Gal Gadot training 'Wonder Woman' Featurette

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  • Kimmy Queen
    Kimmy Queen 22 hours ago

    She probably did more training as an Israeli soldier...

  • trollking99
    trollking99 2 days ago

    If you watch UFC you'll see some fighters (male and female) who are not overly muscular or defined. Yet they are strong and have great athletic ability. These fighters train every day not to get buff, but to beat their opponents with skill and determination. Gal Gadot's Wonder Wonder is a perfect example of this type of warrior.

  • MrQuader4
    MrQuader4 6 days ago

    "Shall we?"

    TMT DAU 7 days ago

    yo la amo.

  • Amish Magar
    Amish Magar 15 days ago


  • Jaime de Sevilla
    Jaime de Sevilla 22 days ago

    Whoever is married to her is the LUCKIEST GUY in the world! She is GORGEOUS, smart, cute, and funny! The woman has it all!

  • Eva Calista
    Eva Calista 24 days ago

    its very sexy

  • 4786gautam
    4786gautam Month ago

    She is gift from GOD😘😘😘😘

  • The Amazing Spider Man

    Th actor of wonder woman lol

  • Mikias Negussie
    Mikias Negussie Month ago

    oh she is so cool!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Ana
    Sharon Ana Month ago

    One of my favorite artists

  • Cliff Villanueva
    Cliff Villanueva Month ago +1

    this is her first time training for a movie, her body is slowly progressing some people think she's skinny well because she is skinny and just recently adding more muscle to her body. but expect this her body will definitely change for the upcoming sequels which we know is going to happen lol

    DINAH GEOLINGO Month ago

    she is very beautiful

  • Richelle Aguilar
    Richelle Aguilar Month ago


  • hitman hitman
    hitman hitman Month ago

    am a hindu i love jews, we together will destroy the mother fuking religion islam,,

  • Ballet Girl
    Ballet Girl Month ago

    All the people saying that she was to skinny in the movie: she was 5 months pregnant so they used a green screen to get rid of the stomach. That is why she was skinny. The green screen may have overdone it

  • Jaime Mausan
    Jaime Mausan Month ago +1


  • Terry Kamps Jr
    Terry Kamps Jr Month ago +1

    she was definitely made for the part

  • talalbyt
    talalbyt Month ago

    A junk movie for junk people and there's many of. The ugly bitch who seeks saving innocent souls, kill them in reality while serving with the Israeli army!!!

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator Month ago

    Is it even legal to be that beautiful without make-up?

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez Month ago

    Pff cualquier persona que salga a correr todos los días y que haga crossfit se entrena 10 veces más duro que esta flaca. Como les gusta inflar las cosas a los que no saben ni hacen deporte.

  • Cr 7
    Cr 7 Month ago

    damn she tall af

  • JuAnjose Testore
    JuAnjose Testore Month ago

    la mina es medio bagarto ja ja

  • caciquetainohatuey
    caciquetainohatuey Month ago

    Gal, why you so beautiful?

  • Joan Ruiz Jacob
    Joan Ruiz Jacob Month ago

    that slight shade on her armpits is a plus!!

  • Genomcyber
    Genomcyber Month ago

    where can I get this song?

  • Filmaker25
    Filmaker25 Month ago

    she puts a lot of work into it even if she doesn't get a lot of money out of it.

  • david betah
    david betah Month ago


  • Hydra Malfoy
    Hydra Malfoy Month ago

    She is goddes!

  • Brooklyn Bred
    Brooklyn Bred Month ago

    Sorry but she sucked as WW. The movie was just a little better than BvS. And honestly the Black Panther trailer was better than the entire movie.

  • Yoona T.
    Yoona T. Month ago

    Wah~ She's so cool

  • Marie Ann Lora
    Marie Ann Lora Month ago

    Hello, if you wanna watch a gal gold look alike the Wonder Woman Workout video, got to my last video in my channel. :)

  • BBC Rooter & Plumbing

    She slept her way into this role Shit movie

  • Nati
    Nati Month ago

    love u gal im from israelXD

  • L'Araignée Humaine

    prettiest woman ever

  • Steven Vu
    Steven Vu Month ago

    Proudest nut of my life.

