McNUGGETS VS HOMEMADE - McNugget Challenge! SECRET ingredients exposed!

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  • A. Bok
    A. Bok 4 hours ago

    I made homemade chicken nuggets and they were great! tasted like McDonalds but i knew what was in them. they did take a little longer but soooo worth it!!!

  • noswonky
    noswonky 13 hours ago

    Come in a box?

  • nyewente two
    nyewente two 20 hours ago

    nick your so ugly

  • Crispiercomet C.
    Crispiercomet C. 2 days ago

    LOL she chose the store bought McNuggets because their greasier and crunchier but she did not pick the homemade ones when they were juicier bigger and tastier

  • krystal morales
    krystal morales 2 days ago

    Im still eating his but i feel bad of the chicken

  • ava leone
    ava leone 2 days ago

    Guess ignorance is bliss for dumb asses. " I don't want to know what's in it". Serious?. The mating call of the sheep lol.

  • Country Kitchen
    Country Kitchen 2 days ago


  • Lord Aceldama
    Lord Aceldama 2 days ago

    just a thought, but in theory if you added just a tiny bit of sugar to the batter the colour would be closer to the maccy d's

  • shafighbalmusic
    shafighbalmusic 3 days ago

    Can you make buffalo chicken wings please? Im dying for that recipe

  • One Romero
    One Romero 4 days ago

    Great edit and delicious recipe!!!! Keep them coming!!!

  • GamerForEver
    GamerForEver 4 days ago

    I choose yours, I have tried your recipe step by step, and the McDonald's one's, and yours ARE WAY BETTER!

  • xX Dark Kitti Xx
    xX Dark Kitti Xx 5 days ago

    Damn straight! I hate sharing 😂😂

  • sniderfire
    sniderfire 5 days ago

    Nicko what happened to you man? You were really fit and extremely handsome at one time! Gotta keep up with the work!

  • zeer365
    zeer365 5 days ago

    I wonder if she would have said something different if you used panko bread crumbs to make them extra crispy?

  • PotatoDroid
    PotatoDroid 6 days ago

    who's the guy at @0:23

  • Kevin Chanderpaul
    Kevin Chanderpaul 6 days ago

    maybe mix some dark meat

  • shadowsfollowdeath
    shadowsfollowdeath 6 days ago

    love watching your videos man

  • Giovanna Casadio
    Giovanna Casadio 7 days ago

    I would eat yours any day. Here in Italy Mac nuggets are pricy.

  • Lacy Walden
    Lacy Walden 7 days ago

    Been following your channels for a few years now and I love all your videos and I always recreate your recipe's coz they're AMAZING!!!. :)

  • Mark Saad
    Mark Saad 7 days ago

    +1 subscriber KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!👍👍👍👍

  • Noxmoony
    Noxmoony 7 days ago

    Nicko your chicken nuggets looked so good, and the seasoning mixture had such a great combination. I'm gonna try it out!

  • T C S Tube
    T C S Tube 7 days ago

    make an oreo mc flurry

  • samljer
    samljer 7 days ago

    55% water flour and oil... yum.

  • Saima Zakir
    Saima Zakir 7 days ago

    How much should we wait between the the two frying sessions?
    Thanks ! ❤️

  • pillefaxe
    pillefaxe 7 days ago

    so... she knows they're healthier? who told her that?

  • Shinji D
    Shinji D 8 days ago

    maybe adding potato starch into the batter will make it crisps up more

  • What's a good display name?

    i LOOOOVE mcnuggets

  • Angela Nardi
    Angela Nardi 8 days ago

    Have only started ur vid n I already KNOW urs will be better Dicko 👍🏼😁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • AllasYummyFood
    AllasYummyFood 8 days ago

    hahah that was so much fun to watch!! i would def pick the home made ones, they look better and I know whats inside!! mmm

  • JustATypicalGuy
    JustATypicalGuy 8 days ago

    Oreo vs Oreo

  • XDeadzX
    XDeadzX 8 days ago

    This is great comedy. Keep it up Nicko.

  • Ranajit Dey
    Ranajit Dey 8 days ago

    I'm watching your video after SO long time. I am so happy to see your videos are so creative, funny and entertaining to the core. Kudos !

