Debra Messing!

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  • B M**se
    B M**se 4 months ago

    Just another Can't Understand Normal Thinker!!!

  • Max Wilson
    Max Wilson 4 months ago

    Debra Messing. What's the point?

  • Slaying Fascist
    Slaying Fascist 4 months ago

    WOW !!!! Another fucking cop show. How original.

  • Matthew Jacobsen
    Matthew Jacobsen 6 months ago

    keep the anti trump videos coming. I love watching celebrities crash and burn.

  • cristina solano
    cristina solano 7 months ago

    She's adorable and gorgeous!!!!

  • 00Mindi00
    00Mindi00 7 months ago

    God I'd boyfrend her in 2 seconds flat. She's always been a total BABE!!!

  • Dave Hawk
    Dave Hawk 8 months ago +1

    Debra Messing is a Liberal Slut!!! Hope she ROTS IN HELL!!!!

    • Jacob DeMarco-Cronin
      Jacob DeMarco-Cronin 7 months ago

      Dave Hawk I have no idea who she is

    • 00Mindi00
      00Mindi00 7 months ago

      I love a conservative sexist pig who hides behind no avatar! So brave!

  • Dev Dark 13
    Dev Dark 13 9 months ago

    sometimes i cant differentiate debra and amy adam

  • Alisa Karter
    Alisa Karter Year ago

    Those shoes

  • hawgdawger
    hawgdawger Year ago +1

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmy, oh, my. Debra Messing has got to be in the top five most beautiful women in the world. Were polygamy legal and she were available and willing, I'd marry her and do RIGHT by her. :-)

  • Linda Martin
    Linda Martin Year ago +1

    I Dont understand anything ^^ im from Germany. But i Love she . 'The mysterys of Laura' in the USA , 'detective Laura Diamond ' in Germany :D

  • Stephen Nimbargi
    Stephen Nimbargi Year ago


  • wildlife wendy
    wildlife wendy Year ago +1

    was this a Zertec commercial?

  • hotsugargirl
    hotsugargirl Year ago +1

    Debra is absolutely gorgeous! <3

  • Kari M.
    Kari M. Year ago +1

    Is she a spokesperson for Zyrtec or something? Lol

  • Pattie Syverson
    Pattie Syverson Year ago +1

    product placement. Zertek

  • Pattie Syverson
    Pattie Syverson Year ago

    wow Wendy, You cant be a super model... i love you but sheesh ...

  • J Silver
    J Silver Year ago +1

    Her new show is really good! I was surprised how much I love it!

  • dinh
    dinh Year ago +1

    This was truly an awkward interview....not bad but just awkward.

  • Lupe Sweeden
    Lupe Sweeden Year ago

    You did a great interview

  • Julian Echelon
    Julian Echelon Year ago +2

    rough interview...she came off rigid

  • Pokemontas
    Pokemontas Year ago +3

    wendy is so bad at interviews

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      +Pokemontas yep,Wendy's all over the place,and has no genuine empathy. she's a cold extrovert.

  • gapeachnow26
    gapeachnow26 Year ago

    I'm thinking people feel this interview is awkward because it was a last minute change.  Wasn't Fetty Wap supposed to be Thursday's guest?  Or, did he cancel because Wendy couldn't get his name right?

  • Stella Johnson
    Stella Johnson Year ago

    This could have been more lengthy.... Such a lovely woman, is SO famous, yet down-to-Earth, kind and almost 'shy-like'. Beautiful inside & out. What a great, layed-back interview, I could have definitely watched it longer. She looks stunning with that darker sleek hair!!! xx

  • Nightberrii
    Nightberrii Year ago +1

    She's so beautiful, love the hair!

  • Tatiana Moore
    Tatiana Moore Year ago

    That was a terrible interview in my opinion. Wendy stammered though the entire thing. I need her to ask more relevant questions...

  • Nelu Mbingu
    Nelu Mbingu Year ago

    You all down there shouldn't let the previous commenters color your perception. I saw nothing wrong with the interview. Just saying.

  • MegaSayitlikeitis
    MegaSayitlikeitis Year ago +20

    I fuckin love Debra Messing but this interview was just odd...

