THE most undeniable proof of the Flat Earth SUN! Mindblowing Clip!

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    Remember how they taught us that the sun RISE and FALL on the "curved" horizon?
    Well I just managed to illustrate what we see on our sky when we look at a "sunset" and "sunrise"
    by moving a coin and a ledlamp BACK and FORTH on a plane surface, our kitchen table.

    Awesome song:

    Beautiful videos I borrowed for this video:

    Once again this prooves the earth is flat and the sun circle towards and away from us. and once again on a much much much larger scale this is even easier to proove!

    You need to take into the equation that you as an observer seem to be WAY under the horizon, even on a perfectly flat plan and can NEVER look above the horizon no matter how high up you are.

    How ever if you do go higher up you will see more of the objects that you wouldnt be able to see on ground level. So if the sun would "set" or "rise" you would still see MORE of it beyond the horizon if YOU were higher up.

    On a small scale I have to be below the table just slightly in order to catch the illusion we see out in the real world that the horizon ALWAYS SEEM to be higher up than YOU are.

    Todays cameras are way better than our eyes are and the lense is so much bigger than our eyes so it takes in MORE of the view. This is why I cant have the camera on 75.1cm as the table's edge because the camera see way above that mark and with OUR OWN EYES out in the nature this is NOT POSSIBLE. We don't EVER see ABOVE the horizon (table edge) as the camera does when standing on the same height. Therefore you CANT use your pseudo-science explainations because it doesnt add up with reality of what WE SEE.

    In other words: On a HUGE scale like outdoors we get the ILLUSION of being way below the horizon so in order to create this illusion in this test one actually HAS to be below the horizon otherwise it wouldn't be like in the real world because on a small scale we don't get this illusion. simple as that.

    Open your eyes. Open your mind!
    I am done!
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  • Yunus Jeftha
    Yunus Jeftha 7 hours ago

    What's with the stupid music????

  • myelectroncloud
    myelectroncloud 9 hours ago

    I like how he puts the camera lower than the table top...what a cock!

  • Kangaroo Productions

    Just another dumb video with stupid explanations trying to explain that the Earth is flat. Look up earth pictures. It's a fricken globe. So stop saying it's flat cause it's not. Go back to school or just admit it's a globe. If my comment sounds worthless to u then just look at most of the other people who agree with me and think your ideas about the earth being flat is so stupid. And one more thing if the Earth is flat we would fall off the surface and gravity wouldn't be the same. Also if the earth were to be flat we would see the whole entire horizon all the way across the Earth. It doesn't work that way. We can only see miles across the horizon because it's a globe and the curvature of the earth doesn't allow us to see that far across the horizon. Hopefully this will make sense to you but if it doesn't I'm sure it makes sense to most people in the comments and including myself

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 3 days ago

    Man these flat earthers are tremendous goofballs, and you can't discourage them no matter how much proof you throw at them they keep going, but i get the feeling they're just fucking around they're not serious about earth being flat

  • Oyun Hattı
    Oyun Hattı 5 days ago

    This video proved something to me...

    Some humans are idiots.

  • gastonjabaly
    gastonjabaly 6 days ago

    special kind of stupid

  • SOBpole22
    SOBpole22 7 days ago

    I live at the beach, that was a joke, as the sun SETS, Libertas Alternative Media, it stays the same size. Your coin got bigger or smaller as you move it closer or farther away, explain. A person 6 feet tall, walks a quarter mile away, is now tiny. Those photos had hazy, and cloudy, look for better ones, or come to the beach on a super clear sunset. peace

  • Jose Juanjo
    Jose Juanjo 8 days ago

    It only proves that you steal the videos that you show..............and that you are a fuck up

  • Voyage Media Group
    Voyage Media Group 8 days ago

    if the sun is 3000 miles high, it would not be on the surface of the table - your experiment is flawed. It must be much higher than the table - and you are left with a very different outcome.

  • Charlotte Fan
    Charlotte Fan 8 days ago

    Are you serious??? You move a torch over a table moving what looks like from right to left - this is NOTHING like what we observe, let me repeat that again. It is NOTHING like what we observe!!!

