The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk

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  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 minutes ago


  • Michelle Sutherland
    Michelle Sutherland 16 minutes ago

    I love the weekend songs

  • Adriana Castruita
    Adriana Castruita 31 minute ago

    I love his moves 😩 and also. Am i the only one who thinks the girl looks like bella ? Lol

  • Daniel de Angelis

    m Jackson ??

  • TriF
    TriF Hour ago

    เม้นแรก คนไทย

  • Hercules Leonci
    Hercules Leonci Hour ago

    lembra muito Michael Jackson.

  • rainkanatheoriginal

    Makes me remember the great michael jackson with his tone of voice and those tracks and riffz that characterized him

  • adhi nugraha
    adhi nugraha 2 hours ago

    Jesus! I Saw MJ alive...

  • Trap Capos
    Trap Capos 2 hours ago

    the eclipse 21 agust is this

  • Min Yura
    Min Yura 2 hours ago

    Michael Jackson is not dead!!!!!😅😍

  • Levy Zapien
    Levy Zapien 3 hours ago


  • Levy Zapien
    Levy Zapien 3 hours ago

    He ks the next micheal

  • Brian
    Brian 3 hours ago

    Daft punk is back baby

  • Mikkel Tholstrup
    Mikkel Tholstrup 3 hours ago

    The weeknd and Bruno Mars should make a song together it would Sound awesome!

  • Mister Games
    Mister Games 4 hours ago

    сылка для скачивание

  • MJ SuperEdits TV
    MJ SuperEdits TV 4 hours ago


    THE CAPED CRUSADER 4 hours ago

    1:01 when you have ordered a pizza and you start smelling pizza from somewhere outside 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ultra FU
    Ultra FU 4 hours ago

    This feels like a Michael Jackson song.

  • Rafael Matoso
    Rafael Matoso 4 hours ago

    Michael Jackson's Spirit in TW + Daft Punk = Dream!

  • Drew ACE
    Drew ACE 4 hours ago

    Y a un air Jackson Five

  • Tia Bell
    Tia Bell 5 hours ago

    I feel it coming! me when i know i'm bouta have my period!

  • Marilyn Camancho
    Marilyn Camancho 5 hours ago

    hi my crush

  • Ne İstersen
    Ne İstersen 6 hours ago

    I FEEL It Coming
    Can'T FEEL My Face
    FEEL :D ?

  • Osama Azhar
    Osama Azhar 6 hours ago

    much better than DespacitO

  • IceBubi
    IceBubi 6 hours ago

    is Abel Michael jackson's son?

  • Jafari Quleshi
    Jafari Quleshi 7 hours ago

    Eti Unaskia kinakuja😜🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Kumbuka kwamba Moto wa forever Unakusubiri,,, Stupid from kwa Freemason

  • Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery 7 hours ago

    They look stoned good stuff

  • bachi tiko
    bachi tiko 7 hours ago


  • Veronika Palikova
    Veronika Palikova 7 hours ago

    sounds very much like michael jackson :D awesome.

  • Bella Castles
    Bella Castles 8 hours ago

    If you watch some videos in an specific order, you can see a short history not so good.. xD
    1. Cant Feel My Face
    2. Tell Your Friends
    3. The Hills
    4. Starboy
    5. I Feel it Coming.

  • zrill owll
    zrill owll 8 hours ago

    2:26 is that daft punk????

  • Scythian777
    Scythian777 8 hours ago

    Daft Punk sold out.

  • Luka Mijajlovic
    Luka Mijajlovic 8 hours ago +2

    The weekend is best

  • Touraj Aminfar
    Touraj Aminfar 9 hours ago

    Love it

  • Charlotte Houtwipper
    Charlotte Houtwipper 9 hours ago

    favourite song ever buddy

  • goncalves vilanculos
    goncalves vilanculos 9 hours ago

    Who is listening???

  • Liana Malaqyan
    Liana Malaqyan 10 hours ago

    but this is Michel jacsons song

  • NineSeason Gamer
    NineSeason Gamer 10 hours ago +1


  • Валерия Калина

    Можно , перевод на русский .

  • golden monkey
    golden monkey 11 hours ago

    stop at 2:30 tell me what you think like if it looks like a face dislike if doesn't

  • Psych-0 da Exo
    Psych-0 da Exo 11 hours ago

    Oh look Daft Punk still exists

  • Cap Land
    Cap Land 11 hours ago

    Top demais ! Essa música me faz sentir uma coisa que eu nem sei decifrar ! muito showw

  • Vinicius Santos
    Vinicius Santos 12 hours ago

    Parece o MJ

  • josef nikolas Say
    josef nikolas Say 12 hours ago

    cheers to Bruno Mars and The Weeknd for bringing us music like MJ would. The only 2 who dares to make real music

  • brayan suarez
    brayan suarez 12 hours ago +1

    Like si hablas español

    • Billy le Grand
      Billy le Grand 9 hours ago

      brayan suarez
      Ta mere la pute, tu madre la puta

  • Alexis Avila
    Alexis Avila 12 hours ago

    Daft punk is best

  • Cindy Garcia
    Cindy Garcia 12 hours ago

    Daft punk your the best

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares 12 hours ago

    I swear this is Michael Jackson reincarnated

    MARI FLORES 12 hours ago

    Se an fijado en la voz idéntica a Michael Jackson

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez 12 hours ago

    his voice 😍😍

  • themlgwaffle
    themlgwaffle 12 hours ago

    I feel a boner coming

  • Leah Plummer
    Leah Plummer 12 hours ago +2

    Love this song 🎤

  • Daniela Alejandra Erazo Escobar

    Everything he does is fireeee

  • Marce Feria
    Marce Feria 13 hours ago

    De mis Fav's ❤🎼🎼🎼🎼
    Me encanta escuchar esta canción en especial cuando voy manejando 🚘

