Real Time with Bill Maher: John Cleese on Political Incorrectness (HBO)

  • Added:  2 years ago
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    Bill Maher and John Cleese discuss the comedic value of human stupidity, political incorrectness and religious fundamentalism in this clip from November 21, 2014.

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  • Runtime: 4:52
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Comments: 1 974

  • eugkra33
    eugkra33 17 hours ago

    Who will be left to defend humanity when all our old politically incorrect heroes are gone?

  • Pratap Kutty
    Pratap Kutty 3 days ago

    I was so lucky to run into him at Bath when I visited the UK last year... he even obliged me with a picture! Amazing guy!

  • Ulterior Motives
    Ulterior Motives 3 days ago

    who are the people you can't make jokes about, theres really only 2, blacks & muslims

  • Jeff Lea
    Jeff Lea 22 days ago

    Bill Maher is clearly man-spreading in this video.

  • Terry Tong
    Terry Tong Month ago

    Very likable

  • syncmaster913b
    syncmaster913b Month ago

    1:22 immortal statement

  • Mez282
    Mez282 Month ago

    "If you're making jokes about people who are going to kill you...." See what he did there? lol

  • cerevor
    cerevor Month ago

    Bill Maher is an obnoxious guy. I've seen this said for years, but just in contrast to John Cleese I wanted to say this myself.

  • Lokipower
    Lokipower Month ago

    More pertinent today than ever. Well said sir.

  • infinightsky
    infinightsky Month ago

    How about you make a slave/nigger joke, you don't have to apologize for that, right?

  • Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels Month ago

    Bill still bitter his show got because he minimized 4000 cancelled over a decade later.

  • Pam Jones
    Pam Jones 2 months ago

    Mayer said Muslims are off limits but if Cleese had joked about Jews,that big nosed Fuck would have straitened his ugly face in a second.

  • Bill Bass
    Bill Bass 2 months ago

    George Carlin - Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be Manners..................

  • Bill Bass
    Bill Bass 2 months ago

    Political correctness is another way of stating: "I not only want my piece of the cake to eat for myself, but I also want the whole cake to eat for myself too." Political correctness is another way of stating: " I want to make rules of tolerance that only apply to everyone else in society. But only don't apply to everyone on the same side as the group I'm with"

  • harry bolton
    harry bolton 2 months ago

    college how to manage people come on, think how to solve terrorism, how manage people that are soliders, give them autonomy123/20129132 give them money instead taking from usa tax payer in the trillions, make the contract where they only can use the money to go to helping the people and give them a comfortable lifestyle with income , and have multiple known usa agents to make sure executed properly, 351, 408 412/200 for life 429432 , since govt can't solve it work with the other side and both sides win, its an it solution to terrorism 541/ trump this is a clear solution in the million or billion not trillions and terrorism goes away, u can even use their protection to protect cargo ships, so pirates can't steal ur products anymore, it would be a known fact what happen when u shoot at a freedom fighta811, everybody wins, no usa solider die, and u invest in art and technology instead of killing one another917 921 925 911 711 1991 0412 0411 2 information of how to solve war unless usa thinks their wasting usa soldiers lives and our tax money is better.. think about it trillions go back into usa pockets instead going against life meaning paying to kill people

  • victor hansen
    victor hansen 2 months ago

    ".. has any idea of what they're talking about" (haha) "wouldn't you agree?" (haha) "ye absolutely, but how do you treat fans...."

    It feels like Bill Maher did not even listen..

  • baler johnson
    baler johnson 2 months ago

    Bill said " house nigger" in context of of a clear comedic intention . Give me Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin any day of the week and send Trump back to the real estate business,,Trump is an embarrassment to our country. The guy is a stooge and has no idea.

  • Ben Crawshaw
    Ben Crawshaw 2 months ago

    Omg did you here the dinosaur at 3:09 ?

  • gh rfgt
    gh rfgt 2 months ago

    Finally someone with the balls to make fun of those fucking crazy Muslims come at me Muslims come at me I'm not afraid of you fucking losers are your faggot boy Mohammed

  • Pasquale Di Lorenzo
    Pasquale Di Lorenzo 3 months ago

    Legend !!!

  • Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis 3 months ago

    Islam: A religion of peace; a piece of you there, a piece of you over there.
    Killer Bill

  • Erlyk Dalkien
    Erlyk Dalkien 3 months ago

    How is he not Sir John Cleese?

  • Christopher MacLachlan
    Christopher MacLachlan 3 months ago

    I make jokes about everything and everyone. Fuck 'em. Lol

  • Paragon
    Paragon 3 months ago

    I really hope Cleese was joking in reference to how he treats fans. As a starch critic of the left and PC culture I can easily say there's a difference between being politically incorrect and just being an asshole.

  • Marek Jurkovic
    Marek Jurkovic 3 months ago

    i wish i can read that. im not angry enough yet

  • Carridine Poran
    Carridine Poran 3 months ago

    Like John Cleese. Dislike Political Correctness. Think Bill Maher is wrong about giving people any age a pass on being cranky. Cranky is so 90s. You got anything else?

  • John Gray
    John Gray 3 months ago

    Jesus never said, "If you don't come to God through me you'll burn," but I agree with everything else here.

  • jmitterii2
    jmitterii2 3 months ago

    I'm realizing people who bitch about politically correctness are themselves feigning victim. Seriously, they're saying they can't make fun of stuff, but they're do it. And some use it to push their own version of political correctness/ cultural norms.

  • Windyworm
    Windyworm 3 months ago

    Interestingly no references to jokes about colour, the closest they get is Mexico??!? Perhaps also politically correct, by the way have I told you this Jewish joke, there are two Jews.................

  • Addicted to Not Smoking

    Insult Islam, get killed by someone whose feelings are more fragile than a slippery glass iPhone.

  • Raymond Daubney
    Raymond Daubney 3 months ago

    Did you notice something missing.?

    • Raymond Daubney
      Raymond Daubney 3 months ago

      Well I did, a particular people we are not allowed to be critical of are the Jews. That was omitted. I wonder why.?

  • richard wysham
    richard wysham 3 months ago +1

    The Creator; A comedian whose audience is afraid to laugh. H.L.Mencken

  • Templetonq
    Templetonq 3 months ago

    In the gospels Jesus chided his disciples for taking things too literally.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 3 months ago

    if you don't come to God through Me, you'll burn, .....that's cranky.
    I'm having a hard time breathing after that.....One should not laugh This Hard...!!!

  • Liege Lord
    Liege Lord 3 months ago +1

    Religion of "Piece" ...there is a piece of you here and a piece of there...

  • rastin Kosha
    rastin Kosha 3 months ago +1

    I love John Cleese and I watched all the Monty pythons, I happened to be Muslim too, please make fun of us. I'd be really happy :)

  • Dawn Atkinson
    Dawn Atkinson 3 months ago

    I actually met John Cleese on my birthday 2 years ago at a restaurant and he was lovely!

  • esther arizmendi
    esther arizmendi 3 months ago


  • jo-jo volkswagen
    jo-jo volkswagen 3 months ago

    I love bill as much I love , and his idea about the atheist he has the same like me but I think I have the last word for that .

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 3 months ago +1

    I love John Cleese. Bill Maher is a dull, overrated fool.

  • bowser123ism
    bowser123ism 3 months ago +1

    Bill, the literal minded fool is no match to sir John Cleese.

  • zombieking9084 a
    zombieking9084 a 4 months ago +1

    Mr.Cleese did a good ol hic wheeze, with me ..the religion of 'peice'.. nice one Bill, I guess your aloud to after Religulous. (great doc)

  • Liana Roccon
    Liana Roccon 4 months ago +1

    John Cleese is a master

  • avidalocan
    avidalocan 4 months ago

    Whenever I watch a typical American interviewing an Englishmen it's like looking at an intelligence scale that goes from 1 to 1000.

  • stiras1
    stiras1 4 months ago +1

    I don't understand... these two are atheists but they speak about Jesus as if the Gospels are 100% true, and they believe that people got him totally right. I mean many scholars say that the gospels are so obviously fiction, which makes total sense to me because of how they are written.
    I'm not even sure if the guy even existed.

