The New U.S. Constitution As Written By Trump

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • It didn't take Trump long to turn the Bill of Rights into the Bill of Alt-Rights.

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Comments: 2 596

  • DemonAlchemist
    DemonAlchemist 9 days ago

    Okay, replacing Michelle Obama's school lunch programs is a great idea. Anyone who supports what she did, hasn't eaten a school lunch since she did it. I was in High School when that shit rolled out. I saw our food go from somewhat unhealthy and good tasting to somewhat unhealthy and shitty tasting. Our food didn't get healthier, it just got worse.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 12 days ago

    I find it a sad affair that you suggest trump would change the US constitution. trump is dangerous enough without you giving him more ideas

  • Deborah Crawford
    Deborah Crawford 14 days ago

    Robert summed up the tRumpf-induced erosion of Democracy perfectly

  • Christopher MacLachlan

    You Americans are idiots. With all the wealthy cunts your country has universal health care would be a breeze to make happen. Fucktards. All of you.

  • Ari Bellerose
    Ari Bellerose 24 days ago

    Is it just me, or will America ever give the guy an inch of slack. He's a jerk, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you have to admit that another four years of a troubling coverage that the ACA gave would be terrible. President Trump has never been in any office before, and he really wanted to check off that 'repeal and replace' promise on his list, and he utterly failed at producing a well-thought-out replacement. I wish there was a way the media could give him a chance, and I wish there was also a way to support him while also criticizing him. The whole Russia thing was blown out of proportion; sadly, I have not yet heard an unbiased coverage of the claim, leaving me to make the conclusion that it either was severely overdone or it never happened (I doubt the latter).

  • Lucy Baumann
    Lucy Baumann 26 days ago


  • Inquisitor Pippa
    Inquisitor Pippa 26 days ago

    "They've done the things to keep their bodies healthy,"
    You mean they weren't born with a handicap. So does that mean the GOP has found a way to prevent diseases and other conditions?

  • Dee Pattison
    Dee Pattison 26 days ago

    What does the Mo stand for in his name, any guesses?

  • Artoftalent07
    Artoftalent07 26 days ago

    Do trump supporters not feel their own iq drop when they hear themselves talk?

  • Jay2Jay Gaming
    Jay2Jay Gaming Month ago

    "I had it coming"
    So now I know what I want on my tombstone.

  • Subcomandante Marcos

    Also, quick comment on this idiot Colbert's mentioning of "michelle obama's" "healthy" lunches program. Besides it costing tax payers millions. IT FAILED!!! Fact, fact fact!! -
    The latest reports show that 40 percent of U.S. women are obese, and American teenagers are also continuing to put on weight. Overall, 38 percent of U.S. adults are obese and 17 percent of teenagers are, the two reports find. Adult Obesity in the United States.According to the most recent data, adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in four states, 30 percent in 25 states and are above 20 percent in all states.

    • Subcomandante Marcos
      Subcomandante Marcos 22 days ago

      Jacques Couteau I don't know what the most moronic and infintile part of your comment/logic is. I'm stuck between you actually spending so much time commenting and essentially saying nothing but requesting I do the work for you as far as proving or disproving your fond disdain of my Michelles lunch program cost us millions and did nothing comment or the fact that you ask me to give you facts, findings and proof of my reasoning but only if I can prove this using your requested format or information criteria. Which would not exist because no one would waste their time trying to pin point an "increase of obesity among America's youth durning the Obama administration and while under the Michelle Obama lunch program". Why would there EVEN be data to prove, disprove or even track this, so specifically. Moron! However, data that does exist, similar to your extremely far fetched criteria does prove my logic correct. According to CDC/NCHS, pew and the NCCP. DATA/RESEARCH DONE between 2011 and 2014. All show an alarming increase in obesity among, Hispanics, blacks and whites between the ages of 2 and 19. Of 20%, 16% and 15.8% respectively. Stats and facts don't lie my friend!

