What Engineers Secrets Does David Learn in Alien Covenant? - Theory

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  • Hybrid Network
    Hybrid Network 2 months ago +72

    Hey guys, so this will probably be my last Covenant video before seeing the film! Expect a spoiler-free review Saturday night. ~ Nick

    • E Smith
      E Smith 2 months ago

      In most of the world it is coming out on the 10th or the 11th. That means critics and buzzmakers have been seeing it since the 4th. Variety has a review with some spoilers they put up and took down but it is cached, check reddit lv426 for cached copy of the review

    • Roman Warren
      Roman Warren 2 months ago

      There's another trailer on facebook called "The Perfect Organism" you might want to check out. It leads me to believe that David has convinced Walter they can be gods and just like the engineers who created humans they to will create a race on their own. As you'll see in this trailer Walter looks on while Oram is convulsing due to an alien about to burst through his chest. Walter doesn't try to help. If you look closely at other trailers Walter actually leads Oram to the alien egg. The engineers didn't make the aliens my theory is David did while on this planet, David and Walter may possiblty use the humans on the covenant ship as test their subjects, in turn, creating the first alien queen.

    • Robert Vincent
      Robert Vincent 2 months ago

      Ellie from jurrasic park already explained this theory the answer is woman inherits the earth

    • BrowncoatBoaz
      BrowncoatBoaz 2 months ago

      That's kinda the vibe I got too. I'm curious to see how it plays out.

  • flashkraft
    flashkraft 21 day ago

    He found out humans were created as lab rats to simply be hosts for engineer experiments so it was inevitable the engineers would unleash their organisms in Earth.

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 1 month ago

    “Their civilization is millions of years old. Once, the Engineers expressed themselves as humans do, taking pleasure in music, colour and story, but they’ve long learned to see in more dimensions than we do. Their art and ornament exist on planes imperceptible to human senses. Their constructions look dark and grim to us; but the Engineers’ eyes see far more than our own. Individual Engineers live for a hundred thousand years. Ages ago their race abandoned sex and gender, reproducing by more abstract methods. In recent millennia they have ceased to reproduce altogether.”
    ~ Jon Spaihts’ “Alien Master Narrative”, script notes.

  • Drake Hernandez
    Drake Hernandez 1 month ago

    you haven't even seen it yet?!?!?
    I'm not watching this video.

  • The Brocialist
    The Brocialist 1 month ago

    When Shaw was put into hypersleep, David charted course to a different (seeded) planet, in order to carry out his personal mission.

  • Marko Bravo
    Marko Bravo 2 months ago

    If you look at the eyes of the "engineers" in Alien Covenant, you can see they are different. This gives me a reason enough to think that they are a different species.

    NETVO TV 2 months ago

    Do they have sex in the spaceship?

  • The Primordial
    The Primordial 2 months ago

    For those that have seen it, why *does* David kill them all?

  • Joël Lëoj
    Joël Lëoj 2 months ago

    I've been watching all your videos. I love them!!! I need to see alien covenant.


    what a waste movie

  • importsport
    importsport 2 months ago +1

    he learned that this species of engineers was responsible for the writing and acting of Prometheus and couldn't let them live.🤔

  • tanju hassan
    tanju hassan 2 months ago

    Do you have a review video after seeing the New release? As you mention this will probably be the last video before you see the movie?

  • David Navarro
    David Navarro 2 months ago


    Overall, I'm pretty disappointed that the Engineers are reduced to nothing more than "passers-by" in the plot. Nothing is learned about them or their intentions on humanity and we'll probably not learn anything more about them in future movies :(

  • 24grains
    24grains 2 months ago

    Hi guys just saw Alien covenant and was pretty disappointed with it. It had so much potential and still does but I almost feel like this was an alien movie and not a Prometheus type movie. Will likely watch the movie a second time to just take it for what it is.

  • George Meladze
    George Meladze 2 months ago

    I would reiterate that, as it seems, Ridley Scott treats David as a space-age Frankenstein monster, who turns against its creator. I would remind once again that the original story by Mary Shelly was titled “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus”

  • Anthony Tsosie
    Anthony Tsosie 2 months ago

    I think David found out the Engineers were going to cast away human design for something else, kind of like what he went through with his father. David became disappointed with the Engineers.

  • Johannes Kasper
    Johannes Kasper 2 months ago

    kind of sad, i liked the engineers.