  • Tuxedo Penguin
    Tuxedo Penguin Month ago

    I saw this movie last night and I have to say, Wonder Woman is now my favorite DC Superhero of all time. Fuck Batman, Fuck Superman, Wonder Woman is where the real action is at.

  • Nashanarak
    Nashanarak Month ago

    She's beautiful

  • crave me some channel

    Is it jest me or is she the prettiest personal in the world

  • navid sgs
    navid sgs Month ago


  • monitoreo sos
    monitoreo sos Month ago


  • Gideon John Fitness

    Nice work, how long you been youtubing for?

  • Super Bouzy
    Super Bouzy Month ago

    An average guy can smack her face flat so easy

  • vishal shah
    vishal shah Month ago

    The only bad thing about her is that she is Jew

  • lock n load
    lock n load Month ago

    she is hot as hell

  • esmeralda sandoval
    esmeralda sandoval Month ago

    She is so cute.

  • Robert Suhrer
    Robert Suhrer Month ago

    They nailed that music theme!! I like when she gives that serious, I'm ready to kick ass, look on her face.

  • John Movie
    John Movie Month ago

    Fuck i got to work out

  • Laughing Joker
    Laughing Joker Month ago

    She hot

  • SHREDER Oroku-Saki
    SHREDER Oroku-Saki Month ago

    I could break her in 5 minutes.

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger Month ago

    Even in the film itself shes a twig.

  • StockyDoccy
    StockyDoccy Month ago

    ewwwww put some meat on

  • EricSH B
    EricSH B Month ago

    Wow.. I love you, Gal Gadot!!!! Big fan~

  • mitropoulosilias
    mitropoulosilias Month ago

    another sand digger jew...

  • Peaches Ø
    Peaches Ø Month ago

    a queen

  • Robinson Crusoe
    Robinson Crusoe Month ago

    Saatlerce dövsün beni,

  • Erik Thureson
    Erik Thureson 2 months ago

    Nicely done! Keep up the good work!

  • Josephine _C
    Josephine _C 2 months ago

    What's this song???

  • Daughter Of Heda
    Daughter Of Heda 2 months ago

    For the people who say she's skinny..

    A skeleton is skinny.

  • woodi Piker
    woodi Piker 2 months ago

    Wonder monkey xD

  • Syahyudy Hantu Rimba
    Syahyudy Hantu Rimba 2 months ago

    Cantik 😍

  • Sofia Leanne
    Sofia Leanne 2 months ago

    she is so cool my god

  • Don Gress
    Don Gress 2 months ago

    The DCU was shit until Wonder Woman. Warner Brothers should be sending a steady flow of dump trucks filled with cash to Gal Gadot's house.

  • Worldwise Now
    Worldwise Now 2 months ago +2

    I thought she did a fine job as WW. I see some comments that she is skinny, but in fact she is tall and has a lean muscular build, the word that comes to mind is "lithe". She is not skinny - a body type description that is very incorrectly 99% of the time and is not even remotely applicable to her. I personally find her very pretty, and has a fabulous smile.

    I felt she carried off the role exceptionally well in the movie, and very clearly she took the role very seriously, and trained hard to meet expectations. I believe she met and exceeded them for most of the viewing audience.

  • abcun17
    abcun17 2 months ago

    It's nice of her to copy Daisy Riddley...then again having seen the mediocrity that was "Wonder Woman" , can't say it's that surprising...

  • south korean
    south korean 2 months ago

    i love isreal 😊😊

  • BronzeBullBalls
    BronzeBullBalls 2 months ago

    I think she put on a whopping three ounces of water retention before shooting the film... jesus, celebrities have all the free time in the world and all the resources to develop their bodies and she has zero muscle definition or mass.

  • | Watch Movie HD

    Best DC movie yet, right up there with The Dark Knight both in story and action.

  • Mrs. Patronus
    Mrs. Patronus 2 months ago +2

    Yes she isnt buff but man she is fit as hell. Haters gonna hate

  • Bronson Ferrigno
    Bronson Ferrigno 2 months ago

    Y'all can't see that she has muscles despite her stature. So what if she's skinny, she's naturally built like that and therefore has to work harder to increase arm strength. She's doing great!

