2$ vs 10$ FIDGET SPINNER, which is best?

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  • eslam mohamed
    eslam mohamed 4 hours ago

    انا عايزه اشتري السنبر الاخضر ب٢ ونص ماشي

  • Eriya Aun
    Eriya Aun 16 hours ago

    2.50 is the best

  • venkat n
    venkat n 2 days ago


  • HandsomeMadMario
    HandsomeMadMario 4 days ago

    youtube why the uck did you give me a fidget spinner buffer circle, i legit wanna kill myself

  • Nasrin Akter
    Nasrin Akter 5 days ago

    I like the green one

  • jizaf DZ
    jizaf DZ 6 days ago

    $ spenner 3

  • jizaf DZ
    jizaf DZ 6 days ago

    $ spenner 3

  • Goverdhan Gurram
    Goverdhan Gurram 8 days ago

    i😊😊love it

  • Level 1 Barbarian
    Level 1 Barbarian 8 days ago

    Got mine from here....Dr Nozmans channel did a great review...


  • Football F4 Training

    Hey can you give that away

    BRUCE LYNGDOH 9 days ago

    but gold one is the metal one

  • Reggiostar
    Reggiostar 10 days ago

    Read it all... Thanks for comparison

  • Jake Mabanta
    Jake Mabanta 12 days ago


  • gaming consumer
    gaming consumer 13 days ago

    Mine was $5 and spins up to 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

  • BatBoy 122
    BatBoy 122 15 days ago

    I got a made in China one

    HEART BREAKER 16 days ago

    My spinner rotate much than your it cost $4.75

  • Lida Petrova
    Lida Petrova 16 days ago

    и сколько он стоит?

  • Abdul Feroz
    Abdul Feroz 17 days ago

    green colour how to purchase

  • Christine Tao
    Christine Tao 18 days ago

    really nice background music, could I please get the name?

    NFSU2 PRO 19 days ago

    Mine cost 3.50

  • Kaleshia Knighy
    Kaleshia Knighy 20 days ago

    10.00 fidget spinner

  • Ilber Tairi
    Ilber Tairi 20 days ago

    ich mag spinner alle

  • why ??
    why ?? 21 day ago

    I read it all

  • Laura Kaif
    Laura Kaif 21 day ago

    i want that green spinner

  • Jhansi Roy
    Jhansi Roy 21 day ago

    waste vedio so much time talking

  • Arshi Jugoo
    Arshi Jugoo 22 days ago +1

    My spinner is the best yellow col

  • foo bar
    foo bar 22 days ago

    What is the point to spin the spinner?

  • MySchuka
    MySchuka 22 days ago

    Fidget spinner

  • Mike Mercado
    Mike Mercado 23 days ago

    I love fidget spinner! ever! its so! fun! than any other rubix cube! fidget spinner is the best for me;-)

  • Yolosoogie
    Yolosoogie 23 days ago

    What song is this pls tell me

  • Nafim Rahman
    Nafim Rahman 24 days ago

    I was thinking of buying a one like the green one but i think its plastic and it would break easily. So should I buy like the golden one. My spinners often fells of my hand
    Please suggest me!!!!!!!!!

  • J. Neto
    J. Neto 25 days ago

    Muito Legal o vídeo, gostei! 👍
    Já me inscrevi no seu canal...
    Visite o nosso Canal #CNweb (com muitas novidades) e se gostar se inscreva também OK?
    Desejo Sucesso!!!

  • Magix 05
    Magix 05 25 days ago

    Mine is the third one(chrome/metal) it looks really pretty and shinning even addicting. Mine last about 1 minutes. But I still love my fidget spinners. It cost around $6.00. Next I will get $4.00 ceramic fidget spinners! I'm so excited to learn tricks! I spin my chrome fidget while seeing this video.

  • Adesh Dahal
    Adesh Dahal 25 days ago

    I have the same green one

  • Brielle Loyk
    Brielle Loyk 26 days ago

    Brielle loyk. Subscribe

  • The Ideots
    The Ideots 26 days ago

    my spinner time is 2 minuts 10se bleck colear

  • Awesome Fidgets
    Awesome Fidgets 27 days ago

    Need subs my channels really cool

  • Nazrin Naim
    Nazrin Naim 27 days ago


  • Mátrix Hacker
    Mátrix Hacker 28 days ago

    what is the music?

  • Raul Esquivel
    Raul Esquivel 28 days ago

    I have 100 fidget spinners take a away 70 then I get 30 more fidget spinner what's the answer like if you know and for more

  • Lol Bike Rider
    Lol Bike Rider 29 days ago

    What is the difference they all fucking spin nothing to compare

  • Ilse Torrentera
    Ilse Torrentera Month ago

    quiero el de diez melo puedes mandar soy de mexico

  • Maria Cervantes
    Maria Cervantes Month ago


  • Elbegchuluun-Erdene Nurzed


  • martina pop
    martina pop Month ago +1

    yo tengo todos like si tutambien

    • JCF 2017
      JCF 2017 2 days ago

      martina pop we don't under stand you

  • Hana Caice
    Hana Caice Month ago


  • Dat Huynh
    Dat Huynh Month ago


  • kchaou medfaouzi
    kchaou medfaouzi Month ago

    ملا سبنر

  • Aymatsui Karade
    Aymatsui Karade Month ago

    i buyed the green one today!

