"Boys Don't Cry" - The Cure cover (Bob Dylan in a coffee shop style) - Puddles Pity Party

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  • Many P³ers have asked me to try a song by The Cure. "Boys Don't Cry" just jumped in my lap. I tried a little Bob Dylan style with harmonica. I'm not very good at harmonica playing but I like to try. It ended up sounding a little like Bonnie Prince Billy. Don't ya think?

    This single will be available soon.

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    Tim DeLaney helped with sound.
    Andrew Woodman did pictures.
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  • Runtime: 4:12
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  • S. W.
    S. W. 2 months ago +27

    NO NO NO. I like the song, but it doesn't jive with your persona and definitely does not challenge you vocally. There is not one moment in that song for you to shine. You need to shine vocally. That's what got you to the party.

    • Miquéias Michelon
      Miquéias Michelon 2 hours ago

      Some people just love to tell you what to do...

    • Fred Fable
      Fred Fable 20 days ago

      no..could get even worst...too depressing!!

    • petitebyrdie
      petitebyrdie 21 day ago

      You kidding? Right? He made like a whole different touchy song that's actually put more feelings in the lyrics! I really love this one!

    • TheBumblebee84
      TheBumblebee84 23 days ago

      S.W. you are absolutely right I'm Feeling good by Nina Simone maybe?

    • silentdecay
      silentdecay 28 days ago

      S. W. I ENJOY this for exactly the same critiques you listed. I absolutely love the vibe, energy & contrast to all the huge vocal endeavors. *this was greatly welcomed & emotionally felt on this end

  • Eric Meyer
    Eric Meyer 3 days ago

    Yep. Still love this version. I have loved this song since the first time i heard it in the early 80s. Back then, I lived this song, and it was my personal anthem for a time. Don't listen to anyone who says this isn't a good cover, or isn't in Puddles' wheelhouse. Puddles totally nails the angst and loss this song embodies.

  • Rachel Benca
    Rachel Benca 3 days ago

    I love your voice it's so beautiful with any song you sing(I know singers have their limits but you know how to pick a good song)❤️

  • Ms.roblox gamer
    Ms.roblox gamer 4 days ago

    Can you sing Pity Party I think It would fit your voice

  • ronnie dixon
    ronnie dixon 4 days ago

    Mr puddles you sind the phone book if you want .

  • Rich Zebro
    Rich Zebro 4 days ago

    Wow!  You've really made it your own and a beautiful rendition.

  • ronnie dixon
    ronnie dixon 4 days ago +1

    Take this badge off of me i cant use it any more

  • Nora Steel
    Nora Steel 6 days ago

    Puddles...another song, sung by you..touched my heart! Thanks Puddles!

  • Hugo Mendes
    Hugo Mendes 7 days ago

    Thanks pudles, love this song, i was born in the year it was released!

  • Jerry Writer
    Jerry Writer 7 days ago

    I want to watch you on "America's Got Talent" now that I have finally heard you sing, Puddles.

  • Oscar Llanos
    Oscar Llanos 7 days ago +1

    TITTLE DISCLAIMER: BOB DYLAN IN A COFFEE SHOP STYLE. The style is played in a way to not show off vocally, it sets the mood of the song and he did it perfectly.

  • Oscar Llanos
    Oscar Llanos 7 days ago +1

    Puddles you're the man! Any you song, you turn into gold.

  • s s
    s s 7 days ago

    You probably could do allot of cure songs well.

  • frederick909
    frederick909 9 days ago

    How many instruments can you play???

  • c00lbr3z
    c00lbr3z 9 days ago

    So much talent!!

  • Артем Корнилов

    Hello! I am very grateful for creativity, and incredibly amazing deep music, unique vocals, to our dear sad clown! I live in Russia and very bad know English, but that does not prevent me to enjoy every song! Thank you so much, come to Saint-Petersburg, will meet you as a very valuable guest!

