Top 5 Android O Features!

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  • Dogepocalypse
    Dogepocalypse 2 days ago

    Have fun Android trying to find a snack name for Android Q

  • Hao Flor
    Hao Flor 2 days ago

    Yo, what's your weather widget?

  • Nirav Makadia
    Nirav Makadia 3 days ago

    there are only few changes bet android M,N & O visually, which is disappointing,

  • Mail Man
    Mail Man 4 days ago

    ohhhhhhh shiiiiieeeet! I thought This was a new video cuz I never heard of Android O I just recently got a samsung with android 7.0 and nougat stuff. but as a new phone it said system update. But looking at the 1st feature he showed im like "wait a minute... I already have that... then i look at video release. Anyways. Golly good show

    PIXLE Z 5 days ago

    BTW cause I'm Nexus user and could sign up for Android o beta, but don't wanna kill my phone, are there any know serious bugs

    PIXLE Z 5 days ago

    The Android versions are becoming increasingly similar, they are running out of ideas 🤔

  • Jhony jb
    Jhony jb 5 days ago

    what will happens when cames in "Z" Android version?

  • King' Canky Fox's Sin of Greed

    orange juice

  • droid fan23
    droid fan23 7 days ago

    I won't get O till Feb for my s8

  • Potato
    Potato 8 days ago

    Is the s8 even going to get O lol

  • Mini Hype
    Mini Hype 8 days ago

    I think it's Android Ocean or Octopus. When you tap on the version and hold down the O Icon, you get an octopus like creature in an oceanic setting.

  • e1543
    e1543 10 days ago

    Dang it just got my s8+, worst track record. Well, time to flash my boot and get android 0

  • Basavaraj Sajjanar
    Basavaraj Sajjanar 11 days ago

    swipe panel for instant app access, which increases multitasking speed. missing impotant feature.

  • Vince Friel
    Vince Friel 11 days ago

    Samsung has most of these for almost a year now, so this is what peasant android users have to look forward to.

  • Peaceful world
    Peaceful world 11 days ago

    I have both android n apple phone... feel android is so much more logical in messages, phone app, notifications, maps, settings...

  • Vasyl Ruszin
    Vasyl Ruszin 12 days ago

    Android oreo

  • Zurrdroid
    Zurrdroid 13 days ago

    The settings page has a sidebar?

    I never knew...

  • Daniel Precht
    Daniel Precht 14 days ago

    I have a favorite new feature, but I aint no snitch.

  • Shirk The One
    Shirk The One 14 days ago

    Still stuck with lollipop ☹

  • Anand Sunku
    Anand Sunku 15 days ago

    I would want a touchpad kind of interface to navigate the big phone screen. An app called point tap is little beta but it really makes sense for big screens

  • Atanu Kar
    Atanu Kar 15 days ago

    I think it is just the updates we are insanely craving without using it. we are getting addicted to these frequent updates (updating an outdated phone 2 times in a week is really something despite buying a new one.

  • JownelKpopper
    JownelKpopper 15 days ago +1

    When you are Stuck with Kitkat Version. Poor Here.

  • SlightlyOverclocked
    SlightlyOverclocked 16 days ago

    Definitely need something big for Android P, 6 and 7 just seem like reskins with marginal updates

  • Rok Kozel
    Rok Kozel 16 days ago

    i have Android 6.0 on phone and 5.1 on tablet :)

  • Olivex
    Olivex 16 days ago

    Damn the way he is says "fire tweet" is so fire

  • Hannu Tuunanen
    Hannu Tuunanen 17 days ago

    Android O summary: Been on android phones since always, feature could be updated via app instead, useless, doesn't matter. That's it. There's really no reason to cry when you don't get your android update anymore...

  • anup samanta
    anup samanta 17 days ago

    Fantastic presentation

  • Svilen Konac
    Svilen Konac 19 days ago

    F man you talking really fast!

  • The Psycho BluRay
    The Psycho BluRay 19 days ago +3

    anyone on KitKat ??

