Happy Together - "Train to Entertainment" [ENG/2016.08.18]

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  • Reiha
    Reiha Day ago

    Sunny and Sejeong are both genuine.

  • Iveri fait des réactions

    I have a girl crush on Sejong! Fighting uri Ra Eunho!!!

  • Josephine Cruz
    Josephine Cruz 4 days ago

    Ive watched this 5 times already

  • Peridot Crystal Temps

    Sunny was very funny srsly 😂😂😍😂👌

  • Arcelhyun Byun
    Arcelhyun Byun 5 days ago

    when sejeong burst into laughter after she act being cute lol

  • kim saptx
    kim saptx 7 days ago

    I love sunny more...

  • may ann abalo
    may ann abalo 7 days ago

    I got really nervous on the water dance because everytime they fail there is that sound which is like a bomb and sunny is afraid of that bcoz she got traumatized when she wàs young.. I wanted to go there and cover her ears 😢😢 but still I love this show

  • i live for nayeons lip bites

    omg sejeong looks adorable 😂😂😂

  • BAG-GOK!
    BAG-GOK! 9 days ago

    That one time you came for one person and then months later you come for all of them XD

  • Crystal Skies
    Crystal Skies 10 days ago

    Solji is so beautiful.

  • maria alvarez
    maria alvarez 11 days ago

    46:19sunny face is like: i'm done with this girls

  • lhizhie1
    lhizhie1 12 days ago

    When will they show the full snsd ep

  • jiminas
    jiminas 12 days ago

    I love solji as senior singer more than sunny. because way of she talk and her personality seems warmth compare to sunny. idk why I feel this way but I think sunny personality is just little bit bad at the end of the video. because I caught her doing something like made my heart feel something? idk how to explain but it's negative. and I love how solji covered sejeong face by giving her mini towel when they do dancing part in the end of the video ( because sejeong kept doing mistakes ) anyway I am sejeong fan :))) bad english, no hate

    and last, I hate when sunny said sejeong have wide forehead.

  • Saint Fabala
    Saint Fabala 14 days ago

    I was going to sleep when I saw Sunny and Solji and now I fell in love with the other girls too! Aigooo

  • Zae Nab
    Zae Nab 16 days ago

    I think the way why sejong prefer older man to date because she miss a father figure. That was mayority of the same people naturally feel. I want somebody i can lean on, will protect me, have a mature mind enough to share with, wise even i was childish.

    I don't know her truly feeling but As i know (after see any videos related her), sejeong did it (herlife) so well 👌 sincerely respect👏 stay young, stay positive 💪
    Sorry for my bad english 😅

  • Eric Son
    Eric Son 17 days ago

    damn the end segment. shouldve aimed for their white shirts :P

    SEJEONG UNNIE 19 days ago

    sejeong unnie saranghae.... XOXOXOXO ... Go sejeong the people hope.. :-)

  • Natural_ Fabulous
    Natural_ Fabulous 20 days ago

    I love how they were giving chahee a lot of screen time considering her group is not that big, happy together is my favorite show they give screen time equally and you could see idols being really comfortable being on it

  • _
    _ 21 day ago

    Why does saeho look like a gay prostitute?

  • [celine] stan LOOΠΔ

    I love watching this I need a 2.0

  • risman putra
    risman putra 22 days ago

    sejeonggggg so beautifulll^_^

  • Gizem Demirkan
    Gizem Demirkan 24 days ago

    i love them and their groups. girls groups fighting...

  • Namratha Sri
    Namratha Sri 25 days ago


  • FreshSka
    FreshSka 25 days ago


  • Balqissuraya96
    Balqissuraya96 25 days ago

    they didnt include sejeong in the description whyyy

  • Koningin Creeper
    Koningin Creeper Month ago

    Ehm why did al womans have a white shirt on by the last part and the men just black

  • Laura Is sleeping
    Laura Is sleeping Month ago +2

    The saddest thing about Sejeong´s cry is the fact that her grandfather passed away not long after this :(

  • Abba Given
    Abba Given Month ago

    @ 11:40 they used mamamoo's still from IS2 when they sang 'love story of a girl'.

