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Comments: 301

  • Alejandro Ramos
    Alejandro Ramos 5 hours ago

    I have a Barman cat

  • yourbus your bus
    yourbus your bus 2 days ago

    OMG that cat laying on the dashboard is so cool wish my cat would do that! the few times she's been in the car she either lays on the floor or walks around looking out the window lol

  • I Am A Person hi
    I Am A Person hi 3 days ago

    You mentioned ragdolls and Persians so why can't u mention ragamuffins they r so adorable and I own one

  • Eva's Lps
    Eva's Lps 3 days ago +1

    Look up Norwegian forest cat and you will see it should have taken the place of the Persian cat

  • Tram Anh Huynh Tran
    Tram Anh Huynh Tran 3 days ago

    So cute

  • WolfKitty AJ
    WolfKitty AJ 4 days ago

    I had a siamese cat called bonesy

  • Griffin -E
    Griffin -E 4 days ago

    No offence I don't find the slightest bit of persian cats beautiful

  • Kerstin H
    Kerstin H 7 days ago

    Love the Siamese

  • Kerstin H
    Kerstin H 7 days ago

    I also love the rag doll cat

  • Kerstin H
    Kerstin H 7 days ago

    I LOVE the Birman

  • Ekurabi
    Ekurabi 10 days ago

    My favorite is Siberian cat

  • Dog Facts BG
    Dog Facts BG 11 days ago

    I like cats

  • giorgos pahis
    giorgos pahis 11 days ago

    All cats are beautiful🐱🐈

  • Barden Bella
    Barden Bella 11 days ago

    Where TF is the korat?

  • Amanda Kimble
    Amanda Kimble 11 days ago

    I'm a dog lover

  • Amanda Kimble
    Amanda Kimble 11 days ago

    The only cat I like is called a ragdoll.

  • Nur Nadjwa
    Nur Nadjwa 13 days ago

    the cat i love
    1. Persian
    2. Birman

  • Zavier Tribble
    Zavier Tribble 13 days ago

    the devil i s a laiufh

  • Ice Lover
    Ice Lover 15 days ago

    I like the Ragdoll cat breed 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈

  • shook !1!1!1!
    shook !1!1!1! 16 days ago

    i have a Chinchilla Persian cat and it's even better than the basic Persian so HA

  • Biridiana Salas
    Biridiana Salas 17 days ago

    I have a maincoon

  • Mister C F
    Mister C F 17 days ago

    (in Filipino: aaay! hindi sila bading ang mga pusa! Thank you Lord!)
    MUST LOVE CATS 101!!

  • Jibreel Abdulla
    Jibreel Abdulla 17 days ago

    I love cats

  • Harmonic Chaos
    Harmonic Chaos 17 days ago


  • Elen Alex
    Elen Alex 18 days ago +2

    My cat ​​is a half maine coon half siamese cat

  • Juan Oliveira
    Juan Oliveira 19 days ago

    my cat is a bengal mixed toyger, my 2nd cat is a maine coon, 3rd one is Persian cat, 4th one is a skinny exotic shorthair.
    bengal/toyger: P0P0, has dots and is yellow with black eyes.(female)
    maine coon: Flawless, is black with green eyes (female)
    Persian: Sleepy, white with blackish-blueish eyes (male)
    exotic shorthair: Pickle, black and white (Mostly black) with green eyes. (female)

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez 20 days ago

    i have a british SHORTHAIE

  • Thunder I サンダー

    I like scotish fold

  • Jase Figueroa
    Jase Figueroa 20 days ago

    I have a mixed main coon he's very smart

  • Phattanan Patchimnan

    Are you a dog human or a cat human if u are a dog human give a like and if your a cat human comment me back...

  • Demonic Circus Baby
    Demonic Circus Baby 21 day ago

    I found that i have a black persian cat

  • FallenDragon 968
    FallenDragon 968 21 day ago

    No Norwegian Forrest cat?

  • Amy Calle
    Amy Calle 22 days ago

    Omg there are so pretty

  • Lil
    Lil 22 days ago


  • Asian Fry
    Asian Fry 23 days ago

    Both dogs and cats are amazing pets to have!

    And don't think otherwise >:(

  • Pearl202 Snowydove
    Pearl202 Snowydove 23 days ago

    All cats are beautiful dumbass

  • German Shepherds
    German Shepherds 26 days ago

    In my opinion Maine coon would be number one

  • Taylor's Art
    Taylor's Art 26 days ago

    I love calicos I have one and he's super sweet anyone else?

  • Carol Napolitano
    Carol Napolitano 27 days ago

    I hate, with all my heart, when cats riding in cars like that. my girlfriend got in a accident and her small dog was killed, and the other was so frighten, I know it looks cute, but whats to protect them? Even if you stop short, their gonna get hurt.

  • Kakashi Senpai
    Kakashi Senpai 28 days ago +1

    I go for Maine coon 😁😸

  • Ádám Szrenka
    Ádám Szrenka 29 days ago

    British short hair! #PUDING!

