Final Fantasy VI game review

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  • Dylan Ford
    Dylan Ford 6 days ago +1

    I started with 7, so it's my personal favorite, but 6 is deeper mechanically, and has more characters that are pretty deep as well.

  • wriehle1
    wriehle1 7 days ago +1

    FF6 HBO series? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes......

  • Daniel
    Daniel 13 days ago +1

    This was the video that made me sub.

  • Jason5499 5499
    Jason5499 5499 13 days ago +1

    Final fantasy 6 is the greatest RPG of all time. There is no conversation. The question should be phrased "what is the second best final fantasy game of all time?"

  • MrSleeps
    MrSleeps 28 days ago +1


  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt Month ago +2

    Couldn't agree more. I've been playing games about 35 years now and this is the best game I EVER played. Best characters, best soundtrack, best story. The only game ever to make me cry (Cyan Phantom train scene) - pure brilliance.

  • Crichjo32
    Crichjo32 Month ago +1

    A HBO Game of Thrones like TV series version of FF6 could potentially be one of the greatest things ever made.

    • Isaac Araujo
      Isaac Araujo 27 days ago

      Crichjo32 If it's done right, that is...
      I hate it how easy it is for producers to F*** UP movies and series based on already-masterpieces like this!! Urgh!!

    ZOE3 PLEASE Month ago

    Do Xenogears XD

  • MadSense
    MadSense Month ago

    VII but would love to go back and play VI.

  • Grand thief
    Grand thief Month ago +1

    FF is boring

  • xDushDush
    xDushDush Month ago +2

    you made me want to play ff6 now! never played it before ...
    what about FFIX . have you play it yet?

    • xDushDush
      xDushDush 27 days ago

      ffIXis amazing! not just good haha ~
      right now i'm playing ffvii for the first time! and after that it'd be ffvi

    • Isaac Araujo
      Isaac Araujo 27 days ago

      xDushDush 9 is good.
      But I GUARANTEE you: 6 is just F-ing charming!!!

  • Lord Monarch
    Lord Monarch Month ago +1

    Okay I take back what I said FF6 is AMAZING!!! Words can't describe what a God tier game it truly is! And Kefka and although this is an opinion the community agrees with me... Kefka is the BEST VILLIAN in the series! I love the Tales series and all but FF really did deserve it's spot as Japan's second best JRPG series! Too bad the games of today don't share the same flare as the games of old... But yes always play a game or do your research on it before judging it. The one who opened my eyes was The Great Clement who surprinsingly doesn't do LPs if RPGs but still plays them... Any who this is an amazing game and why doesn't it get a PS4 remake!? The general public NEEDS to know how God tier this game is!!!

  • Jeffery Hilburn
    Jeffery Hilburn 2 months ago

    final fantasy 3 for the Super Nintendo was the best to me...I love this review

  • hazardoustoxicity
    hazardoustoxicity 2 months ago

    Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X are better imho (X is my favorite). VI has so many annoying nitpicks like equipping and unequipping, having to go to the airship/Narshe to switch characters, espers teaching everyone the same magic, and esper management in general.

    I DO love the music, characters, and story. WoR was great too but could have been executed better in terms of plot.

  • Isaac Araujo
    Isaac Araujo 2 months ago +1

    "I - LOVE - THAT - SHIT !!"

    😆😆 Best part...

  • Justin Shanahan
    Justin Shanahan 2 months ago +1

    ff3 was my game, used to walk to the game store to rent for a weekend.... every weekend, they had 2 coppies each with only 3 saves... people would rent it and erase my damn game.... I got good at it lol

  • Etrostormborn12
    Etrostormborn12 3 months ago

    played most FF games but not this one I am playing it at the minute and I am up to zozo and tbh i am a little bored, dosent have as interesting world as FF7, as good a story as ff13 and its music is naff besides terras theme which is awesome, the game takes forever to get going as well I kept looking on facebook while playing with one hand for the first part of narshe and figaro, it was too slow, I am hoping it picks up because at the minute I would place FF2, FF4, FF7, FF8,FF10,FF12 and FF13 above it

  • Draco Rosso
    Draco Rosso 3 months ago

    "this chick" .... manchild

  • Nukerunin
    Nukerunin 3 months ago

    The only JRPG that can go toe to toe with FF6 for story, music, and awesome characters is Xenogears. XG also had one of the greatest RPG reveals of all time at the end of CD2 (I think) too. That being said, don't ever search anything about the game if you plan to play it.