  • Stuff
    Stuff 8 days ago

    This video is a total failure. The table is even higher than the camera. How is this going to replicate the ocean setting or rising of the Sun?

  • naughty thougts
    naughty thougts 8 days ago

    mindblowed by so much casual american stupidity..

  • Steven Markiewicz
    Steven Markiewicz 8 days ago

    Solar filter decent camera correct exposure and zoom settings half hourly photos of the Sun from rise to set collate data observe how Sun never changes in angular size from rise to set ever poof flatearth done and dusted 😀

  • Evan DuBose
    Evan DuBose 9 days ago

    Explain this then, how come there is a light bend in our horizon, if you observe the sunset and the sun is visibly out of view yet, the streets are still fairly lit, it is because the Earth is round and the gases in our atmosphere bend light

  • Reality Check 123
    Reality Check 123 11 days ago

    disclaimer: ball earth has been debunked via curvature tests.

    BUT... the equinox sunrise and sunset angles in the southern hemisphere contradict the standard FE model.

    southern stars don't make any damn sense either.

    welcome to the matrix....

  • Prabin
    Prabin 11 days ago

    haha what rubbish. sun doesnot moves. earth moves . sun is always in its own place bro it never moves. we move round the sun . bullshit. and what the fuck you talking about flat earth ? can't you see the real photos taken from satellites of our round earth ?? fucking bullisht .

  • ScorpioDragon94
    ScorpioDragon94 12 days ago

    dumbest flat Earth video ever.

  • Noel Rivera
    Noel Rivera 12 days ago

    clearly round

  • kyler swanson
    kyler swanson 12 days ago

    i double dog dare flat earthers to go and fly to the north and south pole in a circle around the earth and look for a giant wall of ice did you find it no because the north and south pole does not wrap around the earth dumbass jesus christ even the myans knew about this how do they not get the science by now

  • skoy21
    skoy21 13 days ago

    So, according to FE, the Sun is above Earth, inside a dome or something similar, is way smaller than Earth, and it does a circle over Earth. When it is night, the sun is just far away, so you don't see the light of it, but still in a direct line of sight from you...
    At the same time, according to FE, stars are small "things" on the dome or firmament, over the Sun, way way smaller, and not even close to the brightness of the Sun.
    *BUT* when it is night, and you cannot see the Sun because it is far away, you can see the stars that are behind the sun if you look towards the direction of the Sun.
    Does this really make sense t you??

    The source of light is way more visible that the object being illuminated by that source.
    Take a torch light one night and have a friend move away from you while pointing the light to you.
    Let's say he goes away from you 100 meters, you will see the torch light, but your friend with the light will not be able to see you any more. Seriously, do that.
    Respectively, with FE theory, you should be able to see the sun even during night, without any form of aided vision like telescopes on night vision glasses etc. But you don't, and this is only because it is not in direct line of sight.

  • Flat4Power4Life
    Flat4Power4Life 13 days ago

    I wish the earth was flat so I could push all you flat earth believers over the edge.

  • Lare Bear
    Lare Bear 14 days ago

    Bruh, dude, i ahve watched dozens of FE vids and this may be the best of all. Excellent experiment!

  • Joe Marks
    Joe Marks 14 days ago

    Nice is still a globe

  • Filatuss
    Filatuss 14 days ago

    no....the sun does not move along a giant ass table in the sky...

  • Fred Jaminson
    Fred Jaminson 14 days ago

    The camera is below the simulated source because the viewer of the SUN, on earth is below the sun, not a the height of the SUN, just in case you are too dense to understand that.

  • Heroninja112
    Heroninja112 14 days ago

    lol nice but the earth is round

  • Jermaine Beckford
    Jermaine Beckford 15 days ago

    Why was the camera higher than the table? And why wasn't your coin also higher than the table? Your flat earth says the sun is 3000 miles above the earth and we certainly aren't looking at the horizon below the surface of the earth.

    Such a BAD example. You proved nothing.

  • Nate Richards
    Nate Richards 16 days ago

    Check out my time lapse from the 3rd of July 2017 in which you can see the sun nearly one hour before the official sunrise due to atmospheric conditions / this proves the flat earth case closed!