  • Kevin Hinojosa
    Kevin Hinojosa Month ago

    Ho said that the gold is the best cuz cust 10$ is not I Hava a red and it cost 10$

  • Hassan GV
    Hassan GV Month ago

    Sub to my Channel Guys Please My Goal is 50 subs or 100

  • fidget toy
    fidget toy Month ago

    i saw the gold fidget spinner at the mall

  • DemonStrikeBoss The Coolest

    the green one is the best

  • Khmer idea
    Khmer idea Month ago

    make vid with DIY Ideas

  • allyl2012
    allyl2012 Month ago

    i have 3 fidget spinner 2 light up ones 1 normal one

  • GoodAtNamingNotGaming

    stop doing these lame trends

  • Marco Gliga
    Marco Gliga Month ago

    i have fidget spiner fidget its so cool

  • vibum007
    vibum007 Month ago

    check My fidget spinner video and like

  • Tawsif Hossain
    Tawsif Hossain Month ago

    I have the 10$ fidget spinner and it spins for 7 minutes

  • MINOLTA Toyota Dude

    Very Cool. I Might Another Video On One Of These! What's The Song Name?

  • Hannah
    Hannah Month ago

    i hate humanity

  • Buzz Ops
    Buzz Ops Month ago

    My spin time is 2.12 lol

  • May Lynn Brown
    May Lynn Brown Month ago

    icsrid to the chanl

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez Month ago

    I have the green one!!

  • John Coops
    John Coops Month ago

    Fuck that music is fucked. Video is pointless... The products all look identical, so your conclusion could be different next time anyone buys. Your tracking referral links are lame.

  • raffaell channel
    raffaell channel Month ago


    GUM SUM Month ago


  • Ziya STI
    Ziya STI Month ago

    False sa bom las

  • Elijah Seve
    Elijah Seve Month ago

    looking good man

  • Masyitah Amirah Muda

    Siapa awak ni

  • the fidget spinner
    the fidget spinner Month ago

    It even spins about 2 min. And 21 sec.

  • the fidget spinner
    the fidget spinner Month ago

    I have a green fidget spinner too!!!

  • Dakota Denk
    Dakota Denk Month ago

    The dollar sign goes in front of the numeric value, not behind.

  • Jose Eduardo Ortañez

    Mine span for 2:14 minutes

  • Vinita Pandit
    Vinita Pandit Month ago +1

    I want a fidget spinner!!!!!!!

  • Pavan Gowda K
    Pavan Gowda K Month ago

    what a nice video. i loved your tricks too. can you learn more and other tricks please

  • Somia Maghraby
    Somia Maghraby Month ago

    the green one

  • JRJ tube
    JRJ tube Month ago +1

    sub my channel and get a fidget spinner for free

  • R1X Entertainment
    R1X Entertainment Month ago

    The gold sipinner is the best

  • Spinner brilhante
    Spinner brilhante Month ago

    inquerve no meu canal 😉

  • American Outdoors
    American Outdoors Month ago

    10$ dollars for a fidget spinner, fucking waste of money

  • Yubtubnub
    Yubtubnub Month ago

    This is cancer kill me pls

  • Gaming Pro
    Gaming Pro Month ago

    Fidget spinners do not work about the price it for the bearing sometimes you get a bad bearings some times you get a good one

  • Tim-J.Swan
    Tim-J.Swan Month ago

    You just showed me in 4 minutes what could be shown in a table instantly.

  • Emily Krüger
    Emily Krüger Month ago

    How cool

  • Andrew Eggers
    Andrew Eggers Month ago


  • Nemo the emo
    Nemo the emo Month ago

    None, they're all the same, just with different colours.

  • Shawn Burton
    Shawn Burton Month ago

    I remember a long time ago in school in the early 90s when I would make a "fidget spinner" by placing a ruler on top of the tip of the pencil or pen which had a center hole, then I could spin the ruler. I long time ago since I did that, like at least 20 years ago.

  • Joe Arabs . عرب جو

    goog like

  • Amazing Products
    Amazing Products Month ago

    Wow! I have got this only for $2.49 from GearBest delivered only 3 days.

  • May Lynn Brown
    May Lynn Brown Month ago

    I screamed

  • McLovin
    McLovin Month ago


  • mo koko
    mo koko Month ago

  • Taskeen Rossan
    Taskeen Rossan Month ago

    I love the gold one☺️I will get one some day

  • TechHub
    TechHub Month ago

    NEVER buy cheap fidget spinners especially from Gas stations. They are crappy and stop real fast

  • Wolkhabs
    Wolkhabs Month ago

    didn't see any second of this video but judging by the title...


  • Supreme Jay
    Supreme Jay Month ago

    won get my fidget spinner

  • MLP Stars TM
    MLP Stars TM Month ago

    Spinner 2 is the best !

  • Anđeo Ćuvar
    Anđeo Ćuvar Month ago +1

    2.5 is the best

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