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    In the Caribbean, Vervet Monkeys have developed a taste for alcohol and can regularly be spotted stealing cocktails from humans on the beach. Brilliant wildlife video from BBC animal show 'Weird Nature'.

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  • Runtime: 3:21
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  • MackenDeez
    MackenDeez 9 days ago

    I could sit there and watch drunk monkies all day.

  • Kimberly Chase
    Kimberly Chase 19 days ago

    Jacob x Staci = Soda drunk/Sodaholic Love Couple ❤🍺🍸🍹🍻🍷🍺🍹🍻🍸🍷❤
    Jacob: Barq's Root Beer (9 times per day/night).
    Staci: Orange Fanta Soda (7 times per day/night)

  • sandrine clayton
    sandrine clayton 26 days ago


  • Jeff E
    Jeff E 28 days ago

    Are there drunken slut monkeys that pull a train in exchange for drinks? And....I wonder if anyone has ever slipped some lsd into the monkeys drinks just to see what happened.

  • Brandon Matthew
    Brandon Matthew 2 months ago

    The bars must love them, wonder if they could handle Florida's climate.

  • cee hernandez
    cee hernandez 2 months ago

    If i was a monkey, I'd be alcoholic in order to cope with my raw hyeny. Long days of monkey ways :)

  • blakegriplingph
    blakegriplingph 3 months ago

    So this is the real secret of Monkey Island eh? Grog sure is one heck of a drink.

  • Cupriferous Catalyst
    Cupriferous Catalyst 4 months ago

    i thought my internet speed was dropping because the video was so blurry.
    then i checked the date of upload.

  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie 4 months ago

    Wonder how you'd know if drunkeys get the shakes.

  • Claude Faustus
    Claude Faustus 4 months ago

    I wish all my drinks where free lucky them!

  • jonh Miller
    jonh Miller 4 months ago

    27 sequence Michelin good idea to have class for driving lessons ?

  • Justin M
    Justin M 4 months ago

    Figures I had to watch a beer commercial before watching this video

  • Dogquack
    Dogquack 4 months ago

    apes in general (including human of course) are neurotic

  • Mefisto Music
    Mefisto Music 4 months ago

    this is probably my favorite video to watch while high...

  • Shadonna Marie
    Shadonna Marie 4 months ago


  • Doug Grinbergs
    Doug Grinbergs 5 months ago

    How come there are no monkey-proof drinking containers?

  • Kevin Lo
    Kevin Lo 6 months ago

    what next? monkey stealing drugs and becomes psycho monkey?

  • luuke furtado
    luuke furtado 6 months ago

    they'll give you aids.....oh wait.........

  • thejewbirdsuperior
    thejewbirdsuperior 6 months ago

    I wonder if they get bad hangovers

  • Joyce Forbes
    Joyce Forbes 7 months ago

    I watch this every time when am board lol

  • Terror Tv
    Terror Tv 7 months ago

    *Alcohol is good*

  • Screaming Tima
    Screaming Tima 8 months ago +4

    This is so cute. A drunk vervet. I know several people that own monkey's and let them have a little cocktail on occasion as it is really good for them. 🍹

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau 9 months ago

    I like drunk monkeys.

  • Der Adler und seine Falken
    Der Adler und seine Falken 10 months ago +4

    GOD DAMMIT CARL! Pull yourself together man, we gotta get back to the boat before it moves to the next island!

  • Darth Geekius
    Darth Geekius 10 months ago +2

    His voice sounds a lot like Mycroft's

  • Aok_cartman_999 GAMING
    Aok_cartman_999 GAMING 10 months ago

    These monkeys are little savages 🙈😭

  • Chris Wentworth
    Chris Wentworth 10 months ago

    wasted monkeys

  • cannedkitty
    cannedkitty 10 months ago +1

    Watching this video is not helping my alcoholism

    TAREQ HASAN 11 months ago +3

    For relief from alcoholism, alcoholic need social support and motivation for this kind of the bad habit.This person must be aware of the physical and mental condition. This treatment possible when alcoholic accepts that the problem exists and try to solve it.Too much drinking create body and this is a problematic situation who need to lead a healthy life.