  • HALONUT101
    HALONUT101 16 days ago

    R you kidding me

  • Teddy Alfrey
    Teddy Alfrey 18 days ago

    If (and that's a big if) perspective worked the way that this dishonest video claims, the head of a person walking away from you would not shrink in size until their feet caught up with the neck. So, even though a person might be 300 feet away, their head would be the same size as it was when they were six feet away. Of course, perspective doesn't work this way! If the Earth were flat, and perspective was the reason the Sun appears to set, the Sun would simply get smaller and smaller, maintaining it's somewhat circular shape, only becoming infinitesimally small before dark. In my opinion, the flat-earthed's complete and utter misunderstanding of perspective proves that they do not know what they are talking about.

  • Dave R
    Dave R 18 days ago

    Nice attempt ... but , seriously... Flat Earth ? That notion went out with the dark ages

  • Russell K. Bonney
    Russell K. Bonney 21 day ago

    Oh boy. Have u seriously thought this out? You had your line of sight BELOW the table top. When does that ever happen om earth?

  • The Journey
    The Journey 22 days ago

    has anyone tried pullimh out a telescope after the sun has set completely and bringing it back like they do with boats?

  • Relax
    Relax 24 days ago

    Flat Earth Society, come to my channel and relax

  • amare cooper
    amare cooper 24 days ago

    if the Earth is flat that means nothing

  • Jerry Smitherson
    Jerry Smitherson 25 days ago

    This was a joke/troll video

  • Airakaz
    Airakaz 25 days ago

    IDIOT, or just smarter than you ;)
    I bet u still believe in 11/9 done by terrorist don't you ;) ?

  • It's_yehboi _zachh
    It's_yehboi _zachh 27 days ago

    go the fuck off this planet... go find a flat world to live in you idiot

  • New Horizons
    New Horizons 28 days ago

    Nice troll, 9/11 would watch again.

  • ordinaryJeff
    ordinaryJeff 29 days ago

    Learn how camera exposure works. The sun remains the same size all day.

    KIDRIDER FURY 29 days ago

    my dog talks! no really it dose!

  • Robin Mercenary
    Robin Mercenary 29 days ago

    big earth vs. human , eyes can deceive everything u see

  • Danny Mcmonagle
    Danny Mcmonagle 29 days ago

    Have you ever been on a plane? You can literally see the earth is a globe and the sun is very far away 😂

  • João Silveira
    João Silveira 1 month ago

    Congratulations, you used your mind, created an analogy, used common sense, and saw that the flat earth is a better model.

    People here in the comment section are what pubic education was made for: a bunch of retards that preffer mathematical formulas they cant understand instead of analogies, real experimentation, common sense, etc. Our world is lost

  • jake jebson
    jake jebson 1 month ago

    brilliant video.

  • Valeria serna bedoya
    Valeria serna bedoya 1 month ago

    Ok, I DON'T believe in the flat earth but please, let's be less mean and more reasonable, by insulting people you're not too different from the middle age people defending the "flat earth" is the same senseless violence. look, if we already have all the science proof we claim for the spherical earth and we are sure about it, then there's no matter about aguing anymore, just be sure about you think and know and just let them be! after all, the humanity has fought enough for defending the science and the truth, is imposible to fall un the same mistakes just for some believers, so just relax or simply don't watch this kind of videos

  • Giovanni Pastrone
    Giovanni Pastrone 1 month ago

    This is not a proof, it's only bollocks, as anything else about flat earth.

  • John Adams
    John Adams 1 month ago

    there is only one single flat earth video of sun/moon rise or set I have yet to see that can possibly prove your theory. I want to see it. Please, go out to a very large body of water on a very clear day, hopefully calm water. use the most increidlbe zoom lens availibe on the market period, follow me on this now. the sun and moon are HUGE, compared to  buildings or skylines. or mountains, you guys even admit they are almost 30 miles  in diameter, which makes Mt. Everest look like nothing. and it sure makes the sears tower look like nothing period. so pleae a few minutes before moon/sun rise or a minute after the sun sets/moon sets as soon as it is out of view. zoom completely in as far as can be done with the greats zoom lens on the planet and show us we can see it. good luck!

