11 Things You Didn't Know About North Korea

  • Added:  2 years ago
  • Everyone's heard about North Korea, the isolated kingdom that hangs off the east coast of China - but did you know these 11 facts about the infamous country?

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    11 Things You Didn't Know About North Korea

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Comments: 12 560

  • Ariana
    Ariana 23 hours ago

    That place is pretty fucked uped

  • Zainab Abdullahi
    Zainab Abdullahi 2 days ago

    I wanna live in canada😭😭

  • Hugo Ansbach
    Hugo Ansbach 3 days ago

    I'm not here to cause, but I will (lol)
    Of course weed is legal, look at the country, the guy don't want anyone getting too anxious for a leadership (or politic) change.
    They want everyone relaxed and ~coughs~ "happy".

  • 995Super
    995Super 6 days ago

    Kim Jong Oink*

  • Chakdegirl
    Chakdegirl 6 days ago

    Korea ruled by a toad!

  • sunbro
    sunbro 7 days ago +1

    I'm so glad I'm not in that shit country

  • RosyRBL X
    RosyRBL X 7 days ago

    couldn't he just get pushed off the balcony he stands on?...

  • SquidCake
    SquidCake 8 days ago

    Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Dos
    Kim Jong Tres

  • Queen Of Randomness!!!

    Why can't his chef just poison him?

  • BladeLution
    BladeLution 9 days ago

    United States should kill the bitch

  • mad Farr
    mad Farr 11 days ago

    Seriously Click bate? I already knew all 11 facts

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 12 days ago

    Donald trump will kill Kim jong un

  • Wrtek CZ
    Wrtek CZ 13 days ago

    I heard they creatwd nuke that can fly everywere around world 😨

  • Vibhuti Sood
    Vibhuti Sood 13 days ago

    sala bhosdika chutiya is ki gand mein jhand

  • Man Man
    Man Man 17 days ago

    Whait Weed is legal? Guess I am moving to North Korea

  • someone- somebody
    someone- somebody 18 days ago

    I knew almost everything

  • Bruce Maclennan
    Bruce Maclennan 20 days ago

    You don't have to believe any favourable slant on N.K. - you can see for yourself in newsreels etc. how at public events and parades the performers and soldiers have obviously been choreographed to clap and wave in unison, their smiling faces hiding their fear of going out of sync. Notice also the terrified look on the faces of the top brass who surround their 'glorious' leader - one wrong word or blink at the wrong time and theirs will be a grisly fate. Defeats me how the fat man believes he can hoodwink the world into thinking he is anything other than a brutal dictator of the worst kind.

  • Aleyamma Alexander
    Aleyamma Alexander 20 days ago

    I would be dead right now in north korea

  • Aleyamma Alexander
    Aleyamma Alexander 20 days ago

    Stupid Kim Jong in

  • FireFoxy StUdios
    FireFoxy StUdios 21 day ago

    guys becareful,north korea may start world war

  • Sergio Reynoso
    Sergio Reynoso 21 day ago

    Wow north Korea don't believe in the Bible that's stupid I beat they have church there two probably burn down if they gotten build. at lest we could watch porn over here in the USA lmao.

  • Converse Shoes
    Converse Shoes 22 days ago

    What Is Wrong With People?

  • GreenMaster 06
    GreenMaster 06 22 days ago

    Starving Kids in Africa should've ate Kim's Uncle but no, It was the starving dogs.

  • yassin Romanoski
    yassin Romanoski 24 days ago

    we need ro kill this fat bitch to save korean people

  • Leron Umerdekar
    Leron Umerdekar 24 days ago

    I Just Hate the Leadership of North Korea !!!!

  • 보자기지롱
    보자기지롱 25 days ago

    im from south korea kim jeongoen is noob

  • dungish
    dungish 26 days ago

    punkduck talking?

  • anomoly fighter
    anomoly fighter 28 days ago +1

    well if he don't repent he will be TORTURED IN HELL imbecile obviously wants that.

  • anomoly fighter
    anomoly fighter 28 days ago +1

    no wonder their brains are addled.

  • AX48D
    AX48D 28 days ago

    1:45 deleted from photos

    using RedStarOs

  • iSYLDD
    iSYLDD 28 days ago

    can North Koreans get on youtube

  • jackbackband
    jackbackband 28 days ago

    Dear Kim Jong-un if you're looking at this I made a tune for you called The Emperors Secret Rocket Garden >>>>>>>> https://www.reverbnation.com/jackbackband

  • Team Tg
    Team Tg 28 days ago

    Someone needs to assasinate kim jong whatever

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw 29 days ago

    Dear Kim Jong Un, I have taught English for 10 years in Korea, China, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. If you need any tutors in English, I am the one.

  • Badam Svren
    Badam Svren 1 month ago


  • Fernando Lapitan
    Fernando Lapitan 1 month ago

    West propaganda. Remember Saddam? Same formula the i perialist america is using.

