ramy 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman destroys the international superstar.

  • Jordan :p
    Jordan :p 2 months ago

    The first half of Wonder Woman was unwatchable for me but the second half was pretty good.

  • Addison Hernández
    Addison Hernández 2 months ago

    If we're having a moment lets have a moment. Why are you looking for excuses to cut WW's wings off Grace? Join the party.

  • Robert Reijers
    Robert Reijers 2 months ago

    I still have to wait to see it. In my country Wonder Women isn't in the cinema yet.

  • Kevon Bray
    Kevon Bray 2 months ago

    Germany, Japan, & Spain all open this weeked!

  • Nicholas Louie
    Nicholas Louie 2 months ago

    I fully agree with your concerns for Wonder Woman Grace. I loved Wonder Woman - it told a story with a strong female lead should be without being hostile toward men. If SJWs keep pushing their narrative they're going to ruin that image for normal audiences in the future.

  • bioroid09
    bioroid09 2 months ago

    i liked chad boseman in 42

  • Chandler Ingram
    Chandler Ingram 2 months ago

    I think WW will finish between $650-$750 hundred million.

  • Nje Filmmakers
    Nje Filmmakers 2 months ago

    I'm planning to see the new cars and rough night

  • BuringTARDIS Manual
    BuringTARDIS Manual 2 months ago

    I'm going to see Wonder Woman again on Sunday (I saw it June 1st ), my dad requested it for Father's Day! I probably won't get to see it in 3D, but I'm hoping to do that eventually as well! I wish that the press was talking about how it's a real feminist movie, meaning that it isn't a man vs woman situation but a movie about mankinds fight to better themselves and how we all have good and bad in us!

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia 2 months ago

    any update on the mulan movies? I'm dying over here hoping they don't f it up 💀

  • tinaofdayoh
    tinaofdayoh 2 months ago

    Grace until they fix the movie going experience it is going to get worse for more movies bottom line! Our wonder woman movie experience was awful kids came in our theater and yelled Costco- twice! We walked out so thank God for your spoiler reviews.

    • tinaofdayoh
      tinaofdayoh 2 months ago

      Beyond The Trailer they gave us credit for the next time. Grace thanks for your great videos are we literally wouldn't of known how it ended! Keep up the good work

    • Beyond The Trailer
      Beyond The Trailer  2 months ago

      I am so sorry that happened! Did you ask for your money back?

  • Md. nirjor
    Md. nirjor 2 months ago

    Please don't mention buzfid !! It won't contribute anything but

  • Urban King
    Urban King 2 months ago

    Damn.. why does Angelina Jolie look like she's too weak to eat on her own?

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    Entertainment Studios? was the name Film Production Company taken? SUCH a bland title...

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    wait a minute...
    Rachel Weisz left The Mummy because she didn't want to be in "stupid" blockbusters and then she took the role in Oz: The Great and Powerful? dafuq?

    • tim
      tim 2 months ago

      because she's not telling the truth she's adding what she thinks is the truth into it that's what rachel said that she didn't want to be far from her baby for such a long time

    • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
      Roei Potash AKA Poihpio 2 months ago

      tim huh, that's not the massage I got from Grace's description.

    • tim
      tim 2 months ago

      no she didn't say that she just didn't like the script for the third mummy and she didn't want to go to china for three months away from her baby

  • Harry IS Wright
    Harry IS Wright 2 months ago

    I red a conversation on black panthers trailer in the comment section
    "wow I can't wait for this film, perfect pic for black panther"
    "you black then?"
    "then why you tripping"
    "r u black?"
    "yeh and this is our film so why YOU tripping?"
    thats one example of what grace was on about. I dunno.

  • Nutsy Waterbelly
    Nutsy Waterbelly 2 months ago

    Pout. I consider myself an SJW but I really want a place of true equality. I liked the way that both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor were portrayed and I took to my feed to promote the fact that WW Had a gay screen writer (learned that from you). I want it to do well because I love this character.

  • viperswhip
    viperswhip 2 months ago

    Come on, if you want black community as kings then you have Coming to America...stop complaining! /sarcasm

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude17 2 months ago

    When grace said that universal should of been like " I'll do something for you, some back room deal" I couldn't help laughing

  • A McGuire
    A McGuire 2 months ago

    amen about talking during the movie. ugh! so damn annoying.

  • Georgi Lazarov
    Georgi Lazarov 2 months ago

    Grace... Wonder woman for me is a perfect copy of Titanic just take out her super powers and u have a perfect love story... in the beginning you fall in love with wonder woman and after that Steve sells the movie... u just want to see them together and in the end, ur heart breaks cuz he sacrifice himself for her... that is the reason why people will still show up to see it cuz if u look the box office numbers of Titanic in the beginning u will see that with the time it made its money.

