50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • Terry Joe
    Terry Joe 15 hours ago

    50th a savage

  • Your Boy Obama
    Your Boy Obama 1 day ago

    "He said It cost more because of the date"
    **tosses shoe**

  • D
    D 1 day ago +1

    this mf nigga said I'm not off to see the wizard lmao gotdamn

  • Troll Phace
    Troll Phace 2 days ago

    50 is the type of guy that would much rather prefer to sell you a $5000 shoe than buy one. That's the mind of a businessman.
    You can notice very quickly he is not interested in "sneaker shopping" bullshit.

    SKULLSKILLS S 2 days ago

    dude 50 look like a pitbull

  • narnor patricks
    narnor patricks 2 days ago


  • realboggs
    realboggs 2 days ago

    that little boy nickname is rlly nut huh okay

  • Kareem Sanders_249
    Kareem Sanders_249 2 days ago

    4:32 I want dezz Knicks Jordan 4s 💯

  • Kareem Sanders_249
    Kareem Sanders_249 2 days ago

    I wanna see g unit coming back 2 sneaker shopping wit comPLEX 💯

  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 3 days ago

    I know i'm 3 years too late for this vid but 50 was real as fuck there, massive respect

  • Drama Fusion TV
    Drama Fusion TV 3 days ago

    Taxis hard af

  • GenDiesel T
    GenDiesel T 3 days ago

    50 is a smart man...that little guy he's with that bought shoes will be broke soon....

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 4 days ago

    I love 50 cent after this vid

  • Invitix
    Invitix 5 days ago

    dey said dey cost more cuz the date..... I FUCKING LOST IT

  • G Money
    G Money 5 days ago

    does anyone know that girls instagram she fine as hell

  • wabbsy
    wabbsy 5 days ago

    Best bit is when Fiddy empties the bag full of cash. So funny!

  • Ben Coop
    Ben Coop 5 days ago

    50s a classic

  • lil tyreik
    lil tyreik 5 days ago

    I wanna come to the store and spent 20grans we're are y'all located I'm yo Gotti song king nasty

  • *ScHwEdY* *
    *ScHwEdY* * 6 days ago

    ein turnsackerl geldbörsal haha

  • Olli Hurme
    Olli Hurme 6 days ago

    The funniest and most fire beats of all the sneakershopping episodes!

  • Chris G
    Chris G 6 days ago

    I like the contrast of this video to the other ones on the channel. 50 sees the foolishness in spending big money on shoes. I get it from a collector's standpoint, but you don't have to go broke to look good.

  • Johnny Shaw
    Johnny Shaw 7 days ago +1

    this shit wake. since rappers and dumb ass niggas starting making kicks popular they jack up the prices on these kicks. fuck shit if you ask me. 50 has the same view as i do.

  • MTCoblivsicas12345
    MTCoblivsicas12345 8 days ago +1

    6000 dollars for sneakers that were made in a sweatshop in Indonesia for 5 dollars an hour if they are lucky.

  • Masen Kuehn
    Masen Kuehn 9 days ago

    whats the song name at 30 seconds, i know its Brooklyn finest but it sounds like a remix??

  • zabie kaker
    zabie kaker 10 days ago

    this mother fka is ripping off ppl

  • Xavier Daniels
    Xavier Daniels 11 days ago

    why does 50cent look like a gorilla

  • Fay G
    Fay G 11 days ago

    get 50 on a newer episode!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 11 days ago

    At 4:11 he throws the shoe on the ground. I couldn't believe he did that, wow😄😄😄

  • sleep zzz
    sleep zzz 12 days ago +1

    Danm 50 cent kept it 💯

  • Charles Evers
    Charles Evers 12 days ago

    50 is actually hilarious

  • Bob Pizza face
    Bob Pizza face 12 days ago +1

    Made me smile when he was making sure his son got some sneakers 5:29

  • buhh whyy
    buhh whyy 12 days ago

    I appreciate Fifs perspective on shoes, he dont think from a consumers standpoint.... he's lookin at these from corporate perspective like how do i get these idiots to spend this crazy money on shoes....he sees the game and how consumers are gettin played