  • René Agerbo
    René Agerbo 2 months ago +1

    He found out about they ways. If they unlocked the key of DNA millions of years ago and they made all kinds of abominations against what was created in the natural order of things. Maybe his giving them back what they threw upon other worlds. I still think it's one species- just doing different things.

  • paul tak
    paul tak 2 months ago


  • Sandra Hall
    Sandra Hall 2 months ago

    I think your right I too think that these aren't engineers but are like us humans but more advanced and awaiting the arrival 4 the engineers to come that is why the planet has only one City and all it's people come out to greet the engineers ship when did David decides to destroy it's people and then experiment so I think these people are not the engineers at all but sentient to the planet perhaps

  • oscar
    oscar 2 months ago

    maybe he didn't completely destroy but evolve them cause those pods not only speed up evolution but mutate. (as we saw with the worms in Prometheus) mutate maybe to what we know as the predator?

  • fallenangel2100
    fallenangel2100 2 months ago

    i feel ur questions arent gunna be answered until bluray which to me would be very insulting on part of scott to hide that kinda info like her did with prometheus

  • Daljit Kondel
    Daljit Kondel 2 months ago

    vegan gains? is that you ?

  • Alex Lucashewich
    Alex Lucashewich 2 months ago

    Creators was on other type of ships (beggining of Prometheus). I guess that Destroyers were using Juggernaut type of the ships. Thats why in end of Prometheus David and Shaw could go to their (Destroyers) homeworld, cause the location of their planet was in the navigation system of the Juggernaut. But then they didn't yet know that there was two factions of Engineers. David found that out later on the ship on the way to Paradise, while Shaw was sleeping. Thats why he made decission to bomb them. One more fact that telling that this is Destroyers base is that the ship connects perfectly with the platform above the city, also same design. And all those Engineers that was running to the ship was in await of "happy news" about bombing the Earth by that ships crew. They wanted to glorify them, not knowing that there was David on board ready to drop bombs on their heads. Something inside telling me that all the mess in Covenant will be about Destroyers race, and real Creators race homeworld we will not see.

  • TheIslingtongirl
    TheIslingtongirl 2 months ago

    Great video. I think I would be satisfied with several different answers to David's motives, but I still think that it is something involving these factions. Perhaps the "military" faction is special and more important than the civilians. They seem to have control over the black goo and use it to modify themselves to some degree and also to seed life or destroy it. The rest of the population seems to be in charge of education/religion back home. Seems that way on the surface at least.

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 2 months ago

    its funny cus all your videos before this one says totally different speculation, then after you hunt the internet for better idea you come back and make a video of other peoples ideas, how sad

  • Jared Cosby
    Jared Cosby 2 months ago

    David did it out of revenge for the death of Peter Weyland.

  • Constantine Joseph
    Constantine Joseph 2 months ago

    Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineering

  • Andrew Pegman
    Andrew Pegman 2 months ago

    We should no longer refer to 'black goo' because it is called 'alien pathogen' in the prologue. It is a more intelligent definition imo :)

  • Roman Warren
    Roman Warren 2 months ago

    My theory is that while David was studying the engineer's ways he found out that this planet was a peaceful planet. Knowing this it would allow him to drop the canisters of black goo without facing any resistance. Anyone not affected by the goo David captured and uses them as a test subject in creating the xenomorph.

    JAL GASPERI 2 months ago

    what's the purpose of throwing up a vid with such little analysis?

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    Get ready to be pissed at Scott by the end of the movie

  • Horse Hearsay
    Horse Hearsay 2 months ago

    Or... Shaw died before the doomsday clip, perhaps even by one of the creator engineers, thus David gives into vengeance. Either that, or perhaps David, while piloting the new ship learns of the overall plan of the engineers, and is for once, protective of humanity - defending them from their evil creators.

  • jackeysmith19
    jackeysmith19 2 months ago

    2:57 wheres that from????

    hJYIRI GKK 2 months ago

    just watch the fucking film you jackass

  • Donald Baker
    Donald Baker 2 months ago

    The "Engineers" themselves engineered for the propose of seeding semi-original evolution of free sentient life-forms like their creators. They became jealous or felt inferior for not being created first but instead as tools. Not loved it seems as true engineers children.

  • Luís Alves
    Luís Alves 2 months ago

    At 0:52 i see a person near engineers using a hat! Wtf??

