♥ Songs To Put A Baby To Sleep Lyrics-Baby Lullaby Lullabies for Bedtime Fisher Price 2 HOURS♥

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  • Songs to put a baby to sleep lyrics - Baby Lullaby.- Lullabies For Bedtime Fisher Price Style 2 Hours Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/bestbabylullabies

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    Float off to dreamland. Rocking your baby to this lullaby will help baby drift off to sleep with this lovely Fisher Price style musical lullabies and these wonderful dreamy images of floating above the clouds to the stars and moon beyond.

    They are very hypnotic even for adults.This is called 'Night Night' and is a lilting waltz rhythm which is great for rocking baby before putting baby down for the night, Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/bestbabylullabies

    Fisher Price Style Sounds
    Fisher Price toy makers use a particular sound in their musical toys. They are simple and high pitched with a twinkling sound.

    The sounds are commonly made on a glockenspiel or digitally made to reproduce sound similar to this. It is a sweet, pretty sound and are very appealing to younger babies.

    Make sure you give your baby other music to enjoy and don't think that they won't appreciate the variety of listening to a hoe range of sounds and music.

    visit http://bestbabylullabies.com for tips about baby sleep.

    Here are the Lyrics

    "good night, good night
    little sweetie pie
    such a beautiful day
    rest those beautiful eyes
    good night, good night
    time to turn off the lights
    rest your head on your pillow
    dream of this lullaby

    sweet dreams, sweet dreams
    all the things that you’ve seen
    all day long, little baby, making new memories
    sweet dreams, sweet dreams
    counting sheep, 1, 2, 3
    rest your head, little baby
    fall asleep, fall asleep"
    Sweet dreams and love from Best baby Lullabies x
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  • Best Baby Lullabies
    Best Baby Lullabies 1 month ago

    A huge thank you to all our subscribers and viewers for all your support. We are so happy to be a small part of you and your baby's daily life and are glad you enjoy our music and it helps you. Sweet dreams from the BBL team. x

  • Manar Sobh
    Manar Sobh 2 minutes ago

    I closed the music for one second and my brother wakes up right away 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • kakashi hataki
    kakashi hataki 11 minutes ago

    there's a new baby in Killekeny

  • Suraiya Rampersad
    Suraiya Rampersad 36 minutes ago

    Hate it boring....................... .......... ............ ......... ........................ ..............................

  • Claudia Gologan
    Claudia Gologan 1 hour ago

    My eyes are little like two lines when I listen this....Zzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzz...zzzzzzz...zzzzzz...zzzzz...zzzz...zzz...zz...z....

  • Denis lacatus
    Denis lacatus 2 hours ago

    Thank u all youtubers and viwers FOR all the support

  • Leeyah Gray
    Leeyah Gray 2 hours ago

    Subscribe to me if your watching this for a baby and your getting tired😂😴

  • xazee xtin
    xazee xtin 4 hours ago

    my 9 year old daughter got knocked out. hehehe.. for just 10min. 😂

  • Fectrovex
    Fectrovex 6 hours ago

    balla vase ermano ajjaj atope knla kope

  • madhab dwibedy
    madhab dwibedy 11 hours ago

    I cried reminding my childhood

  • Sasha Augustin
    Sasha Augustin 12 hours ago

    Who still waiting to get to the moon? 😂😂

  • Ornela Kaci
    Ornela Kaci 12 hours ago

    my baby brother fall asleep smiling.😍😍☺😪love this lullaby

  • genesis herrera
    genesis herrera 13 hours ago

    Before my baby sis heard this song all she wanted to do was play after she heard this song shes snoring so freakin loud and shes only two but the only thing is she slept on my bed and i sleep on the top bunk of bunk beds

  • Tiffaney Myers
    Tiffaney Myers 13 hours ago


  • Madison Cameron
    Madison Cameron 15 hours ago

    I am 14 and I still
    Listen to this type of music to make me fall asleep so do not judge me people at least it makes me go to sleep so cantr judge in Les it helps u out alot at least u get better sleep over night just bye the calming laluby music😝😝😝

  • liz peyton
    liz peyton 15 hours ago

    My baby is sound asleep now thank god! ❤️😭

  • Martina Namoncura
    Martina Namoncura 15 hours ago

    que relajante a demas a mi me sirbe

  • Keniah Moore
    Keniah Moore 16 hours ago

    thank goodness the baby fell asleep

  • Shah Rahaman
    Shah Rahaman 16 hours ago

    Thank you 😊 so muchhhh my 9 months and 2 year old sister falls fast to sleep 😴 Sometime it works for my whole family! Thanks again Best baby lullaby WE WISH ALL THE BABIES OUT THERE GOOD NIGHT 🌙 And Big Sisters to care for there sleep Night night and your really really the best best baby lullabies 💤💤🤗👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • Victoria Gonzalez Lopez

    Thank you for this. My 2 year old still has trouble independently sleeping and this has helped her recently.