    • Jacques Couteau
      Jacques Couteau 24 days ago

      Interesting "logic." A large percentage of Americans are overweight, so we _shouldn't_ enact initiatives to try to prevent adult obesity by enabling children to eat healthier lunches? Or are you saying that you are dumb enough that you don't understand that the vast majority of American adults reached adulthood before Barack Obama was elected? If you can cite a valid scientific study comparing obesity rates among American students before and after the Obama administration (one which takes into account the impact of the administration's initiatives and controls for other contributing factors), please do so. Otherwise, kindly STFU about issues of which you have no knowledge!

  • Saveea Paris
    Saveea Paris Month ago


  • Saveea Paris
    Saveea Paris Month ago


  • the Parmar
    the Parmar Month ago

    fucking,hypocritical Americans crying over Russian interference , do you know how many fucking elections you have tampered with , destroyed nations, bombed civilians you cowards?!

  • Lord DIO
    Lord DIO Month ago

    interesting how the right wing fuck heads screech about the first amendment when they want to shout their racist shit, but the minute you criticize them, oh no, that's libel! who's the special snowflake now?

  • alexdapostman
    alexdapostman Month ago

    Stephen Colbert a weak minded radical snowflake liberal that has never gotten over the last election. What's even worse he has half of America the nincompoops following him!

  • Miah Leissa
    Miah Leissa Month ago

    Mo Brooks, Get another job. You have no business in "public service". You do not have a clue.

  • Bri Swifty
    Bri Swifty Month ago +1

    Let's tell the 4 year olds that die of cancer that they aren't leading good healthy lives

  • Smiley Snake
    Smiley Snake Month ago

    boo the waste of tax payer money not cheer.

  • fibsernum30
    fibsernum30 Month ago

    It is amusing that right-wing screwballs are running ads on Colbert's videos. Do they really think Colbert followers will buy their misguided crap?

  • troglodite30
    troglodite30 Month ago

    It's all true..If your a truly holy and righteous God fearer..You wont get cancer! Ducks disease! Trypanosomiasis! The dreaded Nadger plague! False teeth! Toe rot, or any other Godless disease floating around!..The good senator just said so..Must be true!..How did all these stupid, ignorant people ever get elected?

  • Annie S.
    Annie S. Month ago

    trump is the type of person our Founding Fathers warned us about. We're destined to be the second Roman Empire with him in charge.

  • MrIlleism
    MrIlleism Month ago

    I wish Doctors, Nurses and all medical staff collectively protested this healthcare act. Just based on the fact that it's inhumane.

  • Lone Avohkii
    Lone Avohkii Month ago

    Still kind of wondering how Donald trump hasn't been shot yet, especially now since a republican politician was already shot

  • arthur riley
    arthur riley Month ago

    Mr Brown, the concept of insurance is that we all pay and therefore the overwhelming
    costs are spread amongst us. Separating people into different categories is to destroy the concept of insurance. Republicans are not for people, they serve rich dudes only.

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 Month ago

    Actually, Trump probably would like to quarter soldiers at his properties -- and charge tax payers twice the going rate to do so. He's already charging for Secret Service members' accommodations when he stays at Mar-a-Lago or his New Jersey club, which he does practically every weekend -- he even charges the golf cart rental fee. Not to mention charging us for that piece of chocolate cake.


  • Adrien Ragot
    Adrien Ragot Month ago

    Can anyone explain what the pianist is here for?

    It looks like he's a part of the show, but he never laughs at the right time, and when the crowd is cracked up rotfl, he's like "ha. ha. ha."

    Does he do the pre-show warmup or something ?

  • Jude Davis
    Jude Davis Month ago

    "got cancer???? should've given that homeless guy that 5$"

  • flyinspirals
    flyinspirals Month ago

    Maybe we should call their bluff and change a few libel laws. It could shut down a lot of rite wing hate babblers.

  • mike doyle
    mike doyle 2 months ago

    TRUMP collects a pension...wonder if that fund has any investment in Fox ?

  • abilitynorth
    abilitynorth 2 months ago

    Trump's diet would definitely put him the bad group but he never pay a full price

  • Tyler Schwindt
    Tyler Schwindt 2 months ago

    itd be like a jew in 1930 being like theyrecoming for my bagels... no theyre coming for so much more. this dream liner is hitting an iceburg

  • Tyler Schwindt
    Tyler Schwindt 2 months ago

    Can i take a sec to say how sad it is we're joking about this? i get it but that its even a thing is my point.