  • H. Acera
    H. Acera 10 days ago


  • gthdmaiden
    gthdmaiden 10 days ago

    I closed my eyes jus to be moved by your interpretation of this song and .. oh god... I'm about to cry

  • Renee Cesaretti
    Renee Cesaretti 11 days ago

    I ❤ you Puddles

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 11 days ago

    I cried

  • A.D. Peterson
    A.D. Peterson 11 days ago

    Dear Puddles,

    I am also a clown. I am so fond of your musical stylings. I would love to clown around with you, someday!

    Pity and Powder,
    Oosha Boom

  • Kosmic Vibrations
    Kosmic Vibrations 12 days ago

    Can you sing...Good Old Fashion lover boy by Queen? Please!!!

  • Painted Gypsy Co
    Painted Gypsy Co 12 days ago

    As my sixteen year old self Robert Smith made sense. As my fourty year old self you make sense Puddles. I'm too old for my clove cigarettes and bad dye job. Coffee and fuzzy slippers and the same old frown is now. Thank you Puddles you always make everything alright in the world

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 13 days ago

    Hey PLEASE can you do a cover from type o negative please from the song "i dont wanna be me"? Your voice and that song go hand to hand please, love your voice and its emotion behind it

  • Rebecca Ramsey
    Rebecca Ramsey 15 days ago


  • Kathleen Cone
    Kathleen Cone 15 days ago

    I find myself crying. Not because of this song, but because of puddles eyes. I look at him and the child in me is moved to sadness for our world and the condition we find ourselves in. That someone like Puddles exists, touches a part of me that longs for something better. I'm telling you, how painful it feels, and I cry.

  • Sandra Hurtado
    Sandra Hurtado 16 days ago

    Simply beautifully interpreted!! Thanks PPP!!

  • Manning Machine
    Manning Machine 16 days ago

    Neil Young's "Old Man".

  • Justice-News-Media
    Justice-News-Media 18 days ago

    Cafe Bustelo- Sabroso hasta el ultimo buchito ;D

  • BLRobinFL
    BLRobinFL 18 days ago

    Excellent, Puddles.

  • Turtle Party
    Turtle Party 18 days ago

    You did fantastic, loved it!

  • Tender Craftsman
    Tender Craftsman 20 days ago

    That was one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard. It was very hard to keep the tears back in my own eyes. I know you say this was in the style of Bob Dylan, but in a way it came off more like R.E.M. than anything to me. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I love both very well. Just my own feelings being shared is all.

  • Fred Fable
    Fred Fable 20 days ago

    I'm sorry....I don't like this version.

    I still waiting for your powerful voice to come up!!!

    It seems we are loosing you...you are loosing air like a flat tire.
    Wrong choice.

  • P Devi
    P Devi 21 day ago

    And BTW, this happens to be my fav Cure song. Your version is haunting.

  • Maeg C
    Maeg C 21 day ago

    Yes, it's not the song that shows the most of your capacity (vocally speaking), but it's a really nice cover, it's soft, a little bit sad and warm at the same time, like a rainy day under a cover.

  • P Devi
    P Devi 22 days ago

    Every song you sing has an entirely different feel. I've never heard anyone like you. You deserve to win AGT, and I think this is your ship.... It's in, baby, get on board!

  • P Devi
    P Devi 22 days ago

    I LOOOVE YOU, Big Mike!!

  • Diego Matos
    Diego Matos 22 days ago

    Amazing !!! I love your Voice!

  • da'dub
    da'dub 23 days ago

    can you do the Patsy Cline I Fall to Pieces

  • TheBumblebee84
    TheBumblebee84 23 days ago

    Nina Simone's I'm Feeling good PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU! that song will make your voice shine like a diamond.

  • Shadows Girl
    Shadows Girl 24 days ago

    Perfect cover of this song

  • Scott Ilkenhons
    Scott Ilkenhons 24 days ago

    You are my favorite cover artist, keep going, my family and I love you. More cure. Maybe some Depeche mode or Erasure?

  • David Doherty
    David Doherty 24 days ago

    This song, your performance, it just tears me up inside. So much sadness, its so damn beautiful. It's okay to be sad, isn't it? I like to think so, it reminds you that you're human. Thanks Puddles, you're a wonderful performer. :)

  • JesikaMonaLisa
    JesikaMonaLisa 24 days ago

    You're beautiful

  • Bill Frisk
    Bill Frisk 24 days ago

    Please cover the kinks "death of a clown" only YOU could make that song mean more to me.