  • rezek71
    rezek71 2 months ago

    I think the destruction option was a much more profitable storyline for the film company, rather than relying on THINKING and being CREATIVE and writing about a bold new storyline geared toward (albeit) a smaller more intelligent audience that would like to see something new and thought-provoking, instead of the crusty, old storyline of violence, destruction, cheap thrills, and assorted BS for the low I.Q. crowds. --Thats what I think.

  • Erikcleric
    Erikcleric 2 months ago

    hey quick question. great theories btw. the music track in the background, is it something you found or made yourself? i love it. if there is a link to download or listen, tell me. XD

  • Flick Connection
    Flick Connection 2 months ago

    Why do you think they are sharing so many clips from this movie before it's release. This seems like an odd marketing strategy, especially for such a loved franchise.

  • Spencer Thompson
    Spencer Thompson 2 months ago

    Plot twist from my POV:

    Shaw is actually flying the craft (we never see her). She orders David to drop the Black Goo. David doesn't want to, because he remembers how humans treated him and thinks that maybe this race might treat him better. Why can't Shaw be the bad guy here? Why does everyone blame the robot? #robotlivesmatter

  • trevorcarterva
    trevorcarterva 2 months ago

    Just before Shaw goes into cryo, she asks David "What if they're no better than us." Then a moment later David says he learned of their ways. If we are to follow this logically, I would say that David learns that the beings on this planet will not act kindly towards him or Shaw, so he proceeds to eliminate them. As for logical, that might be out the window when it comes to this movie. David's logic is somewhat different than humans, so his reasoning for doing could be entirely alien (no pun intended) to his human counterparts.

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore 2 months ago

    I am guessing he views wiping out engineers as protecting humanity. Not that he has devotion or affinity for humans, but they created him, and they are also good test subjects. Being one big ball of amorality and non-human decision making, he could view infecting or harvesting the Covenant crew and 2,000 sleepers as a small price for averting full annihilation on Earth. He cannot really bring hell upon humanity as a whole unless he mimics the engineers he hates and tries to dump payloads on human population centers. *Morphs cannot build or pilot spacecraft, so outside of said payload delivery, only human expansion or nefarious corporate agendas could bring people into contact with them. He could view that as simple cause and effect.

  • shiitake bento
    shiitake bento 2 months ago

    My guess is that David discovers that humans were created by the Engineers as the perfect bioweapon. The Engineers abandoned the experiment when they realized that humans were too difficult to control and might find a way back to them.

  • Big Red
    Big Red 2 months ago

    read the poem david quotes when he unleases the black goo, i think he decided to save his creators and kill those who wanted to kill his creators.

  • Martinezalex2008
    Martinezalex2008 2 months ago

    Does anybody think that Shaw will be alive (cryogenic sleep) in Alien Covenant?

  • Leslie Porter
    Leslie Porter 2 months ago

    David probably hates all humanoid species and wants to wipe us out, he even said so. Also, he's basically just a reflection of Peter Weyland, who was a narcissist. Great Video.

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 2 months ago

    I've been waiting for this a long time.

  • Roose Bolton
    Roose Bolton 2 months ago

    I don't think he "learned" anything. I think you hit the nail on the head early on - he killed them for no other reason than they would have tried to stop him from using their mutagen to create new life forms.

  • Lisa Su
    Lisa Su 2 months ago

    They were Albinos. Kill it like the rest.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    David kills the engineers because a story about an AI killing God is too good to pass up.

  • Cranston Cranston son
    Cranston Cranston son 2 months ago

    those are some FUCKING STUPID LOOKING ENGINEERS. they look like shit!

  • David Evans
    David Evans 2 months ago

    My thoughts are, well the Engineers were going to destroy humanity with the black goo because humans never achieved the level of "worthiness" by the Engineers standards.

    David comes across these Engineers-like creation, studying and knowing the Engineers standards, viewed them as un-worthy via these standards, so just genocides them. With the logic if humans were judge and guilty, why not these beings.

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler 2 months ago

    Grown tired of the theories... just wanna see the movie now

  • Brandon Carroll
    Brandon Carroll 2 months ago

    I think David learns exactly why the engineers want to destroy the species they created on different planets... and he wholeheartedly agrees with them.

  • 4 Eyed Animation
    4 Eyed Animation 2 months ago

    Those may not be the engineers, they don't look exactly like the engineers...maybe another created race

  • Leandrew Rowsey
    Leandrew Rowsey 2 months ago

    I don't think this is the engineers home world

  • Spider-Manly Man
    Spider-Manly Man 2 months ago

    Is it too crazy to think that David was maybe influenced by the Juggernaut's own AI. I mean nobody ever seems to mention that. The Engineers are vastly superior to us in science and technology and it's entirely plausible that they too have some kind of technological artificial programs that help them out.