  • djstona
    djstona 3 months ago

    4:28 absolutely correct mr milliband nobuyo ueamatsu is a genius i would call him this ages mozart

  • djstona
    djstona 3 months ago


  • BarbaPapa *
    BarbaPapa * 3 months ago

    After chrono trigger,.. I want to play ff6 on snes9x

  • Ab Soul
    Ab Soul 3 months ago

    Is the Ds version good?

  • Logan Kerlee
    Logan Kerlee 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit.. I really wish that I knew about this video years ago!

    Final Fantasy VI/III is my absolute favorite RPG. Solid video, man. :) Made my night!

    DAVID S 3 months ago

    You Got Steampunk Final Fantasy 6 meets Cyberpunk Final Fantasy 7 With Magic! Holy Shiz! Which do you Preferred?

  • Spacekat Tommy
    Spacekat Tommy 3 months ago +1

    This is the greatest review of this game ever.

  • Iron Collie
    Iron Collie 3 months ago

    i actually like ff9 the most, call me crazy. I like the pacing, characters, and music in ff9, which i couldn't really say the same for ff7.

  • Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos 3 months ago +2

    4:21 Making the Sistine Chapel with Crayola crayons. Wow, spot on. Nobuo is truly a musical genius.

  • Johnny
    Johnny 3 months ago +1

    6 > 7

  • Ya Boi Yoshi - F R E S H M E M E R

    FF6 is the best game ever made

  • Godslayer Omega
    Godslayer Omega 4 months ago +1

    please do the ff7 review...

  • Xavier Camous
    Xavier Camous 4 months ago +1

    The world of ruins in FFVI was a kind of open world ever made on console as you can or not re-recruit your team to kick the bad guy's ass. You do what you want in the order that you want. In 1994.

  • mathsalot 4
    mathsalot 4 4 months ago

    I am a final fantasy gamer, almost exclusively. My favorite is FF6, but FF4 is a close second. You get to travel to different realms. Plus the whole betrayal arc, redemption of a dark knight, and rose vs. rydia. Characters were very relatable too. imo, final fantasy has gone down in story quality in correlation to improved graphics. It seems developers think that good graphics make up for a weak (or non-existent) story. They don't. Give us back the stories we love!! As a side note, I have high nostalgia for FF8 because that's the first one I played to the end, and I like the unique game mechanic of drawing magic and GFs, but I realize the game as a whole is not as good quality as the SNES final fantasy games.

  • Liftmeup
    Liftmeup 4 months ago

    This is the best video game review I've ever watched on youtube. Well done Jeremy.

  • riotminuet
    riotminuet 4 months ago

    Fuck you for spoilers!

  • No Fun Intended
    No Fun Intended 4 months ago

    That did happen though. At the end of MGS4. He's told to live the little remaining rest of his life to live in peace, and to live for more than war. It was kind of the whole deal with MGS4.

  • BobbyBaboon
    BobbyBaboon 4 months ago

    Easily the best FF...I'm replaying it about 20 years later and it's still amazing.

  • DYSTOPIA manga
    DYSTOPIA manga 4 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of the game - even though I have never finished it yet! So why do I love it sooooo much? Because of the atmosphere...

  • Joseph Dutra
    Joseph Dutra 5 months ago

    Anybody love Final Fantasy X?

  • doomblackdragon
    doomblackdragon 5 months ago

    Lol What would you want. FF6 or Chrono Trigger? Yes, is the best I can do.

    Yes I have to be with you on that. Botth FF6 and CT are great game easy one of my two top 10 rpg ever. As well as my top two JRPG. Yes I have a special JRPG list.