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      +MegaSayitlikeitis Debra, is a warm Leo on her upside,and it shows. so warm & sweet...

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      +MegaSayitlikeitis pretty,sweet,and adorable.

    • Entidade Wolf
      Entidade Wolf Year ago

      +MegaSayitlikeitis the pace was funny

    • Barbara Wasilak
      Barbara Wasilak Year ago

      +MegaSayitlikeitis because Wendy wanted the time for HERSELF!! She is getting worse with each season....

    • MegaSayitlikeitis
      MegaSayitlikeitis Year ago

      Exactly. It looks like she was there to promote her new show but they didn't really get to it :/

  • topgymrat
    topgymrat Year ago

    oh Grace, I love you.

  • Katerina Kiaha
    Katerina Kiaha Year ago

    I am with Anela H.. this was very awkward.

  • gapeachnow26
    gapeachnow26 Year ago

    Thanks for putting these up!  They had the Pope talking to Congress on in my area.  ;(

  • ohok83
    ohok83 Year ago +4

    Debra was pretty, she seems so down to earth and nice. I love her persona. I enjoyed the interview. Her dress was beautiful also!!

  • zoeycake100
    zoeycake100 Year ago

    What Happened To Fetty Wap ?

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Year ago +4

    So awkward.... Wendy needs to go learn some things about interviewing

  • OlivTwist
    OlivTwist Year ago

    Poor Debra, I feel her pain. I have terrible allergies as well. I buy the knock-off version of Zyrtec, and it works like a charm.

  • Paul Frost
    Paul Frost Year ago

    I have to agree the energy of both these women was off.

  • Courteney J
    Courteney J Year ago

    Strange interview

  • Nadaadadadaaa
    Nadaadadadaaa Year ago

    Wtf is wrong with you people , that's probably her personality

  • DearMakeUpDiary
    DearMakeUpDiary Year ago +4

    Where does this interview start getting awkward? I don't see it. It was actually very funny :) She's just adorable. And Wendy... well, she has her days... lol

  • kevin cody
    kevin cody Year ago

    When she loosened up it got better. Wendy's on another subject already, then another...

  • Layla Aaron
    Layla Aaron Year ago +2

    Nothing would have been wrong with this interview if it wasn't rushed. It was like Acting improv, the show must go on type of scenario because Debra Messing filled in last minute (shes so sweet) for fetty wap. Fetty wap canceled but the show must go on. And probable because Wendy threw a lil shade by not pronouncing his name correctly since the inception of this season. Karmas a B. And hot topics was so nasty cause she was talking mad mess and burped without saying excuse me. Yuck. LOL Wendy is Wendy gotta love her. <3

  • Norman Davis
    Norman Davis Year ago +1

    wow you have a very vocal audience

  • yuree222
    yuree222 Year ago

    Debra messing was boring. Don't bring her back. She's comes across fake.

  • Zack GRAHAM
    Zack GRAHAM Year ago +3

    Where is the awkwardness ?! Besides the loud public lol ! You guys are so sensitive lmao

  • soraya alves
    soraya alves Year ago

    Yeah was a awkward interview

  • soraya alves
    soraya alves Year ago

    I looooove Debra messing and will & grace was the most funny enjoyable and funny show ❤️👍🏽👌🏼

  • MarieCali101
    MarieCali101 Year ago

    GRACE!!!!! I love her so much it hurts!!! Omg so excited to see the interview

  • akaElleLatham
    akaElleLatham Year ago +2

    That was a really long Zyrtec commercial.

  • akaElleLatham
    akaElleLatham Year ago

    I love Debra but that show...I can't.

  • Maren L. Johnson
    Maren L. Johnson Year ago

    Whoa this was awkward! Cringeworthy!

  • calamityp
    calamityp Year ago +2

    LOVE Debra Messing! :) So genuine. Loved her on Will and Grace and in the movie The Wedding Date. I don't watch much TV anymore, but will be sure to check out her new show this season.

    • J Silver
      J Silver Year ago

      +calamityp Her new show is really good.