  • gymguy25
    gymguy25 4 months ago

    I went to a school full of mostly liberals and I will therefore confirm that those who label conservatives as "bigots, haters, intolerant, etc" would hate you if you cheer for the wrong sports team, listen to the wrong band, wear the wrong clothes, etc.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me how these people determined who you can and can't hate.  Everything fell into place when I understood that a liberal is simply a coward who fears what he's told to fear.  Ex: brave man sees 9/11, wants to stand up to Muslims, coward sees 9/11, starts shaking in his boots, and is such a coward that he won't even let the brave man stand up to Muslims because he fears that he may cause them to attack.  He will label this brave man as intolerant, yeah, you can be intolerant all you want as long as the people you're intolerant of aren't dangerous.  People who think this way, I wish you understood that you are giving Al Qaeda/ISIS/terrorists the reaction they want, therefore, it is you who cause their attacks, not those of us who would gladly stand up to them if it wasn't that you are putting all these laws in place to keep us from doing it.

  • Unfit-in-Chief
    Unfit-in-Chief 4 months ago +1

    Love John Cleese. Love his accent. His voice. His wisdom. His comedic skills. His sophisticated British humor. A legend!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 4 months ago

    Making John Cleese laugh takes real talent.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 4 months ago

    Islam is cancer.

  • Bogdan Lazar
    Bogdan Lazar 4 months ago

    We call stupid the many lazy people that pretend they're the same as the few people that, by putting a lot of effort and dedication in what they do, become brilliant. When the stupid people fail miserably at the pretending stuff is when the funny and the "fun" start.

  • Rover
    Rover 4 months ago

    I| think there were a lot of people who fought for political correctness but I dont have a fucking clue who they are.

  • American Robby
    American Robby 4 months ago

    John Cleese is funny, I used to serve him in Carmel, CA at the Plaza (I think he lives near by in Big Sur, CA) he was very nice to me and always had a joke to say. Was just a guy you wanted to be around. Love the guy.

  • Khalid Al
    Khalid Al 5 months ago

    what John Cleese said at the end was so great.

  • Tami Flu
    Tami Flu 5 months ago +1

    you can't make jokes about holocaust or just jews in general

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley 5 months ago

    Damn when he told that Muslim joke I laughed out loud but you could tell the audience immediately was uncomfortable and squeamish. Wow, that discomfort and PC has been indoctrinated into them to the point that it is now instinct. That's incredibly dangerous.

  • Knokkelman
    Knokkelman 5 months ago

    So now I have this imaginary skit in my head, where during some everyday scene, three strangely bearded figures jump in and say "Nobody expects the islamic inquisition"

  • Uk Gamer
    Uk Gamer 5 months ago

    Ignorant bigots being well ignorant bigots.

  • dont talktome
    dont talktome 5 months ago

    that was a genuine laugh from Cleese, bill must be happy

  • Frater Aeternus
    Frater Aeternus 5 months ago

    "He threw ((the money lenders)) out" indeed!

  • ambulance girl
    ambulance girl 6 months ago

    1:34  The entire reason I sought this clip out was the "fawning creatures" comment about fans... LOL...  I have friends who are celebrities and I sat one time with one of them while she sat and signed autographs.  We walked away so she could have some time alone (lol, with me) and I told her how amazing she was giving her time to people, and I made her cry, because I told her how much what she was doing meant to these people...  LOL, but the fawning creatures comment makes me laugh SO damn hard.

  • giedrius tautvydas
    giedrius tautvydas 6 months ago


  • Kimber45
    Kimber45 6 months ago

    Hey John... We've been warning pompous asses like you about this shit for decades... NOW you're irrelevant and us conservatives that your type hate have to clean up the mess again!!! FUCK YOU John....

  • Badboy69 Jr.
    Badboy69 Jr. 6 months ago +2

    you just got to love John Cleese

  • Kevin Kibble
    Kevin Kibble 7 months ago

    John Cleese's status as a comedian is beyond legendary, he is one of the most influential and innovative men in the art of comedy. But SJW's will think that their shitty liberal comedians who only ever make jokes about two things, which are weed and Donald Trump, are funnier than him because his jokes aren't PC.

  • Plastic Hooks
    Plastic Hooks 7 months ago

    What is strange is not whether you should make jokes about this or that group. Rather, it is only white people who seem to have a hard on for making fun of other people, their faiths etc. Then you say okay, lets be on tv so we can have the opportunity to mock back and these fuckers turn around and go 'oh that is political correctness, I don't care about black, Mexican, Muslim whatever, I just care about comedy". Get fucked.