  • Joshua Westerman
    Joshua Westerman 5 months ago

    What's so embarrassing about this analysis is his implicit assumption that anything more modern might be a better work of art. Most of the FF series since 8 is garbage. Tech doesn't make or break a game or a work of art

  • steve122288
    steve122288 5 months ago

    so the second half was shit right?

    • steve122288
      steve122288 5 months ago

      the entire game introduces you to each character with a very small amount of backstory, then the game ends.

  • tarrker
    tarrker 5 months ago

    The mobile version that they ported to Steam is a bunch of ass. It still pisses me off that they've done all these really sweet remakes for all the games but, quite literally, fucking skipped Final Fantasy 6. They're now making an FF7 remake but all we got for FF6 was a shitty mobile port. -_-

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia 5 months ago +1

    FFVII is only popular because it was the first title in the series to render a 3d world. It's what hooked players to the game, and I'm happy it did because it has kept the franchise alive, but FFVII is not the best title in the series. VI is the first FF I ever played and FFVII never came close to matching the tone, character development or design that VI did.

  • kylecliffe
    kylecliffe 5 months ago

    Its been 4 years later and you still have not reviewed Final Fantasy 7 :(

  • Jonathan Fuentes
    Jonathan Fuentes 5 months ago

    There isn't a debate whether which Final Fantasy is the best. Not only is it the best Final Fantasy, but FFVI is the best RPG ever made.

  • Cameron Fish
    Cameron Fish 5 months ago +1

    6 is better but 7 is more nostalgic

  • lnsflare1
    lnsflare1 5 months ago

    Kefka vs. -Sephiroth- Kuja

  • Aaron Bowley
    Aaron Bowley 6 months ago

    Best review if this game and I totally agree a serious or like trilogy of the game would be incredible although the idea scares me I feel like a big corporate company would try to do it as do it wrong also great review

  • baciu14
    baciu14 6 months ago

    shadow joins your party if you have the patience to wait for him .... slow clap best fucking tip ever.

  • weazz
    weazz 6 months ago

    Final Fantasy 4 on DS was the best ff4 version, the voice acting matched the 3d well. It made the characters even better IMO.

  • April O
    April O 6 months ago

    Kefka is a pretty good villain. Ardyn is also that other ff villain who got everything he wanted.

  • zaptrotix3
    zaptrotix3 6 months ago

    Great review man! but why everybody's gotta compare ff6 with 7, i don't get it. Two great games, and that's it.

  • Guilherme Souza
    Guilherme Souza 6 months ago

    I do like FFVI but honestly, Chrono Trigger was just better in everything.

  • PescadorGama
    PescadorGama 6 months ago

    Sounds interesting, but I can't stand those youtubers that think we want to see them. Just put game footage, will rise your subscriptors. The voice isn't bad either.

  • president camacho
    president camacho 6 months ago +1

    wtf? why is this guy on screen the entire time? at the very least put the game stuff on the big screen and your face on the corner screen. he don't even have tits.

  • Diego Vgames
    Diego Vgames 6 months ago

    Joker and vader? huh.... fuck off the video.. you can´t ... you can´tttttttttttttttttttt compare shity of us with the ff VI and VII...

  • www
    www 6 months ago

    Mate you really need to show more gameplay footage rather than shots of your face. This is a really bad review video.

  • Mishotaki
    Mishotaki 6 months ago

    and they did release FF6 on PC with updated sprites... as a Iphone port... which has the worst controls ever...

  • Rory Lapidus
    Rory Lapidus 6 months ago

    The day FF3 came out in the US, i had purchased it and was playing it. By far FF3 is my favorite Final Fantasy game. Yes the story is amazing and the music is great but my favorite part was using the espers to learn magic and to level up. it made level grinding fun.

    The idea of a game of thrones type series based on FF3 is a great idea, and it could be epic if done right. Can you imagine how they would film when the World Of Balance becomes the World Of Ruin?

    I didn't have a major issue with loading times on the PS1 version, but the added ciniamatics were not so good, and Kefka who I was most excited to see was a clown, maybe he was in the SNES version but i never saw him that way, flamboyant yes, but a clown?

