Alien Covenant - What happens to James Franco *spoiler*

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  • Bzee Ybert
    Bzee Ybert 3 months ago

    *Spoiler*-So...the Jewish character got cremated in an cryochamber-turned-oven. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

  • Billy Tran
    Billy Tran 3 months ago

    Dude ...why do you talk like this .

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Billy Tran thats my voice, lmfao that's like asking why someone is the height they are. It's just offensive and silly

  • kit munsayac
    kit munsayac 3 months ago +1

    He died while in hypersleep. Hypersleep on fire.

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 3 months ago

    well Franco did have a lot of other things to do....and Seth Rogen had to keep him busy around the house huh....

  • Greg NYC
    Greg NYC 3 months ago


  • RustiSwordz
    RustiSwordz 3 months ago

    Walter. I suspect he discovered something was wrong. Orum I think it was him. He wanted command and became envious.

  • WarlockX4
    WarlockX4 3 months ago

    There's so much hype for this movie. What if it blows? Prometheus had this much hype before it was released and that movie was a mess...

    • jsm666
      jsm666 3 months ago

      The visuals and action will be great, if nothing else. Enjoy watching the Xenos etc. have their lunch.

  • Richie Dixon
    Richie Dixon 3 months ago +1

    Franco gets the spore in the ear it's him in the med bay having the neomorph coming out of his back .Think about billy crudup is being called the captain .but in the extended trailer where Daniels says her speech Franco is the captain .so he looks like he's first to go

    • Richie Dixon
      Richie Dixon 3 months ago

      I've Just checked the cast and there's a guy called goran de Kleut .He is the spit of Franco so I think your right .damn I been convinced for months it was franco

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Richie Dixon No buddy, look again, it isn't. Those are two different people :) he dies in cryo stasis

  • Jay Remm
    Jay Remm 3 months ago +1

    Crudup sabotages  franco

    • Jay Remm
      Jay Remm 3 months ago

      Hm, noted... however that's never stopped other religious figures from committing murder...

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Jay Remm highly doubtful, he's hugely religious

  • bob smith
    bob smith 3 months ago +1

    What's the difference between Proto and Xeno, also where the heck did those white baby-head lookin' mofos come from and, where is the Deacon???
    (I put 3 of ? because I have 3 questions 😑)

  • Derek Currie
    Derek Currie 3 months ago +1

    James Franco has recently been doing a lot of small character roles in films. That this is another isn't a surprise. It's fun to see the films he chooses for these roles.

  • lewis steiner
    lewis steiner 3 months ago +1

    sorry correction "1st Ever large scale colonization, Too come this far into our galaxy"

  • Rick Hammond
    Rick Hammond 3 months ago +1

    Cmon Mr H - when are you doing reviews on all the new clips?! Looking forward to it

  • BabyBoomerChannel
    BabyBoomerChannel 4 months ago +1

    Why was the concept of "Mother", the master computer of Alien, abandoned?

    • Susan Dunckel
      Susan Dunckel 4 months ago

      BabyBoomerChannel mother is in this movie. some say the voice was done by Weaver, but no confirmation.

  • Sorvos
    Sorvos 4 months ago +1

    The Protomorph scene is a killer one, no doubt.

  • Nick Bernabe
    Nick Bernabe 4 months ago +1

    Curious to why James Franco would agree to such a minor role on the film ... maybe he had other commitments or was really sick! A bit like Jon Finch having to forfeit his part to John Hurt in Alien to play Kane.

  • susan jones
    susan jones 4 months ago +1

    Enjoyed the spoiler review. Our local vue is showing an Alien trio next week 26 th April. with Covenant at the finish The anticipation is growing. Hate to say it but looking forward to the Aliens entry into the world and how scary are they going to be ? Watched the very first Alien yesterday and noticed the Alien creature kind of just standing about and swaying a bit. Looked odd. Just had another thought. If Shaw had continued with her Alien pregnancy would she have had a conventional birth as their was an umbilical cord or would have Baby Alien gestated to ridiculous measurements ??

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 4 months ago +1

    I personally think he has a bad curry before going to sleep

  • Vangyx_217
    Vangyx_217 4 months ago +1

    MR H! Will you be participating in Alien day on 4-26?