  • Lisa Morlet
    Lisa Morlet 17 hours ago

    Go to sleep already!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Reader-Gibson
    Sabrina Reader-Gibson 17 hours ago

    i Have twins a boy and a girl ave they love it💚

  • Lisa Morlet
    Lisa Morlet 17 hours ago

    This made my toe fall asleep! Just kidding! I love this, so relaxing for me and my little!

  • Franco Mui
    Franco Mui 18 hours ago

    I always with Nanbo with love Amen and hope of the good Kids all of the past and now and in the future ! Amen

  • victoria Baxter Baxter

    My baby sister fail a sleep so fast.

  • Makayla Henry
    Makayla Henry 19 hours ago

    I remember trying so hard to find music for her to fall asleep to, I couldn't & i was so upset she kept crying then I came upon this video I didn't know what it was so I start reading comments while it was playing. on how it was great & it helped them. I was like ugh whatever. so as I was rocking my baby not even noticing the crying had stop I looked down and she was sound asleep,I was so happy & amazed how it really did work,I even started to get sleepy myself. so every night around 8-8:30 I put this on & she automatically know it's bedtime. it's been 3months now & i haven't missed a night. Thanks!!! I'm getting sleepy now writing this lol & she's in her crib sleepy peacefully!❤

  • Green Growbro
    Green Growbro 21 hour ago

    I'm lost to why 80K people dislike this video

    • Best Baby Lullabies
      Best Baby Lullabies 20 hours ago

      Some people probably expect something different. Like heavy metal! Sweet dreams x

  • ida selmani
    ida selmani 22 hours ago

    i 've been using this for 17 months... for my baby twins... its just great... all night on every single night😙

    • Best Baby Lullabies
      Best Baby Lullabies 20 hours ago

      Sweet dreams to you and your twins. Glad to help you all sleep.

  • Phyllis Davis
    Phyllis Davis 22 hours ago

    my cuz fell as sleep

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  • Blanca Rojas
    Blanca Rojas 1 day ago


  • JusticeTheAuraGuardian

    When I instantly put the screen in my baby's face, she was hypnotized and slowly started closing her eyes and fell asleep really great music even made me fall asleep great for anyone when needed to fall asleep 😏😴😪

  • Mez Mirza
    Mez Mirza 1 day ago

    My baby is almost 2year now, still every night this helps her to sleep.. its calming to us ppl as well who r putting babies to sleep.. thnx!

    • Best Baby Lullabies
      Best Baby Lullabies 20 hours ago

      You are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback and sweet dreams x

  • Jenny Nunez
    Jenny Nunez 1 day ago


  • Rania Shalak
    Rania Shalak 1 day ago


  • Jalysia Banks
    Jalysia Banks 1 day ago

    this is not working 😈😈😈

    • Best Baby Lullabies
      Best Baby Lullabies 20 hours ago

      Why not try a different lullaby? We have many to choose from. Sweet Dreams x

  • Carlos M Montes
    Carlos M Montes 1 day ago


  • Nelli Poghosyan
    Nelli Poghosyan 1 day ago


  • Javareon Leavelle

    That helps

  • منيره العتيبي

    اولدي نام

  • Gsutisna
    Gsutisna 1 day ago

    i had a funny but dangerous story about this lullabies. one night we are going out of town via high way. my 1 yo princess wont sleep and she keep crying. so my wife play this song. well she is sleeping but you know what.. it also effected me.. i strugle to keep my eyes open. so i ask my wife to stop the lullabies.. haha

  • Roblox Lover4life

    Who tried to put they sister,brother,niece or cousin to sleep?

  • Hooizolder TZ
    Hooizolder TZ 1 day ago

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  • Jana Kamal
    Jana Kamal 1 day ago

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  • Georgiana Badea Maria

    foarte frumos😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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    엄마 와 아빠 도 구구마 는 우리 가족들은 행복하고 사랑해요 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Intissar Sabir
    Intissar Sabir 1 day ago

    dankje me zusje sleept zzzzzzzz

  • Jason Janczyk
    Jason Janczyk 1 day ago

    My son is now 2 and a half. This just brings back so many memories of when we would play this for him as a baby and it would be one of the only songs we could play to soothe him or put him to sleep. Makes me tear up thinking about how fast our kids grow up and there's not a lot that can make me cry. I'm a 21 year old man and this just makes me think of my little boy who's not so little anymore. :'(

    • Best Baby Lullabies
      Best Baby Lullabies 20 hours ago

      My little boy is 21 the same as you and I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Every moment is precious.