    Thanks for the review, I'm glad people are still playing this game, and enjoying it.

  • pikkdogs
    pikkdogs 6 months ago

    Ffvi, best game ever.

  • gamephreak5
    gamephreak5 7 months ago +2

    "Mass Effect characters are relateable"

    Nope, nuh-uh. None of those crap characters are relateable, just walking exposition with no emotion. And I wouldn't want to relate to those characters anyway.

    • John Roberts
      John Roberts 6 months ago

      They're called opinions, his is different to yours, deal with it

  • JJ B
    JJ B 7 months ago

    Best thoughts on FF6 out there. Captured the essence.

  • Willo
    Willo 7 months ago +1

    1) FF6
    2) Secret of Mana
    3) Chrono Trigger
    4) FF7
    5) FFT

    • Logic Seeker
      Logic Seeker 7 months ago

      Willo Nice, play Mother 3, it will be in your list somewhere.

  • TheSiKne55
    TheSiKne55 7 months ago +1

    Hey Jeremy...where's your Final Fantasy VII review? Would also be interesting to hear your thoughts on the upcoming remake...

  • Adam E
    Adam E 7 months ago

    the villain in birth by sleep wins too

  • Magi-War
    Magi-War 7 months ago +1

    the snes had the best rpg out there like seriously
    FF6, Secret of mana 1&2, Terranimga, Illusion of gaia, Treasure of Rudra
    and many more

  • Thomas Hearton
    Thomas Hearton 7 months ago +1

    This review is on point. Love both of those titles. Both are fantastic.

    I do think VIII, IX, and X deserve more love than they get.

    Also I do have a copy of X-2 HD. Is that worth my time? Opinions?

  • Fifty0ne
    Fifty0ne 7 months ago +1

    I've said this a million times in discussions about this game, but I'll say it again... The developers knew just what a work of art they had on their hands with this game when they decided to roll the credits for the game at the beginning before any of the actual game-play started. Talk about being ambitious, even arrogant. But they earned it, and they knew it.

    Celes is still one of my favorite characters in any game, ever. Shadow and Sabin are close behind.

    • Shtoops _
      Shtoops _ 6 months ago

      Fifty0ne Is it weird that I totally ship Terra x Celes?

    • mezlabor
      mezlabor 6 months ago

      Fifty0ne celes is one of my favorite characters too.

  • Goldmario79
    Goldmario79 7 months ago

    I remember getting this for Christmas the year it came out.. and preorders were sold out long before December ever hit. It blew me away from start to finish. When the Opera Scene came up I almost cried... when Kefka sent off the General and then proceeded to poison the water around Cyan's castle to force them out and murdered them all I was pissed so bad... Only FF 9 has had this kind of long lasting effect on me in terms of sheer quality and perfection. I'm extremely lucky I found a clean working copy of this at flea market for 5 bucks!!

  • Paul Ferraro
    Paul Ferraro 7 months ago

    I have played FF 7 8 10 10-2 and 13. Just got 15 today for Christmas so I'll be taking a major look at that. I remember playing 8 for the first time and the gameplay, the story, the characters, everything appealed to me. It remains the one game I would want if I could only have one. After seeing how great 8 was and heard how good 7 was I tried it but it didn't have the same affect on me as 8 did. Actually like the junction system and how magic was done. 10 was very good but not at 8s level. 10-2 was played for nostalgia, wasn't a bad game, just wasn't 10. 13 was trash

  • Marshall Lanners
    Marshall Lanners 8 months ago

    I agree with him on pretty much everything he said.

  • Minh Duc
    Minh Duc 8 months ago +1

    Dear Jeremy, can you please review Final Fantasy VII

  • Frost B
    Frost B 8 months ago +2

    XV is my favorite

  • Erica Sample
    Erica Sample 8 months ago +1

    FF VIII was my first and absolute favorite even though junctioning was absolute bullshit. But it was a smart game with great characters.

  • Frost B
    Frost B 8 months ago +1

    Jeremy. Where's your Final Fantasy XV review?

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 8 months ago

    Great game! I just finished replaying Final Fantasy IV on PS Vita, another great game!