  • Cpt. Chaos
    Cpt. Chaos 1 month ago

    So is the sun a sphere or not? If not, why is it never distorted? It should be elliptical when not in zenith above the observer.

  • debbie pittiglio
    debbie pittiglio 1 month ago

    the table trick he did would mean the sun stays at sea level all day ? he doesn't take into account the earth spinning on its axis diagonally

  • zapthefab
    zapthefab 1 month ago

    Crappy video and crappy "music" made by a moron !

  • Shamgar Truth
    Shamgar Truth 1 month ago


  • THReynolds2
    THReynolds2 1 month ago

    If the camera was truly at the level of the table top, the top (horizon) would be in the middle of the screen. The fact that the table top is above the middle indicates the camera is below the table top. Why not move the camera above the table top to duplicate the view from above the clouds?

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 1 month ago

    Does anybody here believe in the bible? If so can anybody tell me what the bible means when it says "The Four Corners Of Earth"-"Arbah Kanfos Ha'Aretz"?

  • Anthony Brookins
    Anthony Brookins 1 month ago

    After the sun is set is it possible with a camera to zoom in and bring the sun back into view

  • Nicolas Vacelet
    Nicolas Vacelet 1 month ago

    Your brain is flat.

  • Erno Both
    Erno Both 1 month ago

    Ok I like this flat stuff..but the coin test still would work if the table it's glass let's say and you could see the coin from under 🤔

  • whiteflag
    whiteflag 1 month ago

    see the sun rays on the water...they can only prove the water is level

  • Antoine Gloriod
    Antoine Gloriod 1 month ago


  • trelopaido1 1
    trelopaido1 1 1 month ago +1


  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 1 month ago

    But why is horizon the table? It obscures our view from the light. Horizon isn't solid. Genuinely asking.

  • Ryan Jacob
    Ryan Jacob 1 month ago

    basic sicence. the sun doesnt move around the earth. earth revolves around the sun (correct me if i used the wrong word) for seasons and the earth rotates on its axis for sunlight.
    the earth moves creating"rise and fall" of the sun, the sun does not move around the earth amd for that reason this video is irrelevant.

  • Gavin Wyatt
    Gavin Wyatt 1 month ago +1

    Can you do a video chasing the sun and moon with a zoom or telescope ---- you know as it disappears out of sight at the vanishing point use the zoom to bring the sun back into sight ...... now that would prove FE 100% drop the mike style lol

    • Jonny Boy
      Jonny Boy 1 month ago

      Gavin Wyatt yes. used a 100x zoom filter lense. the sun does not decrease in size. I've seen a video with the same experiment using a drone slowly rising which brings the sun set back ever so slightly which proves the globe model. if the sun was moving away from us it would fade into a smaller point of light

    • Gavin Wyatt
      Gavin Wyatt 1 month ago

      have you done it ?

    • Jonny Boy
      Jonny Boy 1 month ago

      Gavin Wyatt 100% agree. whip out a high power telescope to bring it back into view... it can't be done lol

  • andy lange
    andy lange 1 month ago

    C'mon guys... I mean the coin like disappeared behind the table and stuff. And then the flashlight and all the flowers at the end... oh and "they" lied to us and you just can't trust "them"... Undeniable Proof!

  • TheRealBonk
    TheRealBonk 1 month ago

    Hahahahaha! this proves nothing!

  • Aristide Leroy
    Aristide Leroy 1 month ago

    Your illustration doesn't work, you're under the "Horizon" of the table, we don't see the surface, just show the surface of the Table and you'll see that you can go as far as you want with the coin that won't work...

  • Masarse
    Masarse 1 month ago

    Either you do that for the money, either you're just plain stupid

  • TuxLePingouin
    TuxLePingouin 1 month ago +1

    I have a theory about flat brain... you're concerned.

  • Madshow
    Madshow 1 month ago

    so what?

  • sobmaz
    sobmaz 1 month ago

    How stupid is the poster of this video?