  • Kay Takahashi
    Kay Takahashi Month ago

    They used the wrong video when showing me gustas tú 😂

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago +3

    i can see sunny rlly like sejeong😍
    she gives many reaction too sejeong

  • Carats Kpop
    Carats Kpop Month ago

    ChaHee is so pretty! Also they left Sejeong out of the description.

  • frisca NCTzen
    frisca NCTzen Month ago

    sone know what sunny talking about.. this is about their group 2014(jessica out) i love snsd

  • azertube77
    azertube77 Month ago +1

    One of my most fav Happy Together episode... I love all the hosts and guests and especially Sunny

  • bobbyjohn5555
    bobbyjohn5555 Month ago +3

    Sejeong is the cutest old man ever! We gotta keep telling her how cute she is lol

  • Ali B
    Ali B Month ago +4

    sejeong best accents:)

  • mrsocko316
    mrsocko316 Month ago

    Sunny is barely the other girl's heights at the end when they are all in flats and she has 5 inch heels on.

  • Ayanni Fleming
    Ayanni Fleming Month ago +3

    sejeong reminds me of an old hyoyeon

  • Océane kpop
    Océane kpop Month ago +2

    I love all of them and that was such a good episode, but it always broke my heart to see sunny react like that to big noises (since she scared of it). And sejeong made me cry so much when she talked about her grandparents.

  • ROGUE X94
    ROGUE X94 Month ago

    Why are all of these ads exclusively about Trojan's XOXO condoms!? Supposedly discreet? not so much now that the freaking ad is all over the place for EVERYONE to see. I memorized the damn style, art, and look of the packaging because of how many times the ad pops up! 😆

  • wans
    wans Month ago

    I love sunny and her pro skills at variety. But she is a lil bit arrogant here and acting like a boss mostly, like she literally showing her fake reaction face n stuff. U can see it when other girls were talking, shes there sitting like a boss with her annoyed face. Sorry maybe u think im her haters, but no i love her and i love snsd. Just my opinions.

  • ROGUE X94
    ROGUE X94 Month ago

    I like how the Sica effect is all over the place here. 😆

  • dim
    dim 2 months ago +3

    when sejeong winked i legit choked on my ice cube, she's adorable. god sejeong

  • my name is 'my name'
    my name is 'my name' 2 months ago

    cutie yerin😘😘

  • KR Yerin
    KR Yerin 2 months ago

    All the other girls sitting stiff but Sunny the boss so comfortly 😂

  • Zahra _ptv
    Zahra _ptv 2 months ago +3

    Came for Yerin, stayed for Sejeong.

  • Starlight_cow
    Starlight_cow 2 months ago +3

    sejeong at 32:17 gives me life 😂😂

  • xolove bianca
    xolove bianca 2 months ago

    Snsd and Gfriend. My Queens ❤️

  • Kayla Asheim
    Kayla Asheim 2 months ago

    I like sunny.. But why her face look so diff??

  • Crunchy Crispy
    Crunchy Crispy 2 months ago

    Sunny Masta! haha

  • r9kamt
    r9kamt 2 months ago

    How many become Sejeong stan after watching this? 😄

  • Kim Hwang
    Kim Hwang 2 months ago

    Oppa I'm girls generation sunny. 😎 haha I'm girls generation member. ❤👏

  • Minh Thu Cao
    Minh Thu Cao 2 months ago

    I don't like the way when mc talk about solji past...they must understand how does solji feels...she laughed but I know it's break her heart😕

  • Sojins Girlfriend
    Sojins Girlfriend 2 months ago

    11:41 i was like "is that mamamoo?" And i watched their immortal song performances and it was

  • mrsocko316
    mrsocko316 2 months ago

    Sunny in a white shirt in a wet t-shirt contest.......OK I'm thoroughly distracted.

