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  • See Gunfire Games' new protagonist Fury in action in this awesome, action packed 12 minute chunk of gameplay you won't find anywhere else.

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    Darksiders 3 Official Reveal Trailer – IGN First

    The First 17 Minutes of Darksiders Warmastered Edition (1080p 60fps):

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Official PS4 Pro Trailer:

    Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Review:

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  • Runtime: 12:19
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Comments: 8 525

  • Roy Milla
    Roy Milla 5 hours ago

    I still want war to play with

  • Metallidethlayerhrax Testamexoduverkillangel

    I didn't know Starfire was a horsemen

  • Rickvian Aldi
    Rickvian Aldi 17 hours ago

    the high heels makes me uncomfortable

  • X Ever X
    X Ever X 1 day ago

    Y r there so many complains, this looks amazing for a pre alpha... like goddamn, getting hyped!!!

  • Hezarfen
    Hezarfen 1 day ago

    wait for strife

  • Houari St
    Houari St 1 day ago

    Were is the exécution ???

  • Tird Dy
    Tird Dy 1 day ago

    NO finisher :(

  • Archaic
    Archaic 3 days ago

    is this real??

  • Fauzan Tikal
    Fauzan Tikal 3 days ago

    hope there's lot of usable weapon, you know, to keep things interesting

  • Grommash hurlecouile

    Four horsman, holders of apocalypse, of death, of war ... but i see them like this 2:53

  • Kai _Hazzellx_
    Kai _Hazzellx_ 3 days ago

    I know this is only a pre-alpha but I would of liked finishers and a better feel of impact on the whip. Like mkx tekkada"s whip sounds ?

  • Mainak Dev
    Mainak Dev 3 days ago

    Is it just me or the gameplay and fighting mechanics are really boring in this, in my opinion Darksiders 2 was much better

  • RealZGaming
    RealZGaming 4 days ago

    WTF have they done this don't even look good. childish graphics

  • Justin Schofield
    Justin Schofield 4 days ago

    I wonder what her chaos form will be.

  • Ulisses Aceiro
    Ulisses Aceiro 5 days ago

    Ulthane is back

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 5 days ago

    Ulthane's back :D

  • Gay fish
    Gay fish 6 days ago

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus this really does look like a pre-alpha.

  • Oussama Karra
    Oussama Karra 6 days ago

    zyra hair(lol) + diana face(lol) + gabriel( castlevania lords of shadow) weapon xd

  • Chinmoy Choudhury
    Chinmoy Choudhury 6 days ago

    need more combo moves

  • EVHinferno
    EVHinferno 6 days ago

    Now we are gonna have to see a darksiders IV so that we hit all 4 horsemen

  • Quinn Newland
    Quinn Newland 7 days ago

    This looks so lame compared to the other two games. That whip is stupid.

  • Твой Братишка

    Боевая система говна кусок


    the game looks good but the weapon is so awfull

  • Mad Blood God
    Mad Blood God 8 days ago

    ... Man as cool as the boss is the demo is boring as hell. No music no flashy moves, no QTE, no finishing bosses, and the player is boring as well as the background, the awesome map designs is not here and the moves look so bland, even the boss fight is boring, it all so undarksiders. Lets hope the final game is nothing like this.

  • Vyshnav Rj
    Vyshnav Rj 8 days ago

    this reminds me Prince of Persia two thrones

  • TyrannoSpank
    TyrannoSpank 8 days ago

    They should stop with the pre alpha/alpha bs. Imagine if movies did that >.>, "Heres a trailer for the new Spiderman, its pre cgi theres no cool effects yet though." totally makes me want it.

  • Arthur Couder
    Arthur Couder 8 days ago

    Look like Darksouls no ?

  • itachidude997
    itachidude997 8 days ago

    I hope she has an ultimate form like death and war did in the first 2 games

  • inSeclone
    inSeclone 9 days ago

    Fighting is so sloppy in DS2 you had the music the dramatic entrance everything DS2 still tha best.