  • yoggi1992
    yoggi1992 12 days ago

    Fifff ain't no suckaa

  • BoyBumpy2017
    BoyBumpy2017 14 days ago

    Kidd Kidd brush ur teeth yo

  • Sweet Jones
    Sweet Jones 14 days ago

    he came in spit knowledge got kid kid's kid some sneaks & dipped ✌🏾 thats why ill always love 50 outta all the rappers i seen on here he the only one i can relate too. kanye shoes cost more than my car "keep them mfs"

  • Brian Mcghee
    Brian Mcghee 14 days ago

    No hate or anti-Semitic shit but Jay and 50 is in Jew mood. Thats the best way to be. Always ask why it cost this! Thats how you build wealth generation to generation

  • Amaan Fazal
    Amaan Fazal 15 days ago +1

    50 a G. Let the homies buy pairs, you leave and take care of the bill.

  • BBB
    BBB 15 days ago

    The two guys with him are a joke.

    DOUBLETAP COMREAL 15 days ago +1


  • Neven B
    Neven B 16 days ago

    keep those motherfuckers😂

  • bobbybrainstorm
    bobbybrainstorm 16 days ago

    Cashier cute as hell

  • Richard Major
    Richard Major 16 days ago

    Ain’t no way Kidd’s feet that big

  • KK
    KK 16 days ago

    29 seconds song?

  • PewPew Pew
    PewPew Pew 16 days ago +1

    He's worth 150m+ but doesn't buy expensive shoes. damn he's smart

    • PewPew Pew
      PewPew Pew 7 days ago

      well still that's a lot and other rappers have a smaller net worth but they buy expensive stuff

    • ๖The Notorious
      ๖The Notorious 7 days ago

      PewPew Pew
      50 Cent is worth 15 million as of now

  • ExoTime Heel
    ExoTime Heel 16 days ago

    Ain't no shoe never gonna be some wheels.. amen to that lol

  • Clarence Lee
    Clarence Lee 16 days ago

    the old shoes could delaminate IOW the glue and rubber fall apart.

  • Danny3302 123345
    Danny3302 123345 17 days ago

    50 cent Havana big dick

  • TheMainsource01
    TheMainsource01 17 days ago

    50 cent how much are those $700 keep them motha fuckas lolNot cheap .....smart big difference.

  • TheMainsource01
    TheMainsource01 17 days ago

    See all you hating ass niggas "rich" rappers learn from 50 he is a smart dude.

  • monta ellis
    monta ellis 17 days ago

    50 didn't buy shit loll

  • Jonathan Klein
    Jonathan Klein 18 days ago

    What even is a credit card? I just carry a sack of cash

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis 18 days ago

    you can keep them motherfuckers😂 dam right

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis 18 days ago

    this why fifty rich and going to stay that way he ain't stupid like them other rap niggas, buying everything thinking money will never run out.

  • JJTha JET
    JJTha JET 18 days ago

    cheap ass nigga... "YA GOTTA LOVE IT"

  • JostenDooley2
    JostenDooley2 19 days ago


  • Miguel Villezcas
    Miguel Villezcas 20 days ago

    You should have Stalley on the show

  • Jordsonetime 2017
    Jordsonetime 2017 21 day ago

    50 humble

  • king tomato tomato
    king tomato tomato 21 day ago


  • Boi
    Boi 22 days ago

    its dumb when people buy sneakers instead of a car,the mothafuckings shoes will get dirty everytime you go to a place,with a car you will have basic vans but you can transport more easy

  • *Champ Lord*
    *Champ Lord* 22 days ago

    they should do ayo and teo go sneaker shopping like if you agree

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 22 days ago

    5cent is broke

  • avetik32
    avetik32 23 days ago

    5:13 fitty is both gentle and gangsta at the same time. G-Unit always had more meanings

  • Mazen Marie
    Mazen Marie 24 days ago

    "You aint got these" mother fucker those are grs

  • Christie Petersen
    Christie Petersen 24 days ago

    50 is the truth, dont fake things.
    And Kidd Kidd born retarded.

  • Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson 24 days ago

    its 50

  • Joel Espinosa
    Joel Espinosa 25 days ago

    Bruh, 50 is most of us

  • Michael Corvin
    Michael Corvin 26 days ago

    seems like he needs to be shot a couple m ore times. what is it with hoodrats, they cant shoot worth shit.