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 8 months ago +2

    The game is great until you get to the 2nd part of the game. Everything is just optional and you can go straight to the final boss as soon you get a airship which doesn´t take long.

    • 『B E T I M』
      『B E T I M』 8 months ago

      Vegeta ... and why does it stop being great? The second games is just as good as the first, if not better. And i say this for a reason, it fits the whole theme of rebuilding the world and it closes the development of each character with a golden key, not even mentioning the fact that getting each character back is a great accomplishment, specially back then. Sure you can go straight to the tower, but you, as a human being, is the one who choices to do so or not. The second half of the game no way diminishes its greatness.

  • J W
    J W 8 months ago

    is this the jackass from american pie that nutted over a thigh

  • FurryGirlSylvy
    FurryGirlSylvy 9 months ago

    Kefka hands down scares me, but makes me laugh at the same time! ^^

  • Raushan Latiff
    Raushan Latiff 9 months ago +2


  • Sludge311
    Sludge311 9 months ago

    is it too late to make a Jason Biggs lookalike joke?

  • ModdingNewbie1974
    ModdingNewbie1974 9 months ago +1

    FF6 is my favorite--couldn't play it consistently until emulation became a thing, and I still haven't managed to beat it even _once..._ but _oh,_ the customization possibilities...!!! FFX and FFX-2 are tied for a close second. :)

  • stezo2k
    stezo2k 9 months ago

    as much as I love 7 and it was my first FF, it doesn't feel as polished and it feels more dated compared to 6. Now do I prefer Chrono Trigger to ff6? That's a very hard question!

  • LakrimaProject
    LakrimaProject 9 months ago

    Yeah I played ALL of Final Fantasy games in main series, not planning to play FF adventure or Crystal chronicles tho. Also played some remakes (by saying ALL in main series I mean all ORIGINAL not some flashy remakes here)
    Favorite? FF7 no doub on that.
    Was it 1st FF game I played? No, I played FF9 1st (before that Chrono Cross, and that was my 1st RPG if not count Guardian Legend on NES).
    So what about FF6? It is great, still I love FF4 more, and maybe even FF1.
    What I dont like in FF6? No run, only 4-way movement, some characters are underdevelop (GoGo, Mog, Gau), I really dont like Kefka he acts alike a moron, how anyone can take that goofy guy serious? I played FFVI like 3 times and never was able to imagine him as a good vilan, dont get why ppl like him. Even ExDeath has bether backstory, tho he acts even more idiotic and looks avarage so Kefka wins here.
    Also end game is bad, more then most of FF games, no real optional bosses, not many optional stuff to do, colloseum is wasted.
    What I like? Plot is good, love that vilan win in half of the game, game uses really heavy themes dont fuck around, best sprites in main FF series, music as always is great, like that greedy dark tone of game.

    J. FLETCHER SHECP 10 months ago

    i must agree 6 was he bread and butter may i suggest darkest of dungeons its for ps 4 and vita

  • Mr. Ultimate
    Mr. Ultimate 10 months ago +1

    My favorite FF game is definitely 7. Jeremy please review it!!!!!!!

  • Heaven's Guardian
    Heaven's Guardian 10 months ago +1

    I've played 1,2,4,5,6,7,9,10. Fuck the games after that, We need the classic system back. More Gilgamesh, less Machina's.

    • gamephreak5
      gamephreak5 7 months ago

      Screw 8. 8's the worst along with 10 and shouldn't be played by anyone. Squall and every other character in 8 are insufferable douchebags and cunts. Also like 10.

    • Heaven's Guardian
      Heaven's Guardian 7 months ago

      I've played it a month after I posted this comment.

    • My Douchebag Lover
      My Douchebag Lover 7 months ago

      you didn't even play 8 yet

  • Crystal Barnes
    Crystal Barnes 10 months ago

    100% yes!

  • JABarnes18
    JABarnes18 10 months ago

    Ask A Ninja Background?