  • Ezura エズラ
    Ezura エズラ Month ago

    Ragdoll cats 😻😻😻 (my Ragdoll is in my profile picture)

  • Super Cats
    Super Cats Month ago

    i have persian CAT

  • pinkfreud62
    pinkfreud62 Month ago

    I think Maines are prettier than Persians. I just really don't get into squashed faces. Just my opinion.

  • Neda Gulen
    Neda Gulen Month ago

    I have a British Shorthair!!!! They are one if the most expensive ,cute , and popular cats

  • jimena therichcat
    jimena therichcat Month ago +1

    where is the Turkish angora

  • Flappy Wing2
    Flappy Wing2 Month ago

    Me at beginning- If the Maine Coon isn't on this list this is just so off track about beautiful cats


  • cats rull
    cats rull Month ago

    vote cat or dog

  • cats rull
    cats rull Month ago

    i have a javanese cat and a tortisshel cat and five pit bulls

  • cats rull
    cats rull Month ago

    do meanest cat breeds

  • cats rull
    cats rull Month ago

    more cat vid please

  • SuperBlackangel1983


  • Emma Capone
    Emma Capone Month ago +1

    Norwegian Forest Cat should've been on the list they are beautiful

  • ARottweiler Dynasty

    The Nebelung cat would have been at least some where on that list (if it was me) and the Siamese would be lower along the list

  • Maryam Momeni
    Maryam Momeni Month ago

    I have a Persian cat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😁😆😊😋😋

  • AuskaDezjArdamaath
    AuskaDezjArdamaath 2 months ago

    The birman does not remain white for 2 years. It can take up to 2 years for their colour to come in and deepen, but they start getting their point colours as kittens. Mine was a blue point and my sister had a seal point.

  • Ariel Garner
    Ariel Garner 2 months ago +14

    Can everybody stop being immature! Dogs are not better than cats and cats are not better than dogs. That's just your opinions so keep them to yourself. People are complaining on Crazy Juju about him saying dogs are better than cats when other people are doing to same thing!

  • Kaitlyn Reid
    Kaitlyn Reid 2 months ago +2

    Personally I think Maine coons are the prettiest ❤️

  • Batata
    Batata 2 months ago

    song at the end?

  • Derek Horton
    Derek Horton 2 months ago

    they are pretty

  • Abdul Mohsin
    Abdul Mohsin 2 months ago

    awesome man simle more and make more like this discuss all animals on your channel God bless you have life

  • Perez Leon
    Perez Leon 2 months ago +2

    the cats are cute 😍

  • Hayvanlar Alemi H
    Hayvanlar Alemi H 2 months ago

    Bırman 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  • 149 JJ
    149 JJ 2 months ago +1

    ma bas?

  • Amanda's Life
    Amanda's Life 2 months ago

    do top 10 not expensive cats

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo Month ago

      Dream Kitties The one in the alley

  • Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson
    Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson 2 months ago +1

    Do 50/50 cats and dogs

  • Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson
    Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson 2 months ago +1

    Do top 10 dog friendly cats

  • Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson
    Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson 2 months ago +2

    Do cats vs dogs

  • Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson
    Thorgeir Atlas Lydsson 2 months ago +1

    Do dogs!

  • Scorchpeg Bz
    Scorchpeg Bz 2 months ago

    I hate cats when they stare at me from small space it likes they have seen a ghost or something

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo 2 months ago

      Scorchpeg Bz Cats protect you from spirits.

  • Bobirb - Block Strike
    Bobirb - Block Strike 2 months ago

    plz do top 10 tallest dogs :)

  • LPS Cola Luna
    LPS Cola Luna 2 months ago +1

    Who here have at home Brithis shorthair???

    I have 🐈🐈🐈🐺🐺🐺

  • Lalawow
    Lalawow 2 months ago

    lol wow,i love you cats

  • Jacob StPierre
    Jacob StPierre 2 months ago +1

    Do top ten ugliest cat breeds please

    • Neda Gulen
      Neda Gulen Month ago

      Jacob StPierre if that happened sphynx would be the ugliest

  • Mangpu Haokip
    Mangpu Haokip 2 months ago

    Stop cat videos

  • Dexter Fulgencio
    Dexter Fulgencio 2 months ago

    lol that video <_>

  • videosby D
    videosby D 2 months ago +1

    Congrats on 200k Subs! Animaltube.TV!

  • Anastasia Barnes
    Anastasia Barnes 2 months ago

    i cried on the first one 😭😭😭😭

  • Catz&Dogz4life
    Catz&Dogz4life 2 months ago +1

    Could you do Top 10 most loyal cat breeds, or Top 10 cats that love to cuddle?