  • Dboiaffiliated
    Dboiaffiliated 8 days ago

    How high to set the stove

  • Winnie Yee
    Winnie Yee 8 days ago

    How can she pick those greasy ones!!! I would totally go for the homemade ones. Need to know what you are eating!

  • anthony whitehead
    anthony whitehead 8 days ago

    aawwww ur wife gotta win under her belt.although I hate mickey d nuggets.but u won yay&also by the way& my mickey d,the cookies are served like that&homemade ur vids.please keep them coming.

  • ntm05
    ntm05 8 days ago

    Obese people debating about deep fried chicken... society

  • shane agnew
    shane agnew 8 days ago

    glad to see ur bAck nicko

  • Lion Man
    Lion Man 8 days ago

    One question. Do you cater?

  • junit483
    junit483 8 days ago

    make it half corn starch half self rising flour

  • John Weems
    John Weems 8 days ago

    i get Mcnuggets because that way it's hard to screw up my order. There's no take off the onion or add ketchup or whatever else. Just I want some nuggets.

    MELANIE 8 days ago

    you should've compared your nuggets to the KFC ones! by appearance and how they aren't as crunchy they wouldv'e been exactly like KFC nuggets :)

  • LogicTech
    LogicTech 8 days ago

    Homemade hands down!
    Nice video guys!

  • Mubina Nigarova
    Mubina Nigarova 9 days ago

    I actually picked homemade one.

  • ashlee452
    ashlee452 9 days ago

    Is fast food in Australia really cheaper than homemade stuff? Here in Germany fast food is expensive, so if you make it at home it costs ~70% less

  • slimkt
    slimkt 9 days ago

    I do love the crunch of a classic McNugget, but Rob's looked way better! How could you ever deny MORE CHICKEN!? "Waxes male genitals" had me cracking up after #GetYourNugzOut

  • Dante A. Cabrera N.
    Dante A. Cabrera N. 9 days ago

    Nicko you are the winner for me. homemade: Better looking, and i think more healthy, and i think the texture must be more delicious.
    oh XD the baby sleeps all the way back and forth.

  • MrNuts1985
    MrNuts1985 9 days ago

    good to see you back mate love your videos you looking healthy to

  • theRealRindberg
    theRealRindberg 9 days ago

    You made nuggets about five years ago (I think)... with pure chicken and I made them since and my kids love them!

    Also that's when I subbed ;)

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity 9 days ago

    love the new vids. keep em coming

  • blackrose86lh
    blackrose86lh 9 days ago

    I really think I need to try and make these, bit more time in it, but the end product looks so much nicer..

  • Saborlas
    Saborlas 9 days ago

    For us Americans, "corn flour" is corn starch.

    Also, Nicko can modify his recipe to be crunchier. THEN HE WINS.

  • rkb100100
    rkb100100 9 days ago

    Hi Nicko!

  • jonbemerkin
    jonbemerkin 9 days ago

    Wow Nicko really let himself go again hes massive....

  • Funny Fave
    Funny Fave 9 days ago

    Just because you don't know what's in them doesn't mean those things aren't in them. Lmfao idiot

  • The Goat
    The Goat 9 days ago +1

    Now I fucking want McChicken Nuggets. But I got no McDonald's near me right now ;-;

  • mega17
    mega17 9 days ago +2

    Yo, nuggets are great but can we talk about driving safety for a moment? Whether or not you can do it properly, dabbing while behind the wheel should be a major no-no.

    • Christos Belibasakis
      Christos Belibasakis 8 days ago

      mega17 she probably was going slow and on a quiet street but I see what ur saying

  • Epic Face
    Epic Face 9 days ago +1

    nickoooo please reply anything😆😆😆

  • David de la Garza
    David de la Garza 9 days ago

    This is a splendid series, you're doing a great job!

  • 林欣慧
    林欣慧 9 days ago

    not related to the video but i've followed your journey from the start and i'm so glad your views are looking up. i hope more people pay attention to your channel. love your work!! keep going :)

  • Sourav Saha
    Sourav Saha 9 days ago

    Can't she just appreciate what's her husband cook? Always challenging and enjoying the wins?

  • Sourav Saha
    Sourav Saha 9 days ago

    Why no more recipe videos?

  • sarah bee
    sarah bee 9 days ago

    have been watching your videos since the beginning

  • kay k
    kay k 9 days ago

    The homemade looks way better!