  • Mcgee Stevens
    Mcgee Stevens 2 months ago

    Romans 8:5-7
    1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    5 For they that are after the flesh, savor the things of the flesh: but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

    6 For the wisdom of the flesh is death: but the wisdom of the Spirit is life and peace,

    7 Because the wisdom of the flesh is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can be.

  • carlos lucero
    carlos lucero 2 months ago

    So the really sick people pay for the good healthy people ?

  • Suicidal Murderer
    Suicidal Murderer 2 months ago

    Politics is like wrestling, it's scripted by Hollywood liberals, republicans are the bigots, incest cross worshippers who love Jews

  • antiglue
    antiglue 2 months ago

    3:52 lol actually looks like Walter

  • Phil Robertson
    Phil Robertson 2 months ago

    Putin Colbert: "Donald, maybe you could cool with the tweets, it comes off as a little crazy..." LOL

  • entertainedbyidiots
    entertainedbyidiots 2 months ago

    fact: wilbur ross plays the melty-face guy in raiders of the lost ark.

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 2 months ago

    "Commerce secretary and Jeff Dunham puppet gone rogue, Wilbur Ross", my favorite ventriloquist related Colbert joke.

  • CDevil
    CDevil 2 months ago

    Calling Wilbur Ross a "Jeff Dunham puppet gone rogue" is an insult to Dunham. He has higher quality standards.

  • ri3it483qthirf
    ri3it483qthirf 2 months ago

    seriously? when you find yourself on the side that's against healthy school lunches for kids, you really have to take a good hard look at the fucking mirror, and ask yourself, "am I the bad guy here?"

  • Thrasher7170
    Thrasher7170 2 months ago

    I'd love to hear this administration defend its statements on health care and pre-existing conditions. Please, Mr. Trump, tell me what my younger sister did to deserve being autistic. Tell me what I did to deserve having severe social anxiety. Tell me what my friend did to deserve her crippling depression. And then go fuck yourself. Hard. With a cactus.

  • Alfred Russel
    Alfred Russel 2 months ago

    You will understand Putin better after you study Vladimir Megre Ringing Cedars phenomenon.
    The 'shirtless in the wild with bears' image anyway.
    And the spiritual renaissance, apparent from his UN and other speeches.

  • Tristan Neal
    Tristan Neal 3 months ago

    You take our 1st Amendment and we're coming for your 2nd.

  • Bradley Venn
    Bradley Venn 3 months ago

    Do these late night propaganda clowns talk about anyone or anything else? I'm from Britain so maybe this kind of propaganda is obvious to me.

  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes 3 months ago

    my dream for all you American haters is for someone to ram a 3in pvc pipe up your asses then thread bobwire wire up to PVC pipe then remove the PVC pipe and slowly yank out the bobwire. good thing democrats and leftist hate guns because we love them and practice with them and are just waiting for you asshole to push to far and kik of another civil war I don't think safe spaces nor your snowflake feelings will help you dick sucking whore

  • Caroline de Haas
    Caroline de Haas 3 months ago

    Championship infection presidential abyce perspective various surprising present wish diet midnight.

  • James David
    James David 3 months ago

    Colbert is Libtard propagandist shill for Democrat party, everything he says is biased.

  • mark lawson
    mark lawson 3 months ago

    so pretty much if your sick keep it to yourself

  • J Espinoza
    J Espinoza 3 months ago +2


  • Angie Poo
    Angie Poo 3 months ago

    I swear this show is the only reason I can tolerate the news right now. I still mute when trump is talking.

  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 3 months ago

    That constitutional amendment is so FAKE! As if Donald knows words as big as "abridging" or "quartered"!

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 3 months ago

    It is uncanny how much Ross looks like that puppet.

  • Johnny Murgatroyd
    Johnny Murgatroyd 3 months ago

    When I think of the average Trump supporter, I think of someone in rude good health, who will do nothing but contribute to healthcare they never use.

  • RSPainter
    RSPainter 3 months ago

    "That's how performance reviews go"... funny!

  • Dwayne Reviews
    Dwayne Reviews 3 months ago

    If you back down now you're a coward.