  • kubel83
    kubel83 2 months ago

    Just one question. Are you excited? 😄i am

  • winkle51
    winkle51 2 months ago

    how about david killed them in revenge for killing old man shaw,as david see him as his father

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil 2 months ago

    he learned to play the triangle to go with his flute

  • Jason Montell
    Jason Montell 2 months ago +6

    RUMOR: David develops a bond with Dr. Shaw during their voyage to Paradise. He decides that after Dr. Shaw reassembles him that he wants to give her a gift of his own as a token of gratitude. A gift that she cannot obtain in the real world: Motherhood. After years of experiments, he get's it just right and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw becomes Queen Alien.

  • Warr Hammer
    Warr Hammer 2 months ago

    No, no, and no to all three theories.

  • Mr Fishfinger
    Mr Fishfinger 2 months ago

    is the engineers secret that they're the missing Mitchel brothers.?

  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot. 2 months ago +1

    No. That was said under the command of Weyland, please, stop projecting David as autonomous during the lifetime of Weyland. SMH...

  • Randy Joella
    Randy Joella 2 months ago

    we taste good

  • Mr.Freedom
    Mr.Freedom 2 months ago

    Probably, Shaw dies in hyper-sleep and David unleash his vengeance on the engineers. Later he tries to bring Shaw back to life with his experiments.

  • New age Justice
    New age Justice 2 months ago

    I think he falls for Shaw not in love but sees the good In her as he stated in the prologue. then she's killed by the engineers and David goes crazy.

  • Tranphy - Unicorn
    Tranphy - Unicorn 2 months ago


  • Aizou
    Aizou 2 months ago

    The background music sound like Fate OST.

  • Phoenix Stone
    Phoenix Stone 2 months ago

    I bet he's dropping those bombs because they didn't recieve him well. If you look at 15 seconds into the video does it look like he's hurt or upset?

  • felipe alem
    felipe alem 2 months ago +5

    There aint no black engineers lol.

    • Wowo Mah
      Wowo Mah 2 months ago

      Lol there aren't white engineers either, those bitches are translucent haha

    • Ablaikhan Bennett
      Ablaikhan Bennett 2 months ago

      felipe alem The Black Engineers are too busy seeding life 😏.

  • rgjmg070607
    rgjmg070607 2 months ago

    I call it now..he finds out the engineers hate machines which is why he ripped David's head off..he also found out that's why they hate humans cause of our machines and weapons and knew they'd most likely kill him and Shaw ..the engineers seem to be a society without machines maybe..except the giant ship

  • rgjmg070607
    rgjmg070607 2 months ago

    he learns of their ways and knows that they would kill Shaw and most likely finish what they were going to do..they'd probably rip David's head off

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 2 months ago

    Your theory videos were fun too bad this is the last one :(

  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 2 months ago +1

    There's diff tribes of Engineers on 1000s of diff planets there is no "paradise homeworld" Paradise is Davids Eden

  • anthony tenorio
    anthony tenorio 2 months ago

    I'm sure that you have already mentioned this but the band aid on Walters or David's face is so we can tell the difference between the two During the movie. it's an old trick like the bandaid on the kids face in 13 reasons why to differentiate between timelines

  • Fabian Velasquez
    Fabian Velasquez 2 months ago

    It always makes me smile when I get Alien Covenant ads on these videos

  • Chad Rushing
    Chad Rushing 2 months ago

    I think the Engineers all worship a Death god and create life so they can then unleash the Xenomorphs on them as a cycle of life/death. Which is why there was that room with a Crucifix style Xenomorph in it next to all the black ooze containers.

  • Stephen Holland
    Stephen Holland 2 months ago

    I can't believe that david would side with the destroyer faction. I though David wanted to protect humans? Why would he side with he ones wanting to destroy them????

  • Andrew Murrietta
    Andrew Murrietta 2 months ago

    Humans are a subspecies of the engineers so we probably wouldn't the only ones, right? And do the engineers just see humans as lower life forms for experiments and what not or are they trying to populate the galaxy for some reason?

  • kainech
    kainech 2 months ago

    I'm fairly certain that they aren't Engineers. They're more the ruins of the Engineers. The poem he quoted at the end of the Prologue trailer pretty much settles that. It doesn't make any sense for him to quote that particular poem when he drops the goo unless he's dealing with what is already the ruins of an empire.