  • Rafał Flisak
    Rafał Flisak 9 days ago

    Shitsiders 3 "This is no place for a horse" edition :-(

  • the sexiest
    the sexiest 10 days ago

    all it needs is a little magic and some badass boss fights and were good

  • George Franklin
    George Franklin 10 days ago

    Why do the graphics look like PS3

  • efe karamenderes
    efe karamenderes 10 days ago

    i hope we will be able to play as strife

  • Joyce MarP
    Joyce MarP 11 days ago

    This is so freakin' beautiful. Fury's combat style reminds me of the Dark Prince from Prince of Persia T2T and Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania LoS (which are two amazing games btw). My only complain for now is her whip, it's not "badass" enough. Plus the camera angle looks weird. I realize this is a pre alpha though :) Good job guys

  • Lauren Carroll
    Lauren Carroll 11 days ago

    Raging against the high heels but only because I know what they do to your feet where you are doing physical activity for long periods. It just seems like a bad idea for your balance as well. But other than that she looks what I imagine a horseman/horselady (which is weird to think about haha) of the apocalypse.

  • OldBurnzy
    OldBurnzy 12 days ago

    i hope they change her art style to look more like in the comics

  • Fernando Torres
    Fernando Torres 12 days ago

    Love the fact that she's not as heavy as War, but she's also not as agile as Death, and I don't know how that would be better for the gameplay perspective, I mean, we can't go back to slow paced fights after how good it felt on Darskiders 2 with Death's fast/agile combat style. I would've thought that a whip would be a better weapon for a fast paced gameplay. Also, would've been cool to have Fury visiting another realm, I mean Darskiders 1 land (Earth) is going to look awesome, but Death's Nordic realms where great. Imagine visiting hell domains with Fury whose hunting down the 7 sins and Heaven on the next game, that way we get the whole Darskiders experience and get ready for the 4 Horsemen experience on Darskiders 5.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Mustafa KILIÇ
    Mustafa KILIÇ 12 days ago

    shameful and sooooo bad.

  • Mateus Daltro
    Mateus Daltro 12 days ago

    Darcksider fodaa

  • Daniel Metal!
    Daniel Metal! 12 days ago

    game looks great, just not a fan of the whip would like to see stronger/powerful weapon but apart from that im happy

  • gfv005
    gfv005 13 days ago

    I like the way the whip looks but I can't figure what is it that makes it feel weak.

  • Alex Alonzo
    Alex Alonzo 13 days ago

    my boys war and death could have took that deadly sin like nothing

  • Antonio Navarro
    Antonio Navarro 13 days ago

    This game is the only reason I will buy a new gen console.

  • Junior Alves
    Junior Alves 13 days ago


  • Leonardo Henrique
    Leonardo Henrique 13 days ago

    Combos repetitivos, barulho do chicote irritante.

  • Mridul Sharma
    Mridul Sharma 13 days ago

    lol dark prince's WHIP was better ( and maybe two whips would do better)

  • Rick ́n Sick
    Rick ́n Sick 14 days ago

    holly crack

  • le mage noir
    le mage noir 14 days ago

    i hope we can see badass samael again

  • THREEstrikzzz 4life
    THREEstrikzzz 4life 14 days ago

    War is my favorite character they should free him!!!

  • Death Wings
    Death Wings 14 days ago

    ive been waiting for this in such a long time

  • A Helping Hand
    A Helping Hand 15 days ago

    Looks awesome. But so far, it still looks like Death is the most powerful of the four.

  • DaraTech
    DaraTech 15 days ago

    Looks good for a PRE-Alpha... Basic combat, no magic and basic music, not bad really

  • Krzysztof Domański
    Krzysztof Domański 15 days ago

    Mam nadzieje że będzie nie tylko ten bicz z broni bo tak troche lipa.

  • Atom Smasher
    Atom Smasher 15 days ago

    This guy is either terrible at the game, or this game is hard af...

  • f thecatrock
    f thecatrock 15 days ago

    9:02 expecting you died on screen

  • XeonProductions
    XeonProductions 16 days ago

    That whip looks weak as hell. It should be on fire and make a more pronounced sound.