    HEYu ILLGETu 9 days ago

    hmm girl code aka cheating... why when nicko says try the ones on the right first.. u hear 3 taps on the floor :/

  • Pratik Modi
    Pratik Modi 9 days ago

    you need a diet plan Nick. :D

  • EndlessDreamer9
    EndlessDreamer9 9 days ago

    This is what is wrong in this world. She's going for those nasty ones because they're oily? And they hardly have much chicken meat in them too. I'm going with the homemade ones.

  • Angelica Labermo
    Angelica Labermo 9 days ago +1

    Now I want chicken nuggets

  • AussieHobbit
    AussieHobbit 9 days ago

    Since being diagnosed coeliac I've missed maccas nuggs so much(I would buy the 20 pack and eat them all myself 😂). Gonna give this a try but sub plain gf flour for the normal plain flour! Looks so tasty!

  • Bashir geedi
    Bashir geedi 9 days ago

    You deserve more subs

  • Daniel Wall
    Daniel Wall 9 days ago +14

    Almost $10 for 24 chicken nuggets in the USA we can get 20 chicken nuggets for $4.99

    • Fletchers Flesh
      Fletchers Flesh 3 days ago

      that is why your people are more healthy than us, your cheese is great

    • Bondman007
      Bondman007 6 days ago

      Daniel Wall haha we pay 14usd for 20 nuggets in switzerland

    • WI FI
      WI FI 8 days ago

      $5 in usa is like $8 here

    • Inez Wee
      Inez Wee 8 days ago

      Daniel Wall here in Singapore 20 mcnuggets costs 12.90 Lmao

    • Kara Bottrell
      Kara Bottrell 8 days ago

      and that was a special too x'D They are normally about $15 for 24

  • Kasper Stenbom
    Kasper Stenbom 9 days ago

    I would probably say McDonald's, but yours looks a lot better!

  • Toby Wong
    Toby Wong 9 days ago

    as a mum I consider fried chicken a health food for my kids

  • BlackCat2
    BlackCat2 9 days ago

    Love this video!! I love chicken nuggets but I never eat at McDonald's and I never will. I think my son could possibly be the only kid in the USA that has never eaten a thing from McDonald's. I either make my own nuggets at home or by a good quality frozen kind that has breast meat and good ingredients. - Heidi

  • fanofpink
    fanofpink 9 days ago

    Lol with day of our lives theme!!!!

  • Anil Somwaru
    Anil Somwaru 9 days ago

    That's bs nico should've won 😂😭

  • Day To Day With Rae
    Day To Day With Rae 9 days ago

    I am going to use your recipe to make chicken nuggets for dinner tonight. I wonder though, if instead of frying them twice could I fry them once and then put them in the oven???

  • David Donkel
    David Donkel 9 days ago

    Unbelievable.... Not logical at all... For me, thanks to your recipes, I haven been at a McD's, BK or KFC for a good 4 years now! Home made is healthier, more rewarding, and in the long run cheaper and faster. Remember: you still have to drive to the "restaurant" and wait to get the "food".
    Fast food isn't really fast and doesn't really resemble real food...
    Thanks for your effort into making these videos and helping us have more fun in the kitchen!!!

  • Motorhead44
    Motorhead44 9 days ago

    Homemade because McDonald's is just disgusting.

  • Mays Mama
    Mays Mama 9 days ago

    Now I want some chicken nuggets lol

  • Ross Ritchey
    Ross Ritchey 9 days ago

    hey nicko whats your source for this info?

    • Ross Ritchey
      Ross Ritchey 9 days ago

      Nicko's Kitchen oh cool. so easily accessible. thanks

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      Ross Ritchey McDonalds consumer info

  • Adrian Rambaldo
    Adrian Rambaldo 9 days ago

    You got robbed Nicko.

  • M S
    M S 9 days ago

    jess you are looking good in straight hairs 👍

  • Vinceand Theresa
    Vinceand Theresa 9 days ago

    I'll take Nicko's everytime over the nasty oiley one's!

  • NorthwesterenFan1
    NorthwesterenFan1 9 days ago +10

    Your channel has truly evolved to next level. Congratulations!

