Lindsey Stirling - Lost Girls

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  • Dashlet Osprey
    Dashlet Osprey 2 hours ago

    There's just something about her music that really touches my heart, and makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. <3

  • Jenna Manning
    Jenna Manning 12 hours ago

    Lindsey failed fairy initiation so the forest turned against her. But she prevailed again.

  • Вячеслав Сметанников

    Замечательно и сказочна!!!

  • Aissam Diouri
    Aissam Diouri 15 hours ago


  • Baymax
    Baymax 18 hours ago

    beautiful, I like it!
    красиво, мне нравится!

  • Can Inan
    Can Inan 19 hours ago

    Keman mı sana aşık yoksa sen mi kemana bilmiyorum ama arada bir aşk olduğu kesin.

  • Ghost Raider
    Ghost Raider 23 hours ago

    красота спасет мир. браво!

  • Mythical 12
    Mythical 12 1 day ago

    Pls if u can make another video like another continuination of this cause I am wondering what happened to both of them Idk lol 😂

  • Angela Codreanu
    Angela Codreanu 1 day ago

  • The LegoMineMan
    The LegoMineMan 1 day ago

    Hey Lindsey, can you look at season 14 Ep. 4 of so you think you can dance because one of the last dancers I think she is a fan and you helped her in her dancing, thanks

  • Brett S
    Brett S 1 day ago

    Is this anything like the Alan Moore Graphic Novel?

  • Vane RA
    Vane RA 1 day ago

    Like si notaste que utilizo´3 vestidos similares pero diferentes en este video :)

  • Unicorn Bubbles
    Unicorn Bubbles 1 day ago

    Lindsey Stirling is just one of those rare people who, no matter what happens to them, are still beautiful XD

  • Betth Ocelo
    Betth Ocelo 1 day ago

    so cute. 💕👏

  • Дима Туболец

    слаженькая, сойдис-я ужк говно
    наъх ьее хуйло с данюаса

  • Дима Туболец

    как вам она?

  • Antonia Gummerus
    Antonia Gummerus 1 day ago

    I cryed on this video and its so beautiful and i love nature beacouse its magic❤💖

  • isaac fuwell
    isaac fuwell 1 day ago

    you are the best at music

  • drzaca
    drzaca 1 day ago

    Those are some sick videos !

  • Денис Горошинский

    Очередной шедевр! Завораживает оптимально!!! Можно даже клип не смотреть.

  • PhoenixBorn666
    PhoenixBorn666 1 day ago

    Had loved Shatter Me for ages before finally learning who it was performed by and getting into Lindsey's other songs and Lost Girls definitely does it's prequel justice

  • Max Décard
    Max Décard 1 day ago

    this woman is very beautiful!

  • Christopher Elkins

    She tore at the webs not caring if there was a spider

  • LightAmbient
    LightAmbient 1 day ago

    As with everything you do, this is amazing and beautiful <3

  • Ovi Ovi
    Ovi Ovi 1 day ago

    Soo nice😍

  • ρøɾсεlαïṉ ṡτïτсhεṡ

    She _had_ to have taken ballet sometime in her life. There's no way you can move like that and _not_ taken ballet.

  • Phoebe32
    Phoebe32 2 days ago

    Why do I ship ballerina Lindsey and the other ballerina at the end 😂😂😂??

  • CraftyTrading
    CraftyTrading 2 days ago

    This is so well made I cant

  • Felispinoplay Andrade



    i luv this

  • Julianne Aniceto
    Julianne Aniceto 2 days ago

    at 0:20 lindsey is playing her violin on the right shoulder instead of the left....

    this just proves lindsey is a violin goddess

  • Evony Cheney
    Evony Cheney 2 days ago

    The thumbnail pic looks like out of the wood from tay tay

  • chefJey Villalobos
    chefJey Villalobos 2 days ago

    i love <3

  • Em Rdg
    Em Rdg 2 days ago

    She's all i ever wanted to be 💖

  • R C
    R C 2 days ago

    At first I wasn't sure but now I'm 99.9999% sure that this is part 2 of shatter me

  • kaysabase 4 life
    kaysabase 4 life 2 days ago

    best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

  • Shuvambita Roy
    Shuvambita Roy 2 days ago

    Just imagine this with beautiful lyrics!!!!!!

  • Martin Moerschell
    Martin Moerschell 2 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful, Lindsey your talent fills the heats of so many.

    I'm viewer #3,636,363 -- pretty cool number.

  • KileShu
    KileShu 2 days ago

    Lindsey be careful you're going to cut yourself!

  • RabbitxZombie
    RabbitxZombie 3 days ago


  • Elliana Welby
    Elliana Welby 3 days ago

    I jus realized that she only helped one of the ballerinas. What about the other one?

  • MlpSunshineStudios
    MlpSunshineStudios 3 days ago

    Sees elves and decides to dance

  • Angela Ly
    Angela Ly 3 days ago

    Lindsey gets stuck in a web

  • Lisa Coetzee
    Lisa Coetzee 3 days ago


  • Jaz Streeter
    Jaz Streeter 3 days ago

    Hey Lindsey just wanted to say love ya and thank you!!! You have inspired me so much because I do the violin also so I thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • TheBlueribbonman
    TheBlueribbonman 3 days ago

    That was very good. Love your music & videos.

  • Sophia L
    Sophia L 3 days ago

    I'm a gymnast and using it for my floor music I love it soooo much💜 I will definitely come to you for future music💜💜

  • Jenna Manning
    Jenna Manning 3 days ago

    4:49 is the worst part of the video

  • Mel Staton
    Mel Staton 3 days ago

    Her music always cheers my up and inspires me.