  • Kcpandarocker
    Kcpandarocker 16 days ago

    Her whip seems so underwhelming compared to Chaoseater and death's scythes. It doesn't really feel like you're making all that much of an impact against the demons you fight.

  • M3xicanvoodoo
    M3xicanvoodoo 17 days ago

    As much as I like darksiders in all honesty yes I'm happy they finally made a new installment but over all not impressed by the gameplay idk if it's just me just something feels missing but I get it's a pre alpha right now so best I can do is wait to see ACTUAL gameplay

  • Almazroei
    Almazroei 18 days ago

    I hate this weapon :(

  • KnoxHill
    KnoxHill 18 days ago

    I LOVE YOU <3

  • Ginco Daminou
    Ginco Daminou 18 days ago

    J'adore ce jeu il est vraiment très bien j'ai pu le test il est vraiment cool !

  • scrar5165
    scrar5165 18 days ago

    whip...hmmm...not quite impressive, graphic is nice though...

  • Rodney Ford
    Rodney Ford 19 days ago

    The whip looks really weak compared to the weapons in the other games. If you're going to use the whip, maybe take a look at Gabriel's whip from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Fury's whip doesn't look like it has any weight behind it.

  • Adeptus Astartes
    Adeptus Astartes 19 days ago

    I cant really put my finger on it but it doesnt seem as "fluid" as DS II maybe its the whip and scythes are just "faster"? idk. Its actually bothering me a lot lol WIth DS1 kinda expected clunky attacks due to you know "sword" idk what to make of this whip though even though its Fury's thing.

  • Daniel Marques
    Daniel Marques 19 days ago

    Will Darksiders 3 feature amazing crashes and bus like its predecessor?

  • xMaNrEbOrN78
    xMaNrEbOrN78 19 days ago

    Wow this was incredibly boring. Why is this person spamming basic moves? I thought the whole point of videos like this was to get people hyped for the game. This bored me to tears.

  • Ronin Life
    Ronin Life 19 days ago

    Where are the combos?, where the 2 hand combinated skills? where the frantic moments of a hack n' slash based saga?, where the blasts and SFX on combat animations and the Madureira's comic style that mades DS 1 and 2 awesome ?...The atmosphere reminds me of an Arkham game not a DS one. 1 and 2 were inspired by GOW and Zelda's mechanics, Now I can see the Dark Souls inspiration on boss combat but without the difficulty factor....

  • nymphetismal
    nymphetismal 19 days ago

    Character design = awesome!
    Level Design = Throwback, but good!
    Combat Style = Lackluster!
    Even if it's only an alpha, you don't need to show us 12 minutes of Fury using the same 3 basic attacks throughout the ENTIRE VIDEO! We know she has multiple weapons, and her combat system will likely include some major upgrades and opportunities for more wonderfully brutal finishers! Please come out with another gameplay soon!

  • twrciv
    twrciv 20 days ago

    So, we will have to wait till DS5 for a four horsemen team up?

  • joe ten
    joe ten 20 days ago

    Hope they change the sound of that whip. It sounds annoying af

  • The reasonable One
    The reasonable One 20 days ago

    What ever happened to the gritty atmosphere or the lack of light when there was only dark shades now don't get me wrong the game looks great but looks to well "cartoony"

  • Cresor
    Cresor 21 day ago

    The whip doesnt sound like it would damage a demon that has probably "thick" skin, probably something like from God of War inspired with the slashing and integrate it with her whip.

    • Cresor
      Cresor 21 day ago

      Her attack dont look fluid as i expected, i love characters that look like there dancing around theyre opponent, she just looks stationary while she attacks and really just whipping that crap out of her enemies...

  • MatsuKaZa Lee
    MatsuKaZa Lee 21 day ago

    I'm not liking the whip, it doesn't seem like it has a AOE and i was expecting more of a God of war Chain blades, Bayonnetta 2 whip boots, Ninja Gaiden Kursai-gama, kind of gameplay. It feel like the attack patterns are too linear which isn't good for when you get surrounded.

  • Mooders It
    Mooders It 21 day ago

    im really excited for his but sort that whip out!