  • IttyBittys2005127
    IttyBittys2005127 11 months ago

    Uh oh, crazy, sneaky monkeys! 🐒

  • Ethan Henderson
    Ethan Henderson 11 months ago +2

    Drunken monkeys! I'm sure there's a martial art somewhere specifically replicated on that behavior...

    • Gemster V
      Gemster V Month ago

      Ethan Henderson The Drunken Master with Jackie Chan

    • LadyRavenEyes
      LadyRavenEyes 10 months ago

      there is it was made up by a monk in a prison that watched the guards give rice wine to the monkeys

  • Phillip B
    Phillip B 11 months ago +10

    if reincarnation is real. this is what i wanna come back as

  • Basicnoob
    Basicnoob Year ago +26

    need a pet one as my drinking partner

  • kimasilv
    kimasilv Year ago

    This is hilarious

    TAHITI MUSIC Year ago +2

    hey guys I found trump's brothers and sisters

    • Metalman200xdamnit
      Metalman200xdamnit 11 months ago

      Wouldn't it be closer to Clinton? She is a liar and a thief.

  • Lost&Found
    Lost&Found Year ago

    Now that was fascinating.

  • Patrick Jeffrey
    Patrick Jeffrey Year ago +9

    Dan Ryckert brought me here

  • Mahmoud Moody
    Mahmoud Moody Year ago +3

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah this is so funny man ...

  • Rebecca Mckee
    Rebecca Mckee Year ago

    Anyone here from Sky?

  • LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds

    Monkeys is what we still are!

  • blackholecat
    blackholecat Year ago +30

    Awww alcoholic monkeys! Too cute. After the video was shot they went
    home and beat their wives and have their kids take care of them as
    they're passing out in their own vomit. Scarring them for life by
    putting more responsibility on them than any kid their age should be
    expected to endure <3

    • sara joseph
      sara joseph 8 months ago

      alcoholic parent decides to vomit as an objection

    • blackholecat
      blackholecat 10 months ago

      After this post, mach one left his computer to beat his wife in an alcoholic stupor

  • Reece Elam
    Reece Elam Year ago

    I want to visit this place

  • Cali Linstrom
    Cali Linstrom Year ago +2

    We watched this in class and I've never related to an animal more.

  • Moist Gnome
    Moist Gnome Year ago +8

    0:41 the monkey should have gone for dat ass instead!

  • mckenzie Dakin
    mckenzie Dakin Year ago

    Anyone from sky's video

  • Eric Kay
    Eric Kay Year ago +1

    144p we meet again old friend

  • tallarico
    tallarico Year ago +4

    So now I can blame being a drunk on my parents, nice

  • Bose-Einstein
    Bose-Einstein Year ago +1

    You know, it's videos like this that make me realize how much it makes sense that alcoholic drinks was one of the first of human inventions. Just look at how badly these monkeys want it, and they aren't even that closely related!

  • Tiara Preist
    Tiara Preist Year ago

    Chug Life!!

  • TheMartianSummer
    TheMartianSummer Year ago

    *cries* They told me not to drink with the monkeys!

  • Ghoo
    Ghoo Year ago

    Annoying drunks, sad drunks etc, humans can be terrible when drunk

    • Joe Mills
      Joe Mills Year ago

      Is staggering down the street and taking a nap on a park bench terrible? lol

  • Tam Lee
    Tam Lee Year ago +1

    We're just different monkeys. And? This video NEVER fails to make me roar with laughter. Hahahaha!

  • Habbat Alkafarh
    Habbat Alkafarh Year ago


  • Dorien Clifford
    Dorien Clifford Year ago

    Which song? Just a noise

  • Peter1999
    Peter1999 Year ago

    Evil human, no those poor monkeys

  • Donald Vincent
    Donald Vincent Year ago +63

    And just like humans, some of them are funny drunks and some of them are mean drunks.

    • third eye wheel
      third eye wheel 9 months ago

      i only tried drinking two or threes times. idk...but when i had the buzz, i was the talkative type drunk i think(since im quiet all the time) sister was the quiet soft spoken sleepy, started grooving when her song came on type drunk. :P

    • Joe Mills
      Joe Mills Year ago

      Im neither, im a sleepy drunk.

