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  • Lyteral
    Lyteral 5 hours ago

    Shout out to y'all for picking them up cause I was saying the same thing Catherine said! LOL

  • jahayda geronimo
    jahayda geronimo 15 hours ago

    He works at the camp I used to train there :0

  • Arlene Castillo
    Arlene Castillo 19 hours ago

    hate to say it and still a fan but for everyone saying it's not fake and they could've went back to take a picture of it just look at the thumbnail and at the video the sticky notes are in the exact same place so yea

  • Brianna Wolodin
    Brianna Wolodin 22 hours ago

    U know what would be insane put sticky notes on someone's car then wrap it in Saran Wrap but love the vids keep the good work up ❤️❤️❤️

  • Miyong Kuon
    Miyong Kuon 22 hours ago

    It really bugged me when you didn't grab those last sticky notes IDRKY😫😂😁🤣

  • Shalom Kigotho
    Shalom Kigotho 2 days ago

    i love tos two 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈😘😘

  • Amanda Bloomfield
    Amanda Bloomfield 4 days ago

    I wanted to watch this video again because it's funny! But how did they get that thumbnail pic from that angle if the camera was on the other side ? Was this a planned prank ? I hope not 😩

  • Estefani Nunez
    Estefani Nunez 4 days ago

    team ace

  • Jasmine Watts
    Jasmine Watts 5 days ago


  • Alanna Godoy
    Alanna Godoy 6 days ago

    Catherine blended in with her jeep

  • Nerissa Barajas
    Nerissa Barajas 6 days ago


  • brittany dunckel
    brittany dunckel 6 days ago

    your pranks KILL ME I'm always laughing so hard lol

  • Tizou007
    Tizou007 7 days ago

    Anybody know where Austin got his jacket from?

  • Re Re Mahase
    Re Re Mahase 8 days ago

    best prank

  • Roxanne Alvarado
    Roxanne Alvarado 8 days ago

    I love them sm ! 😂

  • Tnc874
    Tnc874 8 days ago

    im confused as to why people say this is fake. what exactly was fake about it. he put posty notes on his homeboy car while he was at class.. he came out saw them... they knew he would b in a rush and wouldn't have time to take them off...i thought it was funny and a type of thing Austin would do..... so how is it fake????

  • Layel Periwinkle
    Layel Periwinkle 8 days ago

    Cat is so sweet. She was worried about the sticky notes being in the streets more than the actual prank.

  • Layel Periwinkle
    Layel Periwinkle 8 days ago

    his brother fine af

  • jaqueline echeverria

    Oh yeah

  • Moonfallx
    Moonfallx 9 days ago

    When i went to LA, i saw a sticky note! It was right near the road that he drove by. And i saw this video, i keep it forever now

  • Jhoanatan Corzo
    Jhoanatan Corzo 9 days ago

    hi ace family

  • brenda ibarra
    brenda ibarra 9 days ago

    Catherine saying "that's so bad for the community " omg 😂😂😂

  • Faduma M
    Faduma M 9 days ago

    Good one

  • emma wright
    emma wright 10 days ago


  • Nia Dennis
    Nia Dennis 11 days ago

    Thanks Domo and Crissy for putting me on with this wonderful couple & there wonderful channel ❤️❤️

  • Keyara Suffrain
    Keyara Suffrain 11 days ago

    Hoi ik ben keyara juli vlogs sijn luik

  • Kxng Koolaid
    Kxng Koolaid 11 days ago

    good prank

  • Liz Bell
    Liz Bell 11 days ago

    Everyone is so hurt/offended with the "fake prank" thing. Most pranks on YouTube are fake maybe this one was who knows. Doesn't mean that they lost respect for us lmfao.
    They are amazing YouTubers and people it's not that serious.