  • Titan_Clash007
    Titan_Clash007 2 months ago +1

    okay im sold, im watching Wonder Woman today 😄

  • KeiaHD
    KeiaHD 2 months ago +1

    man I hope Rough Night is actually good. For Scarlett and Kate's sake

  • Roy Mathew
    Roy Mathew 2 months ago

    47 Meters Down looks more like Gravity in Water. For my 2cents, Gravity was sooooooo over rated to the point where it was mostly all eye candy (CGI) vs. rapturous story telling.

  • RagnarokDel
    RagnarokDel 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure I watched 47 meters down last year? the hell?

  • Lana Del Taco
    Lana Del Taco 2 months ago

    wonder woman doubled wtf

  • pvanganimare
    pvanganimare 2 months ago

    China is saving Michael Bay and his directors career with transformers crap.

  • llcruize
    llcruize 2 months ago +1

    I don't think you can discount Blade's significance as the first minority led SUCCESSFUL comic film/franchise and in its place put Black Panther. I think that is totally wrong. Blade should be considered the first and if Panther turns out as good as it looks like it will be, the next step up that mountain. Look at their assent. Panther is introduced in one of the biggest movies of the year, so exposure is HIGH. Panther has the MCU publicity machine behind it. Panther is coming out AFTER the success of Wonder Woman as well as coming out after audiences are accustomed to seeing African American men as heroes in comic films; Heimdall, War Machine and Falcon. Right now is the sweet spot for comic films. All that blade had going for it was the star power of its African American lead, Wesley Snipes. The film relied solely on Snipes and the genre to get asses in the theater. You had an African American lead, who was not your usual typecast African American role. You had a female African American co-lead playing a well respected doctor. I think you are way under playing Blade's significance Grace. Panther is the next step, not the first step.

  • Ironicist
    Ironicist 2 months ago

    Movie experience is great! I literally watch at least one movie each week even before the weekend! I'm surprised it's bad in the US! Maybe because streaming is preferred there?

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 2 months ago +3

    Why are you bashing Rooney Mara? She doesn't need the big blockbuster numbers and money for her career to continue. She is a two-time Academy Award nominee and chooses more artistic projects.

    • Star Lord
      Star Lord 2 months ago

      It's the second time in the last few weeks that Grace is bashing Rooney, even though she has nothing to do with "Megan Leavey". I guess Rooney couldn't be more happy with her acting career.

  • no pe
    no pe 2 months ago

    While WW is doing well it's failing overseas, and it would be funny if Cruise's overseas draw could make the Mummy end up level or surpassing WW. That said, I don't find the my 5yo did this or that to be real in anyway, and if they are it's just the child regurgitating something their parents beat into their head.

    Do you think Alien will end up making enough money for more films in the near future? It's at 181m vs 97m cost atm so it's close to cover production with some weeks left and China/Japan have yet to open.

    ps. I feel bad for It Comes at Night.

  • Mäu
    Mäu 2 months ago

    Why are all the openings domestic to US in the video? Most Superhero movies come out in EU before US.

    Didn't WW open 233 million world wide the first weekend?

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney 2 months ago

    The Mummy stuck. I love Tom Cruise and the Mummy was my 3rd most anticipated movie right behind Wonder Woman, Star Wars. Big disappointment.

  • Kara Realm
    Kara Realm 2 months ago

    It's a mystery to me how the global box office is determined. Wonder Woman isn't even out in all countries yet. The german premier, for example, is tomorrow. Meanwhile the Mummy and Pirates have been out for some weeks already...


    movies are around $9 to see here, plus I can sneak in my own food like McDonalds or whatever, so not too expensive here.

  • Ricardo221
    Ricardo221 2 months ago +1

    WW 2nd weekend made 1.3 million over the original estimates.  Second weekend ended at 58.51 million.

  • Deadpool 26
    Deadpool 26 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me why the fuck I like yellow things that like bananas more than fucking tom cruise!

    JORGE LIMAS 2 months ago

    Sometimes seems like you hate DC or something like that.

  • Stephan Lexima
    Stephan Lexima 2 months ago

    It comes at night was a surprise but a good one. Joel edgerton was good so I don't get why you say it will hurt him. He's not a big budget movie actor.

