Michigan State vs. Kansas: Game Highlights

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  • Tyson Edou Civil
    Tyson Edou Civil Month ago

    great match

    Tyson Edou Civil

  • Michael Stallworth
    Michael Stallworth 4 months ago

    Eight years ago, Izzo club who was led by Kalin Lucas, Durrell Summers and Goran Suton came back against the Jayhawks who led for much of the game in the 2009 Sweet 16.

  • Nathaniel Tang
    Nathaniel Tang 4 months ago


  • Fabian A
    Fabian A 5 months ago

    I'm so glad we knocked out msu!!!i know a couple bittered msu fans love it...

  • Jpimpster20
    Jpimpster20 5 months ago

    #3 Michigan State travelled on that fast break

  • Jpimpster20
    Jpimpster20 5 months ago

    that travel though I'm surprised they didn't call it

  • A Akhtar
    A Akhtar 5 months ago +1

    I'm not sure where Carlton Bragg has been all this time. For the upcoming game vs. Purdue (big men galore), I'd want to see KU go with a two-big-man line-up on the floor (Lucas and Bragg), along with our three quick guys (Mason, Graham, and Jackson). If it's Lucas alone in the paint, Purdue will focus on getting him in foul trouble with their bigs.

    • cheesecakemontage
      cheesecakemontage 5 months ago

      We have played well against a big men dominated team twice this season in Baylor. Those 2 games will definitely help us against the force of nature that is Swanigan. Should be a good game though

    • Eric Lee
      Eric Lee 5 months ago

      Why go with something that hasn't worked well all season? Force Purdue to adjust to KU's speed, and if anything, I think Coleby proved he should be the first big off the bench. See ya next year Bragg.

  • kuwinsitall
    kuwinsitall 5 months ago +3

    Keep going, hawks!

  • scottab140
    scottab140 5 months ago +4

    Landon playing well and Jackson making a case for the #1 picked.

    • paperchaser1200
      paperchaser1200 5 months ago

      scottab140 Landon finally knows he's unstoppable...He being working on that hook shot and that left hand...Almost looking like a NBA pick

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 5 months ago +2

    KU deserved this win despite the neck and neck first half the second half after they cut it to one that's when the run started Lol we got somethings to clean up but we will be fine headed into the Sweet 16 Josh Jackson, Frank Mason, and Devonte Graham are gonna be tough to stop all are great scorers dominate off the dribble!!

  • Randy Bailin
    Randy Bailin 5 months ago +5

    Beating any Izzo team in March is an achievement. Best big game coach in college basketball. KU is the team to beat.

  • Phillip Jennings
    Phillip Jennings 5 months ago

    I didn't sit down this whole game! on to Kansas City Missouri JAYHAWKS see you there.

  • Joseph Dolejsi
    Joseph Dolejsi 5 months ago +1

    Who commentated this? I can't find it anywhere pls someone.

  • knightofdreamz
    knightofdreamz 5 months ago +6

    I cant wait to see who the first team is that thinks they can play run and gun against Kansas.

    • knightofdreamz
      knightofdreamz 5 months ago

      Almost does not cut it and Indiana was what? The first game of the season? Second?

    • John Something
      John Something 5 months ago

      Kansas State did it when KU hadn't figured out how to defend without their big guy. Our defense has slowly but surely improved since then to the point that it's almost at the point it was when he was injured.

      ISU and Indiana won because they hit insane 3 pointers. ISU hit 9 of their last 11 threes and still needed overtime to beat us. They are a good running team though.

    • Bryce Landon
      Bryce Landon 5 months ago

      Kansas State did it and almost beat us in our house. Iowa State did it and did beat us in our house. Indiana did it the first game of the season and scored 100+ on us.

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 5 months ago +13

    Josh has more heart than Andrew Wiggins

    • Brian Thomas
      Brian Thomas 5 months ago

      aldrin castronero If andrew wiggins played like he does in the nba while he was at ku. They would have won the title.

    • aldrin castronero
      aldrin castronero 5 months ago

      true and better defender as well

  • Tv anggg
    Tv anggg 5 months ago +1

    jackson plays exactly like andrew wiggens

    • John Something
      John Something 5 months ago

      Having seen both Wiggins and Jackson at KU, Jackson is better. Jackson is Wiggins but with a better jump shot, and a better ball handler.

    • Alexander
      Alexander 5 months ago

      Not even remotely close...

    • King Hang Wong
      King Hang Wong 5 months ago

      No he doesn't

  • William Dancer
    William Dancer 5 months ago +23

    Kansas was hitting threes like crazy. MSU is a young team so I give them a lot of credit for how close they kept it for the majority of the game.

    • William Dancer
      William Dancer 5 months ago


    • William Dancer
      William Dancer 5 months ago

      For sure. They had a lead on Kansas at one point and that was exciting to see

    • William Dancer
      William Dancer 5 months ago

      Alright rip they just looked hot

    • Ore Adesina
      Ore Adesina 5 months ago

      Kansas shot below their seasons average from three so no

    • knightofdreamz
      knightofdreamz 5 months ago

      Its Tom Izzo man. Whoever counts his teams out does not know basketball.
      I will say this, i loved watching the young guys wanting to run and Izzo having to tell them no no no no no no its a trap!

  • Danang Dwiatma
    Danang Dwiatma 5 months ago +8

    Josh Jackson is a top two pick

    • Eric Lee
      Eric Lee 5 months ago

      We all know Ball Sr is going to somehow make his son go #1 this year..

    • Ryan Gluszewski
      Ryan Gluszewski 5 months ago

      Danang Dwiatma oh yeah for sure, probably the best freshman in the country

  • CodyPlayzzz
    CodyPlayzzz 5 months ago +2

    Awesome alley-oop to Lagerald Vick

  • bob guyzo
    bob guyzo 5 months ago +2

    wasn't even fair

    • The real OG
      The real OG 5 months ago

      bob guyzo lol not at all, boo hoo

  • bob guyzo
    bob guyzo 5 months ago

    this game was the worst

  • Nick O'Dwyer
    Nick O'Dwyer 5 months ago +6

    Rock Chalk!!!

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