  • Follow The Sun
    Follow The Sun 24 days ago

    Unchained melody in minor key would be a miracle hit for Puddles. Imagine the high points done in Puddles style slowed down key!

  • fred minor
    fred minor 25 days ago

    When are you coming to dc? you are fucking inredible?

  • llifeform
    llifeform 25 days ago

    Can you do "Horse with no name" ? Old guilty pleasure song of me.. and much more of Neil Young :)

  • Vic101able
    Vic101able 25 days ago

    Your very very talented man Puddles, I wish you all the luck in the shell and in life.

  • Armando Henrique Ramos Minucci

    I would love to hear some U2 with ur voice ;)

  • Manpreet badyal
    Manpreet badyal 26 days ago

    hey bro if you are reading this just remember you so awesome each time i listen to you i find old of me which i felt lost in crowd of this world just keep it up bro 😃😃😃

  • Mark Hammill
    Mark Hammill 26 days ago

    Would pay to hear you doing a Tracy Chapman song

  • Diego Santizo
    Diego Santizo 26 days ago +1

    Hi Puddles! I am a huge fan and I fell I love with you when I saw you in America's got talent! I really hope you win. By any chance if you please can, could you sing Don't you worry child by Swedish House Mafia. It would really mean a lot to me.

  • Bruce Digiorgio
    Bruce Digiorgio 27 days ago

    Live performance can it be done with Postmodern Jukebox or are background vocals not permissible by AGT rules?

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 27 days ago

    Very Tom Waits

  • Cesar Leal
    Cesar Leal 27 days ago

    How about giving a Depeche Mode song a try...... You choose.

  • Lu Reinoso
    Lu Reinoso 27 days ago

    love your voice, i thought chandellier was the perfect song with your perfect sadness..

  • Laura Fonseca
    Laura Fonseca 28 days ago

    I cried like a baby while listening to this cover. Your voice and character adds so much emotion to every single song. This is art, in it's purest, prettiest way.

  • nero krell
    nero krell 29 days ago

    my not so something by the Gorillaz

  • Lonny Le Blanc
    Lonny Le Blanc Month ago

    Blistering and mournful. Takes me back to when I was just a dumbass teenager and I chased everyone I loved out of my life. It's a perfect, mellow cover of a song that had a lot of meaning to me. Love the harmonica! Keep blowing people's minds.

  • Leo JF de Oliveira
    Leo JF de Oliveira Month ago

    Puddles, The Sound of Silence for brazilian fans!!

  • topofmyhead
    topofmyhead Month ago

    love this clown

  • Diesel
    Diesel Month ago

    Id love to see something from H.I.M. Not many if any can pull of a Ville Valo song.

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez Month ago

    HOLY COW, that was really good, very deep, you are quite the musician in every way, thank you. Have you considered King of Pain from Sting, I really like it would love to hear your rendition. Keep them coming, so enjoying them.

  • Maria Riskova
    Maria Riskova Month ago

    The one and only clown which is not repulsive. As a matter of fact, he is adorable.

  • Peter Houghton
    Peter Houghton Month ago

    Puddles I am captivated by your voice and your persona they go extremely well. Do you have a video out?

  • virginmat
    virginmat Month ago

    nothing compares to you by Sinead

  • Jenny Lindhorst
    Jenny Lindhorst Month ago

    It's okay to cry.

  • invaderjessea
    invaderjessea Month ago

    Sing Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

  • One infinity
    One infinity Month ago

    All of the sudden I'm sucked into this channel and mesmerized by a clowns voice!! How about some Marilyn Manson?

  • Mehefinheulog1
    Mehefinheulog1 Month ago

    another gem

  • Dawn Giller
    Dawn Giller Month ago

    My boys (9 and 7) saw you on AGT and decided that if I ever have a clown for their birthday it had to be you. lol We are super Puddles fans now. And my 9 year old wants to see you do some Eminem.