  • Magnus
    Magnus 1 month ago

    All you did is duplicate a sun rise. If the sun is coming towards us at a 3000 mile altitude, it should be much higher in the sky. If the sun is orbiting over the equator in South America, there is an angle greater than 45° when viewed from Orlando, Florida. Plus, the sun's angular size would change much more than it does in reality.

    When the sun is orbiting over the Tropic of Cancer on the FE model, the angle will be much, MUCH greater as it would cross over Cuba. I'd wager you wouldn't ever see the sun rise nor set.

    Really not so undeniable.

  • Briana W.
    Briana W. 1 month ago

    By this logic does it mean that the whole world living on this flat surface experiences day and night simultaneously.

  • Nawaf Mubarak
    Nawaf Mubarak 1 month ago

    You flat earthers are so stupid, actually you just debunked yourself with this experiment dude, THE CAMERA IS BELOW THE TABLE which creates an angle from the lense of camera going toward the table, and if you are smart in math and have a brain to think, then you would know that this would then creates another angle going from the start of table and into the end of its flat surface, and those two angles creates two sides of a triangle, can you see that? you could DRAW IT if you can't.

    Then after accomplishing this, that you have created two angles which made two sides of a triangle, which is actually a CURVED pointy side if you look at it and think about it, then you actually proved a curvature, man you guys can't stop of debunking yourselves.

    That pointy curved triangle is actually what causes this coin to hide from the bottom the further you move it away, due to that curve that you have created, which is evidant that the coin actually start fading away from the START of that CURVE which you have created, remember (The lense of camera line going into the start of table, HERE IS THE TOP OF CURVE, then the flattness of the table creating the other line curved downward)

    I hope you flat earthers get this simple physics, but I'm afraid you wouldn't because of your brain neutron it wants to believe the EARTH IS FLAT SO MUCH THAT IT DISREGARD FACTS.

  • David Budden
    David Budden 1 month ago

    what a moron
    the sooner you idiots stop believing in religion which was created to keep the masses in check and to not have their own opinions the better

  • Serine Mkrtchyan
    Serine Mkrtchyan 1 month ago

    In fact this just proves the earth is round. The camera is located below the line of horizon, not on the surface of table, like we would look at the sun if we were on a flat earth. So, the camera's location , lower than the horizon, in this video is identical to our natural conditions, considering we are on a surface of a sphere. So, we're located always "lower" compared to the horizon, as in this video. So, when earth rotates, sun slowly goes "down". If the earth were flat, we wouldn't have a sunset.

  • Serine Mkrtchyan
    Serine Mkrtchyan 1 month ago

    If the science and everything is not enough or too hard to your primitive brains, it's not surprising, just look at the horizon in the far far ocean, isn't it curved? What about when you fly in the airplane? Isn't the horizon curved? What if you flies higher and higher and had a more big picture? Wouldn't it become more round in your eyes? I just can't stop being surprised how stupid people can be. Isn't that so hard to understand the elementary physics?

  • Unterreo Edwards
    Unterreo Edwards 1 month ago

    Nice video... the earth is definitely "flat", and we live in the earth's "realm"... called the "systems environments". Your video shows a great example of how the sun works... its wirelessly charged with the earth's "TELSA COIL" #machine(electromagnetic field and electromagnetic force)... debunking the so called "Gravity Theory"/Indoctrination fuckery from NASA and #ISS claims. Our teaches are oblivious to the truth, as well as the rest of the masses. Google Nikola Tesla and the truth about "Flat Earth vs Globe". Thank you for sharing this amazing video.

  • the70splinter
    the70splinter 1 month ago

    how about this people......

    if the earth is flat as flat earthers say, then how come you can just take a telescope and look across the ocean and see England, or Japan, or even Australia.
    or even easier yet,. look across the great lakes to the other side.

    YOI SIMPLY CAN'T!! Because the earth is ROUND!! :)

    oh yeah.. and try placing your camera at the level of the table top and not just below it. smh......

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J 1 month ago

    I don't get it.