  • Sunset taco
    Sunset taco 1 day ago

    I'm 10 years old and sometimes I need some music to help me sleep and this is great I'm about to fall asleep and it's only in 3 minutes gn

  • nuti carpinisan
    nuti carpinisan 1 day ago

    Foarte interesant!Bebelusul meu aduarme dupa 5 minute dupa auzirea acestei melodi de leagan

  • Franchelle Branch


  • Video4all
    Video4all 1 day ago

    Thanks for posting this beautiful song, my kids love it

  • Natasha Mitchell
    Natasha Mitchell 1 day ago

    I love this music tune.. my 3week ole daughter hear this while im breast feedin her n falls asleep to this.. so i hope this tune continue to sooth her when she is cranky.. i wish i can get this song as an app

  • Lycia Dear luca-Boyer

    That's creepy

  • BringBackOldMemes

    "This should take the edge off"

  • Jon Nuredini
    Jon Nuredini 1 day ago

    My baby sister loves this song she sleeps with it every night the best song for babys every one try lovely song

  • Ide Ramirez
    Ide Ramirez 1 day ago

    it works

  • Taylor Cooper
    Taylor Cooper 1 day ago


  • Travis Lightfoot
    Travis Lightfoot 1 day ago

    This is like the perfect music

  • Linda Tinajero
    Linda Tinajero 1 day ago

    One of my favorites it puts my son to sleep fast and I pass out with it too.

  • Jerry Roberts
    Jerry Roberts 1 day ago

    Thank you it put my baby cousin to sleep

  • Quashell Lovley
    Quashell Lovley 1 day ago

    Omg this really works for her thx you so much

  • Born To Ship Viktuuri

    my baby brother did not fall asleep to this, instead he just started laughing...

  • Anthony G.
    Anthony G. 1 day ago

    I'm 9 years old and I listen to it to don't judge me plz

  • OfficialKay Channel

    Babysitting my little cousin praying this will work😩💭💀

  • Viridiana Noriega
    Viridiana Noriega 2 days ago

    My baby son was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. The nurses would always play this song for him. He absolutely loves it! I play it at home too.

  • Marina Caesar
    Marina Caesar 2 days ago


  • Junior Amezcua
    Junior Amezcua 2 days ago

    and my dad is 30 and he is listening to this .

  • Junior Amezcua
    Junior Amezcua 2 days ago

    this made my sis fall a sleep

  • Tiffaney Scott
    Tiffaney Scott 2 days ago


  • jenny pollard
    jenny pollard 2 days ago

    My little boy loves this listens to it every night before bed xxx

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  • Gissele Saldaña
    Gissele Saldaña 2 days ago

    sorry my baby sister put her hand in the way

  • Gissele Saldaña
    Gissele Saldaña 2 days ago

    am not a nbpka]

  • Gissele Saldaña
    Gissele Saldaña 2 days ago


  • Gissele Saldaña
    Gissele Saldaña 2 days ago

    i put this song on my baby sister and she fell asleep

  • Mamee Htoi sannbu
    Mamee Htoi sannbu 2 days ago

    I have to hold my baby cousin to go to sleep . Who's scrolling down the comment section cuz the baby is sleeping and you have to put this baby lullaby on and is bored .

  • Claire Heikkila
    Claire Heikkila 2 days ago

    Thank you so so much 👧🏼my baby cousin loves it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • yenl1215
    yenl1215 2 days ago

    /// 歐F

  • grizzabella avila
    grizzabella avila 2 days ago

    im slipping now

  • Barbara Grimes
    Barbara Grimes 2 days ago

    that's just cold and my name is Alayna Richards not Alayna Grimes

  • Marlenie Flores
    Marlenie Flores 2 days ago

    I love this song . it actually puta a baby to fall asleep 😌.

  • Georuth that's who!

    this puts me to sleep too😂 and am 19

  • Georuth that's who!

    this makes my 6 month niece go to sleep everytime SCORE!😣👐

  • خالد المطري

    هاذا الفديو هادي انا وخوي النونو نمنا 😪😪

  • Amal Za
    Amal Za 2 days ago

    i have been yawning while playing this for my 1.8 yr old daughter and she still looks fresh as ever ! hahaha

  • Annmargarette Hipolito

    my baby is 10 year old woman..and she like that song...😍😍👍💓

  • Keil Gibbs
    Keil Gibbs 2 days ago

    L o n

  • pearl pugchu
    pearl pugchu 2 days ago

    i mostly use this for nights when i have insomnia and it helps

  • Chloe Robinson
    Chloe Robinson 2 days ago

    Mine and my friends babies are sound asleep right now.

  • Петър Паунов

    Много е сладичко

  • Iesha samaratunga
    Iesha samaratunga 2 days ago


  • moshy julissa
    moshy julissa 2 days ago

    im 22 ;-;

  • Cat Y
    Cat Y 2 days ago

    11 Months in and still have my bub listening to this all hours of the night, still a shocking sleeper but this music stops the tears.
    Any other all nighter mums here?😴

  • Yogi Vogi
    Yogi Vogi 2 days ago

    very nice music

  • Danna Cruz
    Danna Cruz 2 days ago

    I use this to make my rabbit fall asleep 😆

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