    • A Bond
      A Bond 6 months ago

      It's not our fault that we as white people have a better sense of humor than the rest. :-P

  • MohammedAlRefae34
    MohammedAlRefae34 7 months ago

    Has Bill Maher ever made a joke about Jewish people?

    • John King
      John King 6 months ago

      In his Religulous movie, he states his mother was Jewish and his father was Roman Catholic. He was brought up Roman Catholic and found it in his teen years that he was half Jewish.

    • MohammedAlRefae34
      MohammedAlRefae34 6 months ago

      Can you post the video for it?

    • John King
      John King 6 months ago

      Explains what?

    • Rambo 919
      Rambo 919 6 months ago

      Well that explains a lot....

    • John King
      John King 7 months ago

      Yes he has - He has made his own Jewish ancestry a joke. You not know he is half Jewish?

  • PuroYO
    PuroYO 7 months ago +4

    Muhammed was a paedophile warlord who took sex-slaves, I don't get why muslims are so pissed about being told what is written in the quran..

  • drummerchef851
    drummerchef851 8 months ago

    Yeah, he's correct. No one knows what they're talking about. Especially Bill Mahr and John Cleese.

  • avenuePad
    avenuePad 8 months ago +1

    "Almost nobody has any idea what they're talking about." I think it's fair to say we can throw John Cleese into that group...

    • avenuePad
      avenuePad 5 months ago

      +Ken Jackson No one? As in not one? Hmm...

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 5 months ago

      What do you mean 'we'? You got a mouse in your pocket? No one else here agrees with you...


    Making John Cleese laugh like that most have made Bill feel: 'Oh, I can call myself funny now'

  • Pardon Me
    Pardon Me 9 months ago +2

    Jesus did not say that if you don't go through him you'll burn. That's a poor translation. It says that to get to the Father you have to go recognize his role and obey him. Hell fire is a doctrine that was added later to the church. 1st century Christians did not believe it. Also, Jesus had every right to throw the money lenders out. They were selling the sacrificial animals for higher prices to make money, in the temple. That was Jesus Father's house. Of course he would be mad. This shows that we need to have respect for God. It also fulfilled the prophecy that said "His zeal would consume him". If you see a great injustice being done, you are consumed by righteous anger to do something about it. What he did was absolutely right.

  • Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly 9 months ago

    so does this mean that now that Donald Trump is elected SNL and other shows like it wil be funny again

    • Rup Tratin
      Rup Tratin 9 months ago

      Holly Golightly
      No. Not even God Emperor Trump can Make SNL Great Again.

  • thesenceofmorality
    thesenceofmorality 9 months ago +1

    Hmm I'm over sixty and I didn't even know it.

  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna 10 months ago

    Holy shit I thought that was Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World.

  • j30385
    j30385 10 months ago +40

    I love John Cleese. This is intelligence. "Progressivism" these days has turned into victimhood culture - Who's the bigger victim. I cannot think of anything more condescending than telling people they're a victim by default.

    • Ray Driver
      Ray Driver Month ago

      I love the Beatles and .the stomes. anybody else

    • Checkmate1138
      Checkmate1138 5 months ago

      It has become "Regressivism". The true Progressives aren't as prominent as they should.

  • peanuts2105
    peanuts2105 11 months ago +1

    I've just been fingered by a Shiite Muslim

  • Magruder
    Magruder 11 months ago +120

    2016 has been a terrible year for celebrities.
    Please, keep John Cleese alive.

    • Robert N. Adams
      Robert N. Adams 7 months ago

      He made it! Eat shit, 2016!

    • Liverbird
      Liverbird 8 months ago

      Sam Dilks Sad! I didn't realise he had passed away.

    • Sam Dilks
      Sam Dilks 8 months ago

      Deportation Officer Clements RIP Andrew Sachs 😔

    • jimbob jim
      jimbob jim 8 months ago

      His mother lived to 101.

  • Szaam
    Szaam 11 months ago +1

    Telling someone to fuck off is politically incorrect in America? Either Bill's wrong or America has took the concept of political correctness way too far.