  • warp strike77
    warp strike77 22 days ago

    they should definitely reworkk on the two other games

  • leonardo enix
    leonardo enix 22 days ago

    Copia perfeita de castlevania lords of shadow principalmente do 2...

  • uc79newtype
    uc79newtype 22 days ago

    I dont think the whip is boring, its just theres no feeling of Intensity behind them. Ya know?

  • Paul Greenberg
    Paul Greenberg 22 days ago

    Boss fight is nothing like it was in previous parts. No mechanics or special hitboxes, we just hit it him until he lose all hp bar...

  • Shane S
    Shane S 22 days ago

    Do you guys think Strife is going to want his pistol back from Death?

    S.CRUNDWELL 23 days ago

    WHY CANT THIS BE ON XBOX 360!!! (No really I'm actally trying to complete both One and Two for this

  • baltazar paredes perez


  • Luciano Silva
    Luciano Silva 23 days ago

    a não vou ter que comprar um ps4

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 23 days ago

    is ther a cutsecne I missed from ds1? I don't remeber war being imprisoned at all. unless I missed something at the end of the credits. I'm still pondering as to why skip strife and go straight to fury? I can't say much since I haven't played ds2 all the way through since it keeps crashing my console when I get to certain areas, haha. if one of you may have an answer for that problem, please help me, so I can finish the second game before trying the third. haha. I play on ps4 btw, but ds2 keeps crashing on me. shutting my whole console off. I even bought the game off ps network and still happened. please let me know if you know how to fix

  • Stefan Karlsson
    Stefan Karlsson 23 days ago

    Needs more gold from enemies, man that sound made Darksiders 2 addictive as hell.

  • Saico D
    Saico D 24 days ago

    so much boring just use one weapon and one combo.need more action like the other game before.i like darksiders II cause so much combo and different way to kill enemy.i hope this new chap give new hope to us to buy and play it

  • Jobandox
    Jobandox 24 days ago

    The game looks really cool even though it is a Pre-alpha version... Graphics are excellent, character movement is really good, the music during the boss fight is on point, enemies look excellent too. They are not showing other weapons or special moves, maybe that is why the demo looked a little repetitive on that aspect, BUT people who played Darksiders 1 & 2 know the amount of gadgets, weapons, armor and special moves in those games so this one will not be the exception.

    I cannot wait to have the final version in my hands!

  • Northern Warlord
    Northern Warlord 24 days ago

    I liked when that big guy turned to player

  • Mighty Baloo
    Mighty Baloo 25 days ago

    My biggest hope is that Jesper Kyd is back for the soundtrack. His score was so fantastic.

  • Melvin Smith
    Melvin Smith 25 days ago

    Her hair is Amazezazazing

  • Umair Aziz
    Umair Aziz 26 days ago

    this whip seems to week, Every new darksiders is reducing the size of weapons, In 1, it was bigger, in 2 got smaller, in 3, just a whip? freakishly annoying gameplay i sense.....

  • Tomorrow of Game
    Tomorrow of Game 26 days ago

    Şükür la Harbiden özlemiştim çok güzel oyun bu offfff beee

  • henrik söderholm
    henrik söderholm 26 days ago

    The whip looks boring..

  • Skal Ka
    Skal Ka 26 days ago

    Anyone else has a problem with darksiders 2? It shuts down my ps4 and i cant play this game..

  • Sidney Steele
    Sidney Steele 27 days ago

    u can tell this game needs polishing in many aspects,but they still have time.gonna buy it no mather what tho cuz of the first 2 games and i want a 4th one to finish up this epic story.

  • Anti Alles
    Anti Alles 27 days ago


  • awesome gaming
    awesome gaming 27 days ago

    Not even a small cutscene-ish thing after killing a boss? Wow.

  • Gaming World PS4
    Gaming World PS4 27 days ago

    Are they making darksiders 4 just because of this game?

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 27 days ago

    I noticed in the latest Game informer that she has a curved double bladed weapon plus her whip upgrades. so don't sell her short. give them a chance to see what the character does

  • Dahom yasser
    Dahom yasser 28 days ago

    Remember guys,

  • Raximus3000
    Raximus3000 28 days ago

    Caslevania anyone?

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