  • Esmeralda Saldivar
    Esmeralda Saldivar 11 days ago


  • Esmeralda Saldivar
    Esmeralda Saldivar 11 days ago

    👍👍👍👍👍😅😅😅 good one ACE family love tall I'm new to this but love the videos especially the prank that Catherine did on Austin with the labor machine it was funny love yall and elle is so beautiful

  • Lulu14 Jade
    Lulu14 Jade 12 days ago +1

    The way Austin was running at 3:40 😂😂😂😂

    I love this family ❤️✨😂

  • Ishcah McIntosh
    Ishcah McIntosh 12 days ago


  • Crizanne de Leon
    Crizanne de Leon 12 days ago

    lmao I was just concerned about the environment too! Hope you guys got the ones at his apartment too because the whole apartment complex is filled with the sticky notes now hahahahaha but so funny though I loved how pissed he was. How do you guys set up your camera so good without anyone seeing?

  • Aritza Cavazos
    Aritza Cavazos 14 days ago

    Ayyy so nice cleaning up the environment afterwards 👏🏼😂

  • Josephine Aulaumea
    Josephine Aulaumea 14 days ago

    The highlander you past I have the same car

  • Jocleyn Weston
    Jocleyn Weston 14 days ago


  • Aynalie Joy
    Aynalie Joy 15 days ago


  • Hillary Gonzalez
    Hillary Gonzalez 16 days ago

    You got em😂😂♥️

  • Riya Kaur
    Riya Kaur 16 days ago

    This was so funny but i feel so bad for Austins brother

  • Alicia Mariee
    Alicia Mariee 16 days ago


  • Leilani Navarro
    Leilani Navarro 16 days ago

    I thought he was gunna see you car😂

  • Kayla Alvarado
    Kayla Alvarado 16 days ago

    Early ACE Family days! So glad my sister introduced me to yours channel! Our family is ACE Family AF. Your videos are literally our bonding moments. Thank you for creating this connection for us. Paz y amor <3

  • Alexander Vuong
    Alexander Vuong 16 days ago

    drives away with sticky notes

  • Alexander Vuong
    Alexander Vuong 16 days ago

    good job

  • Alexander Vuong
    Alexander Vuong 16 days ago

    feel bad

  • Alexander Vuong
    Alexander Vuong 16 days ago

    I feel like I should do it to

  • Alexander Vuong
    Alexander Vuong 16 days ago

    nice car

  • Razia Aslam
    Razia Aslam 16 days ago


  • Can Sandoval
    Can Sandoval 16 days ago


  • Courtney Short
    Courtney Short 17 days ago

    This makes the world have better days! And what I mean by that is making someone have a little fun in there life. He was not about taking all of that off hahaha. I would do the same thing and run with it hahaha. This is so funny I'm laughing so hard right now

  • shybriabryant
    shybriabryant 17 days ago

    Oh lol I though they was twins at first

  • Trinity King
    Trinity King 18 days ago


  • Lala Morales
    Lala Morales 19 days ago

    I thought that Landon was his twin but hi is not 😂😂😂😂

  • theo ndex
    theo ndex 19 days ago

    @catherine nyc Jacket l see my Zimbabwean flag there #African_support

  • Michael Mcdaniel
    Michael Mcdaniel 19 days ago

    I really like the fact that you guys picked up all the sticky notes

  • Erayethzy Garcia
    Erayethzy Garcia 19 days ago

    I so want to do this to my boyfriend !!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • tiara Angelu
    tiara Angelu 19 days ago

    seriously when i say i watch ace family all day i seriously mean ALLLLLL DAMN DAY love u austin catherine & elle!!!!!!

  • stephane sarmiento
    stephane sarmiento 19 days ago

    you guys are so crazzyyy 😂😂i love you guyss 💙 love being a part of THE ACE FAMILY 💜

  • Dominique Hunt
    Dominique Hunt 20 days ago

    😂😂😂 He said fuck it Imma drive this shit

  • Anthony Dash
    Anthony Dash 20 days ago

    ace family

  • deshaun Phillips
    deshaun Phillips 20 days ago

    I'm not late but what kind of car is that

  • brianna martinez
    brianna martinez 20 days ago

    Oh damn I would've been pissed 😂😩

  • Jewelleann
    Jewelleann 21 day ago

    Omg I have to mention how cute are your guys clothing!!! And also I really wanna do this prank but I feel like it'll take sooo long.. lol maybe one day I will