  • Christoffer Boman
    Christoffer Boman Year ago +21

    Just love how sincere Bill was when he said "Muslims", without any hesitations at all.

  • KatherineMcChesney

    Cleese cannot speak for Jesus Christ. Jesus meant for us to take His teachings LITERALLY.

    • BlueHooloovoo
      BlueHooloovoo 8 months ago

      Oh and you knew Jesus personally and know exactly how he thought?

    • Joseph Scott
      Joseph Scott 9 months ago

      "Jesus meant for us to take His teachings LITERALLY" I think Jesus thought some of the things he said were parables and others were literal.

    • Edgár Tóth
      Edgár Tóth 10 months ago

      +KatherineMacChesney jesus is a satanist.

    • KatherineMcChesney
      KatherineMcChesney 10 months ago

      +Jim J Fox Poor J Fox the moron. No brain, no morals and a completely dishonest bonehead with nothing intelligent to say.

    • KatherineMcChesney
      KatherineMcChesney 10 months ago

      +Edgár Tóth Maher and Cleese are satanists.

  • mrs3Quator
    mrs3Quator Year ago +1

    Some friends and I met him in 2011, and he could not have been nicer! Posed for photos, spoke Italian to our Italian friend and Spanish to our Spanish-speaking friend, and, at her request, recited his Russian lines from "A Fish Called Wanda" for our Russian friend. It's a wonderful memory.

  • chucknchar T
    chucknchar T Year ago +2

    Oh white people hate political correctness, they hate that hate is not that funny

    • BlueHooloovoo
      BlueHooloovoo 8 months ago

      No they hate people who can't take a joke. By the way, all humans are capable of hate.

    • Rup Tratin
      Rup Tratin 9 months ago

      chucknchar T
      hate is hilarious you silly boy.

  • JapanJohnny2012
    JapanJohnny2012 Year ago +56

    3:01 What do you call a Muslim with a sense of humour? A Jew. Hehe.

    • Neon Rabies
      Neon Rabies 7 months ago

      Hhahahahahha I fucking love it.

    • Rubjerg
      Rubjerg 8 months ago

      On Danish television a few years ago, a comedian named Omar Mazouk did an interesting documentary series about various religions and humour. One of the things that emerged was that of the religions investigated, the only one, whose holy men stated that nothing was too holy to make fun of, was Buddhism. I'm thinking of converting.

    • Richard Parnell
      Richard Parnell 9 months ago


    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway 11 months ago


    • JapanJohnny2012
      JapanJohnny2012 Year ago

      +Bjowolf2 Yeah, that too :) 

  • Truth fairy
    Truth fairy Year ago +40

    Human stupidity and ignorance is the only thing we can prove is infinite, because we can see it with our own eyes. The universe has to be infinite, human stupidity is infinite. Google *Truthcontest* and read *The Present* if you want reprogram yourself from all the brainwashing you`ve been victim to by your environment since childhood. This is not a diss, this is pure fact, i was shocked when i found out how stupid and ignorant i had been my whole life after reading that book. This book will change mankind when enough people reads it.

    • Crosby4hyg
      Crosby4hyg 8 months ago

      +Bumble Douche
      Look at all the effort you've put forth to try and intellectually disprove something that contradicts your worldview. You even acknowledge the fact that no one will likely read your comment, so why go to all the effort of intellectualizing and over analyzing it if not to prove something to yourself, to try and win some subconscious internal battle?

      To me it couldn't be clearer that a very powerful part of you feels threatened and exposed by this "truth contest". The cold, calculating part of you that resides predominantly in your mind, constantly seeking a challenge and a way to assert dominance. This being I refer to is not who you really are. Of course, this entity inside of you has already put up barriers against me because I'm disagreeing with its belief that logic and reason can answer all of life's questions, and it's preparing to insult me in the most rational way possible before it even knows my own beliefs. Please know that I have no interest in an argument, I'm simply trying to give you a different perspective.