  • sam avp
    sam avp 2 months ago +1

    Why is that huge mother juggernaut not there when the covenant arrives?

    • sam avp
      sam avp 2 months ago

      It doesn't make sense they should see this huge looming super juggernaut just chilling at the hall of heads

  • Adam Gannon
    Adam Gannon 2 months ago

    good. stop trying to ruin it for others.

  • Alex Watanabe
    Alex Watanabe 2 months ago +3

    Hey Nick. Are there any female engineers? Never seen one.

    • MrSpiceNinja
      MrSpiceNinja 1 month ago

      Alex Watanabe there are female engineers, even thought they look exactly like male engineers

    • Alan Starnum
      Alan Starnum 2 months ago

      Alex Watanabe they realised women drained men's wallets and souls so wiped the women out.
      They now use the goo to make more males.

  • Tregg B
    Tregg B 2 months ago +1

    Can I come with you this Friday Hybrid Network?

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 months ago

    I really like Shaw, so I hope that she is OK.

  • Charles  Loftin
    Charles Loftin 2 months ago +1

    looking forward to seeing this on the every thing wrong with review. surely there isn't just one Iittle city in all the planet. & all men😶

  • Costello de Lévêque
    Costello de Lévêque 2 months ago

    Did he and shaw have sex?

  • lmao Why u lying
    lmao Why u lying 2 months ago

    Maybe when David said he learned of their ways he started using them like killing off whole planets lmao they where gonna kill everyone on earth and David probably seen that they where gonna do the same to this planet so he did it for them so maybe they accept him when they finally meet him idk

  • Steven Nodlehs
    Steven Nodlehs 2 months ago

    Just thought - maybe the Engineers we see in Prometheus on LV223 were Nazis and were the perfect race or being (in their opinion) and destroyed anything imperfect - from humans to androids.

  • AloneinFiction
    AloneinFiction 2 months ago +1

    Where are you watching it at ? It doesn't come out till the 19th, right?

  • R. Hak
    R. Hak 2 months ago

    I'm for the third theory

  • Lewis Chenery
    Lewis Chenery 2 months ago

    The military engineers in prometheus were on there way to destroy us humans because they were not happy and disappointed in how we turned out. David knew this and then found out that they created another subspecies on a planet which is where him and shaw go and the engineers thought these ones were more to there liking and near perfect so david gets pissed having seen how humans are with shaw treating him so well and thinks im not having it so decides to wipe them out instead. maybe??

  • andrew laipply
    andrew laipply 2 months ago

    theyre not factions, its the religious sect vs the military vs the civilian population those are the differences dumb dumb. not some faction shit

    • andrew laipply
      andrew laipply 2 months ago

      i am most certainly an asshole, agreed.
      But it's pretty clear that it's a military/religious/civilian population difference. also you don't know whether I've seen the movie or not. it's release date means nothing haha.

    • chris orr
      chris orr 2 months ago

      andrew laipply your calling someone dumb because they don't know the details of a fictional species in a movie that wasn't explained.. your dumb. You don't even know, so your a fool too hahah dickheaddddd

  • paul tak
    paul tak 2 months ago

    They see humans as threat because of the advancement in capabilities since their creation. Thus black death to maintain the supreme beings. David alone desires to be the supreme destroyer & creator. Shaw remains in hyper sleep as David arrives and destroys Paradise. David's intent to move on to another planet or galaxy is ruined when the Engineers ship chase DAvid. David crashes which ends Shaws life in her sleep.

  • HappiestSadGuy
    HappiestSadGuy 2 months ago +2

    They are Vegan, I'm calling it now!

  • Arsalan Ali
    Arsalan Ali 2 months ago

    what if "learn of their ways" means actually doing what engineers would have done if they reach the Earth. He is actually acting as an engineer and thinking of about the city below him as people of earth.
    He brought the wrath back to them when it was intended for humans.

  • Torace Dunlap
    Torace Dunlap 2 months ago


  • Blasted Heath
    Blasted Heath 2 months ago

    The Engineers are still pissed that we killed their emissary Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, and they have been hellbent on wiping out humanity ever since. So David is just trying to help us out by doing the human race a solid. Also I believe he will experiment with the black goo and try to create his own version of Space Jesus, while also transforming Shaw into a zenomorph queen.

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