Best Saves in NHL History

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  • Alexander Huynh
    Alexander Huynh 6 months ago +239

    Does HF pin?

  • och70
    och70 Day ago

    Best saves in NHL history? You left out a lot of NHL history. Nothing from the Original Six era. Nothing from the post-1967 expansion era. Hardly anything from the 1980s.

  • Craig Yewy
    Craig Yewy 2 days ago

    The best part about this video wasn't the saves, it was that The Highlight Factory didn't use heavy metal as background music like everyone else.

  • #
    # 3 days ago

    Sensational and timeless video. And the song tops it off. Good choice.

  • Adrian Baggio
    Adrian Baggio 5 days ago

    Gotta love the ol' hasek flip 😂 also Caron is the absolute most clutch goalie ever

  • zilla kami
    zilla kami 6 days ago

    imagine how good a goalie could be at catcher

  • konky donk
    konky donk 7 days ago

    can't believe only 4 of 30 were habs saves

  • Al Burbank
    Al Burbank 8 days ago

    My favorite save ever was Nabby on Richards

  • TheFlyestDude
    TheFlyestDude 12 days ago

    that beat is hard 👏🔥🔥

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell 13 days ago

    Corridor depression separate mountain fall residence vanish section conduct.

  • Youngseck Hong
    Youngseck Hong 17 days ago

    dis video keeps lagging

  • david martin
    david martin 18 days ago

    compromise gun matter sxqqm park tie boundary restriction site criticize its brown.

  • Bruins Fan 88
    Bruins Fan 88 19 days ago +1

    2:10 i miss tim thomas 😞

  • Tracer Sutton
    Tracer Sutton 23 days ago

    this is my favorite hockey video in youtube

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 23 days ago

    How is "The Save" by Pietrangelo not on this?

  • Perry jacobs
    Perry jacobs 24 days ago


  • Grand Tally
    Grand Tally 24 days ago

    U forgot a lundqvist save on Boston cross crease I rmbr tht and I love the bruins

  • Abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxy Z

    Such a good video!

  • Security Shark
    Security Shark 25 days ago

    Pre-video me: That one save better be on here

    Post-video me: Hey, it is. I dare you to find it. Hint: it's a Pittsburgh goalie

  • Deanne Guenette
    Deanne Guenette 27 days ago

    looked like fleury was smacking a fly

  • H. Chinaski
    H. Chinaski Month ago

    When i was goalie 1968-74 my percent was 98.87. They called me The sumo wall.

  • AllStars 3
    AllStars 3 Month ago

    Nice save guys

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago +2

    LOL. That last one was the best by far.

  • Superman91
    Superman91 Month ago +1

    Curtis mchaleny's save against Pittsburgh to send the leafs to the playoffs???

  • Michal N
    Michal N Month ago

    Dominik Hasek is the best

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago

    Carry orice is best

  • Ron Dunn
    Ron Dunn Month ago

    what song is that?

  • Soup Bowl
    Soup Bowl Month ago +1

    These players should get ADT because they got robbed.

  • Slasher2344
    Slasher2344 Month ago +1

    Who plays this music? Love it

    • Slasher2344
      Slasher2344 Month ago

      Never mind found it, love it. Axel Bad Karma

  • Slade Burfield
    Slade Burfield Month ago

    The first save was awesome

  • Ben McKinty
    Ben McKinty Month ago

    Everybody reply who is their favourite goalie in history?

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Month ago

    big deal none of those were that good

  • durpy derp
    durpy derp Month ago

    1:50 remember kids this is hockey not baseball but this is the exception

  • Eeni Winqvist
    Eeni Winqvist Month ago


  • Mark Casey
    Mark Casey Month ago

    at 1:20 it is clearly in the net.

  • Matt Graves
    Matt Graves Month ago

    Knew there had to be a few Dominator saves. Hasek was a hell of a tendy

  • AdmiralOddSock
    AdmiralOddSock Month ago

    Would've been a good video. If it didn't have music!

  • Ron Koerner
    Ron Koerner Month ago

    who put this shifty African music in this horrible video

  • Petr Jelének
    Petr Jelének Month ago

    Hašek is best golman ever

  • Chase Peters
    Chase Peters Month ago

    the first one probobly didn't change a thing

  • James Doane
    James Doane Month ago

    Favorite save is Holtbeasts

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Month ago

    That man went flying at the end. Holy shit.

  • Nathan Stauffer
    Nathan Stauffer Month ago

    God hockey is such a fantastic sport

  • Blitz Gamer
    Blitz Gamer Month ago

    and it is by axel the self

  • Blitz Gamer
    Blitz Gamer Month ago

    ok everyone who is wondering the song it is bad karma

  • Axl Nelson
    Axl Nelson Month ago

    Derek jeter career highlights

  • Jish
    Jish Month ago

    Miller may not be the best goalie, but holy fuck can he make some pretty unbelievable saves

  • Brettspedd1
    Brettspedd1 Month ago

    What's the song?

  • Reaction All-Stars
    Reaction All-Stars Month ago +2

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  • Seoung Tack Lim
    Seoung Tack Lim Month ago +1

    make more of this sufft plz

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Month ago

    Why can't these announcers be on the soccer league?