    • Bumble Douche
      Bumble Douche 9 months ago

      Contradictory, spiritualist drivel of the highest order. I got about halfway through before I felt the need to throw up. Here are some ideas for you delusional spiritualists to consider, if you have the courage to accept your own mortality:

      An *absolute* definition of "consciousness" does not yet exist; it is a constantly evolving description of a phenomenon we don't yet fully understand. This article implies it is a form of energy, thus indestructible & transformed from one generation to the next. This *must* be inherently false, else progressive generations would become increasingly "conscious," (whatever that means)... Unless that "consciousness" is magically transferred into the Sun, Neptune or random space aliens. "Gee, that doesn't sound crazy at all," he said, *sarcastically.*

      Further, the article suggests that there is no death, only "spiritual continuation of life..." (paraphrasing). It further suggests that the lower forms of life from which we evolved are the definition of immortality, thus we have all been alive since the beginning of life on Earth. This is categorically false, as it has been proven with only *bacteria*, never mind higher forms of life, that if each individual survived to reproduce, it would (in a very short time) result in a number of individuals that would outnumber the volume of molecules within the known universe.

      It is therefore impossible to assume that the "soul" of each animal, from bacterium to donkey to human or whatever, is still in existence. The amount of animals that have lived & died without reaching reproductive parameters *vastly* outnumbers the volume of life currently on Earth. From that, we can categorically assume that *not* all "souls" are accounted for in the people & animals alive today. So, where are they? Disembodied ghosts, or residing in space aliens?

      "If you flip a coin a thousand times, it will come up heads about half the time & tails about half the time." - Absolutely false. It *should*, statistically, be so, but entropy by definition is unpredictable. It therefore is not impossible to flip a coin a thousand times & have it land on heads EVERY time.

      The sentence "When you see the truth for the first time" - is entirely subjective, definitively so, in the context of this article, the only "truths" are scientifically proven facts, not the subjective, baseless & absurd nonsense presented here.

      "The future cannot be known. Anything can happen. The only thing we can be certain of is that it will be balanced." - An interesting theory, but can it be proven? "Balance" being a subjective term, we can assume that no, this theory is absolutely *not* true, making it a worthless, idiotic statement based on nothing whatsoever, other than a moronic sense of some kind of "cosmic order" of which we, again, have no proof exists.

      Finally, before I seriously started laughing & stopped reading, "When the mind disappears completely, your perception of life becomes clear," No, I'm pretty *sure* that when the mind disappears completely, you're categorically *dead.* As such, it would be impossible for your "perception of life" to become any clearer, as the absence of a mind denies you the ability to "perceive" anything!

      I'd continue with the criticism, but considering the high likelihood that this comment (by nature of being long) will be entirely ignored, I wont bother, suffice to say that the suggested article was one of the most idiotic, subjective, nonsensical & contradictory pieces of pseudo-intellectual drivel I have ever (half) read.

      Reply, if you dare... There was a lot more idiotic content I could have disputed!

    • Nx Doyle
      Nx Doyle 9 months ago

      Truth fairy Re-program? Not a good word to use in a sales pitch that is supposedly promoting a new future for human consciousness.

    • Torbjørn Aralt
      Torbjørn Aralt 10 months ago

      "Think for yourself, read this book on how to"

      No ty, I'll think for myself

  • David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson Year ago +24

    No one is talking about losing respect for others....just lighten up and stop the militant let's all be a victim. Like the gun nuts, who always seem to get butthurt......the new feminists...who are batshit nuts, some college students who get offended if you say God Bless You after they sneeze......and of course lour lovely right wing lunatic fringe needs to lighten the fuck up and start using some critical thinking and reasoning.

    • Origin E
      Origin E 6 months ago

      thank you

    • LoneWolfCreator
      LoneWolfCreator 7 months ago

      David Hutchinson This is perfect.

    • Mahnoor Khan
      Mahnoor Khan 9 months ago

      TreyRust That's probably it. I'm sick of people turning a blind eye to issues that actually need our attention and getting riled up over the most ridiculous of things. The world used to be so simple. Someone did something commendable, you lauded them. Someone did something bad, you condemned them. Irrespective of your gender/ethnicity/community/religion.

    • TreyRust
      TreyRust 9 months ago

      Because it calls out the vast majority of the human population?

    • Mahnoor Khan
      Mahnoor Khan 11 months ago

      Why does this not have more likes

  • George Mirchev
    George Mirchev Year ago

    Watch me breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Everybody!
    Hi Everybody! Year ago +38

    Last week, a Muslim woman was seen shoplifting. She was caught on camera. Police are looking for a woman with dark eyes.