  • meags9497
    meags9497 Year ago

    I didn't find this interview awkward at all. I don't know what y'all are on about! Love me so Debra and Wendy ❤️

  • BiggityBoggityBoo

    I thought the interview was fine. Nothing really awkward about it except Wendy's enthusiasm.

  • Louis Mariano
    Louis Mariano Year ago +2

    very one sided interview! shes not very forthright.... LOL

  • Natey Rex
    Natey Rex Year ago

    Before I even start the video i'm giddy with anticipation on if I will find this interview awkward or not based on comments, I love both of these women and I know Wendy is a loyal Will and Grace fan so this should be interesting lol

    • Boni Xaba
      Boni Xaba Year ago

      Me too! Nothing wrong with this interview! 😊

  • Giraffe Attack
    Giraffe Attack Year ago +2

    This didn't seem that bad. Some guests just don't go with the flow and get the host's humor on talk shows.

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      +Ginny A or,more the other way around. a good host,can,and should,adapt to the guests. Colbert,can;Wendy,can't.

  • Ernest Mines
    Ernest Mines Year ago +9

    what happened to fetty wap wendy

    • Cody
      Cody Year ago

      +Ernest Mines Fetty was in a motorcycle accident.

  • Kufreobong Okon
    Kufreobong Okon Year ago

    Why does her last name sound so nasty and why does she have a last name messing...ugh it just bothers me

  • Jordan J.
    Jordan J. Year ago

    I didnt think it was awkward at all lol It was less of the typical Wendy interview with all the drama and more of a normal one.

  • Devon A
    Devon A Year ago

    She comes off as fake I'm not a fan of her.

  • Michael Place
    Michael Place Year ago

    Wendy was the genuinely excited and relaxed. It was Debra that was awkward! Sometimes its Wendy (Like in the case of NPH) but not this time!

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr Year ago

    Really awkward watching this interview. This why I just stick to the hot topics.

  • Harmonizer87261
    Harmonizer87261 Year ago


  • Skyla Shanell
    Skyla Shanell Year ago +12

    Awkward? I thought it was just normal conversation without all the "Celebrity extras" kind of like two normal people talking... I enjoyed it.

    • Skyla Shanell
      Skyla Shanell Year ago

      +Daniel Zago Furii LOL. I see what you mean.

    • Entidade Wolf
      Entidade Wolf Year ago

      +Skyla Shanell I thought Debra couldn't wait till Wendy stopped talking about Will and Grace... its like watching Madonna when people go "so let's talk about the Sex book" and Madonna just wants to stab the interviewer

  • Alex Lundell
    Alex Lundell Year ago +14

    I don't think Debra Messing is not a shy person from the interview she has given over the last nearly 20 years. Wendy however can sometimes be a terrible interviewer with her poor questions and skills. She's great on her own at hot topics but sometimes she struggles with this sort of thing

    • brainsareus
      brainsareus Year ago

      +Alex Lundell Wendy is out of synch with her. and,you're right,Debra is not shy.

  • Tyler Nguyen
    Tyler Nguyen Year ago

    Love love love Debra messing - forever will and grace fan 😘😍❤️

  • Jarrel Brannon
    Jarrel Brannon Year ago +2

    Yeah...that was bad

  • Littleathquakes
    Littleathquakes Year ago +1

    lol its awkward cuz nobody watches this show she's promoting & that audience did not feel like lying today

  • MuziquePrincess
    MuziquePrincess Year ago

    I just miss Smash at this point and was kinda sad it wasn't mentioned lol

  • Sharae Lee
    Sharae Lee Year ago +5

    I love grace !!!!

  • victoria est
    victoria est Year ago +1

    Debra looks better than ever. I love her with few pounds on. She is absolutely gorgeous!!

    • Sydney
      Sydney Year ago

      Agreed, when she was so skinny about 10 years ago it was so strange. She was still gorgeous, but this suits her now!

  • Idon't know
    Idon't know Year ago

    wasn't fetty wap suppose to be on today? did i miss something?

    • smosher96
      smosher96 Year ago

      +J Warren he was in a motorcycle accident

    • J Warren
      J Warren Year ago

      she kept calling him Freddie Wap maybe he felt disrespected!