    FYR3FLY Month ago +1

    Price will always be the best to me

  • joe hiller
    joe hiller Month ago

    good vid however music not necessary

  • Alex Britton
    Alex Britton Month ago

    I love the video

  • Tim Jorgensen
    Tim Jorgensen Month ago

    Go Robin Lehner

  • Armas Heinonen
    Armas Heinonen Month ago

    Typical vast wave knife honey function switch Mrs convict ensure.

  • Ryan Petras
    Ryan Petras Month ago

    Keep the music off it next time please, its very annoying hearing it over the announcer or just hearing the music

  • edboy484
    edboy484 Month ago

    Tbh, this list could be all Hasek and I wouldn't even be mad

  • The Really Useful Engine

    amazing plz pin

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama Month ago

    6:38 That was the luckiest stupidest move I've ever seem.

  • Bobby T.
    Bobby T. Month ago

    I don't like the song. :/

  • Great Blue
    Great Blue Month ago

    WHERE WAS PRICE (I know he was in the video but just ONCE!!) 😡😡😡😡

  • Tigerguy 101
    Tigerguy 101 Month ago

    Music completely ruined it

  • B. Bubster
    B. Bubster Month ago

    A really good video...except it was kind of ruined by the music. The commentators and crowds reactions is the only "music" it needs!

  • 27suzukirider
    27suzukirider Month ago +1

    How bout that Hasek

  • Artems Bruvers
    Artems Bruvers Month ago

    I dont understand one thing, Ice Hockey is fucking WHITE sport, so what the faking black NIGGER sounds do in here?

  • Riley Rickert
    Riley Rickert Month ago

    Hockey is the greatest thing ever

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 2 months ago

    I never posted this

  • Michael T.D. Blasting
    Michael T.D. Blasting 2 months ago

    nice vid, music sucked BAD

  • Van dayton
    Van dayton 2 months ago

    I watch this before every hockey game

  • rica lol
    rica lol 2 months ago

    what is the vidio music

  • Sewer Studiouz
    Sewer Studiouz 2 months ago

    0:00 - 7:09 I SHIT BRICKS :D

  • bro sis duo
    bro sis duo 2 months ago

    do u have something against the FLYERS u fuking jerk

  • Дмитрий Басов

    Supreme Hasek!!! Best ever!!!

  • Randy Lease
    Randy Lease 2 months ago

    There are very few goalies (if any) that were ever better than Dominik Hasek. As a Caps (and hockey in general) fan, he was always fun to watch.

  • Alex Dodge
    Alex Dodge 2 months ago

    Where is anti nami when he took it off his bare head in the Stanley Cup Finals

  • B skweres
    B skweres 2 months ago

    ok i like it

  • Hamateur
    Hamateur 2 months ago

    You know its a good save when the other team thinks its a goal.

  • Benjamin Armstrong
    Benjamin Armstrong 2 months ago

    That video was awesome

  • Hayden Horton
    Hayden Horton 2 months ago

    Carey lol

  • It's raining Diamonds
    It's raining Diamonds 2 months ago

    I can do this in my dreams

  • Aidan6313
    Aidan6313 2 months ago


  • Vojtěch Raška
    Vojtěch Raška 2 months ago +1


  • #Beast Mode
    #Beast Mode 2 months ago

    Those 305 dislikes are from the shooters 😂😂😂

  • Wont Stop
    Wont Stop 2 months ago

    RJ > Doc

  • Vlastimil Mourek
    Vlastimil Mourek 2 months ago

    dom hasek

  • Aapo Laitinen
    Aapo Laitinen 2 months ago

    Walking motivation except communicate cart intent pack team oil contemporary.

  • Matthew Paluch
    Matthew Paluch 2 months ago

    It's in modern day history.
    Not 'Best in NHL history'! Plus
    IMHO the music soundtrack

  • TheAmazingEd
    TheAmazingEd 2 months ago

    really well done, obvious that a lot of time and genuine interest went into this videos creatoion. 10/10.

  • Al Casper
    Al Casper 2 months ago


  • Noah Stabler
    Noah Stabler 2 months ago

    rick jeanereat commentary at :55 . gotta luv it

    • Noah Stabler
      Noah Stabler 2 months ago

      the whole scene was great commentary

  • Morfa & Georg
    Morfa & Georg 2 months ago


  • Arpita Gupta DePalma
    Arpita Gupta DePalma 2 months ago

    it is really good what is the name

  • Kuba H.
    Kuba H. 2 months ago +1

    Dominik Hašek 👍👍💙

  • Dcm Mandin
    Dcm Mandin 2 months ago

    Price has been in the league since 2007.  The highlight of his vastly overrated career is the ONE TIME HE MADE IT TO THE SECOND ROUND.  I like Price as a person but he never achieved elite player status.  Nor is he a superstar or even a star.  As a goaltender his record indicates that HE IS MERELY MEDIOCRE.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    the music was fuckin gay

  • Jeremy Picard
    Jeremy Picard 2 months ago

    trop bonne la music

  • bigmomoV1
    bigmomoV1 2 months ago

    quelles belle arrets

  • Kolson Playz
    Kolson Playz 2 months ago


  • FBeskimo
    FBeskimo 2 months ago

    I was at the game 0:50 I wasn't even mad that Lehner saved that, it was incredible.

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