  • Ella
    Ella 2 months ago +3

    Ideas: dogs:
    Top 10 dogs with loud barks
    Top 10 dogs that are good with rodents
    Top 10 dogs with good jumping skills
    Top 10 angry cats
    Top 10 cats that are good with kids
    Top 10 energetic cats
    Top 10 fluffy cats

    Your welcome 😊

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo Month ago

      Top ten "colorful" dogs
      Top ten "wild" cat breeds

  • _Demon_
    _Demon_ 2 months ago +2

    U forgot Bengal Cats <3

  • liliana the lmao super star gamer Sanchez

    who wishes it rain cats and dogs

  • atsushi38912
    atsushi38912 2 months ago +22

    why people hate cats there nothing wrong to like it whether its dog or cat they need care and love love both

    • Kakashi Senpai
      Kakashi Senpai 28 days ago

      atsushi38912 yup,im done with cats or dogs for me both r awesome just they cant accept the different attitude of both,n btw i have both on my own

    • Puppy Lover
      Puppy Lover 2 months ago

      atsushi38912 thank you finally someone who can respect people's decisions 😂😂

  • Kkashif Khan
    Kkashif Khan 2 months ago

    do lazy cats which don't miss up
    like breaking things glasses
    plz I beg
    I need it

  • Juliana Han Dalangin
    Juliana Han Dalangin 2 months ago +1

    One more Cat Vid I dare you animaltube.TV, And I will unsubscribe. I have so many gadgets that is subscribed to you. And many friends too that is so. and one more cat vid, they will unsub to you too. 😺<🐶

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo 2 months ago

      Guava Juice Fan Unsub, he wouldn't give a shit, one less dog fucker will be leaving YAY

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo 2 months ago

      Juliana Han Dalangin FUCK YOU

    • videosby D
      videosby D 2 months ago

      Juliana Han Dalangin yeah one more cat vid and I will unsubscribe too

    • videosby D
      videosby D 2 months ago

      Juliana Han Dalangin yeah you are my friend and I am subbed to this channel too!

  • Juliana Han Dalangin
    Juliana Han Dalangin 2 months ago +3

    Yeah i know this is a cat video but, When God created dogs, God loved it very much because they are the best. So God reversed the spelling of "God" to "Dog". what about cat? tac.

    • Issy Clark
      Issy Clark 15 days ago

      Exactly cats are like tac they stick to your heart

    • Ezura エズラ
      Ezura エズラ Month ago

      God made wolves, then humans domesticated them and named the "dogs"

    • AnimeLab
      AnimeLab Month ago

      Juliana Han Dalangin WTF ARE YOU ON A ABOUT

  • Juliana Han Dalangin
    Juliana Han Dalangin 2 months ago +2

    cats again?! URRGGGHHH! PLEASE +Guava Juice Fan dislike this vid.

  • Thayná Larissa
    Thayná Larissa 2 months ago +6

    where's the russian blue?

  • HeavonShadow826
    HeavonShadow826 2 months ago

    3:54 that is not an appropriate picture for this video

    • Juliana Han Dalangin
      Juliana Han Dalangin 2 months ago

      HeavonShadow826 no. So animaltube can say to the viewers that cats are an ugly piece of shit.

  • Akil Edmondson
    Akil Edmondson 2 months ago +1

    I like both

  • SkittleLittle
    SkittleLittle 2 months ago +1

    I have 2 siamese cats!!

  • Mr Dube
    Mr Dube 2 months ago +2

    I have 2 Persian cats! :)

  • Blue harmony
    Blue harmony 2 months ago +1

    Cats! Thanks I requested for more cat stuf love u

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo 2 months ago

      the emerald Dogs eat shoes, people buy scratching posts for cats, dogs are demons that kill people.

    • the emerald
      the emerald 2 months ago

      Blue harmony at least dogs don't make a mess and scratch on furniture and don't look like dickheads

  • Fernando Emanuel Vásquez
    Fernando Emanuel Vásquez 2 months ago +6

    Beautiful cats

  • Cianna Anthony
    Cianna Anthony 2 months ago +5

    dogs are better than cats I would rather have 20M dogs than cats

    • Juan Oliveira
      Juan Oliveira Day ago


    • TurtleCat TC
      TurtleCat TC 20 days ago

      Cianna Anthony you must be in the 1st grade because it seems like you haven't heard of *opinions*

    • Red Radio
      Red Radio Month ago

      than why are you even on this video if you don't like cats?? just so you can let everyone know?

    • Ezura エズラ
      Ezura エズラ Month ago

      Both animals are good. Both can be trained, both can be loyal, both can love.

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo Month ago

      Cianna Anthony Ehhh, both are good.

  • Marely Garcia
    Marely Garcia 2 months ago +1

    That scottish fold that picked up the cracker tho

  • Winter Dj
    Winter Dj 2 months ago

    Maine coons Kinda look like they a mix breed between a lynx and a domestic shorthair

  • Winter Dj
    Winter Dj 2 months ago

    My uncle has a Abyssinian named laila

  • Jet
    Jet 2 months ago +1

    I have a pure ragdoll and she is stunner <3

    • Jack Leo
      Jack Leo 2 months ago

      the emerald You do, since you replied.

    • the emerald
      the emerald 2 months ago

      Limar And Leen RAW who cares about ur cats

    • Limar And Leen RAW
      Limar And Leen RAW 2 months ago

      Jet i have a mix Egyptian maw with a sherazie there's only two in our country one is mine and the other is my cousin's this cat is very rare in our country her eyes colour changes too at night her eyes are black at morning they're almost a rainbow colour at winter they're blue like the ice and at summer they're like a pastel yellow both of them colour changes there eye colours

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