  • Hessa Fahad
    Hessa Fahad 2 months ago +1

    I can't be the only one who noticed that they got the actor's name wrong in Korean at 50:51. It said Seo Kangjun instead of Park Seojun(ㆀ˘・з・˘)

  • Abigail Casuga
    Abigail Casuga 2 months ago +2

    I wonder how it felt like for sunny dancing gee with people who are not GG that actually know the dance well.

  • savage me
    savage me 2 months ago +1

    lol she said she likes dad jokes she should talk to jin from bts lol😂😂😂

  • Flora G.
    Flora G. 2 months ago +3

    They're all adorable & funny😍 I already love Sunny, Yerin, Solji and Sejeong and I've heard of all the groups but I decided to give MelodyDay, Laboum & Gugudan another chance, the girls are really charming :)

  • SNSD Forever
    SNSD Forever 3 months ago

    sunny 💗

  • no one
    no one 3 months ago +1

    while all the other girls are wearing sneaker.. sunny wear heels

  • Spike Gamer
    Spike Gamer 3 months ago +3

    I just finished watching "the sound of your heart" (a comedy serie which Lee Kwan Soo starred as main actor) and in 1 episode Sejeong guest starred and laboum appeared at the end. After that im fan of sejeong XD

  • Kenny Ratih
    Kenny Ratih 3 months ago +1

    the laboum girl really looks and sound like hyeri

  • Patricia
    Patricia 3 months ago +1

    I love you SOLJI💖. Je t'aime SOLJI💖

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen 3 months ago +2

    DId anyone else notice when they were dancing to gee, only sunny wore high heels? lol it's either to bring her height up..or she's just that comfortable with the dance

    • K-FAKE Channel
      K-FAKE Channel 3 months ago

      Sunny said when you are from SM you need to stay in good styling even tho its just a show.
      small company doesn't have rule like that bcus they can't afford it

  • Jihye
    Jihye 3 months ago +1

    Why did they put a Rough MV when the host said something about Me Gustas Tu...

  • SuruchiSushi
    SuruchiSushi 3 months ago +1

    "She told me to change it a bit and then do it" When you're copying homework off of someone

  • NotSoBrokenHearted
    NotSoBrokenHearted 3 months ago +3

    Sejeong is so cute

  • Byun Baek
    Byun Baek 3 months ago +3

    I love this episode! I fell in love with all of the guests and honestly I came here for Sunny but found out a lot more about other girl group members! I love how chill Sejeong was or how awkward Chahee was because I can totally relate to her. I also love how Solji talk about how EXID were going to disband but a miracle happened with Up and Down because that just showed how things can change in a split second so don't give up! I love how Yerin is keeping up with the image of that school girl but change immediately during the zombie dance and how funny Solbin was with her 'dad jokes' and 11 imitations! Lastly, my girl Sunny, I'm so proud of you for upholding your legend status and at the same time, giving your hoobaes much more screen time and not hog all the attentions to yourself. I also love how you stay humble and try to show your affections quietly (like she lowkey patted Sejeong's back when she cried). I'm so proud and that made me realize that Girls' Generation has grown up to be the legend that every girl groups look up to and will forever be the Nation's Girl Group no matter how many girl groups come and go and even if their popularity fades down, they will still go down as the best girl group South Korea ever has and the world has ever seen.

    You can't deny that Girls' Generation is keeping their place as the NGG because even Yoo Jaesuk and other mcs said that "That's why she's a legend' (during Sunny' s introduction) "The textbook of girl group's dance;Gee" etc etc.

    I'm so proud of Sunny here. You go Lee Soonkyu! I swear Girls' Generation never fail to make me proud. All of them. Taeyeon,Jessica,Sunny,Hyoyeon,Tiffany,Yuri,Sooyoung,Yoona and Seohyun are the best. Incredibly popular members who are in parallel with their group's success and until today, still have the strong impact on the South Korea's music scenes.

  • lolboy3
    lolboy3 3 months ago

    poor chahee!!!!