  • JibaraSoy
    JibaraSoy 2 months ago

    No offense Gal, I adore you as an actress & human being , but not quite sure about you in this role. Since, I had another image of WW in my mind. She's stunning, gorgeous, and definitely trained very hard for the role. But I would've liked to saw a little bit of more gains, maybe they should've prepared her to get more bulky and focus on excersises like weightlifting. She was toned and fit, but not as the one in the comics that I've seen. For example working out more the legs and the but area would've add some gains to her legs. But may be she was that way because they needed to fulfilled Hollywood idea of beauty and a curvy wonder woman could've been criticized for being "fat". Because they needed the stereotype skinny girl with perfect measures to fit the average american audience spectations . May be... is something else.

  • Azmen
    Azmen 2 months ago

    Definitely a 10/10

  • The3rdTurd
    The3rdTurd 2 months ago

    hot as hell

  • Pepe Sanchez
    Pepe Sanchez 2 months ago

    michelle lewin is the real wonder woman

  • Pepe Sanchez
    Pepe Sanchez 2 months ago

    pero denle algo de proteina a la pobre esta flaquisima

  • Dimitris Pats
    Dimitris Pats 2 months ago

    that soundtrack is SO arrousing to my ears

  • justaddbutter
    justaddbutter 2 months ago

    y'all stay making excuses as to why she looks like she can't swat a fly. she's got a "Pilate's on the weekends" body. not an "amazonian warrior" body. disappointed.

  • Otf Justin
    Otf Justin 2 months ago


  • Will Weekly
    Will Weekly 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman has to be one of DCs top five movies of all time. Agree or Disagree ?

  • Jose f Rodriguez
    Jose f Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    gal gadot u look so hot in those pants i love u so much

  • 38-Slug
    38-Slug 2 months ago

    Wonderwoman? lol more like skeletonwoman
    shes skinny as hell

  • Iunicornchelsea
    Iunicornchelsea 2 months ago +1

    It doesn't look like she is even pregnant
    Damn girl magic powers

  • Lrdvltr
    Lrdvltr 2 months ago

    LOL FAIL. She did this bullshit for 1 month then quit. She looked like any college girl that goes to the gym once a week WITH all the cgi enhancing effects.

  • Hamfists Man
    Hamfists Man 2 months ago

    skinny does not equal weak.

  • Wicaksono Arief
    Wicaksono Arief 2 months ago

    hai miss salam kenal ya dari saya wicaksono indonesia boleh lah berkunjung

  • SharonnSimones
    SharonnSimones 2 months ago

    The desperation for views. This was before BVS.

  • felix quinn
    felix quinn 2 months ago


  • vikraman raman
    vikraman raman 2 months ago

    she just slapped right on the faces of haters...mocked at her physique..why do you need complain even before the movie is out..

  • V. M. Varga
    V. M. Varga 2 months ago

    I wanna lick her armpits!

  • Tmanqz
    Tmanqz 2 months ago

    She looks like she beefed up a little bit since Fast Five. Nice looking WW.

  • Aritra Saha
    Aritra Saha 2 months ago +1

    Most beautiful and sexiest woman on earth !!

  • Victor Oladipo
    Victor Oladipo 2 months ago

    All of y'all making fun of Gal and I'm here feeling disgusted at how cyborg looks😂

    • Victor Oladipo
      Victor Oladipo 2 months ago

      But seriously don't make fun of Gal. She looks good as Wonder Woman.

  • samneuro12
    samneuro12 2 months ago

    Yes, she's skinny. Not sure that's such a big criticism. I think the movie was still fun.

  • kirinona
    kirinona 2 months ago

    she is pretty but boobs.......that's sad...

  • Utomo Wicaksono
    Utomo Wicaksono 2 months ago

    she has no boobs

  • 2 months ago +14

    Gadot carries the movie by combining the charisma of a demigod with the personability of Indiana Jones; even when she's fiercest, empathy and humor are never far away.

  • Yoko J
    Yoko J 2 months ago +6

    I watched Wonder Women yesterday and it was so good ,especially the fight scenes . Please let there be a sequel. She rocks!!!

  • Fernando a.g.o
    Fernando a.g.o 2 months ago

    i love to ''eat '' that baby

  • jiorts
    jiorts 2 months ago

    oh look, a moving twig...

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