  • cory esclovon
    cory esclovon 1 month ago


  • giu dematos
    giu dematos 1 month ago

    flat earth brazil

  • Vitupeadekokkutulek
    Vitupeadekokkutulek 1 month ago

    Höw do you explaining this, that sun arises from east, and lowers to the west

  • agauerm
    agauerm 1 month ago

    Cabal troll bots swarming in the comments

  • jbinpo
    jbinpo 1 month ago

    had to watch h this on mute. this music is unbearable.

  • Rhett Z
    Rhett Z 1 month ago

    What connection are you trying to make?? Sorry man, calling bullshit on you. You're so called experiment does not change the physics and reality of our universe.

  • Pedro Alcantara
    Pedro Alcantara 1 month ago

    I lost neurons watching this video

  • JMJ Gaming44
    JMJ Gaming44 1 month ago

    Did you notice the sun got bigger as it rises or should I say the sun got closer

  • Rasmus farkas
    Rasmus farkas 1 month ago

    You'd have to be so mind bogglingly retarded to believe all this flat earth nonsense, they literally haven't invented a word for it.

  • Jonathon Tuerner
    Jonathon Tuerner 1 month ago

    This proves nothing! MIND WAS NOT BLOWN! Not sure Who he was trying to convince, me or himself. LOL

  • Jason Crooked
    Jason Crooked 1 month ago

    So are you saying the sun moves towards us and away from us? This video is lacking alot of logic and I'm really hoping it's just a joke. Did you vote for Trump?

  • Bob Hamelin
    Bob Hamelin 1 month ago


  • Hugo Antunes
    Hugo Antunes 2 months ago

    Camera bellow the table.
    WTF. Thisbis the dumbest prove I saw until now

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 2 months ago

    Dude the 3 links under the "Beautiful videos I borrowed for this video" part in the description dont work when you click on them. Please update them to include the full address... the last parts of the links are cut off.

  • genisisarc
    genisisarc 2 months ago

    So what are you saying? That the sun is hovering a few millimeters about the earth? Because that's the only way that this video would make any sense. The sun is way up in the sky (yes I know it's 93 million miles away really but that's just how it looks) so the coin parallel with the table makes no sense.

  • Jimmy Puckett
    Jimmy Puckett 2 months ago

    Why are the lengths of day and night different at different latitudes, flat earther? I'm sure you can show me with a fucking coin.

  • Jimmy Puckett
    Jimmy Puckett 2 months ago

    Okay, so now put the camera on a ball and do the same experiment for comparison. Will it really look that much different? The fact that two things look similar doesn't necessarily prove that they are.

  • RawItalVitalVegitari
    RawItalVitalVegitari 2 months ago


  • Jason Webb
    Jason Webb 2 months ago

    I know that so many people are thinking that they are holding true to the Bible. I get this and I can totally understand why. If I thought that the Bible said that the Earth is flat, I'd be right here with y'all. I know someone will throw a Bible verse at me and say here it is. Well I'm sorry. I don't think God wants to see his people trying to push each other around cause this will break a lot of people. Also if the government would quit faking so much stuff to spend our tax dollars on total junk and trying to trick everyone. Then someone might believe them. I live in Louisiana and and we have a very large lake. And I can NOT see New Orleans from the other side, even with my 12" mead telescope. Please think about all this. We have people faking stuff to try and push for a Flat Earth. It makes it look bad for everyone that's truly trying to prove it by their own science. If by chance I'm wrong and the world turns out to be flat. That WOULD be AWESOME!!!! Cause at that point. There is NO QUESTION THAT GOD DOES EXIST!!!! I would feel way much better to know that my family and friends are in a snow globe on Gods desk and not on a spinning ball flying through space with a star that can take US OUT at any given time. God Bless you all and have a blessed night

  • Emma Kate Dawson
    Emma Kate Dawson 2 months ago

    Ive only just heard about this. I find it amazing as an innocent child you think its flat, till you are conditioned to believe its sphere, and if you dont believe that then you are still a child or uneducated. How much more lies are we being fed. I love how people can vote knowing how corrupt politions are, yet people wont believe something like this. I feel like the world is blind :(

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