  • King Shah
    King Shah 1 month ago

    how u know if these r real

    JOSE ORNELAS 1 month ago

    well. if I can get weed there without permission I'm in!!

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar 1 month ago

    if you want to punch Kim jong un on face then like this

  • Melissa Sharma
    Melissa Sharma 1 month ago

    (Comment removed by Kim Jong un

  • abhin sukumar
    abhin sukumar 1 month ago

    is it ture i think it may be a fake VDO

  • Life
    Life 1 month ago

    Boi if that fat ass looking ass ugly ass watermelon looking kid dosant die in 3 months ima bout to go full fucking Rambo on dis shit

  • Jaime de Sevilla
    Jaime de Sevilla 1 month ago

    Hey, Kimmy boy, my dream is to go to North Korea and urinate in your face, you fat fuck! Please read this, little Kimmy.

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer 1 month ago


  • Ashlynn Addy
    Ashlynn Addy 1 month ago

    so they dont beleive at our powerful almighty God/jesus? 😕

  • Ashlynn Addy
    Ashlynn Addy 1 month ago

    Omygod why is the bible banned from north korea I'm mad and at the same time shocked 😮😕

  • Red Face
    Red Face 1 month ago

    And people complain about Islam. Psh stupid Americans

  • DERP Tristan
    DERP Tristan 1 month ago

    Kim Jong should hang himself

  • DERP Tristan
    DERP Tristan 1 month ago

    I fucking hate north korea

  • stanly
    stanly 1 month ago +1

    Did you see more uglier person than this dick.

  • stanly
    stanly 1 month ago +1

    He's a fucken funny guy. Yellow and with big head brain washed head.

  • Franniccino
    Franniccino 1 month ago +1

    All those hairstyles are ugly

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 1 month ago

    where are these "facts"coming from? references?

  • Hap Phantom
    Hap Phantom 1 month ago

    North Korea succeeding is like the Earth randomly exploding, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

  • Farhan Merza
    Farhan Merza 1 month ago

    best video

  • Accelerator ツ
    Accelerator ツ 1 month ago


  • mary a
    mary a 1 month ago

    OMG!! IT's soo scary and frustrating to think that we have a Hitler right here in 2017,and we can't do anything for the poor people suffering from his conserved or expired mind

  • boysponge705
    boysponge705 1 month ago

    Not even the dogs are safe from Kim's brutality.

  • Akash Jain
    Akash Jain 1 month ago

    Yagami Light meanwhile :Kim Jong un....eliminate eliminate eliminate... :P

  • Annique Cilliers
    Annique Cilliers 1 month ago

    It's fucking sick and disgusting! Things I take for granted are illegal in North Korea. And Death camps are... I have no words, only sorrow.

  • Holly India wood
    Holly India wood 1 month ago

    Kim Jong-un deserve a RKO from Randy Orton and f5 from brock lassaner

    27,897,456 views 1 month ago

    The weed has to suck in North Korea amirite

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  • X StaringAura25 X
    X StaringAura25 X 1 month ago

    what does LMAO stand for?

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 1 month ago +1

    Folks, it seems Uncle Sam is using N. Korea as a scapegoat to build up it's own arms race, by developing ICBM missile defense technology, (just as Strategic Defense Initiative in the 80's). Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for hidden truth.

  • Carry's Tau
    Carry's Tau 1 month ago

    Pornography is banned....... KILL YOUR FUCKIN RULER!!!

  • The Diamond Gumball 88

    kim jong un is an idiot like if u agree

  • Joyce Paveine
    Joyce Paveine 1 month ago

    Surely God will bring justice.
    When God strikes,it isn't going to be easy. This dictator will gain his own inhumane activity in a much inhumane manner.Something he will never escape from with pain,and no one to help him.
    God watches over the people of the world.
    God will never fail His own people.

  • 2day4u 7117
    2day4u 7117 1 month ago

    I Hate that Fat Bitch

  • TheEndIsNear
    TheEndIsNear 1 month ago

    kim used to be my bitch I had savagery rough tough sex with him daily he swallowed my semen and I pokey bum wanked him

  • SpetZemas
    SpetZemas 2 months ago

    The irony that Jong Un's uncle commited crimes and Jong Un isn't punished?

  • MosuX25 Bunny Cutie
    MosuX25 Bunny Cutie 2 months ago

    North korea is extremly Fucked Up
    like of you never want to go to north korea

  • Savage Gamers
    Savage Gamers 2 months ago

    Donald Trump is going to end that crazy shit that's going on over there

  • Nationalist Greek
    Nationalist Greek 2 months ago

    My damn dream Country, no cars no pollution, nature is not suffering, less global warming!!!

