Puddles Pity Party - I (Who Have Nothing) - 1/14/2016 - Paste Studios, New York, NY

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  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker Day ago +2

    After listening to this song, I tried listening to everyone else on youtube doing it, and this is the best version. This guy not only has a great voice; he's a master of facial expressions when singing, a true genius.

  • Tyrvox
    Tyrvox Day ago +1

    Would have loved to have seen this on #AGT.

  • Kyle Sears
    Kyle Sears 2 days ago

    Puddles. <3

  • devitosld
    devitosld 2 days ago

    Caren Carpenter did a great song in the late 70's that you would do beautifully......will have to get back with the title.

  • devitosld
    devitosld 2 days ago

    Oh...this is just wonderful!! Ever thought of "I'm just a pretender" by the Platters? You do such a great job on soulful old tunes...
    Can't get enough...thanks!

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 2 days ago +2

    How can anyone not comment on the man's expressive nature? I read the comments, not that many really, and NO ONE mentions how Puddles, Mike if you will, lays his soul out for all to see on his face while singing this song. It's half the beauty of this video entirely. I mean if you were deaf, you could probably feel the soul of the song and the man singing it.

    Awe inspiring. I can also appreciate the little bit of lighthearted humor in the beginning clip. Gives a little balance to the piece.

  • Raven Lunatic
    Raven Lunatic 3 days ago

    He could convince me to run away an join the circus!

  • Lester Magnuson
    Lester Magnuson 4 days ago +1

    This is awesome - power

  • paul collins
    paul collins 4 days ago

    told you you should of chosen this one.

  • J Millie
    J Millie 4 days ago

    What's the name of this background music? Anyone??

  • Ronda Henderson
    Ronda Henderson 4 days ago +3

    So, here I go again binge watching Puddles' videos. OMG. This Man Clown brings tears to my eyes.

  • Homayoun Mustamandi
    Homayoun Mustamandi 4 days ago

    i like ms , puddies big men

  • Mel Fre
    Mel Fre 4 days ago

    You sing it better than Tom!!! Great job!!!

  • Evan Steinert
    Evan Steinert 6 days ago +1

    by far the most emotionally, captivating and intensely sung song on YouTube.

  • John Robatchka
    John Robatchka 9 days ago

    My gosh an Angel's Voice singing

  • Isabella Gloetzner
    Isabella Gloetzner 9 days ago

    I want to meet him in real life

    • Isabella Gloetzner
      Isabella Gloetzner 4 hours ago

      Lori Raf same

    • Lori Raf
      Lori Raf 5 hours ago

      Isabella Gloetzner although I am the Widow of two husbands and don't even want a relationship with a dog at this point I would truly marry Puddles. AGT just was not good enough for him - not the other way around. I would kiss those big old clown feet plus we could share makeup, except I would be crying every time he sang to me. In this performance in particular which I almost watch Daily he exceeds the talents of any Hollywood actor... I think it's because he is not acting at all. I believe he must have been hurting quite deeply when he came up with doing this song the way he performs it... it would be my goal in life to make him smile again

  • Tyrvox
    Tyrvox 10 days ago

    A close 2 way tie with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams for my favorite Puddles song. They are all fantastic, but those 2 are pure gold.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 11 days ago

    love this version of the Welsh Crooner's voice, if not better as puddles sings it slower, which adds to the dramatic tone

  • Babyhighspeed
    Babyhighspeed 13 days ago

    "Puddles!!!!!!! That's not good"


    As for the music, just wow as always.

  • Jim Bianchi
    Jim Bianchi 13 days ago +1

    I'm a huge fun! Puddles puts it all out there for the world to hear!

  • chicagocyclist1
    chicagocyclist1 14 days ago

    What astonishing musical choices!!!!!  Superb!!!

  • Kay Law
    Kay Law 15 days ago +1

    OMG this give me chills! Loved it!

  • paul collins
    paul collins 15 days ago +1


  • Shane Rogers
    Shane Rogers 15 days ago

    I've always hate Clowns. but Puddles kinda cool.

  • Dominik
    Dominik 16 days ago

    He should sing Death Of A Bachelor by Panic!

  • Pierre Léonard
    Pierre Léonard 16 days ago

    Incredible rendition ! Thums up ! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent .

  • Karl Aranjo
    Karl Aranjo 17 days ago

    thyank you thank you thank you

  • David Ratcliff
    David Ratcliff 18 days ago


  • Pro Tech
    Pro Tech 19 days ago

    This dude is phenomenal!!!! He gonna be big, you watch!!!!!

  • dewwed1965
    dewwed1965 20 days ago


  • juan contreras
    juan contreras 21 day ago +1

    Such a great voice and song, the phrasing was different and rattled me because I'm used to the original versions. I still really really liked it. He could sing the phone book and it would sound great.

  • Lucinda Gaskill
    Lucinda Gaskill 23 days ago +1

    She-he-she ???
    Should be he, right ?
    Not that I'm picky.😉

  • Callimotz
    Callimotz 24 days ago

    Talented people never cease to amaze me.

  • BadRomaMan1
    BadRomaMan1 24 days ago

    I never taught someone can sing this song better than Tom Jones great

  • Sally Kimberly
    Sally Kimberly 24 days ago

    Wow. Love this.

  • Svetlana Tsouban
    Svetlana Tsouban 24 days ago


  • Christopher Angel Brannan


  • Tina Cain
    Tina Cain 25 days ago

    Love love love everything puddles. AMAZING <3

  • theseeker123
    theseeker123 25 days ago

    i was waiting for the punch line, did i miss it, yes.

  • Stan Bloch
    Stan Bloch 26 days ago

    This is the perfect song for AGT!

  • Reta Taylor
    Reta Taylor 26 days ago

    Brilliant as usual Puddles❗️🤡😍🤡❗️😱👩‍💻🤡❗️

    DIOGENESHUMOR 27 days ago

    Parabéns pelo talento!

  • kelteckid
    kelteckid 27 days ago

    It sounds as if Puddle is the love child between Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey -- and I actually mean this in a good way. :-)

  • copelarry
    copelarry 27 days ago

    If Puddles sings this on AGT I think he might win.  :-)

  • copelarry
    copelarry 27 days ago

    Puddles if you read this.  You should do this one on AGT.

  • Kaye Sampson
    Kaye Sampson Month ago

    Astounding Puddles! Astounding arrangement! Fascinating in every sense of fascinating! Where the?.....what?.....ah doesn`......madda! Talk to ya later Pud. Pete.

  • Wolfgang Aus
    Wolfgang Aus Month ago

    This man is a unique talent.......

  • PresenceMoment
    PresenceMoment Month ago


  • Howard Li
    Howard Li Month ago

    Finally see him blink

  • Murgen Templar
    Murgen Templar Month ago +4

    This is my favourite Puddles song.

    • David Land
      David Land 19 days ago

      Murgen Templar my favorite is reflections of my life

  • DamnitJim
    DamnitJim Month ago

    This for all who have loved from afar.

  • Kevin Ivan
    Kevin Ivan Month ago

    the sound of silence?

  • Opiekun Dps
    Opiekun Dps Month ago

    He should make full length album with Mr Doctor from Devil Doll.

  • mark rush
    mark rush Month ago

    wow!! a masterpiece!!

  • ̇George H.
    ̇George H. Month ago

    "Puddles!.... That's not good" when he pushes the elevator buttons cracks me up every time I watch this video.

  • Bill Zaget
    Bill Zaget Month ago

    Terrific stuff.  Puddles--I would love to hear what you would do with a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "I'm Gonna Be Strong."

  • Isaura Rodriguez
    Isaura Rodriguez Month ago

    maybe some Prince? When Doves Cry.

  • Wayne Archer
    Wayne Archer Month ago +4

    OMG !! This man has absolutely the strongest and most emotional voice I've ever heard; it's unbelievable that so many people have never heard of him till now. Wow!!

    INSANE BRUTE Month ago


  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash Month ago

    Was that Shannon in the background in the elevator shouting your name?! Love ya Mikey!!!

  • rubymyluv1
    rubymyluv1 Month ago

    Oh Puddles...Puddles...Puddles! 💖

  • Petrus Delassio
    Petrus Delassio Month ago

    I who have nothing...have Puddles!

  • Geri Mars
    Geri Mars Month ago

    Geez, what pathos! This smacks of "HE Who Gets Slapped." Pure greatness.

  • mojo schmee
    mojo schmee Month ago

    I'd love to hear some horror punk genre stuff, Mother by Danzig or Die, Die, My Darling from the Misfits... But if that's too dark, then you simply must do procol harum a whiter shade of paleA WHITER SHADE OF PALE by Procol Harum... thanks man, and keep up the good work (...and good luck with AGT, though it makes me sad to have to share you with pop culture at large...)