  • music and tastythreads

    Cool gonna check out her show.

  • Anthony lopez
    Anthony lopez Year ago


  • accf
    accf Year ago +3

    So awkward. I'm starting to think she only has one or two dimensions to her talk-show abilities because she is only good at 1. talking about celeb scandal. 2. talking about herself.

  • Parris Philip
    Parris Philip Year ago +12

    She looks stunning with the short bob!!

  • ladyvee7110
    ladyvee7110 Year ago +35

    I saw nothing wrong with this interview. Some people read too much into everything. Relax.

    • ithomas101
      ithomas101 Year ago

      +ladyvee7110 Agreed. I don't think that she is the loopy type to fit in 100% on the show, but there was nothing wrong at all!

    LUCIANO Year ago

    Did they both set that last bit up so she could talk about being sponsored by Zyrtec? 😂

  • hmcnatt1
    hmcnatt1 Year ago

    I too am sensitive to floral scents

  • DirtyDean777
    DirtyDean777 Year ago +6

    I really like that she says it like she means it. She noticed the cohosts are not just an audience.👍🏼that's part of why The Wendy show works. Hoping for season 25 to happen cus you're gooooood Wendy!

  • Asdhjfjfkf Askkfkflflf

    Please get Courtney Love on the show!

    • Entidade Wolf
      Entidade Wolf Year ago


    • music and tastythreads
      music and tastythreads Year ago

      Yes courtney is on another level! I want her to talk about kurt, frances, that epic mtv moment with madonna😂, dave grohl feud, etc....She could talk for days!

  • danceforeverkid
    danceforeverkid Year ago

    damn yall told me this was i am not watching it. :/

    • GummyTumor
      GummyTumor Year ago

      +danceforeverkid it wasn't that bad. Wendy went super fan girl for a bit, and asked some strange questions that threw Debra off, but it wasn't terrible.

  • Surah Online
    Surah Online Year ago +11

    Why do people keep saying the interview is 'awkward'...seems okay to me

  • rd
    rd Year ago

    WOW this was stiff!!! Both are my idols and Gay Icons.. GET IT TOGETHER.. Bring back the KIKI.

  • Chanelle Sundermeier

    is it just me cuz I didn't see what was so awkward or horrible about that??.the worst was Rachel bilson a few seasons back

  • Chanelle Sundermeier

    is it just me cuz I didn't see what was so awkward or horrible about that??.the worst was Rachel bilson a few seasons back

  • lovelylouro
    lovelylouro Year ago

    Haven't seen her new show..

  • Holly Greene
    Holly Greene Year ago

    5:55 - Thank you for spreading the awareness! Glad I'm not alone.

  • LTETobago
    LTETobago Year ago +7

    akward :-D

  • Sanjay Is-This-A-Channel? Sinha

    herr yerr derrn, Debra?

  • milly
    milly Year ago +34

    To me she will always be Grace.

  • Fe Me
    Fe Me Year ago +1

    one of the worst interviews of wendy i've ever seen. and its not debras fault!

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee Year ago +4

    Boring interview

  • bart de kon
    bart de kon Year ago

    wait a sec omg its the same girl? ;o omg

  • roy cohn
    roy cohn Year ago +12

    Wendy is great but when she interviews it is manic, nervous, and somewhat rushed it seems...the guests feed off that energy...makes for an uncomfortable interview...its like both the host and the guests are looking for the "gotcha" somewhere. She interviewed better on radio it seems...not certain though

  • KING090589
    KING090589 Year ago +13

    Love Debra but Wendy made this a little painful to watch. Seems like she was doing most of the talking about random stuff at first and her lead-ins to questions were looooong

    • dieherrloewenfrau
      dieherrloewenfrau Year ago

      +KING090589 i feel like wendy is still in some sort of summer break mood and not quiet lively yet. it seems that she is a bit absent at time during the interview and also during hot topics. anyway, i love her.

  • happy king
    happy king Year ago +2


  • tomislav andreev
    tomislav andreev Year ago +6

    that was awkward

    • Lorem Ipsum
      Lorem Ipsum Year ago

      +tomislav andreev ur cute. wana have sex in london?

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