  • Breno Silvestre
    Breno Silvestre Month ago

    I have never thought a version of Boys Don't Cry would make me cry but you did. You show that you have not just a strong voice but you can put so much soul and emotion on it in a effortless way. You move me!

  • Xará ́duedinho
    Xará ́duedinho Month ago

    Sou do Brasil e tive a feliz surpresa de encontrar Puddles Pity Party . Você fez minha semana brilhar cada mais .
    Best moment ever !

  • Nick Hare
    Nick Hare Month ago +1

    This boy sure did cry. Thank you puddles :) You've helped me find my heart again.

  • Sarah Alaquinez
    Sarah Alaquinez Month ago

    Can you do a cover of The Smith's There's a light that never goes out? I saw it in your favorites playlist and I think it would sound amazing by you.

  • Wendy Nelson
    Wendy Nelson Month ago

    Puddles.. if you could do I'm not crazy by Matchbox 20... Since May 8th, 2015 that is my so Justin's song.... I lost him to suicide on that day! Justin was 25... active duty air force and lost his battle with PTSD and depression taking his life in his room on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma...

    I really wish I would have known you existed before AGT... I would LOVE to say I followed you before that... but I can't... You made me cry almost ALL night after watching you sing.... Chandler... because you're a sad clown... just hanging on.. like Justin was.... You also make me happy and sad at the same time! I know that's a strange combo... but that's what you did watching you on AGT and on here!!

    Thank you so much for what you do!!

  • Some Carnivore
    Some Carnivore Month ago

    Just Beautiful. Wonderfully arranged and performed!

  • Mike West
    Mike West Month ago

    Oh please cover "The Sound of Silence" Please!

  • Tannis Mitchell
    Tannis Mitchell Month ago

    Something by Amanda Palmer would be nice... even if you just listen to a song or two it'd make me happy c:

  • Luna Bates Highmore

    I'm not inlove by 10cc

  • Tim Habey
    Tim Habey Month ago

    I want to see you singingling Overkill - Men At Work
    Thank you for making my days better, hug from Brazil!

  • Robbie McLovin`
    Robbie McLovin` Month ago

    This is greatsauce here!

  • allen atkinson
    allen atkinson Month ago

    I'm so lonesome I could cry.

  • allen atkinson
    allen atkinson Month ago

    Brown eyed girl

  • Doc Railgun
    Doc Railgun Month ago

    Poor Puddles.

  • Karen Walker
    Karen Walker Month ago

    me. here. headphones. heaven. <3

  • mangog299
    mangog299 Month ago

    Complimenti per l'interpretazione, originale e interessante, bravo.

  • SnjperWulf
    SnjperWulf Month ago

    Thank you for bringing your talent to the world. I think we can all agree we want and need more of it these days. Please stick around!

  • Paul Teti
    Paul Teti Month ago

    Who the hell voted "I dislike this" on this video!

  • mark valenzo
    mark valenzo Month ago

    made me emotional and im a cinical pos

  • Shadows Girl
    Shadows Girl Month ago +1

    Best cover of this song EVER! Love it.

  • Fritz Languish
    Fritz Languish Month ago

    simply beautiful.

  • belsifer
    belsifer Month ago

    phenomenal artist and you have my strength puddles keep going brother hear on sleeve to heart on sleeve

  • Dustin Largin
    Dustin Largin Month ago

    I'm glad to see an Atlanta native with a Vortex sticker!

  • Ck Hill
    Ck Hill Month ago +1

    I miss monkey zuma :( well..maybe not in this song..BUT, i love and want my Monkey Zuma!

  • Ck Hill
    Ck Hill Month ago

    This is fabulous ! so f'n amazing, another song to listen to 100 times. Amazing voice, fav showman ship and entertainment and talent. the whole package baby!

  • Dancing&Livemusic
    Dancing&Livemusic Month ago

    I love this version!

    DARRELL MATZ Month ago

    this song maid me cry my daughter left my town thank you for this cover

    DARRELL MATZ Month ago

    Please do this song on AMERICAN got Talent

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