    More homophonic racist jokes please ::


  • Radiance Gaming
    Radiance Gaming 3 months ago

    Can some one please fire Jon Baptiste?

  • CountryMusicMann
    CountryMusicMann 3 months ago

    Does depression count as a pre-existing condition? Because if it does, Republicans are heartless bastards, taking away coverage and medication to directly make depressed people's lives worse. I should know. I'm one of those people.

  • Elio Lopez
    Elio Lopez 3 months ago

    God bless Colbert! And thank you Steve for standing your ground on your schtick with the orange ahole.

  • Alex M
    Alex M 3 months ago +2

    The musician Jon Batiste needs to shut up. His interruptions during monologue are so annoying!

  • Mokona7654
    Mokona7654 3 months ago

    My mother had cancer. Is she a bad person? My friend was born with diabetes. Is he a bad person? My grandparents have arthritis. Are they bad people? Are our veterans who lost limbs, have chronic pain and/or post-traumatic stress disorder bad people? I don't understand republican logic.

  • J Garcia Arizaga
    J Garcia Arizaga 3 months ago

    haha fattie trump jokes kill me hahaha ....litteraly he killing all.

  • chris B
    chris B 3 months ago

    Two prominent South Carolina supporters of Barack Obama pressured the state Democratic council to keep Stephen Colbert off the primary ballot. The Council voted 13-3 last week against Colbert's placement on the ballot.

  • Sbreezy
    Sbreezy 3 months ago

    This mother fucker, healthy. I've killed my knees busting my ass, what should have done? Not worked so fucking hard? Stupid son of a bitch, republicans....

  • char byte
    char byte 3 months ago

    IMPEE PEECH Apprentice Trump for gross incontinence NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick 3 months ago +3

    If healthy people should not have to pay into a universal health plan, then why should peaceful people have to pay into a military machine?

  • Seamus Murphy
    Seamus Murphy 3 months ago

    so basically if it's got Obama's name on it it has to go
    that's the Republican logic

  • otownrvr
    otownrvr 3 months ago +1

    SC proves hes running out of material....bleeding the liberal Russia hysteria dry....what an intolerant asss

  • Attack Doge
    Attack Doge 3 months ago +1

    President Putin... HA!!
    Almost as dumb as "The people's Republic of Korea," or North Korea.

  • Stephen R McDonald
    Stephen R McDonald 3 months ago

    The truth be told!!! "the Donald" is SO ENVIOUS & JEALOUS of Putin & Kim Jong-Un!!! Because they are DICTATORS!!! They DON'T have to answer to ANYONE!!! They call ALL the shots!!! Poor Don can't just make decisions and "snap" his fingers and it's done!!!like he could do for his little reality show!!! NOT!!!! LOL😋

  • Michael Bond
    Michael Bond 3 months ago

    Trump is trying to run America the way he runs his Companies. His Profits & his needs come before everything! How long before any criticism of the Donald becomes a capital offence? How long before all visiting Foreign Heads of State have to stay in Trump Hotels? How long before all TV channels except Fox are closed?

  • P
    P 3 months ago

    Americans can't already afford Obamacare and are going broke because of it. What is Colbert talking about????

  • Harvey7878
    Harvey7878 3 months ago

    Fire his ass! A rock is more funny than him.

  • Lisa Cheney
    Lisa Cheney 3 months ago

    Trump is the most thin skinned pos ever.

  • KasaiHasuki
    KasaiHasuki 3 months ago

    "EHUR, HUR, That's a joke!" For the love of god please turn that dimwits microphone off he contributes NOTHING

  • xsited1
    xsited1 3 months ago

    I don't get it. Neither of the two major political parties follow the Constitution.

  • xl
    xl 3 months ago

    Can you please refrain from talking so close to the camera ?

  • SP 12
    SP 12 3 months ago

    Colbert for president!! Funny how the people obsessed with the second amendment forgets the first..... The irony of the US is that dumb f&@ks who voted for trump is the segment of the population who believes in the biblical apocalypse...

  • tic toc
    tic toc 3 months ago +3

    Not good that the POTUS and repugnicants are playing fast and loose with poor and middle Americans’ health care. Circa $1 trillion roll-back of health care dollars to the 1% is not what DT promised all those poor people who sent him $25, only to $hit on them. Many people will die due to not having access to health care. Sounds like a version of Death Panels to me.

