'Tweeting Beyoncé w/ Kevin Hart's Phone' Official Sneak Peek | SafeWord | MTV

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  • The Prophet
    The Prophet 1 day ago

    Kevin's face when dude said beyonce 😭😭😭 that's real love

  • SoFab Nessah
    SoFab Nessah 3 days ago

    why ppl get butt hurt over a show? lol

  • Micah De Asis
    Micah De Asis 3 days ago

    The word "Beyonce" has been the most searched word since 1998. Can't blame them if they want a little view for putting her name on this video even though Beyonce doesn't use twitter.

  • raheim cumberbatch
    raheim cumberbatch 4 days ago

    This gotta be the lamest show i ever seen

  • kikiwest2001
    kikiwest2001 4 days ago

    lmao Beyonce doesn't utilize her twitter.

  • klynch572
    klynch572 7 days ago

    what show is this?

  • Lenora Smith
    Lenora Smith 7 days ago

    Oh man, that would start so much beef. LMAO

  • Gloria Bolling
    Gloria Bolling 7 days ago

    I watched this on tv

  • Joy A
    Joy A 7 days ago +3

    Honestly tweeting Beyonce is safe, she don't respond to nobody and never has social media beef. They need to tweet Chris Brown or K Michelle if they wanna be real LOL

  • Aniaya Reed
    Aniaya Reed 8 days ago

    So we just tweeting Beyoncé now? 🤣🤙🏾

  • Jade Aliyah
    Jade Aliyah 9 days ago

    Beyonce don't care lool

  • EllipticalPuma
    EllipticalPuma 9 days ago

    wouldn't we know if they tweet it before the show comes on

  • matty oooh
    matty oooh 9 days ago +2

    Please go vegan. Animals are beingg tortured and abused their entire lives. Look up Earthlings and Cowspiracy documentaries on youtube. Please spread kindness and compassion.

  • Isaiah Watson
    Isaiah Watson 9 days ago

    Kevin look so uncomfortable

  • Aurora Lara
    Aurora Lara 9 days ago +1

    Leave Beyonce alone.

  • emmanuel11246
    emmanuel11246 9 days ago

    y'all should've used this moment to make Kevin Hart diss another comedian
    the Beyoncé tweet was only funny with Amber

  • jessica fairley
    jessica fairley 9 days ago +1

    leave bey alone

  • PSN Chico_Dust-E
    PSN Chico_Dust-E 10 days ago

    thumbs down because it's the fucking 14th and you're still uploading 1 minute clips. It's 2017 not 1997, no-fucking-body likes 60 second clips. MTvshit upload full episodes already nobody is getting cable to watch your shitty programming when they only want to see one show. get with the times comedy central has they monetize their videos you can too but 1 minute clips are fucking weak stop it!

  • FnIggnent
    FnIggnent 10 days ago

    Terrance J got him one with this one! This shit gone be funny af with the right participants

  • Joe Coe
    Joe Coe 10 days ago +1


  • ball playing centre back

    beyonce is a whore

    • guang
      guang 9 days ago

      like your mom? saw her down the block last night

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 10 days ago +1

    Saw the first episode and the show wasn't even that great. It's fucking corny.

  • Teebiskit
    Teebiskit 10 days ago +1

    Boo this show is garbage!

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo 10 days ago +1

    Shows like this can't last

  • Mr Rainbow
    Mr Rainbow 10 days ago

    Beyonce finna shut down this whole show down.

  • melintine x
    melintine x 11 days ago

    pineapples pineapples no no i don't like it stop .. noooo... *Kev voice

  • Jack Lindsay
    Jack Lindsay 11 days ago

    why do Americans do every British show

  • Ebony White
    Ebony White 11 days ago +1


  • justliving06
    justliving06 11 days ago


  • leelee4990
    leelee4990 11 days ago

    why is this shows sexy

    THE PLUG 11 days ago

    bruh I'm watching every episode 😂

  • DateDylan
    DateDylan 11 days ago +1

    Issa no for me

    • DateDylan
      DateDylan 11 days ago

      No real substance with this show, just celebs that's it

  • James Joyce
    James Joyce 11 days ago

    Disgusting example of American culture. Who gives a shit about Twitter and who gives a shit about Beyoncé?

  • Brodus Crowell
    Brodus Crowell 11 days ago +1

    this dumb ass show

  • Lasja Cherry
    Lasja Cherry 11 days ago +3

    she doesn't use her Twitter account....😋

  • EmeraldGreen
    EmeraldGreen 11 days ago +1

    This game is dumb as hell

  • Amirah Oyewale
    Amirah Oyewale 11 days ago +23

    Everybody coming from Beyoncé on this show 💀

    • Brian Brown
      Brian Brown 10 days ago

      Amirah Oyewale cause her fanbase is fucking crazy.