  • Gogo Gogic
    Gogo Gogic 26 days ago

    did 50 buy them shoes?

  • bush
    bush 26 days ago

    50 is hilarious 😂 he’s a legend

  • fabian santana
    fabian santana 26 days ago

    probably one of the most richest people to be on this show and he actually said what needed to be said. these shoes cost way to fucking much. and the two at the end 😂 everyone got those hare 7s AND those taxi 12s 😂😂😂😂

  • Badger krap krew
    Badger krap krew 26 days ago

    What's the song at 42 seconds

  • Albin S
    Albin S 26 days ago

    I just bought some shoes for 45$ from amazon lol

  • Wolf Yeezy
    Wolf Yeezy 26 days ago

    1:00 he said fucking but nowadays they bleep the shit out lol

  • jessesam
    jessesam 26 days ago

    shit my new mentality is to stay dirty till I got my own house..

  • DementedEX
    DementedEX 26 days ago

    50 Cent is the King

  • Christopher Robles
    Christopher Robles 27 days ago

    You got 50 but where's Eminem

  • Duke DownSyndrome
    Duke DownSyndrome 27 days ago

    G-G-G-G-G UNIT
    Now you have to do one with D12

  • Java Man
    Java Man 27 days ago

    50 cent soooo derm real!!!

  • king ennis
    king ennis 27 days ago

    this nigga was complaining bout the price of shoes then pulled out hella stacks. talking bout, " I got a little bit money on me"

  • Theo Kiourtzidis
    Theo Kiourtzidis 27 days ago

    50 brought all that money to buy two shoes #justtryingtoshowoff #brokeasfuckinreality

  • super sayin sosa
    super sayin sosa 28 days ago

    they showed kanyes shit and 50 said u can keep them mfs

  • Boom Shakalaka
    Boom Shakalaka 28 days ago

    Joe La Puma tries so hard

  • MilkMonster
    MilkMonster 28 days ago

    Can somebody tell me the shoes at 4:33? They're Nike and have some crazy yellow design on them. Appreciate the help.

  • Gabriel Villasana
    Gabriel Villasana 28 days ago

    4:44 what song is that ?
    someone please tell me

  • Sean Marion
    Sean Marion 28 days ago

    50 is broke

  • joaquin lopez
    joaquin lopez 29 days ago

    they need to invite eminem!!!! please eminem!

  • Wheelchair 7
    Wheelchair 7 29 days ago

    at 2:15 Joe's like "sooooo.... do I just chill back here or do I leave the frame?"

  • TC Lavoie
    TC Lavoie 29 days ago

    "Reebok just did a deal with a psycho."

  • Albert A Finney
    Albert A Finney 29 days ago +1

    lil pump

  • Deniz Tahmaz
    Deniz Tahmaz 1 month ago

    bring himm back to the showw

  • skiingrocks00001
    skiingrocks00001 1 month ago

    Hey 50 nice loan you pulled outta that bag son.

  • awptions
    awptions 1 month ago

    Wow.. You can keep them mother fuckas..

  • Gigi Haded
    Gigi Haded 1 month ago

    50 cents has good taste in shoes. The color coordination is impeccable. The same cannot be said of his homies though,

    SicK_SKITSO 1 month ago

    is there a eminem episode?

  • RocK StaR BatHei
    RocK StaR BatHei 1 month ago +1


  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero 1 month ago

    So we can all agree that 50 cent got his priorities together ! Good man

  • Victor Smith
    Victor Smith 1 month ago

    50 the REALIST FUCKING DUDE YO... He got bread but aint about to drop slices on some fuck shit. original my ass. aint no difference

  • Kelly Wright
    Kelly Wright 1 month ago

    50 Cent the realest I swear! Lmao I always tell my friends, If I ever get rich, I'mma live like I'm broke. Fuck that NBA lifestyle going broke 2 years after retirement. Smh

  • Lukero Gt
    Lukero Gt 1 month ago

    2:45 Mad props to fiddy for shitting on Kanye. LMFAO

  • NFTECH 709
    NFTECH 709 1 month ago

    How did 50 cent manage to go bankrupt with such a great mentality

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