  • Leuriq Noa
    Leuriq Noa 2 months ago

    Regarding your comment (2:35), here in Ecuador (South America), tickets for a movie are from $3 to $7, depending if you have sub, 3D, IMAX, 3D XD. So I guess, going to the movie is quite an experience for some viewers, almost a luxury if the tickets cost $20.

  • Silent Lulamoon
    Silent Lulamoon 2 months ago

    It Comes at Night is awesome

  • nightworg
    nightworg 2 months ago

    The hype surrounding Wonder woman is surreal. There so many fans that wan't the movie to do good, and it has because it is a good movie. I don't believe it will reach as high numbers as Batman vs Superman.

  • MasonsTurtle
    MasonsTurtle 2 months ago

    I like analytical Grace. Helps me understand Hollywood better.

  • Mimsie A.J
    Mimsie A.J 2 months ago

    Hello there, Grace, viewer question!! You mentioned putting Kevin Spacey in a movie musical based on his Tonys hosting gig. I thought the exact same thing while watching! Do you think Spacey as the Genie in Aladdin would work? I think he would be perfect and it would be a nice change for him. He has the acting/singing chops and the ability to do voice impressions + charisma. Thank you, love your channels. ❤

  • Deadsh07
    Deadsh07 2 months ago

    Wonder woman is not doing that great in international box office since its not being shown in as many screens as the other movies... I'm from India and usually every hollywood movie gets shown near my place. But that wasnt the case for WW, I had to travel to 3 different cities to watch it 3 times... Its only being shown in half the number of screens compared to other releases which makes me sad.

    • Deadsh07
      Deadsh07 2 months ago

      Wonder woman had more viewers than Pirates and Mummy combined in certain theatres

    • Deadsh07
      Deadsh07 2 months ago

      I can relate to that... All the three cities I went to were nearly 4 hours from my current place. Just average multiplexes. But I went there anyway because... WW. I'd love to watch it in IMAX but the nearest IMAX screen is more than 12hours from my Uni :(

  • DaGaZ Rune
    DaGaZ Rune 2 months ago

    The Bigoteers need to be ignored. Part of why WW did so well was that long time fans, you know people that actually see her as something more than a object to manipulate, we able to watch the movie in peace with no Feminist or Bigoteering stupidity. Bigoteers just keep trying to hijack fandoms and make them into something they aren't.

    Hopefully they keep the same formula moving forward with the DCEU. Can't wait for the next WW movie!

  • Maarten van Die
    Maarten van Die 2 months ago


  • Skarrow Johnson
    Skarrow Johnson 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman comes out this week in the Netherlands (finally), so I'll be going there ;)

  • Itzik Habush
    Itzik Habush 2 months ago

    יפה טומריקו

  • Maarten van Die
    Maarten van Die 2 months ago

    Grace, thank you so much!
    I have been waiting for a new video for so long!
    You are the best youtuber on youtube! 😀

  • Emmanuel Obamwonyi
    Emmanuel Obamwonyi 2 months ago

    here comes thy all great bulshit rant of grace ludendolf. Stop comparing wonder woman with pirates of the caribbean and boss baby...geez. it is very likely it would make more than batman v superman and suicide squad.

  • Andrejs Garais
    Andrejs Garais 2 months ago

    Saw Wonder Women twice with my wife amazing movie and we saw The Mummy was great movie why people don't like was great.

  • Jahlahn Taylor
    Jahlahn Taylor 2 months ago

    At first reading the comments about what grace was saying about Wonder Woman I thought I was going to be annoyed but after watching I agree with Grace a lot I'm happy that she's stating facts because I want Wonder Woman to continue to break down the walls being placed in front of it. I'm a straight black male and Wonder Wonder has made me proud beyond belief and continues to make me proud

  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama 2 months ago +1

    Grace I have been watching your videos for a month or 2 and I think you are one of the best content creators at this type of box office analytics I hope you have been nominated for a webby

    • Beyond The Trailer
      Beyond The Trailer  2 months ago

      Aw thank you!!! :) That really means a lot that you feel that way!

  • Joe Wagner
    Joe Wagner 2 months ago

    GRACE!! Boss Baby and Pirates have been out longer than Wonder Woman so of course her total is less right now!

    • Joe Wagner
      Joe Wagner 2 months ago

      Oh okay, I understand the Boss Baby point now, I would compare her totals and holds to Iron Man Captain America Thor etc, first time movies for superheros as opposed to the 5th installment of a franchise. But your point about a not wanting a backlash is well taken

    • Beyond The Trailer
      Beyond The Trailer  2 months ago

      Pirates has only been out just one week longer, and the point about Boss Baby is that it's not as hard to make WW current box office total as some would have you believe.