  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 4 months ago +1

    I hope there's some heavy drunken whiskey blazin humor from McBride bring on the real characters

  • Jacen Starhunter
    Jacen Starhunter 4 months ago +1

    Mr H Reviews Can you make some mini explained story videos on Dallas, Hicks and Dutch?

  • Stu Davis
    Stu Davis 4 months ago +1

    Awesome vids Mr. H! Your the bomb.

  • Richie L57
    Richie L57 4 months ago +1

    i really feel like this alien movie will be the best alien film to date

  • stabilisedchaos
    stabilisedchaos 4 months ago +1

    May 18th is not coming fast enough.
    I don't go see a lot of movies,I have to really like them because lets face it,most movies these days are bad,real bad.Look what happened to Star Wars with the acting, totally cringe worthy, but because it's Star Wars loyal fans always support it.It's gonna be real hard to screw up an Alien franchise movie,especially this one with so much hype,I hope it lives up to it's great expectations.

  • {ESA}Warfare
    {ESA}Warfare 4 months ago +2

    just wait for the movie.. instead of reading and viewing everything you can.. so when it is released ..its not spoiled

    • Susan Dunckel
      Susan Dunckel 4 months ago

      {ESA}Warfare I just can't. The scenes from the 'engineers city' has me soooo happy that nothing can ruin this movie for me. It is going to be just to beautiful.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +{ESA}Warfare no

  • Fried Chicken Now
    Fried Chicken Now 4 months ago +1

    Franco needs to die first in Convenant, just like in real life.

  • Sura Ventri
    Sura Ventri 4 months ago +3

    I think it is a red herring. I feel like they set up the Captain being sick for a reason, not just to set up Oram for the not-quite-ready-to-be-boss cliche' role he seems to have leading up to his death. Hell they might have just locked a few crew members in with the Xenomorph in the main ship section while they retreated to the cyro/cargo hold, and she disagreed with the decision. She could be upset at that, or vice versa, locking it in a cargo section with sooo many sleeping targets including the captain.
    What I really want to know now is does the Covenant separate into the crew section and the cargo section if needed like the Nostromo. Would they send the cargo section on to the new planet without them if they couldn't get the Xenomorphs exterminated, just contained (they hope) on their part of the ship?

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 4 months ago +2

    If James Franco's character is killed off early in the movie, I'm all for that. I can't stand Franco.

  • TheIslingtongirl
    TheIslingtongirl 4 months ago +1

    Cool stuff. If Walter was awake like David was through the journey, Im sure he will catch hell for that. If it was a cryopod malfunction, why just let him die? I thought when "put you on ice" it would suspend anything wrong with you, which was the whole argument with Kane in Alien? Although I guess if your vitals just stop that's it. We'll find out.

  • Lorenzo Arias
    Lorenzo Arias 4 months ago +1

    Hey Mr. H, you're gonna do a review video on the movie itself right? Like after you watch it of course. I would assume so but I wanted to just check😂

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Lorenzo Arias lol yes, hoping to do a live stream actually

  • RedDingo777
    RedDingo777 4 months ago +15

    Spoiler alert - he gets eaten by Danny McBride.

  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy 4 months ago +2

    yeah he dies in cryo-sleep I said that before seeing him sick in The Last Supper spot, it was easy to figure out,

  • Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo and SELF DEFENSE

    im sure not many will believe me but in the year 2000 or 2001... i had no idea who james franco was... he was driving a harley and was cruising through italy along our coastal line... iwas bouncer of a dance club and doing door selection... the owner saw James who was wearing a bandana and told me to keep him out... he stayd at the door with me for over an hour tellin me he had done a movie with deniro and honestly i thought he was fucking nuts... he even gave me his card coz he was selling harley davidson components... i truly did not believe him... but he was definitely a nice person and very down to earth... i ended up letting him in the dance club then he came talked to me for half an hour and he left... bottom line i told everyone I was dealing with an american whacko.... you tell me how I felt when I borrowed a dvd one night with deniro and who was in it??? James Franco.. then he was in spiderman blows me away how ignorant i was...bottom line defintely a nice person...hope one day he remembers me lol

    • 603spikem
      603spikem 3 months ago

      I sparred with a Sifu in Germany, I broke his nose and that was him. An Aremean guy, sorry but I just dont rate it. Call me what you want, i dont give a fuck, i know the truth.

    • Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo and SELF DEFENSE
      Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo and SELF DEFENSE 3 months ago

      603spikem jee suppose that should offend me lol you really are a loser Bro. . amazes me how a little puss weak list makes himself look tough behind a screen. . don't worry buddy I know my worth as 100s of others who has worked and trained with me. you must be confusing yourself as most cyber puss is do...haha haha what a fucking waste of your life. ... go blow your steam elsewhere sissy hahaa

    • 603spikem
      603spikem 3 months ago

      ha ha ha ha ha ha yes you are, waisting your time with that shit self defence system that doesn't work, only against another wing chun pussy or against someone who can't fight.

    • Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo and SELF DEFENSE
      Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo and SELF DEFENSE 3 months ago

      603spikem hahaha ha what a fucking dickhead. .

    • 603spikem
      603spikem 3 months ago

      yeah well you doorman are always assholes so tough shit, get over it and wing chun is full of shit, it doesn't work in the real world.

  • d3nv1
    d3nv1 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for keeping up the HYpe Mr.H.!

  • Bjørn Halfhand
    Bjørn Halfhand 4 months ago +1

    Recently subscribed to your channel. Really enjoying your content. A lot of very inciteful stuff

  • Notorious Fail
    Notorious Fail 4 months ago +1

    Are we talking about Danny McBride? or is Franco going to ruin this movie?

    • Notorious Fail
      Notorious Fail 4 months ago

      Mr H Reviews Egg opens up "gulgulguglg" "it's a spider vagina"

    • Notorious Fail
      Notorious Fail 4 months ago

      That's what I was asking. sorry for the confusion. Kinda going to ruin the movie with both of them in there. Now all we need is seth rogans dumb gurgle laugh to pop in while the something epic is happening.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Notorious Fail no, I know who Danny McBride is dude. James Franco was in the prologue, he likely dies in cryostasis

    • Notorious Fail
      Notorious Fail 4 months ago

      Mr H Reviews I haven't seen Franco and I am thinking everyone here including yourself is completely accepting of calling Danny McBride James Franco. love the channel though

    • Notorious Fail
      Notorious Fail 4 months ago

      Mr H Reviews Has he been in a trailer?

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil 4 months ago +2

    to have james franco killed off so quickly doesnt make sense,why hire him in the first place and not some unknown actor.maybe he just goes back into hypersleep because he has the flu,to be awakened at the end to save the day.killing him off so soon would seem like a pointless cameo we are past the days when it was a shock to kill off big stars in the first few moments of a film

    • Notorious Fail
      Notorious Fail 4 months ago

      DR Evil I didn't even know he was in the movie.... Danny McBride is funny but I don't like franco.

  • Gonnaebe Teninarow
    Gonnaebe Teninarow 4 months ago +1

    Can you review the alien comic-nightmare asylum? It would have made a good movie👍

  • Bob H
    Bob H 4 months ago +3

    He was sick before he went into cryo so I guess he dies and looks horrid when it opens up ...

  • Jacen Starhunter
    Jacen Starhunter 4 months ago +2

    This will definitely be an exciting and entertaining movie! lol

  • Androo Nazarali
    Androo Nazarali 4 months ago +3

    What do you think would be the resultant of the black goo coming into contact with the alien from The Thing?

    • RFSA180
      RFSA180 3 months ago

      Androo Nazarali Shit would get real

    • The Gentleman
      The Gentleman 4 months ago

      What would happen if it came in contact with Godzilla?

    • KronicMunky
      KronicMunky 4 months ago

      The organism from The Thing would just take the Xenomorph Goo over completely. it would be a war on a cellular level.

  • Richie L57
    Richie L57 4 months ago +9

    i really think something big is linked to james franco s character why would riley scott bring a actor like james franco in if hes only going to die in 10mins into the movie and has almost nothing to do with what goes on in the film.

    • Tony
      Tony 2 months ago

      More like 2 minutes into the movie. That casting decision felt really pointless.