  • dloverise
    dloverise Year ago

    My, my, how John Cleese has changed.

  • offspring899
    offspring899 Year ago

    Bill Maher and John Cleese!
    Thank you for this video!

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12

    wheres the whole thing at? D: y u make me earch the link D:

  • Chetan Uppal
    Chetan Uppal Year ago

    I heard ..a PC over here and a PC over there .....

  • Fabian Patrizio
    Fabian Patrizio Year ago +8

    I hate PC assholes :) let's go back to the swinging 60s ;)

  • Joe T
    Joe T Year ago +4

    fuck political correctness, it turns adults into children by being offended by words. Ever heard the term: ignore it?

    • Joe T
      Joe T 3 months ago

      defend themselves from what? words? just makes you look weak, immature and insecure when you get angry over every little thing said you don't like

    • sissy lou
      sissy lou 3 months ago

      Joe T Or defend themselves .

  • Albert Rogers
    Albert Rogers Year ago

    Calling people with pinkish cheeks "white" is exaggeration, calling darker ones "black" is usually gross exaggeration. Caaling me, a Scot, "English" is mere ignorance. "Afro-American" is not merely politically correct, it is simply correct, for Americans of comparatively recent African ancestry. Contrary to what the Book of Genesis implies, we ALL have distant ancestors who lived in what we now call Africa. It would be quite accurate to call really clever people "queer", and indeed Isaac Newton had great trouble making friends at all, and probably died a virgin. He certainly never, according to any account of him, exhibited even as much gaiety as to leap out of a bath shouting "eureka!". So he wasn't gay either.

    • ZhangK71
      ZhangK71 8 months ago

      +Albert Rogers No, but still, may I ask how this show you're talking about pertains to the video? Not a rhetorical question.

    • Albert Rogers
      Albert Rogers 8 months ago

      Screw it, I suspect you've never seen Fawlty Towers.

    • ZhangK71
      ZhangK71 8 months ago

      Albert Rogers Again, that was a cryptic reference that I do not understand. And it also had nothing to do with the main point of the video or my original comment...

    • Albert Rogers
      Albert Rogers 8 months ago

      The daughter of one of my friends has an autograph from John Cleese,
      "To _her name_ who knows nothing"
      She had greeted him with the great saying of "Manuel" in _Fawlty Towers_ "I know nothing."
      But since they mentioned Mexicans, my daughter had a classmate, from Barcelona, who revealed that in the Spanish language translation  of the show, Manuel is not from Barcelona, but from Mexico!

    • ZhangK71
      ZhangK71 8 months ago

      Albert Rogers I meant that your comment was eccentric in the sense of being quite spontaneous and irrelevant.

  • Albert Rogers
    Albert Rogers Year ago

    John Cleese on fans that fawn all over him....
    It reminds me of the people who deny that their (conjectural) Almighty God invented the divinely clever idea of Evolution by Natural Selection. Suppose the Pearly Gates exist, AND that they get there, post mortem, wishing to fawn upon the Creator Himself. Gabriel, His representative, tells them "Fuck Off!".

  • Giovanni Fuchs
    Giovanni Fuchs Year ago

    He looks like retired Hitler.

  • Human Footprint
    Human Footprint Year ago

    the planet is a hoard of the commoner - as it's only us, the unwashed, that think there really is a god up there somewhere .. :)

  • Ryen Patrick
    Ryen Patrick Year ago

    Notice what an absolute pussy Maher is here when Cleese gets to the point of talking about Jesus being "generally smarter than that and doing some sorts of good things"??? Maher is a lizard and a weasel and a nit all rolled into MUST actually feel dirty after being with him for too long--look at Coco Johnsen, the black tranny he married!!!!!

