Northwestern Kid Crying And Screaming On Tv

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  • Konrex Vector
    Konrex Vector 27 days ago

    little pussy

  • Paul Wilkie
    Paul Wilkie 1 month ago

    poor little man is dedicated.

  • RAfael Lopez
    RAfael Lopez 2 months ago

    This is what's wrong with America. What a pussy.

  • Fading PaperYT
    Fading PaperYT 3 months ago

    That boi needs to learn College Kids Watch College Basketball Middle School? NU

  • Pamm Meee
    Pamm Meee 3 months ago

    he had better be related to someone on the NW staff or his parents are seriously to blame here.

  • Richard Benitez
    Richard Benitez 3 months ago

    Very proud of this kid. Very honest kid. Is a high light of the tournament. Had good laughs on his behalf.

  • Cc Cc
    Cc Cc 4 months ago

    This is the reaction when F-Zero Gp Legend anime got canceled

  • VinDaBeast03
    VinDaBeast03 4 months ago

    When they throw C4

  • Emma Weber
    Emma Weber 4 months ago

    Poor kid..

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 4 months ago

    Why is this comment section being such a douche to this kid. The ref made a terrible call and the kid just got upset. This was Northwestern's first ever March Madness tournament so I am sure it was very intense and nerve racking. Plus Northwestern started to come back in this game so the kid probably got extremely excited at thought of his team knocking off the 1 seed Gonzaga. Calling this kid a spoiled brat is mean especially when you have no evidence to back it up.

    • Vineshroom
      Vineshroom 2 months ago

      Why would you need evidence to back up such a loose statement? This isn't scientific research, it's a kid crying on a YouTube video.

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett 4 months ago

    Well northwestern is in Illinois so he is probably a liberal crybaby that can't accept losing and needs a participation trophy.

  • siltysand
    siltysand 4 months ago

    spoiled dweeb

  • PonyBob Haslam
    PonyBob Haslam 4 months ago

    His outburst was nothing compared to feminazi mom when trump won. LMAO.
    Lib womem are rasing a nation of pussies/.

  • ガンダム Destiny
    ガンダム Destiny 4 months ago

    this stupid kid should know there is no eternal winner in the game!

  • ガンダム Destiny
    ガンダム Destiny 4 months ago

    Retarded kid

  • Michael King
    Michael King 4 months ago

    Guess who just found out the "everyone gets a participation medal" phase of his life is over.

  • Steve Dubs
    Steve Dubs 4 months ago

    He is NW's Athletic Directors son so that makes this that much worse. No really, he is the AD's son.....lmfao, not many d-bag 12 year olds but here is one on national tv.

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson 4 months ago


  • Johnny Colorado
    Johnny Colorado 4 months ago

    glad to see people still record with ipotatoe 2

    • Johnny Colorado
      Johnny Colorado 4 months ago

      Laugh Express lmao it's all good. I was talking about this earlier and went to show my girl the video and she just waved it off like "nah I can't even see that" to put it in context it was maybe five minutes after waking up but thanks for uploading have a good day!

    • Laugh Express
      Laugh Express 4 months ago

      FoRTuNe 500 lol, sorry my editing software was on the wrong frame

  • Nathaniel de Labry
    Nathaniel de Labry 4 months ago

    Today at school, he is going to get bullied like crazy 😁

    • Treverbeast 454
      Treverbeast 454 2 months ago

      akabuca96 You are correct.

    • akabuca96
      akabuca96 2 months ago

      yo wait, Treverbeast454 from sporcle?!? is that you!?!?

    • Treverbeast 454
      Treverbeast 454 3 months ago

      Grace Adivers You're telling me that you actually go to school with John Phillips? Cause at this point, I don't believe you.

    • Grace Adivers
      Grace Adivers 4 months ago

      Nathaniel de Labry no he isn't he goes to my school and everyone was fine with it and congratulating him he is one of my really good friends

  • Nathaniel de Labry
    Nathaniel de Labry 4 months ago


  • realmrose do
    realmrose do 4 months ago

    Did he really think Northwestern was gonna win? Plus they covered the spread so why was he so upset?

  • realmrose do
    realmrose do 4 months ago

    Lil bitch

  • Steven Slater
    Steven Slater 4 months ago

    If I acted like that I'd get my ass beat

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson 4 months ago

    Spoiled brat has embarrassed himself for LIFE.

    • Vineshroom
      Vineshroom 2 months ago

      He's at a live event. If something is worthy of recording, it's going to be recorded by someone.

    • Nate T
      Nate T 4 months ago

      Chris Watson by going out in public? He didnt ask for cameras to be pointed at him....

    • Nathaniel de Labry
      Nathaniel de Labry 4 months ago


  • Derek Snyder
    Derek Snyder 4 months ago

    Reminds me of liberals on election night. #Kappa

    • Summer Day
      Summer Day 1 month ago

      As a non-American I can't wait till trumpcare kicks in.

  • B. Leeann springer
    B. Leeann springer 4 months ago

    The boy needs to learn that there's winners and losers in the games of sports.  Looks rather spoiled and overindulged.  Whining and melting down, unless he's mentally challenged,  is poor coping skills.

    • Luk 99
      Luk 99 3 months ago

      Charles Black what does race have anything to do with this, you're pathetic person

    • Nate T
      Nate T 4 months ago

      B. Leeann springer fucking hell guys it's just a kid

    • Josh Adcock
      Josh Adcock 4 months ago

      Stop being idiots it's just a kid

    • Michael King
      Michael King 4 months ago

      Sorry to hear that.

    • Johnny Colorado
      Johnny Colorado 4 months ago

      Charles Black like the blacks have cried over the election and a laundry list of other bullshit

    JTSK CR 4 months ago

    Poor kid

  • Clay Farris
    Clay Farris 4 months ago

    horrible video

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