  • James Foxworth
    James Foxworth 10 months ago

    Is the ps1 version THAT bad tho

    • My Douchebag Lover
      My Douchebag Lover 7 months ago

      +DarkWing368 5-10 seconds? I'm playing through the PS1 version again right now and the loading times are a solid 2&1/2 - 3 seconds. It's honestly not that bad....

    • DarkWing368
      DarkWing368 10 months ago

      JayFoxRocks 5-10 second loading times are pretty bad.

  • mezlabor
    mezlabor 11 months ago +1

    my nostalgic ff is 4. that said once I popped in 6 (3 in my day) 6 was it for me. I played 7 when it came out and was actually disappointed I don't think it's as good as 6. 6 is the best and I don't just say it cause it's nostalgic I just finished playing it again for like the 1000th time. I played 4 recently and without the rose colored glasses I didn't think it was as great as I remember it. 6 is. if there's any ff that deserves an HD remake it's 6. Best ff ever

  • Катя Мазурчак

    Also still waiting on FF7 review AND FF15 Kingsglaive review! Jeremy it's amazing, you will love it! Please check it out!

  • Daniel Mears
    Daniel Mears 11 months ago +1

    Red XIII had his own story. Tifa had her own story. Cloud had a very twisted but interesting story involving the effects of severe trauma. Cid had his own story. Everyone had an interesting backstory. What exactly do we see like that in 6? How much do we actually know about Locke? Terra? Gau? Cyan? Why are we supposed to care that Cyan's family dies when we don't even learn that he has a family until after they're already dead? The story in 6 gets way too much credit when it doesn't actually do anything to pull you in at all.

  • Avenger85438
    Avenger85438 11 months ago +3

    If there ever an hd remake or something like they did with FF4 for the DS. This would be who Square should cast.

    Terra: Natalie Lander
    Locke: Josh Keaton
    Edger and Sabin: Steve Blum
    Cyan: Mark Hamill
    Shadow: David Wald
    Gau: Tara Strong
    Setzer: Matthew Mercer
    Strago: Micheal Bell
    Relm: Ashley Johnson
    Gogo: Jim Cummings

    General Leo: Jonathan James
    Emperor Gestalt: Earl Boen
    Kefka: Dave Wittenberg

    Like if anyone agrees.

    • Frejborg
      Frejborg 10 months ago

      Kefka more flamboyant than Joker, also more mad(power hungry)! I think there's quite a difference.

    • Heaven's Guardian
      Heaven's Guardian 10 months ago

      Mark Hamill as Kefka. Joker=Kefka. Perfect.

    • Frejborg
      Frejborg 11 months ago

      +Avenger85438 Ahh, whoops! 

    • Avenger85438
      Avenger85438 11 months ago

      Look again. It says Edger and Sabin. Twins remember.

    • Frejborg
      Frejborg 11 months ago

      No mention of Sabin? Dislike.

  • I hate myself
    I hate myself 11 months ago

    It's a shame Ff6 is hated in Japan.

    • Jonathan Rosales Marquez
      Jonathan Rosales Marquez 10 months ago

      It was actually proven that the sales in Japan were better than the sales in the US. Here in the US, the sales were actually kinda low for when it originally came out compared to later Final Fantasy games. The popularity seems to have increased relatively recently since people can download emulators for free to play it.

    • erikscrtmn777
      erikscrtmn777 11 months ago

      you mean mexico....

  • sephiros9999
    sephiros9999 11 months ago

    So, is this game an RPG? I think he doesn't mention it

  • chien Lam
    chien Lam 11 months ago

    Day 9899999, still waiting for Final Fantasy VII review...

  • Chorandinho
    Chorandinho 11 months ago

  • Chorandinho
    Chorandinho Year ago

    Interesting old thread about this game (FFVI fanboys will get very angry, be warned):

    • 『B E T I M』
      『B E T I M』 8 months ago

      Soco de Mesa Interesting is a way to put, the op states his opnion as if it were the rule, but he does make some points, even if they aren't that good

    • Kefka Palazzo
      Kefka Palazzo 10 months ago

      uhhh ok lol. that was very boring xD.

    • Chorandinho
      Chorandinho Year ago

      Part 2:

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