  • Haggard4Life
    Haggard4Life 2 months ago +1

    I stopped watching when Grace started criticizing the things those kindergarteners were saying. They're kids!

  • Vincent van Heukelum
    Vincent van Heukelum 2 months ago +2

    As for the global revenue, here in Europe Wonder Woman is only starting this weekend, so that might be another reason why the global sales are lower than optimal.

  • Lokeish luvs u
    Lokeish luvs u 2 months ago +1

    grace wat happened to the bahubali 2 movie review

  • Dan Hong
    Dan Hong 2 months ago +2

    Ppl don't have money to waste on movie tickets these days, don't call us sensitive. All our jobs went overseas, so yeah, the middle class overseas can afford to see crappy films. :(

  • simbasible
    simbasible 2 months ago +1

    It isn't expensive, Grace!! Twenty dollars or whatever but your salaries are huuuuuge! Here it is around ten dollars but we have at least ten times inferior salaries to yours. So basically we in Serbia can go to movies once a month at best. So ten dollars is our ticket with Coca Cola and popcorn but we make around 350 or 300 dollars a month, most of us. So it is very expensive to us, not you. You Americans have no idea how terrible most nations live and how poor they are.

  • Donovan Rodriguez
    Donovan Rodriguez 2 months ago +2

    Wonder Woman is changing history! We're actually analyzing Wonder Woman in my film class! My professor said it's right below The Dark Knight in his all time favorites. He also has Civil War up there, so he can't be _fully_ trusted. Kidding!

  • Pedro 645
    Pedro 645 2 months ago +1

    Because Wonder Woman's budget is 150 million compared to Batman v Superman's 250 million, I don't believe it has to do a billion worldwide to be a success. It's already proven the naysayers wrong by having it be commercially successful and by the end of the week it will probably beat Doctor Strange in domestic numbers.

    I don't expect it to beat Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman since those films featured major characters. Wonder Woman is a popular figure though probably more famous in America than overseas. It might be why worldwide the numbers don't match though word of mouth could help and the film is yet to open in Japan (August) which is a major market.

  • sham k
    sham k 2 months ago +1

    Grace, The venom you spew for the Mara sisters is getting childish now. You just go out of your way to rip them apart every chance you get. I know this is opinion based commentary on your part but it's clear you personally do not like these women. So maybe just don't cover their work. Your stance on feminism just becomes hollow when you choose to just insult the mara sisters repeatedly.

  • LanTIS YU
    LanTIS YU 2 months ago +1

    NO offence to my American friend. LOVE YOU!! But the world does not surround USA ONLY/ Seriously, A lots of movie does not really have to be good at the USA to mean good or bad.

  • Sun bro
    Sun bro 2 months ago

    So .... how long till the SJWs push the black only screenings of Black Panther?

  • Maple Street Pictures
    Maple Street Pictures 2 months ago +1

    The amazing Spider-Man 2 is an amazing movie and demos not deserve the hate.

  • Maple Street Pictures
    Maple Street Pictures 2 months ago +1

    Where I live people turn off there cell phones during the movie

  • SoSickRick
    SoSickRick 2 months ago +3

    Brendan Fraser Mummy better

  • M S Ram
    M S Ram 2 months ago

    Mummy wasn't 17% RT bad! RT is rotten.

  • LeoS0ul
    LeoS0ul 2 months ago

    I like the wonder woman film but I don't think it did anything revolutionary, the only thing I can't stand is that I enjoyed the film but I have to hear everyone say it's the best thing ever and idk about all that

  • bionic26
    bionic26 2 months ago +1

    450 in 12 days is really impressive specially for a female superhero lead and the fact that previous DCEU movies were critical failures. Also it still hasn't been released in Many countries across Europe and Asia so I am sure it will keep continue to bring in money from global markets and I think it will continue to make money steadily in US. It has already break even so any money they make from now on will be a profit for the Warner Bros.

  • Guy Simchony
    Guy Simchony 2 months ago +1

    Grace I really don't understand what you were saying about the Mara sisters. Yeah Rooney has never been a box-office star, but she's consistently acclaimed by critics and already has 2 academy award nominations under her belt. It's fair to say that audiences have rejected her, but Hollywood? I doubt it.

  • H. Jams
    H. Jams 2 months ago

    I would love to see wonder woman again but my sister is in love with sharks and really wants to see 47meters down. so I'll see that with her. the one thing I loved about WW was that it didn't throw todays feminism down your throat. ps. I didn't like how that little girl called the little boy an idiot that didn't go over well with me.

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