  • Tage Nordstrom
    Tage Nordstrom 11 days ago

    chef like this work violentl| freshman

  • Black Magic Gaming
    Black Magic Gaming 11 days ago +34

    I feel like this Show is going to be 90% Beyoncé tweets

  • Gee Real Free
    Gee Real Free 11 days ago +26

    Wasn't there already a Beyoncé clip like just last week?

  • LilbitTv
    LilbitTv 11 days ago +1

    My boy Kevin out here getting them checks for that new baby

  • M1
    M1 11 days ago +32

    Some broke ass version of wild n out

  • Zakiya Wiltz
    Zakiya Wiltz 11 days ago

    Y'all make sure to subscribe to my channel❤️

  • theeIllystARTIST
    theeIllystARTIST 11 days ago

    That show's gonna be soooooo dope!

  • KayJay Piru!
    KayJay Piru! 11 days ago +1

    Pineapplees PINEAPPLES

  • macboogieland
    macboogieland 11 days ago

    where can i see the full eps online??

  • Evangeline B
    Evangeline B 11 days ago


  • Evangeline B
    Evangeline B 11 days ago

    Y'all really childish amber and him tweeted her like jay and b not worried about that they focusing on towns

  • Mario Montes
    Mario Montes 11 days ago +3

    this show is straight trash lol

  • Roberta-Elizabeth
    Roberta-Elizabeth 11 days ago

    😂😂"alright that's enough"

  • Liddle Siame
    Liddle Siame 11 days ago +65

    So every celebrity is gonna tweet Beyonce 1st amber rose... smh😂

  • Honey J.
    Honey J. 11 days ago +6

    so everybody gonna just tweet Beyonce?? LOL

  • King Fox
    King Fox 11 days ago

    I wouldn't give 2 shits

  • May Flower
    May Flower 11 days ago +7

    Why Y'all keep messing with Beyonce the #BEEHIVE is going to come for all of your asses #SAFEWORD

    • May Flower
      May Flower 9 days ago

      That's my point why mess with the #BEEHIVE knowing that they are going to come after you

    • Brian Brown
      Brian Brown 10 days ago

      May Flower they keeping tweeting her cause her fanbase is fucking crazy.

  • Gerardo Ruiz
    Gerardo Ruiz 11 days ago +19

    Beyoncé doesn't even use twitter

  • Diana Bulnes
    Diana Bulnes 11 days ago +198

    Beyonce be their 1st option for everyone, the Queen is always on their mind, even when she is taking time off.

    • Anthony Oages
      Anthony Oages 8 days ago

      Diana Bulnes GTFO 😂😂😂

    • Brian Brown
      Brian Brown 10 days ago

      it's cause her fanbase is fucking crazy so they'll get the most reactions.

  • Trestan
    Trestan 11 days ago +472

    I swear every clip is someone tweeting some shit at Beyonce

    • Leeka Bell
      Leeka Bell 6 days ago

      Deon Taylor no it's because her fan base go hella hard for her

    • Abdirahman Ali
      Abdirahman Ali 10 days ago

      Trestan hh

    • Boul Shyte
      Boul Shyte 10 days ago

      because her fan base is crazy loyal

  • Trestan
    Trestan 11 days ago +5

    Who else got this notification at the same time as the Terence J breakfast club interview?

  • Maurice Winston
    Maurice Winston 11 days ago +216

    is his safeword pineapples?

    • Jordanjumpman23
      Jordanjumpman23 9 days ago

      "pineapples bitch"😂

    • LetloveLetGOD
      LetloveLetGOD 10 days ago

      Kevin actually got the "Pineapples" story from Damien. Kevin sometimes uses his friends stories and help for his stand up comedy.

    • Anthony Segura
      Anthony Segura 10 days ago

      thats what came to my mind😂😂😂

    • David Mingo
      David Mingo 11 days ago

      His Baby look at his stand up

  • ratchet vidzz
    ratchet vidzz 11 days ago +42

    this show looks lit

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 11 days ago +495

    Beyonce don't even manage her own twitter account...

    • BIG RELL
      BIG RELL 9 days ago

      Kermit the Frog its not the fact of her seeing it its the beehive and what they will respond with

    • Devin Shegog
      Devin Shegog 11 days ago

      Kermit the Frog exactly

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 11 days ago +1

    lemme eat ur ass

  • S R
    S R 11 days ago +68

    This shit retarded.. who believes this bullshit.

    • Shaunte Ness
      Shaunte Ness 11 days ago

      thewafflesoncrack yessss lol she said she was "Becky with the good hair" everybody was talking about that shit lol

    • TN MUSlC
      TN MUSlC 11 days ago

      clearly not you

    • Ryan William
      Ryan William 11 days ago

      Lmao, it's real though. Amber Rose actually tweeted out the tweet from her episode.

  • levy Production
    levy Production 11 days ago +2


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