  • Ryen Patrick
    Ryen Patrick Year ago +1

    Read closely and remember this, folks, when you are around Bill Maher or his fans: First or all, Bill Maher is a nimrod. Oh, but let me nor resort immediately to Maher's own normal low-level operating mode--which is making simplistic, ignorant, rude, unsubstantiated and ridiculous statements that are prepped for "crash" value only. Let's look at the background FACTS and ACTUAL FACTUAL HISTORY on Bill Maher: 1. He has a lifelong identity crisis--he could not figure out exactly who he was, so he sunk to the level of a life philosophy that people will no actual identity sink to: sarcastic comedy--specifically, nihilistic "issue" comedy. Or, to keep it simple: Bill Maher has absolutely no purpose in life except his "crash" value imbecilic joking life and taking your money for watching his utter nonsense! ;) And believe me, that would be ok, except for these other problematic facts about Maher--his is half Roman Catholic and half undiscovered Jew. Wow!! 'Enuf said, right?????? Can you imagine that? Growing up that way? This guy's father raised him as a New York City like-Irish-Roman-Catholic (it does not get any more RC than that folks!) and then when he was like 10 or 11 or so he discovered that his mother was Jewish!! OUCH! How would a young, skinny supposedly intelligent nerd-twerp like Maher come to terms with something like that in New York City in the 1960s and 1970s??? BIG OUCHIE!!! If that were not bad enough, this guy was abused in the Roman Catholic Church and hates his mother--and does not like his father all that much either....look what they did to him!!! OMG Of course one of his next major steps when he figured out he was smarter and funnier as a nerd than most guys around him--his next step after getting street cred from Cornell was to reject God and claim there is no God and he is an atheist--that is his DESTINY as a self-loathing RC-Jew troglodyte, folks!!! What better escape than making other nerds--rich nerds--laugh and feel cool at Cornell, sinking into a pseudo-intellectual existence that was also a 50-50 proposition! He has no self-identity that he feels comfortable with for starters, and lok at what a twerp he is physically--i.e., a LAME-O if you read between the lines. He was not serious enough about academics and could not take himself seriously (how could he!!??) and painfully needed to escape this creepy existence and mixed up heritage....thus, getting dumped out of Cornell right into sarcastic, nihilistic, self-loathing, closet-nerd, painful white existence right when the baby boom party was winding down and Reagan was a hit--the 1980s! This is how Maher was formed. He got part of the story right when he jumped on the politically incorrect bandwagon--one of the foundational truths of 20th century America is the crime of the herds of politically correct sheep that the 1930s and 1940s and 1950s bred to bring down the USA--but because this guy has no self-identity that is strong and true or even extant (remember, this guy actually MARRIED A BLACK TRANNY FOR REAL--CJ!!!)..I mean, Bill Maher is a true basket case that ONLY has sarcastic, nihilistic, issue-and-sound-bite centered commedy and schtick to live off of!!! Single white RC trained male at his SIXTIETH birthday????!!!! You kidding me??? I mean he is lucky that he has more than half Germanic heritage and had the brains at least to get into Cornell--but that is the end of the story folks. Bill Maher cannot argue himself out of a paper bag--like a drunk loser like Christopher Hitchens, they actually belong together as maybe late gay-closeted partners--but old white guys like this sort just never actually get it--they should have stuck with tradition and become something special in a positive, good, strong, honest, moral, upright, un-drugged (Maher spent his time at Cornell either high on pot and getting other people high--great job, Bill) sense, or go down embarrassingly and destructively like the country that these types have helped ruin. In a word, Bill Maher is a JOKE. There is no coherence to either him--a black tranny lover Catholic Jew hater--or his life. People that listen to him--like people that love stand up comedy as their main "escape" and social endeavor--are all simply losers with nothing positive or good in their life. And do not let them lie to you--they do love money you give them, no matter how much they try to distract you with their "issues" like PETA, etc. Remember, your money pays for their comedy club existence and cable TV subscriptions--all GARBAGE!!! LM$AO ;) Bill Maher is stuck in a fatalistic, nihilistic trip of his own making--he has no choice! With his back ground he can only attack establishment and make rich white people laugh who mostly have the same self-loathing and nerd-fear that Maher has! FACT. ;)

  • gijijijijijijijijijijji

    Can someone explain the "religion of peace" joke please?

    • gijijijijijijijijijijji
      gijijijijijijijijijijji Year ago

      Ok, thanks a lot

    • Icksnuck
      Icksnuck Year ago

      Religion of piece. Piece of you there piece of you here, because Muslims like to blow shit up

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