  • Ingrid Samantha
    Ingrid Samantha 3 months ago +1

    I came for Solbin <3

  • squishy joy
    squishy joy 3 months ago

    Yerin and Solji 🤧

  • 賢者
    賢者 3 months ago +3

    Rest in peace to Sejeong's grandpa. He was a great father to her when her dad was not around. I wish Sejeong all the best in her career.

  • a name that hasn't been taken

    lol if the hosts were thinking of splashing the guests with water maybe they shouldn't have made them wear white 😂😂

  • กัญญารัตน์ คำนอก

    sejeong & sunny so cute

  • Adrian Robles
    Adrian Robles 3 months ago +2

    got interested in gugudan all of a sudden because of Sejeong.

  • Reem Kuwait
    Reem Kuwait 3 months ago +2

    We love gfriend Arab fan احبهم gfriend❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

  • NNMCL -
    NNMCL - 3 months ago

    I'm not really a fan of these girls aside from Sunny but they're all so lovable! They're adorable in their own ways <3

  • Jo-melody-bbyu
    Jo-melody-bbyu 3 months ago

    I watch this becasue of SUNNY !!!! she is cute , sexy and reliable.

  • Irene BTSRV
    Irene BTSRV 3 months ago


  • thioro thioye
    thioro thioye 3 months ago

    sunny killed me

  • Michelle Yang
    Michelle Yang 3 months ago +1

    the slow mo of sejeong laughing after her acting cute made me laugh so hard i love her

  • Teddy Nguyen
    Teddy Nguyen 3 months ago +1

    Being idol is hard, support your group, and do not trash talk about other groups, unless they did something despicable.

  • KPopPer '89
    KPopPer '89 3 months ago +2

    Solbin looks like Suzy! So pretty

    KRYSTAL is SOOJUNG 3 months ago

    6:13 I've just realize that when the MC talk about Me Gustas Tu's streaming but the video is Rough

  • Josh Tong
    Josh Tong 3 months ago

    thought they would edit out jessica's voice..
    And sunny danced her part T_T my bae T_T

  • Army FiShie
    Army FiShie 3 months ago +1

    woah sunny and sejeong in 1 show. I like both of them. unique personality

  • Nikki Hot
    Nikki Hot 3 months ago +1

    I just feel like sunny just has resting bitch face cuz when you see her she looks like she doesn't want to be there so I laughed every time I saw her btw I'm not calling her a bitch for all the people that get butt hurt alot

  • bingsoosh
    bingsoosh 3 months ago

    The fact that they used the OT9 version of Gee 💕💕

  • Sybyss
    Sybyss 3 months ago +1

    Sunny dropped Chorong for Sejeong

  • Kath Calvendra
    Kath Calvendra 3 months ago +2

    watching this because of Solbin😍laboum!

  • Ayskrim xx
    Ayskrim xx 3 months ago +2

    I see Sejeong I immediately clicked on the vid <3

  • Syakirin57
    Syakirin57 3 months ago

    solji so cute, get well soon

  • Atiqah Nadzirah
    Atiqah Nadzirah 3 months ago

    It was sad how solji still can smile after they make joke about her fail albums. I hope she won't feel depress or anything.

  • Natsu Kim
    Natsu Kim 3 months ago +2

    The video makes me in love with my baby Sejeong 😍😍

  • Aligirl8
    Aligirl8 3 months ago

    I honestly think this episode did a good job of making everyone shine. some more than others but they all got significant screen time. sunny with her normal hilarity, solji with her impressions, solbin with her hard work, sejeong with her accent, yerin with her dance, and chahui with her failures (?). i liked them all :)

  • School
    School 3 months ago

    well i like to talk to old men just because they are more matured
    i feel like the guys who in the same age as me act like children sometimes

  • Shu Cats
    Shu Cats 3 months ago

    What show is this at 31:49 ?

  • 주연임
    주연임 3 months ago


  • Nguyên Đào Khôi
    Nguyên Đào Khôi 4 months ago +1

    I actually cried a lot when Sejeong said " Please hang on for a little more"

  • maicon gerry
    maicon gerry 4 months ago +1

    came here for GFriend's YERIN

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