  • Americo Chaza
    Americo Chaza 13 hours ago +1

    Very good topic I can not stop listening to it

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he kind of sound like Michael Jackson?🤔

  • Mercedes Rodriguez
    Mercedes Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    I love this song so bad my dad and my mom to 💜

  • Kira Johnson
    Kira Johnson 13 hours ago +1

    I swear, I thought this was Micheal Jackson saying" Y'all thought I was dead bish nope" but now that I see it's The Weeknd, I feel so dumb 🤣🤣😊

  • Felipe Torres
    Felipe Torres 14 hours ago

    Yo para mi que michael jackson se reencarno en the weeknd

  • Walkere Mago
    Walkere Mago 14 hours ago

    Ya know the people on the radio never say shit about Daft Punk when this track comes on but you can tell the robots did the entire track by themselves minus the vocals

  • Penny thekittycat
    Penny thekittycat 14 hours ago

    How is he anything like Micheal Jackson? He has the same echo in his voice but MJ is 100 times better

  • N BB
    N BB 15 hours ago

    My going potty song!

  • Burberry
    Burberry 15 hours ago

    eclipse comments everywhere lmao

  • Morris Persaud
    Morris Persaud 15 hours ago

    Love the last pose. Ruins of Pompeii. Beautifully put together.

  • Morris Persaud
    Morris Persaud 15 hours ago

    Wow this guys amazing. Love the vid. Dressed in the old Jackson five outfit and on Mars. The landscape is beautiful!!!! This didn't just happen.. Many nights of thought was put into this. Thanks Bro for sharing your passion with us all.!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexanderpuentes98 Puentes

    mucha cancion

  • Patricia Aguirre
    Patricia Aguirre 15 hours ago


  • Xavier Ramos
    Xavier Ramos 15 hours ago

    No pude ver el eclipse el 21 pero aqui en este video lo puedo ver jajaja 2:56

  • Jamarcus king
    Jamarcus king 15 hours ago

    what part of the month do you start to fall in love with a stripper?

    The weeknd

  • henrique oliveira
    henrique oliveira 15 hours ago


  • kookoo78
    kookoo78 16 hours ago

    He dances like Micheal Jackson on LEAN

  • berny cid
    berny cid 16 hours ago

    Yall know The Weeknd sound like Michael Jackson in this song don't stunt

  • Soy chileno feo y que
    Soy chileno feo y que 16 hours ago

    1:00 yep eclipse

  • pandita adorable
    pandita adorable 16 hours ago


  • Ignacio Rivera
    Ignacio Rivera 16 hours ago +2

    check out my new hidden camera show, Kraft Punked'

  • Wanderson Silveira
    Wanderson Silveira 16 hours ago

    Aqui é BR porra!!!

  • Valeria Meza Ramos
    Valeria Meza Ramos 16 hours ago

    like se te encanta esta cancion

  • Frank Dorado
    Frank Dorado 16 hours ago

    this song is off the chain!!!

  • T rex arms dude
    T rex arms dude 16 hours ago


  • Kawan Pinheiro
    Kawan Pinheiro 16 hours ago

    A voz dele lembra muito a de Michel Jackson

  • luis alberto lavayen corozo

    rip i fell the coming live attention for charlie puth

  • Aden Hefflefinger
    Aden Hefflefinger 17 hours ago +1

    And another banger by my favorite song artist

  • Paula Marquiafave
    Paula Marquiafave 17 hours ago

    Tinha ceeeeeerrrrteza que era alguma música perdida do Michael Jackson!

  • M & M
    M & M 17 hours ago

    A E S T H E T I C

  • King James
    King James 17 hours ago +1

    This is really good XO

  • Vicky Gamer
    Vicky Gamer 18 hours ago

    Me: Omg Michel Jackson Friend: Yes yes ik he's the 2.0 one very upgraded

  • Dr. McQuackle
    Dr. McQuackle 18 hours ago

    Daft Punk!! WEEEEWW!!

  • silas alves
    silas alves 18 hours ago


  • Achiengokumu Whitney
    Achiengokumu Whitney 18 hours ago

    Thought this was Michael Jackson, in case you missed the eclipse....the song has an eclipse

  • Cool Juicy Tube
    Cool Juicy Tube 18 hours ago +2

    Weeknd do the moon walk like if you guys agree

  • sangohan 11
    sangohan 11 19 hours ago

    Michael Jackson

  • Dark Crusader
    Dark Crusader 19 hours ago

    fuck you motherfuckers.

  • Commissioner Groudon
    Commissioner Groudon 19 hours ago

    Feels just like discovery ❤

  • Michelle Sáenz
    Michelle Sáenz 20 hours ago

    My Favorite Song

  • RAS 123
    RAS 123 20 hours ago

    When this first came out I thought Michael Jackson had a hidden gem 💎 in the archives that we never heard before.

  • Chris Plowman
    Chris Plowman 20 hours ago

    So so good

  • Domonic Miller
    Domonic Miller 20 hours ago

    This is the shit

  • ElRubius #30
    ElRubius #30 21 hour ago +1

    LOVE IT!

  • nids nids
    nids nids 21 hour ago

    MJ is back

  • Артем Чуев
    Артем Чуев 21 hour ago

    I feel listening of Michael Jackson

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