  • Jyot Hathi
    Jyot Hathi 20 days ago +3

    Android O is gonna be Android Octopus! Not a joke guys, its leaked in Beta 4.

  • 2flyyky
    2flyyky 21 day ago

    Will the lg stylo 2 get it?

  • Johnny Russo
    Johnny Russo 21 day ago

    I can see that Googles put a lot of effort into this, I think the new versions great.

  • Andriod Navas
    Andriod Navas 21 day ago

    Sup bro I love the lil dotes when yu get a new message

  • Nathan Howells
    Nathan Howells 21 day ago

    Android Orange. It should be. It's my favorite fruit. LOL

  • Kenny Lilipaly
    Kenny Lilipaly 22 days ago

    Android octopus

  • Fishkeeper63
    Fishkeeper63 22 days ago

    The system UI tuner options were the only things I was looking forward to in android O and they've been removed in the final beta :(

  • Boo Warren
    Boo Warren 26 days ago

    when will it come out

  • yunhao zhu
    yunhao zhu 27 days ago

    andriod O does it support Nexus 5?

  • Kyoi Rinkijidota
    Kyoi Rinkijidota 27 days ago

    Mkbhd: here we go android o
    me: *sigh* I need another 1 year, and 4 months to wait for this update

  • george p
    george p 27 days ago

    Android looks just like a book all letters unlike iOS you still find images all over the setting menu

  • Simranjit Singh BAL
    Simranjit Singh BAL 28 days ago

    Which files app are you using (it is in the center of the homescreen)

    • Evan Coleman
      Evan Coleman 25 days ago

      Simranjit Singh BAL That's the Downloads app. It was renamed Files on Android O

  • eggz alad
    eggz alad 29 days ago

    I want the option to see the percentage only, without the batt icon next to it.

  • Zony Yu
    Zony Yu Month ago

    Android orangutans. Don’t question my diet.

  • Abhinav Thakur
    Abhinav Thakur Month ago

    when we will get official update on moto 5?

  • mahdi gharib
    mahdi gharib Month ago

    I already have that smart text selection on my xiaomi redmi 3s running MIUI 8, its way better than the one in the Android O.


    Looks cool, I'm using N at the moment and I love it compared to older versions of Android

  • John Romanas
    John Romanas Month ago

    Android Orange Meringue Pie?, Android Orange? Android Oatmeal Cookie?

  • kanyaugatiejagwo
    kanyaugatiejagwo Month ago

    Android "Organic Bread"

  • Anmol Raj
    Anmol Raj Month ago +1

    *Android Oatmeal Cookie*

  • jacob thompson
    jacob thompson Month ago

    Android Oreo will be the name

  • caparzzo
    caparzzo Month ago

    lol i just got nougget on my s7 edge

  • Kool
    Kool Month ago

    And I thought Lollipop was good...

  • Crimson Ace
    Crimson Ace Month ago +1

    Android Orange 🍊

  • Shihab Mohammed
    Shihab Mohammed Month ago +1

    I named the version, It's Omelette 😑

  • Shihab Mohammed
    Shihab Mohammed Month ago +1

    yes, I suggest and recommend for Android Omelette 😮

  • Marci P
    Marci P Month ago

    What's about "dual audio" like the S8 allready has? Does it come with Android O for example the OP5?

  • Braden Jensen
    Braden Jensen Month ago

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 update already adopted some of these features in it's latest Android 7.0 update.

  • Damn Son
    Damn Son Month ago +1

    Weird. I thought System UI Tuner was already on Nougat.

    • Damn Son
      Damn Son Month ago

      Yeah exactly. Thats why I think it is weird that the System UI Tuner is being praised as an Android O feature.

    • Jordan Malan
      Jordan Malan Month ago

      Damn Son it is. You know the gear in your quick settings? The one that opens your settings? Click and hold the button for a bit. Ui tuner will appear in settings

  • Tushar Kathuria
    Tushar Kathuria Month ago

    Android Ooo La La...