    • Richie L57
      Richie L57 4 months ago

      i agree n in this upcoming film he s gonna be even better

    • Daniel Moore
      Daniel Moore 4 months ago

      Yeah true i would have to include Fassbender. Amazing performance in Prometheus

    • Richie L57
      Richie L57 4 months ago

      Daniel Moore michael fassbender is the star of these new alien movies ridley already came out and said this tho and hes a pretty big star

    • Daniel Moore
      Daniel Moore 4 months ago

      The actors aren't the stars here. With Katherine Waterston's possible exception. Ridley's monster and the story of its creation is the real focus.

  • Realhuman Keane
    Realhuman Keane 4 months ago +2

    MR H Alien day is now 1 week away, how are you celebrating?

  • devlin collins
    devlin collins 4 months ago +1

    well he was sick before they got close to landing or suicide because long space travel can have that affect on people.

  • Cobra
    Cobra 4 months ago +12

    My theory is that at the climax of the movie the last 2 survivors will have to escape the planet as they are chased by the vicious xenomorph, only to get cornered by the fully develop neomorph, the guy sacrifices himself to get the girl into the spaceship as the 2 aliens start to fight each other just because it would be a cool fight scene, but we don't get to see anything cuz of bad editing, darkness and probably lots of smoke, later on, on the escape ship it is revealed that David is also onboard as he tells the girl that he have loaded the alien eggs to deliver doom to earth cuz he found out the true reason on why the engineers wanted to destroy us, eventually (in the next movie) he is sabotaged by Nomi rapaces character from Prometheus, as the engineers of the engineers are revealed which will spawn 3 more movies, the Neil blomkamp will lose hope cuz sigorney weaver will be too old to make any kind of movie and he retires to south America as world war 3 colapse the western world, Ridley Scott will then pronounce himself as a feminist just in time to make the final alien prequel called "Alien: the patriarchy of darkness"... I'm just kidding, but would be fucked up if we never see hicks again? Shit...

    • Valkonnen
      Valkonnen 3 months ago

      Hicks is from a Jim Cameron Movie. Those characters and things like the queen will never  by included in any of Scott's films.

    • Si Wakeman
      Si Wakeman 3 months ago

      Yeah it is aliens universe, male humans are not always allowed to survive. Esp if your interesting or remotely brave.

    • Cyril
      Cyril 4 months ago

      I bet you're right about at least one of those things: the film will end with either Daniels surviving, only to find out the ship she is on is loaded with eggs or they have to chase after a ship full of black goo heading for Earth.

  • Chris Dooley
    Chris Dooley 4 months ago +3

    I love the way that the studio has done the publicity for this film - little bits at a time, never too much to spoil things. Usually they ruin things but this time the publicity has ramped up my desire to see the film :)

  • Frank Duarte
    Frank Duarte 4 months ago +2

    I'm still upset they cast such a big name actor for a shitty role

  • Motomeru Music
    Motomeru Music 4 months ago +2

    You know what i think? The alien breaking the glass is shaw cause it had eyes like a human

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Reme its been a long standing design since the original, its likely to be billy crudups, however, anything is possible

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Reme they all have those eyes

  • Conan 1812
    Conan 1812 4 months ago +2

    Good review Mr H. 👍

  • Token Dave
    Token Dave 4 months ago +2

    I saw this coming there is a biblical reference here due to his character named Moses.

  • AngryGoats555
    AngryGoats555 4 months ago +2

    I really hope that the different look of the eggs and alien isn't simply due to a design choice by the production team

    • AngryGoats555
      AngryGoats555 4 months ago

      Mr H Reviews oh great! There were just some comments by Ridley that had me worried that it was just an aesthetic choice

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +AngryGoats555 they've already said its intentional and has a reason :)

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 4 months ago +2

    Ridley Scott is thinking i assume , that most people know what the xenomorph looks like so showing scenes of them will heighten interest . but suspense is important , we didn't need to see the neomorph . i liked the first trailer when you just saw a glimpse of the neomorph just before it appears the drop ship explodes in the cargo hold , but now with further shots it's not a mystery anymore to the extent they showed what appears to be the adult neomorph . they're showing a bit too much in my opinion

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Sauron Merciful potentially, I still think they are circulating around certain scenes and hiding a lot. I mean, we don't know the story, there isn't a lot of plot points known right now

  • Striker163
    Striker163 4 months ago +3

    In that one shot of the pod, notice that one of the lights on the window is off. Franco's maybe?