    • Karel Mestdagh
      Karel Mestdagh Year ago


  • Edgardo Reyes
    Edgardo Reyes Year ago +1

    Even birds can get drunk nice

  • Victoria Mckoy
    Victoria Mckoy Year ago +2

    These Monkeys are likle Tiefs I would be watching my Cocktail on da Beach like a Hawk xx :)

    • stephen dwyer
      stephen dwyer 14 days ago

      those steel drums are too loud other than that it's  just a bassline those monkeys need to listen to some James Brown add some horns hi hat 4 on the floor, some Rhodes,  bass tom and bang on the crash cymbal now and then, get  a couple of wetbacks to pound on timbales and congas and how about an old Electric Misstress pedal on an electric guitar for a bit of wah wah

    • Bada Babu
      Bada Babu Year ago


  • schissel4able
    schissel4able Year ago

    yeah man im under age i steal the way you do ima monkey lol!

  • The Butler Did It
    The Butler Did It 2 years ago +37

    Next episode...monkey karaoke.

  • Awhol LOtta Whopass
    Awhol LOtta Whopass 2 years ago

    only if the monkeys smoked pot too, it would be a wrap

  • Awhol LOtta Whopass
    Awhol LOtta Whopass 2 years ago +1

    my day in YouTube...from watching videos about making hush puppies to laughing at lush monkeys

  • Cal Caneus
    Cal Caneus 2 years ago +7

    Anyone know that song in the background at all?

    • Cal Caneus
      Cal Caneus 4 months ago

      I had a dream I learned what it was called last night, but didn't believe it until I read your comment; bravo and thank you!

    • funkster83
      funkster83 4 months ago

      Sugar bum bum, by lord Kitchiner. you are welcome.

    • Cal Caneus
      Cal Caneus 6 months ago

      Oh! And to add, I did discover that through the use of synthetic filtering (like concert-hall sound, treble increase, and echo effects) you can reproduce most songs to have the same tone this one does. In theory, if we had the HD version of the song, it wouldn't quite have that distant "on vacation" or ambient feel to it.

    • Cal Caneus
      Cal Caneus 6 months ago

      I'm afraid not. I took a break for 2-3 months, and after I took a trip to Cancun I realized something-- perhaps it was a song made specifically for the documentary or even a local live recording of a cover of a song, maybe even just an original to a specific group altogether. I found a lot of Caribbean or 'tropical' music music along the ways but nothing quite like this. Thanks for calling me back, though! But once more, I'm sorry if I've disappointed you. :(

      In other news, I heard the most amazing cover of Dreadlock Holiday, and am very bummed out it wasn't recorded, but as I was incredibly hammered, I feel in retrospect it wouldn't be any much better.

  • Anakrony
    Anakrony 2 years ago +2

    Drunken monkeys in St. Kitts is truly noble science that must be further investigated.

  • Chris Samuels
    Chris Samuels 2 years ago +12

    That would be cool to drink with the monkeys :)

  • haguilar84
    haguilar84 2 years ago +43

    Go home, drunks. You're monkeys.

  • Daisy Cypress Tulipgarden

    Poor monkeys.

  • 20BMR
    20BMR 2 years ago

    No more drinking like a fish.. I drink like a monkey!!!

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 2 years ago +6

    Addicts don't like me because their goal is to patronize me while hiding their addiction.
    I mention to them that they have a problem - and they become angry and isolate me.
    Alcoholics and drug users are prone to depression and mitigate it with drugs or alcohol. They also have more dopamine receptors in the brain which enables them to more easily become addicted.
    Depression is the number one undiagnosed disease on earth - and beer companies block this fact - and do not want clinical depression treated.Yes, both the severity of depression and amount of dopamine are determined by our genes.

  • BodyKnight
    BodyKnight 2 years ago +36

    I would follow a drunk monkey leader off a bloody cliff.

  • CannaToker420
    CannaToker420 2 years ago

    These monkies ain't got nothin on me!

  • B
    B 2 years ago +3

    much ass

  • Thomas Pantuso
    Thomas Pantuso 2 years ago +1

    Monkey video was hilarious and the bird sounds is amazing fantastic

  • likeastarbaby
    likeastarbaby 2 years ago +2

    west africa?? sure you don't mean east africa...?

    • Admiral8Q
      Admiral8Q 2 years ago

      +likeastarbaby True. Should have just said Africa.
      Like, for example, instead of saying North America, Central America, or South America, just America. Like Africa. That simplifies things. :)

    • Valance Collis
      Valance Collis 2 years ago

      +likeastarbaby Because slaves were brought from West Africa.