  • Hafiezul Haq
    Hafiezul Haq 2 months ago

    -I hate you kim jong un-
    I really hate you

  • Matthew Ruhl
    Matthew Ruhl 2 months ago

    poor people this shit makes me sick.

  • Rhsick World
    Rhsick World 2 months ago

    Kin Jong un is hittler 2.0 even tho North Korea is owned by Russia and Russia hated hittler

  • Connector A
    Connector A 2 months ago

    Fat Boy is a fool leader Kim boy fat boy

  • AMG Wagon
    AMG Wagon 2 months ago

    Now I'm glad Donald trump is the president!!

  • XXSpike70XX
    XXSpike70XX 2 months ago

    I did a study on NK so I might know a few.
    1. ik that
    2. ik that
    3. ik that except the dog part
    4. ik
    5. Idk well except about christianity being illegal
    Wow 5/10 eghh, well it is not very well known facts.

  • How to do soccer Tricks

    North Korea 🇰🇵 flag represents bullsh*t

  • How to do soccer Tricks

    When North Korea launches a misled there leader as happy but every time it explodes here are some of his faces


  • Jonfrid Holnan Siae
    Jonfrid Holnan Siae 2 months ago

    The korean kingdom was once famous, now split in claws, when it's peaceful, the best way BACK ONE COUNTRY .....

  • Mia John
    Mia John 2 months ago

    Can any gangs exists to kidnapp him and torture him!

  • Iqbal Riza Indrawan
    Iqbal Riza Indrawan 2 months ago

    Ngejo diri dewek be buntal gemok pantek pilat kau

  • Iqbal Riza Indrawan
    Iqbal Riza Indrawan 2 months ago

    Ngejo diri dewek be buntal gemok pantek pilat kau

  • Newman Tamu
    Newman Tamu 2 months ago

    Fuck your western media, bullshit, you US try to be saints US,UK are much more worse then North Korea

  • Payal S
    Payal S 2 months ago +1

    for the people who say Donald Trump is a dictator, haha, now is he after watching this video? Exactly so shut up and appreciate where you are living and the president.

  • Neddrick Goodrum
    Neddrick Goodrum 2 months ago

    Hold on weed is legal in North Korea an still illegal in some parts in us wow

  • Vinod Kumar Hindu
    Vinod Kumar Hindu 2 months ago


  • All Changes
    All Changes 2 months ago

    Cannabis is not a drug.

  • Janie Kellam
    Janie Kellam 2 months ago

    This is so sad.

  • Wayne Mathews
    Wayne Mathews 2 months ago

    biggest wierdo place on earth

  • Jonathan Trevesser
    Jonathan Trevesser 2 months ago

    This is BS

  • Meghan Serafino
    Meghan Serafino 2 months ago

    How has his military not rebelled yet?

  • Josiah Lim
    Josiah Lim 2 months ago +1

    what is the first music??

  • Remi Rio
    Remi Rio 2 months ago

    can I masterbate in North Korea

  • chris sprenger
    chris sprenger 2 months ago

    where the fuck do you get your facts from... kids uncles was shot to death... do some research and check your fuckin resorces

  • Darko Stanisavljević
    Darko Stanisavljević 2 months ago

    They are fucking free to love their leaders as much as they want, as far as the West is concerned. Maybe it would be creepy for them too to see how much the Western World cried and whined about fucking George Michael. Why you Westerners have to be so hypocritical. Not of your damn bussines , as much as i am concerned they can adore a Tree Trunk if they want. Fucking bastards

    • Darko Stanisavljević
      Darko Stanisavljević 2 months ago


    • Darko Stanisavljević
      Darko Stanisavljević 2 months ago

      You are a retard if you think there aren't people who would kill their kids before betraying Kim Jong Un. Have you ever been to North Korea? NO? So shut the fuck up, and let the people who know what are they talking about get the point through. I lived in NK 3 times 3 months, studying history. My friend, history Phd and a very smart and civilized gentleman, who would anihilate you in an ane knowledge quiz, is more inteligent than you, and knows more about european and us policy than you. And you think they are all brain dead and stupid zombies? Man, you talk about Korean propaganda (which indeed exists, and is not something i like) , but you fail to see the Western propaganda and its lies. I just hope the US attacks. Then you will remmember Vietnam bitches

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis 2 months ago

      Darko Stanisavljević you're a fucking moron nobody adores Kim Jong Un it's all fear

  • N3RO
    N3RO 2 months ago +1

    Its Illegal to watch sponge Bob in north Korea What the fuck dude north Korea is fucking hell basically the north Korean leader is fucking Satan and Hitler well Hitler and the fucking idiotic north Korean hypocrite are both Satan But On Earth Well I'll fucking celebrate when the fucking hypocrite north Korean leader dies BOI he's 30 something we got like 40 Extra years oh fuck

  • Osaid ali khan
    Osaid ali khan 2 months ago +1

    his uncle being killed by dogs is a fake story

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