  • Ronnie Langat
    Ronnie Langat 21 day ago

    they are good ppl, they still went to clean up the papers

  • Desiree Leon
    Desiree Leon 21 day ago

    I would've been embarrassed to drive that car full of Sticky notes 😂😭

  • Masen Himenez
    Masen Himenez 21 day ago

    lol I would do the same😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kameya_is_LIT !!!
    Kameya_is_LIT !!! 21 day ago

    Plot twist: Austin and Catherine put sticky notes on the wrong car and they get sued.a

  • Trina Juarez
    Trina Juarez 21 day ago

    I love your family 💜💜

  • jordan richmond
    jordan richmond 21 day ago

    *They should've got a fake cop to try and arrest him for littering 😂*

  • Stefany Garibay
    Stefany Garibay 21 day ago

    You guys have to get him again! Lol 😂

  • Cynthia B Perez
    Cynthia B Perez 22 days ago

    You guys are something else 💕 lol even went back to pick up all the sticky notes♻️

  • Lillian Helms
    Lillian Helms 22 days ago

    Y'all got the same little beard 😂😂

  • The Townsends
    The Townsends 22 days ago


  • wendy gonzalez
    wendy gonzalez 22 days ago


  • Sameer Rambarran
    Sameer Rambarran 22 days ago

    This vlog was funny

  • Mariah 19
    Mariah 19 22 days ago


  • Beth Lee Ann Valle
    Beth Lee Ann Valle 22 days ago

    I love the intro so much

  • Ana Maria Legcevic
    Ana Maria Legcevic 22 days ago

    This is so cool😍

  • alondra espinoza
    alondra espinoza 22 days ago

    Awwww i love you guys so much !😭💗 cant believe you guys picked all of them up

  • Lindsay McBride
    Lindsay McBride 23 days ago

    done!! i turn the bell on ace family. hey when or if you shout me out even tho i know you will can you shout out Taylor mcbride because thats my real name I'm just using my moms computer

  • Liz DC
    Liz DC 23 days ago

    L&s vs. Ace family. ...LOVE IT...LOL

  • Yessi and Noel
    Yessi and Noel 24 days ago


  • Cede Odom
    Cede Odom 24 days ago

    I love this video honestly hilarious😂 Also I believe that they did go and pick up all the sticky notes, second I believe that video was an honest true reaction, and third why are you guys saying stuff about Austin being a mean driver I'm pretty sure everyone has some sort of road rage if they drive I mean that's just part of being human and he wanted to capture they footage for the viewers or other wise it would've been pointless pretty much. LOVE YOU ACE FAMILY! I'm subscribed and have your post notifications turned on☺️

  • Stephanie Duru
    Stephanie Duru 25 days ago

    Where did Catherine and Austin get their jackets

  • Dia'denae Jones
    Dia'denae Jones 25 days ago +1

    I watch your videos every day i do not miss a video

  • Chief SavageHD
    Chief SavageHD 25 days ago

    I like your Canadian jacket where did you get it from

  • Martha Estevez
    Martha Estevez 26 days ago

    you should make slime

  • triple s Simon
    triple s Simon 26 days ago


  • Paris Williams
    Paris Williams 26 days ago +1

    They are my fav YouTube couples

  • MyJoy2You
    MyJoy2You 27 days ago


  • Natalie Jenkins
    Natalie Jenkins 27 days ago

    what is his youtube

  • shenell smith
    shenell smith 27 days ago

    dats so funny

  • 겨울 tv
    겨울 tv 27 days ago

    Hi my Korea Human you video so Good your baby's cate I LOVE

  • Yuxin Zhang
    Yuxin Zhang 28 days ago

    why do you all ways buy all the stores stuff?
    you know other people want or need it!

  • Its Marii
    Its Marii 28 days ago

    Who else thought Austin was the guy in the thumbnail

  • yossa arin
    yossa arin 28 days ago

    ace family do a cheting prank on girlfriend

  • Tanya Allen
    Tanya Allen 28 days ago

    vanossgaming is the grats ever

  • Published Author
    Published Author Month ago +1

    very funny

  • Chuwy Vega
    Chuwy Vega Month ago

    you guys are funny

  • Traylynn Thomas
    Traylynn Thomas Month ago

    he rode the sticky note to work...hahahaha

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