    • Sura Ventri
      Sura Ventri 4 months ago

      +Striker163 Maybe, but if he was the last guy into Cyrosleep in the cargo area, wouldn't he be in the first pod, the last one to loaded up onto the rack?
      I'm also wondering if the crew sleep in the same area as the colonists, or do they have crew pods elsewhere?

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Striker163 maybe, good spot!

  • Ste Sherris
    Ste Sherris 4 months ago +1

    mr h. this may sound crazy and a stretch but i wonder if there was evidence of an alien on earth prior to prometheus.. so capt. janek mentions a scenario in sudan where something got out or someone spilled something. what if the captain (franco) was intentionally infected b4 leaving or aboard covenant by weyland yutani with a strain of the black goo which was the remnants left from previous civilisations and kept a secret. (similar to the tv show the strains history) there is so much more to come from weyland yutani i feel

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  4 months ago

      +Ste Sherris I think he was just referring to an incident in normal terms, but you could be right, who knows!

  • desepticon4
    desepticon4 4 months ago +49

    Moses (Franco's character's name) from the bible wasn't allowed to enter the Promised Land either.

    • The Roo
      The Roo 3 months ago

      Valkonnen Your the one who sounds threatened mate, it was a post about just some of the religous symbolism Ridley Scott inserts into all his movies. Nothing heavy, just observations.

    • Valkonnen
      Valkonnen 3 months ago

      Are you Christians insane? The shit was written by superstitious Bronze Age men who thought a fucking storm was sign from god that they did something wrong..You have to be a retard to believe any of that shit. If you notice the transparency of a psychological problem , when people actually get mad if you mock their primitive beliefs. That's because they know it's shit, but don't to hear it because it ruins their delusion.

    • Valkonnen
      Valkonnen 3 months ago

      Athiests aren't threatened by Christianity...It's the other way around. It's because you literally have to be mentally retarded to believe any of that bullshit. He celebrates Christmas because it's a tradition that a lot of us observe and has nothing to do with "Christ".

    • Molto Vomito
      Molto Vomito 4 months ago

      Isn't his name Branson?

    • tom dean
      tom dean 4 months ago

      IMO Walter will be programmed to kill the crew and take the black goo back to earth & David will turn out to be the good guy and stop him.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 4 months ago +1

    They've done a good job with the marketing of the movie but man have they spoiled a lot of deaths.

  • G Koh
    G Koh 4 months ago +1

    Are the spikes a little small from when one burst out of that man's back?

  • Dukes Videos
    Dukes Videos 4 months ago +1

    Why would they show Orim and that dude getting facehugged and back.. hugged, i mean back bursted. So we already know those 2 will die. I wish atleast they wouldnt spoil billy crudups Death.

    • Striker163
      Striker163 4 months ago

      Eh I could care less. They haven't spoiled anything relating to Prometheus. So we know where the real important elements of the film are.

    • H
      H 4 months ago

      I agree. They've spoiled a lot of deaths from these trailers. Yes yes, I know they want to raise hype, but this all just feels so overwhelming in terms of footage.

  • Brandon Derive
    Brandon Derive 4 months ago +33

    It better not be an off screen kill
    I want my revenge for spring breakers

    • Richie Dixon
      Richie Dixon 3 months ago

      Brandon Derive he's first to die I think .He gets the spore in the ear and that's how Billy crudup ends up captain

    • tom dean
      tom dean 4 months ago

      i know someone gets decapitated because in an interview, Katherine Waterston said she saw a props guy walking around with a crew members head.

    • Nick Mattio
      Nick Mattio 4 months ago

      If I was Franco I'd plead with Ridley to make it nice n gory

    • Cyril
      Cyril 4 months ago

      very true.

    • desepticon4
      desepticon4 4 months ago

      Thats true of a lot of popular actors though.

  • Lalo Saks
    Lalo Saks 4 months ago +1

    all the Alien scenes!

  • jordy plays games
    jordy plays games 4 months ago +4

    first like and comment

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