  • abigael guerin
    abigael guerin 3 days ago

    beautiful music

  • Kate Heartsilla
    Kate Heartsilla 4 days ago

    I love how energetic she is in her music!!!!!! Im a dancing Potato when Im writing my songs ;-;

  • Parrot Gaming
    Parrot Gaming 4 days ago

    Being able to watch her videos from Shadows to this... watch them grow.. mind blowing

  • Cristina Uriostegui

    This the first song that I heard by her and soooo relaxing, peaceful and relaxing

  • Cristina Uriostegui

    Relaxing so relaxing

  • RustyMoose
    RustyMoose 4 days ago

    Why'd you stop playing

  • Masked Mystery 4 15

    love this

  • Vivi 's lifestyle
    Vivi 's lifestyle 4 days ago

    Yaaaaaaassssss girl power

  • MyNameIsEnvy
    MyNameIsEnvy 4 days ago

    So excited to see a video again of you dancing in the forest and not fighting anybody, and a song with minimal lyrics as well! I've missed this! This was so beautiful - everything from the music to the artful cinematography to the story!

  • Pirates of the Quakabean

    That was awesome

  • Dsbullexwoppy
    Dsbullexwoppy 4 days ago

    I want really sing + violin is very great :p ;)

  • Jeff Rayz
    Jeff Rayz 4 days ago

    This is so calming

  • Sol Games
    Sol Games 4 days ago


  • Vicky Provenzano
    Vicky Provenzano 4 days ago

    Me encanto... alguien que hable en español?

  • Дмитрий Шестера

    линдси ты супер . В России ты в почете .

  • Luna queens universe

    i can't even just wow

  • Erin_Plays_ Roblox
    Erin_Plays_ Roblox 6 days ago


    why doh..

  • Almudena Perez
    Almudena Perez 6 days ago

    you're the best girl!♥

  • александр петрович


  • Claudia Ochsenhofer

    Sempre Maravilhosa !

  • Allen N.
    Allen N. 6 days ago

    Now we need a sequel for the clock girl from Shatter Me

  • hanona channel
    hanona channel 6 days ago

    Any one here after watching shatter me

  • Cinema Studio
    Cinema Studio 7 days ago

    The best :)

  • Ron Houwers
    Ron Houwers 7 days ago

    The combination of this video and Shatter Me is so inspirering ! It definately means a lot to me !

  • Pudim Flamejante
    Pudim Flamejante 7 days ago

    three years later

  • S.M. Davis
    S.M. Davis 7 days ago

    I've got extreme inspiration to play the violin now. Could anyone give me some tips besides buying one? XD

  • The Raging burrito
    The Raging burrito 7 days ago


  • tipu sultan
    tipu sultan 7 days ago


    • tipu sultan
      tipu sultan 5 days ago

      She works soo hard to edit these...

  • wes woolfall
    wes woolfall 8 days ago

    all time excellent music by you xo

  • HeyItsRin
    HeyItsRin 8 days ago

    Who is she and where can I find more stuff like this

  • Wild_Wolf55555
    Wild_Wolf55555 8 days ago

    I love the dance parts it reminds me of my dance company's shows and costumes we also have a theme. I like this because I love her vids and music ❤️

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover 8 days ago

    were did the other ballerina go at the end

  • Salma Zein El Deen
    Salma Zein El Deen 9 days ago

    Amazing 💕🌸

  • Amy Rise The hedheog

    Is this a dream??? cause I love it!!!

  • Lithe Zebra 9
    Lithe Zebra 9 9 days ago

    Early in the video, the clips of her playing seem to be a mirror image: the ribbon goes the wrong direction across her body, and I think she's playing with the wrong hand. Is there any reason for this?
    Please note, this isn't criticism, this is an avid Lindsey fan noticing details after repeatedly watching the video.

  • FuzzyWuzzy was a? B

    Stirling & John Wlliams' Peter Pan....? :-D

    *.crosses fingers.*

  • anonimos kid
    anonimos kid 9 days ago

    i love yous songs Lindley💗💖💟

  • 8josephine8 OvO
    8josephine8 OvO 10 days ago

    Lost girls find a way,even though you shatter me,I will stand again and never give up.

  • MAX2K14 671
    MAX2K14 671 10 days ago

    I wonder if anybody has composed a figure skate choreography for this?

  • Rosamaria Bautista
    Rosamaria Bautista 10 days ago

    Does anyone else wonder what happened to the OTHER ballerina in the snow globe? Because what I can see she only saved the pink ballerina.😕I am so confused.

  • Rose Kitty
    Rose Kitty 10 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling is my favorite

  • les vidéos d'anna
    les vidéos d'anna 10 days ago

    I love you perfect music

  • NightmareWith _Dragon_ Msp

    I Have A Spare Replay Button
    Anyone What some?

  • T.B.K Knight
    T.B.K Knight 10 days ago

    the music is haunting yet full of enchantment.

  • Wil Keepers
    Wil Keepers 10 days ago

    My ten year old daughter is just starting violin and she is inspired by your music.  She especially likes your Hallelujah video because you talk about your faith at the end and the medley's like into the woods.  My favorite is Phantom because I love it's music.Thank you not just for the wonderful music you do, but for the positive role model you have been for girls like my daughter.

  • Lyla Rain
    Lyla Rain 10 days ago

    she left one of the girls o-o

  • Nat Lopez
    Nat Lopez 11 days ago

    is she a violin or viola

  • Deepa Neupane
    Deepa Neupane 11 days ago


  • The Wonderful World Of Amanda


  • Sadé Berry
    Sadé Berry 11 days ago

    every time I listen to her music I shatter the replay button 😂😍

  • sarah ashrafi
    sarah ashrafi 11 days ago

    the violin is singing

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