  • Urassmus B. Black
    Urassmus B. Black 3 months ago

    Hey colbert! I just fucked your wife, Evelyn McGee, so hard she bled all over your monolog. She's so bored of your irish mick 1-1/2 inch cock and my cock fit her mouth perfectly, like a holster. Oh, your doctor called and you have stage 4 colon cancer. Hope it fucking hurts and takes it's sweet ass time to eat you up. Now come here and lick Evelyn's cunt juice off my cock.

  • jakethemuss3
    jakethemuss3 3 months ago

    This guy is a pathetic loser.

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. 3 months ago

    Priebus is a true lackey.

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. 3 months ago

    Amazing how many people hate Trump. If only they were all allowed to vote.

  • Skylar Darkwing
    Skylar Darkwing 3 months ago

    Ok, so maybe the lunch thing isn't too bad. Sorry, but those meals weren't healthy. In fact I wouldn't consider most of them fit for human consumption. But it still pales in comparison to all the blunders he's had.

  • s. marty
    s. marty 3 months ago

    who are Colbert's Hoosiers (sponsors) , 20 million people want to know ,
    never buy their products again....only losers companies support losers

  • actorzone
    actorzone 3 months ago

    Can you bring this show to Australia, excellent entertainment, its Satire when the Truth Hurts.

  • Llda Schelhase
    Llda Schelhase 3 months ago

    A good point brought out by this video - people who have a record of good health maintainance (annual checkups) etc. should be rewarded with the lowering of their premium costs based on the previous years medical records.

  • Llda Schelhase
    Llda Schelhase 3 months ago

    Notice how his right ear is somewhat different from the left one - surgery maybe? Whatever the problem hope it hasn't affected his hearing.

  • Brad Reynolds
    Brad Reynolds 3 months ago

    Check out this plan to make Donald and Kim Jong Un sing!

  • samrudi
    samrudi 3 months ago

    So he's asking to be overthrown?

  • Commander Zero
    Commander Zero 3 months ago

    Colbert is not funny. How soon can CBS replace him with Craig Ferguson?

  • Jm Cornwell
    Jm Cornwell 3 months ago

    Brooks outlived his sell-by date is what he did wrong. Death always follows.

  • xGodofAcidx
    xGodofAcidx 3 months ago +3

    Welcome to Trump's America, where it's not offensive to throw 20 million people off of their health care, primarily the most vulnerable.. or to cut taxes for the rich and cut services for primarily the most vulnerable.. but this.. THIS.. is offensive!
    This is how dictators are born.

  • blue4me43
    blue4me43 3 months ago +3

    Trump is making America like Russia. No one is allowed to enjoy a good laugh about (trump and Putin). Trump we will not be afraid of you and so get use to a joke on your back. Making fun of Trump is the only thing keeps us Happy now a days.

  • Jon's Garage
    Jon's Garage 3 months ago +3

    Say what you want, stephen is funny.

  • B Bender
    B Bender 3 months ago

    CBS has lost a viewer for life!   I don't care what your political opinions are or if you are a member of any ludicrous "resistance" [which brings to mind WWII's French resistance......a serious organization] As an American citizen who is grateful for our country and it's freedoms, it behooves even a low life like Stephen Colbert; a eighth rate comedian [who epitomizes a homely "goofus" with tape on his glasses]   to give the President of the United States a modicum of respect. If only this this traitorous bastard had been on the ill fated  plane with his  family. It  would have been a magnanimous gift to America and no loss whatsoever to the entertainment community; it seems snowflakes all.   Please, get your heads out of your asses, get with the program and if you can't support our great new President; at the very least, respect his office. I now know there is a GOD and he loves and cares about America as he saw to it that America sidestepped a BULLET with the election!!!!!

  • Joe Pecaric
    Joe Pecaric 3 months ago

    Colbert looks like Mr. Peabody, he probably got beat up as a child and now vents his frustration, coward!

  • charmedfan7704
    charmedfan7704 3 months ago +4

    Trump is a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, overzealous egomaniac with the mental faculties of a 5 year old. He is in no way fit or competent enough to be president.

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