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog Month ago +2

    The dude at the counter kills me every time!

  • Francisco Yañez
    Francisco Yañez Month ago

    maravilloso... notable como mantiene las notas altas...

  • Lucinda Gaskill
    Lucinda Gaskill Month ago

    Who created that arrangement ?
    That is the most beautiful music - and Puddles brings it to life❤️️

  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker Month ago +1

    Get rid of the clown cloths dude. With your voice, you don't need any gimmicks!

  • Lucinda Gaskill
    Lucinda Gaskill Month ago

    This one just kills it.
    Puddles gives it that east-Indian flare.

  • Gary Q
    Gary Q Month ago

    i hear a theatre voice in there.....

  • phil boys
    phil boys Month ago

    love to hear him do something by Scott walker such a small love for example...he has the voice to do it justice

  • Cesar Mendez
    Cesar Mendez Month ago


  • Cesar Mendez
    Cesar Mendez Month ago

    I love how u put ur heart and soul when u sin

  • Rhondaandjames
    Rhondaandjames Month ago

    I Love this guy. Like Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin he rips each of these songs out through his heart and displays them for us.

  • ClarkiusMaximus
    ClarkiusMaximus Month ago

    I can't stop my leg

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie Month ago

      ClarkiusMaximus an exorcist should help ^^

  • No sé que nombre poner

    Excellent cover, excellent voice!

  • dearydarling
    dearydarling Month ago

    he's a feckin genius

  • pxmonkee
    pxmonkee Month ago

    The instrumentation sounds like it was done by Blue Man Group.

    I would love to see a Puddles/Blue Man Group team-up!

  • Danielle L.
    Danielle L. Month ago

    he should sing that song in AGT, that will be awesome

  • erik bundersen
    erik bundersen 2 months ago +2

    Insane clown posse when they are on the meth comedown..

  • gericke pieter
    gericke pieter 2 months ago

    I've been searching the Net up and down for This PHENOMENA's work for the Song CREEP ....... Yes Ruben , Van , sir MAXX , this man will KILL it ........ He is just THAT GOOD

  • Ifihada Hammer
    Ifihada Hammer 2 months ago

    This is a perfect song for him, and he did a phenomenal cover of it. I must have clicked on it at least 20 times now, I also posted it on my facebook.

  • Bobby Osborn
    Bobby Osborn 2 months ago

    Those 26 thumbs down were probably the people who worked there and had to handle the complaints about the elevator. They had to say to the angry people "Oh we're terribly sorry! You, see a clown took the elevator."

  • Crow2186
    Crow2186 2 months ago


  • feuerzeug gasfalsche
    feuerzeug gasfalsche 2 months ago

    the recording room is great, puddles to :)

  • Rood67
    Rood67 2 months ago

    just wow! so much emotion

  • Colin Hickman
    Colin Hickman 2 months ago


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 months ago

    Whatever song you do on AGT you should have the elevator scene filling the stage background, and don't forget the dude at the counter, that would be epic!

  • Shiyar bekas
    Shiyar bekas 2 months ago

    OMG you make me cry 😢

  • verixanc
    verixanc 2 months ago

    You got it, Puddles!!!

  • KayZee1957
    KayZee1957 2 months ago +1

    Any choir/opera singers know what this range is? A little low for tenor but a head voice well above baritone. When I read up, the description seems to fit "Lyric Baritone." Anyone concur?

  • Howard Lewis
    Howard Lewis 2 months ago


  • Lizzie Cavanagh
    Lizzie Cavanagh 2 months ago

    Two words; HOLY COW.

  • Hangfire
    Hangfire 2 months ago

    It sounds like a lead-up to a shootout over the girl. This could be the soundtrack to a western

  • Art Dávila
    Art Dávila 2 months ago

    Puddles, another song on you're alley No Me Quites Paz.

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil 2 months ago +2

    I have no words to express the emotion this performance has given me. I cried.

  • Shannon Flynn
    Shannon Flynn 2 months ago

    Even tunes i don"t like.... I like'em when ur singin'em

  • Cherry Vincent
    Cherry Vincent 2 months ago

    wow puddles!! loved it

  • wtglb
    wtglb 2 months ago

    He gives me the chills!

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