  • Jamie Heywood
    Jamie Heywood 9 days ago

    Not tryna be rude but why does Jess have to be so demanding in the drive through? She judges the workers because they don't know everything about everything..

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      Jamie Heywood Jess is just asking the question, she herself works in the industry so would and has never judged them.

  • clickandwatch11
    clickandwatch11 9 days ago +6

    That color difference

    • clickandwatch11
      clickandwatch11 9 days ago

      Hahaha that's their secret! Your end result looks so muuuch better!

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      clickandwatch11 I know 😐 should've used old oil...

  • KeltonNorthampton Byrd
    KeltonNorthampton Byrd 9 days ago +15

    It's all good nicko I'm going with your nuggugets they look a lot better

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      KeltonNorthampton Byrd thank you! I need you as a judge 😂

  • madcat105
    madcat105 9 days ago

    Is this the Simpsons Dr Nick, window to weight gain? if you not sure rub it against a piece of paper.......who wants oily nuggets!

  • Simone Stars
    Simone Stars 9 days ago +2

    Love this series of videos

  • Pepper Pot
    Pepper Pot 9 days ago

    McNuggets all the time. Just easier to cook. Lol

  • vuenavir sanchez
    vuenavir sanchez 9 days ago

    Omg 24nuggets and here we only have 10 as the biggest can order and much cheaper there😩

  • Mother Chaos
    Mother Chaos 9 days ago +50

    I can't believe she picked those shrivelled and greasy offerings over the juicy and tasty looking alternative.

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      google inc the taster does choose, we don't influence during the blind test. Only asks questions after. The show hasn't changed since the first one 3 months ago 😊

    • google inc
      google inc 9 days ago

      p.s maccas nuggets even when not fresh become a crunchier/firmer coating. Although if i had to choose I would choose nickos only because you can taste the freshness, but i'd alter the coating to be thicker to match the maccas ones

    • google inc
      google inc 9 days ago

      i can't believe the show is not about real vs clone but now mocking the competition, i mean aren't the big mac sauce and other crap artificial too? no i'm not being a troll but can't we just be positive and allow the taster choose and that's it. Besides i guess its about personal preference. You might give yourself cancer eating too much of fast food versions as they NEVER replace the oil so its not clean but tastier. Constantly fried oil can really do bad things to it

  • madel reduta
    madel reduta 9 days ago +4

    nicko's kitchen when i watch your videos im so hungry and i said to my dad because he's a best chief"dad can you cook me an food because im hungry nicko's kitchen can i have a request

    • madel reduta
      madel reduta 9 days ago

      like an bubble gum

    • madel reduta
      madel reduta 9 days ago

      can you make cheese burger with an extra cheese homemade vs burger king

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      madel reduta that's cool, sure send me your request 👍🏼

  • JordanBruhh
    JordanBruhh 9 days ago +3

    5:35 idk why i found that so funny, lmao

  • Hey Guys, This Is My New Name

    The first thing that I did when I got my food processor awhile ago was make chicken nuggets and chicken patties. My recipe was a bit different, but they were good.
    I can tell you though, working with that processed chicken is gross and slimy. Almost not worth it. But just like Nicko, I like to know what goes in my food. And the family loved it.

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      Hey Guys, This Is My New Name 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Fazal828
    Fazal828 9 days ago

    Nicko! Please do some Indian food! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!

  • missmellyful
    missmellyful 9 days ago

    Maccas nuggets all the way 💖

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      missmellyful you'll have to come judge Mel 👍🏼

  • Jacqueline A
    Jacqueline A 9 days ago

    Can you bake the nuggets?

  • Jamin Zac
    Jamin Zac 9 days ago +5

    the exciting moment when you work out you live near nicko

    • BrackaFlackaFlames
      BrackaFlackaFlames 8 days ago

      I legit worked at that maccas and knew straight away 😂

    • Jamin Zac
      Jamin Zac 9 days ago

      Nicko's Kitchen what time you want me round for dinner tomorrow? I'm literally a few streets away

    • Jamin Zac
      Jamin Zac 9 days ago

      its ok i wont post your suburb

    • Nicko's Kitchen
      Nicko's Kitchen 9 days ago

      Jamin Zac 😂😂

  • Dernald Tremp
    Dernald Tremp 9 days ago +2

    Love what you're doing with the channel man.

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