    • ALBINO Neanderthal
      ALBINO Neanderthal 2 years ago

      +Elrawd  I know slaves weren't brought to the islands by Africans.

    • Elrawd
      Elrawd 2 years ago

      So then why would you say "No that was the ones who brought them" ? 

      The Europeans brought them 

  • Srinidhi Ganesh
    Srinidhi Ganesh 2 years ago

    Drunken monkey style!

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 years ago

    shame on that monkey for drinking during pregnancy. 

    BOETHIUS 2 years ago


  • P.T. Foote
    P.T. Foote 2 years ago +3

    Ugh! Memo to self: Skip Caribbean, stick to Mediterranean or Aegean. Or at the very least, hold on to your drink!

    Some beach-goers finish off their drinks having no clue that they shared it with a dirty, disease-ridden monkey. Gross! Filthy buggers should be culled completely - particularly as they are non-indigenous and probably threats to native island wildlife.

    • Sebastian Gonzalez
      Sebastian Gonzalez 5 months ago

      shut up

    • Chris Samuels
      Chris Samuels 2 years ago

      Lid.......problem solved :)

    • VegasFirefly
      VegasFirefly 2 years ago

      No kidding. If I ever went to the Caribbean, I would keep a close eye on my drink. The thought of drinking something that a monkey just drank makes me nauseous. 

  • Sophie's Sunglasses Volgs


  • cosmicmelon
    cosmicmelon 2 years ago +101

    I wanna see some monkey police.
    "Sir do you realize you were drinking and swinging way past the speed limit in the trees? "

  • Mislim ibushoski
    Mislim ibushoski 2 years ago


    CLYDE FROG 2 years ago +51

    Make them play beer pong for SCIENCE

    • Santos S
      Santos S 2 years ago

      Your comment made my day! :D

  • syno crat
    syno crat 2 years ago

    Seems like these monkeys are enough of a pest to warrant eradication, I certainly would make no bones about it if I was a bartender at one of these places.  Maybe if you just targeted the ones that get drunk you could eventually remove the alcoholics from the gene pool.

  • 01DOGG01
    01DOGG01 2 years ago +1

    Why is this of such a horrid quality? It's almost as if you used someone else's copy of your own show!

  • Blake Griffin
    Blake Griffin 2 years ago

    There everywhere in st.. Kitts they have to Give them food treys with a mixed drink by bars to keep them away its funny !!!

  • libzz
    libzz 2 years ago

    not drinking alcohol LOL

  • libzz
    libzz 2 years ago

    i never knew they was muslim monkeys!

  • Alexandr Smutny
    Alexandr Smutny 2 years ago

    Monkeys are us.. Or we are monkeys?

  • Ted Brosi
    Ted Brosi 2 years ago

    When those little freaks are wasted like that, it would be the perfect time to capture a few of them for (let's call it study) . Put them thru a few impossible tests and each time they did something wrong they. Would get severely punished. Like get whipped with a narrow tree branch or poked with a hot needle.....etc some might learn real fast and some might wind up with broken arms and legs.

    • Arkeves
      Arkeves 2 years ago

      I'm going to guess someone in your family had problems with alcohol.

  • Revelde20
    Revelde20 2 years ago

    1:14 sweet!

  • Nicholas Pascual
    Nicholas Pascual 2 years ago

    they are litt 😂👌👌

  • DeAndre' Flyboi
    DeAndre' Flyboi 2 years ago +4

    Britain have some weird shows! That one Coo-Coo country!

  • WhosYourDaddyNow
    WhosYourDaddyNow 2 years ago +1

    Oh chimpanzee that! Monkey news!

  • 617gb39dkar
    617gb39dkar 2 years ago

    Very funny drunk monkeys

  • P Diddy
    P Diddy 2 years ago +1

    Stupid sound effects on this video.

    • 20BMR
      20BMR 2 years ago

      Ok P Diddy you should do a remix!!!

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 2 years ago

    thank you Mr. Ault for telling me about this video lol

  • Laooks Phetti
    Laooks Phetti 3 years ago

    Reese's pieces get their own monkey.

  • TheThruster24
    TheThruster24 3 years ago

    Well that made my night...

  • Gabstopit
    Gabstopit 3 years ago


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