  • Souless Memelord
    Souless Memelord Month ago

    Android Osteoporosis

  • Paul Arnison
    Paul Arnison Month ago

    My Nexus 6p is on 8.0.0

  • Pratamesh Mistry
    Pratamesh Mistry Month ago

    already have most of these features in samsung phone for years...

  • dxpe
    dxpe Month ago


  • Asbjørn Jonathan Wiis Villadsen 9C Gammelgaardsskolen

    i bet it's going to android orange

  • S7 Daily Driver
    S7 Daily Driver Month ago

    I thought Android O was supposed to have a built in anti-virus program!!!! WTF Android!!!!

  • snx70
    snx70 Month ago

    Not gonna be Oreo since that's a brand name 😉

  • Mo Yusuf
    Mo Yusuf Month ago

    Coming to iPhone in the year 2030

  • Michael _
    Michael _ Month ago

    oatmeal cookie might be it

  • Simon J
    Simon J Month ago


  • daniel ajibode
    daniel ajibode Month ago

    O for Ogre

  • ash G.
    ash G. Month ago

    this means one is focusing on devices this cycle not software :( all of these except the new settings look are already on my rom :/

  • Adrián D.
    Adrián D. Month ago

    tiene facha

  • Dario Lepej
    Dario Lepej Month ago

    Android Orange, 100%!

  • Tony Fernandez
    Tony Fernandez Month ago

    LG has some of these

  • AQUIB .K
    AQUIB .K Month ago

    Bhai..tmhare videos mast hai...par...aap..apne..baalon ko lambe..karo....
    saare videos..m baal chhote hai

  • Danny Alvarez
    Danny Alvarez Month ago

    Android Orange? I mean the logo is orange and it is a fruit lol.

  • VexWard
    VexWard 2 months ago

    Help! Android O update won't show up on my iPhone!

  • Pure Crazy
    Pure Crazy 2 months ago

    Android p will be poptart I'm calling it now

  • Umar Farouk
    Umar Farouk 2 months ago

    it's pretty good.

  • RETRO Avis-Johnson
    RETRO Avis-Johnson 2 months ago

    where did you get that blue wallpaper from

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 months ago +3

    I'm still on 6.0 Marshmallow!!! Come on Vodafone! Update your software instead of making adverts!!

  • hans chen
    hans chen 2 months ago

    where is that fucking shortcut

  • Connor Scott
    Connor Scott 2 months ago


  • Leo Meyer
    Leo Meyer 2 months ago +1

    Stop downing yourself about not having O. Get a Nexus 5x and sit yourself down.

    BLITZKRIEG 2 months ago

    Nexus 6p running O beta. Why don't I have assistant yet??

  • Salsa Production
    Salsa Production 2 months ago +1

    Android Orange 🤘🤙 bet :^/

  • Cito
    Cito 2 months ago

    developer p3 added a front flash for the selfie camera

  • Nate Bishop
    Nate Bishop 2 months ago

    how do I get the UI tuner you were explaining? I just downloaded the Android O beta on my pixel but I have the same UI settings as before

  • kingwindie
    kingwindie 2 months ago

    look at his shirt sleeve lmao

  • SoooClassic
    SoooClassic 2 months ago

    Which launcher does he use?

    • Austin Hickey
      Austin Hickey 2 months ago

      SoooClassic He's not using any. It's the Google Pixel.

  • Sivaram S S
    Sivaram S S 2 months ago

    I think the most important feature would be Project Treble now

  • Lincoln Lopes
    Lincoln Lopes 2 months ago +1

    I use Lineage OS 14.1, Android 7.1.2 on my 2014 Moto E, and have some of this features, and even more.

  • taj obrien
    taj obrien 2 months ago

    why don't I get updates on my phone??

  • Ankur Singh
    Ankur Singh 2 months ago

    And Apple still in process to Add these features!!!

  • Fredrick Esposito
    Fredrick Esposito 2 months ago

    Orange Sorbet

  • Aritra Gupta
    Aritra Gupta 2 months ago

    what file app is he using?

  • Kenta Sugimoto
    Kenta Sugimoto 2 months ago

    when swipe shortcut from top of screen

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    I am using Android o now

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